Winner Takes All Chapter 621-622

Chapter 621

Late at night.

Inside the Tianmen Mountain villa.

But it was brightly lit.

Gu Qingying, Fan Lu and Zhang Yulan were all sitting in the living room.

Every now and then, the three of them would look upstairs.

Elder Long and Qin Ye, were all in Chen Dong’s study.

It had been like that for three days.

All forces were mobilised to frantically search for Chen Dong’s whereabouts.

The two of them had to sit in front of their computers at all times, browsing through the intelligence information sent over from various places.

For Elder Long and Qin Ye, working round the clock was physically, mentally and physically torturous.

For Gu Qingying and the three of them, how could it be otherwise?

Suddenly, the sound of footsteps came from the stairs.

“They’re coming down, I’ll go and bring the soup over.”

Fan Lu hurriedly got up and walked towards the kitchen.

Gu Qingying glanced at Fan Lu worriedly, her red lips mouthing.

For three days, she had been worried about Chen Dong.

And Fan Lu, how could she not have been worried about Kunlun in the ICU?

On the contrary, Fan Lu had always kept her emotions strong and ran the household.

“Little shadow, I, I suddenly find myself so useless ……”

Zhang Yulan suddenly nodded her red lips and blamed herself, “After such a big thing happened, I actually couldn’t help at all, Chu Reed was even able to use her connections to help with the investigation, while I could only rely on our Zhang family.”

“It’s alright.”

Gu Qingying shook her head, looking at Zhang Yulan’s pretty face that was full of fatigue but still blaming herself, she subconsciously hugged Zhang Yulan: “With Qin Ye and the others around, it will definitely be fine, Chen Dong will definitely be able to come back, and Kunlun will definitely be safe and sound.”

At this time.

Elder Long and Qin Ye, finally dragged their exhausted bodies down the stairs.

Both of them had red bloodshot eyes and their haggard and tired faces made both of them look extremely ugly.

Elder Long, in particular, was even a little unsteady on his feet as he descended the stairs, relying entirely on Qin Ye to hold him up.

“Have some soup and rest for a while.”

Gu Qingying looked at the two of them and took a deep breath, forcibly suppressing the urge to immediately ask for clues and soothingly said.

She knew that the whole family had been firing on all cylinders for the past three days since Chen Dong and Kunlun’s accident, and for Long Lao, it was burning for life.

Everyone had made it this far, and she did not have the slightest complaint.

On the contrary, as Chen Dong’s wife, it was all the more important for her to steady the troops at this time. If even she was in a hurry and had no clue, it would only cause everyone to be in disarray.

Qin Ye a*sisted Long Lao to settle down on the sofa.

Fan Lu brought the chicken soup, and the two of them each had a bowl of it, drinking it straight from their heads.

Long Lao wiped the corner of his mouth and shook his head at Gu Qingying with a solemn expression, “Still no clues.”

With a single word, Gu Qingying’s heart instantly sank to the bottom of the valley.

Her beautiful eyes flushed red.

Her teeth clenched her lips.

In the living room, the atmosphere was heavy.

There was silence.

Elder Long and the others all looked at Gu Qingying worriedly.

Having witnessed Chen Dong and Gu Qingying’s journey, they could all appreciate how anxious Gu Qingying was inside at this moment.

What’s more, now that Gu Qingying was still pregnant, she could not afford to be tossed around.

A few seconds later.

Gu Qingying slowly raised her head and forced out a smile, “Alright, everyone is very tired, let’s all rest tonight.”


Long Lao Qin Ye and the others froze on the spot.

“People aren’t made of iron, if you and Qin Ye keep staying up like this, Long Lao and you two will collapse before we can find Chen Dong.”

Gu Qingying slowly got up, Fan Lu and Zhang Yulan on the side hastily a*sisted her, she always restrained herself, forced a smile and soothed the crowd, “Now the whole family is counting on you two to find Chen Dong, if you both collapse, what do you think the three of us women will do?”

“Young Madam, the old slave can still hold out, this old bone can survive for a few more nights without any problem.” Long Lao said at once.

Qin Ye also said seriously, “Sister Xiaoying, the first priority is to find Brother Dong, we can all still hold up, those intelligence if we don’t put together and sift through it as soon as possible, I’m afraid ……”


The words were not finished.

Gu Qingying’s expression was abruptly solemn, and she said in a stern voice.

“There is nothing to be afraid of! Chen Dong is my man, he will definitely be able to return, now in the name of the young lady, I order you all, to rest tonight!”

The sudden forcefulness took everyone by surprise.

Elder Long and Qin Ye were about to open their mouths to argue.

But Fan Lu duly rounded up: “Take a rest, Xiao Ying is right, if you two stay up like this, you two will be the first to get exhausted, many people can do the news aggregation, I’ll do it tonight.”

“Sister Xiaolu ……”

Gu Qingying looked at Fan Lu in dismay.

Her intention was to let everyone get a good night’s rest, the three days of torment would be a huge burden on anyone.

But Fan Lu’s decision had taken her by surprise.

“It’s fine, all three of us women have rested in the past few days, not to mention, don’t you forget I used to be a boxer, and I’ve even screwed steel bars on construction sites, it’s easy to stay up for such a night.”

Fan Lu smiled and gestured a fist at Gu Qingying.

There was Fan Lu in charge of summarising and sifting through the intelligence.

Long Lao and Qin Ye also stopped arguing, the three days of continuous work had indeed made them both exhausted to the extreme.

It was only because they were desperate to find Chen Dong that they were able to hold on.

Fan Lu helped Gu Qingying back to her room and left alone.

Gu Qingying sat down on the bed, but did not lie down immediately.

She could not sleep.

With Chen Dong’s accident, she was always disturbed and apprehensive.

In the past three nights, although she had forced herself to sleep in consideration of the baby, she was always unsettled in her sleep.

The strong support she had just felt in the face of Qin Ye and Long Lao had all dissipated as she was alone in the room.

Gu Qingying’s beautiful eyes flushed red and tears lingered, quietly sliding down her cheeks.

She raised her hand to wipe the corners of her eyes and said stubbornly, “No, I can’t cry, he’s my Gu Qingying’s husband, he’s the father of my Gu Qingying’s child, he’ll definitely be able to come back, and he’ll take me and the baby into the Chen family openly and honestly!”

A murmur with a crying voice, but with an indescribable determination.

That was Gu Qingying, trusting Chen Dong!

Her man, there was no way something could happen to him so easily!

She believed in her own vision, and she also believed that Chen Dong, would be able to create miracles time and time again, just as he had done time and time again before.

In the bedroom.

It was dimly lit.

Only a table lamp above the bed blossomed with a dim light.

Qin Ye took a hot shower and walked out of the bathroom exhausted.

Zhang Yulan, who was dressed in pajamas, was waiting under the covers.

Qin Ye was a little helpless, but he got under the covers.

A pair of gentle and slender jade hands landed on Qin Ye’s temples at the right time and pressed gently.

“Sleep, these three days, you are too tired for me to help, now I can only press them for you so that you can sleep well.”

A gentle voice.

As if a warm spring breeze, it brushed into Qin Ye’s heart.

It made his mind turn odd all of a sudden.

He closed his eyes and murmured, “Do you think Brother Dong will be alright?”

“No, it definitely won’t be.” Zhang Yulan carefully pressed for Qin Ye, this was also the first time she had done a ma*sage, afraid that if she did not press well, Qin Ye would not feel comfortable.

“Yes, it will definitely not happen, he is my Qin Ye’s brother Dong, he is the person I admire the most in Qin Ye, he will definitely come back.”

Qin Ye closed his eyes and murmured in a firm tone, “If I were to take my life in exchange for Brother Dong’s return, I would be willing to do so.”

The words came out.

The hands pressing on Qin Ye’s temples stopped.

Zhang Yulan’s beautiful eyes contained tears as she said ruefully, “What about me?”


Qin Ye pulled the corner of his mouth, not opening his eyes to look at Zhang Yulan, but sighed leisurely, “Do you know that he was the only person who gave me light when I was in the dark? If it weren’t for him, I would have died a thousand times over, how would I have had this sinful relationship with you?”


Chapter 622

The next morning.

Elder Long and Qin Ye, who had rested overnight, woke up early and walked into the study unannounced.

The two looked at each other and smiled at the same time.

“You guys are awake so early?”

Fan Lu, who was staring unblinkingly at the computer, said in surprise.

“Nothing, I’ve had enough sleep.”

Long Lao yawned and looked at Fan Lu but froze, “Xiao Lu, why are your eyes so red and swollen?”

Hearing that.

Fan Lu instantly panicked.

She hurriedly looked at herself in the mirror and then said incoherently, “It’s alright, it’s just like this when I stay up late.”

Long Lao smiled indifferently, “Go and rest first.”

When Fan Lu left.

Long Lao sighed helplessly, and Qin Ye, who was beside him, said despondently, “Sister Xiao Lu, I don’t know how long I cried last night.”

What was going on with Fan Lu’s red and swollen eyes, they both could see.

It was just that at times like this, it was no good to poke holes in it directly.

The two of them sat down in front of the computer and sifted through all the “useful” information Fan Lu had collected.

The final result was a bummer.

The useful information that Fan Lu had compiled was, in the eyes of both of them, almost dispensable.

It was inconclusive!

Both of them leaned back in their chairs at the same time.

Qin Ye said with some irritation, “The city forces, even Lord Meng’s side is helping, as well as the Qin family in Xishu, the Zhang and Chu families in Kyoto, and even the Clear Shadow International overseas, and the Chen family’s intelligence forces, how come they just can’t find out where Dong is? Even give us a hint of where he is!”

Three days of nothing.

This endless situation of not seeing any hope almost drove Qin Ye crazy.

“There must be a way, there is no perfect crime.”

Elder Long’s gaze was firm, “To injure Kunlun like that, the other party is either prepared or an expert in the field, it will definitely be troublesome for us to track it down.”

Qin Ye scratched his hair in annoyance, “Isn’t the mysterious person you guys are talking about suspected to have been snooping around Dong? Why the hell did he not move this time, could he be the one who moved?”

A single word instantly caused Elder Long’s gaze to drift, hesitating.

If it was before, he would definitely believe Qin Ye’s guess.

But the Desert North trip, if it wasn’t for the mysterious man’s divine army descending, the three of them would have had to die in Desert North.

With this incident in mind, even Elder Long could not be sure if it was the mysterious man who had done it.

At this very moment.

Elder Long’s phone rang.

“It’s from Lone Wolf.”

Elder Long spoke to Qin Ye in a sullen manner.

Qin Ye’s expression was abruptly gloomy to the extreme.

Lone Wolf was guarding Kunlun at the hospital, now he suddenly called, it must be about Kunlun.

Without waiting for Qin Ye to urge, Elder Long had already picked up the phone.

“Elder Long, Brother Kunlun has woken up!”


The voice of Lone Wolf on the phone was like a thunderbolt from a clear sky.

It instantly made Elder Long ecstatic as he stood up with a start and laughed excitedly, “Really? Fine, fine, fine, we’ll come over right away!”

He hung up the phone.

Elder Long almost jumped up, as soon as Kunlun woke up, they would be able to inquire about what had actually happened that night.

This was the only clue they had been waiting for!

It was just that Kunlun had been given critical illness notices time and time again, as well as Dean Liu’s words, which had made Elder Long and Qin Ye despair long ago.

But to their surprise, the peaks and valleys turned around.

Kunlun had actually regained consciousness through his own tenacity!

“Awake, awake, Kunlun ……”

In his excitement, Elder Long was even a little incoherent.

Qin Ye’s eyes shone brightly and he immediately got up, heading out with Elder Long.

Lijin Hospital.

Outside the icu intensive care unit.

Lone Wolf and Lin Lingdong were waiting with baited breath.

When they saw Elder Long and Qin Ye who came running wildly, their eyes shone brightly.

“Elder Long and Qin Ye, wait for a moment, Dean Liu and the others are examining Brother Kunlun inside, we have to get his permission before we can go in.”

Lone Wolf stopped the way of the two and admonished.

“Good, good, no rush, no rush, it’s good to be awake, it’s good to be awake.”

Elder Long rubbed his hands fiercely in excitement and sighed, “This kid is D*mn tough! Even the King of Hell doesn’t dare to accept him, hahaha ……”

Looking at the ancient old man Long laughed like a child.

Qin Ye, Lone Wolf and Lin Lingdong also laughed.

This was, for the past three days, the only good news!

It was also that everyone laughed out from their hearts.


The main door opened.

Dean Liu walked out.

Elder Long and the others hurriedly greeted him.

Dean Liu took off his mask and exhaled heavily, with a look of shock still remaining on his face.

“It’s really a miracle, a big miracle! He really did pull through on his own with one breath, the first time I’ve encountered someone with such a tenacious life force in all my years in medicine!”

After Kunlun was admitted to the hospital, it had been President Liu personally leading the treatment.

Therefore, Dean Liu knew more about Kunlun’s condition than anyone else.

Even the one sickness notice that was handed out was already a decision he made after considering the emotions of Elder Long and the others.

The real situation was far more desperate than that one sickness notice!

“Dean Liu, can we go in and see Kunlun now? Can he talk now?”

Elder Long asked as he opened the door.

Kunlun had awakened and was the only chance to obtain clues about Chen Dong.

For three days, Chen Dong’s whereabouts were unknown, as if the stone had sunk into the sea.

As for the causes and consequences, even after using all the power to investigate, nothing could be found.

At this juncture, there was no longer any time for Elder Long to consider the wording.

“Yes, but he is in an extremely weak state, I suggest you finish in three or two sentences, otherwise it is likely that he will run out of strength, and that would be troublesome.”

Dean Liu knew the urgency of the matter and could only agree to it with a frown.

“Three or two sentences?”

At those words, Elder Long and the others all froze.

How could Kunlun possibly give a clear account of what happened that night in just three or two sentences?

Dean Liu said solemnly, “Chen Dong is my niece-in-law, I also hope that he returns unharmed, but Kunlun is my patient, I have the responsibility to take care of his condition, it is already a miracle that he woke up, now all his strength has to be used to compete with death, three or two sentences, is the limit!”

“Good, Qin Ye come in with me.” Elder Long nodded solemnly.

Being able to say three or two sentences was better than not saying a word at all!

Dean Liu turned around solemnly and led Elder Long and Qin Ye to make preparations.

Elder Long was in a hurry, following closely behind Dean Liu.

Qin Ye, on the other hand, fell at the end, and as he was about to step into the icu door.

His mobile phone suddenly rang.

As soon as he looked at the phone, Qin Ye’s brow furrowed.

It was clearly Zhang Yulan calling.

“Kid Qin, hurry up!”

Elder Long, who was walking in front of him, urged.

“Coming right away.”

Qin Ye answered and then pressed the answer button.

As soon as the phone was connected.

Without waiting for Qin Ye to speak, Zhang Yulan cried out.

“Qin Ye, something has happened, Little Shadow has been robbed, and Sister Xiao Lu has fainted from her injuries.”

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