Winner Takes All Chapter 623-624

Chapter 623


Over the phone, Zhang Yulan’s wailing was like a bolt from the blue.

Qin Ye froze on the spot and stared in anger.

An unspeakable sense of panic crawled through his heart.

One second he was immersed in the joy of Kunlun, and the next there was such terrible news.

It was really heaven one second and hell the next!


In an instant, overriding killing intent was released from Qin Ye’s body.

Lone Wolf and Lin Lingdong clearly felt this killing intent and instantly felt like they had fallen into an ice cave, their bodies were cold.

On the mobile phone, Zhang Yulan was still crying and howling, helpless to the extreme.

“What should I do? What should I do? You have to come back!”

“Okay, I’ll be right back!”

Qin Ye hung up the phone and glanced back at Lone Wolf and Lin Lingdong, “You guys help take care of Elder Long, I have to leave for a while for something urgent.”

He did not intend to tell Elder Long about the matter immediately.

It was because Elder Long also had important things to do.

Kunlun had awakened, and he held the clue to finding Chen Dong in his mouth.

If he missed it now, a minute later, Chen Dong might be in a bit more danger!

Blessings are not always followed by disasters.

Who could have predicted that just now, when the house was fine out, just on the way to Lijin Hospital, a fire started in the backyard?

Behind the icu gate.

Long Lao had finished disinfecting under the guidance of Dean Liu.

When he looked back, there was no sign of Qin Ye.

He was instantly stunned, “Where is Qin Ye?”

“Elder Long, Qin Ye has left on an urgent matter.” Lin Lingdong said.

Elder Long’s eyes instantly exploded with a brilliant aura, and his brows knitted together.

An ominous feeling of foreboding swept through his heart.

“Elder Long, if you want to go in, you have to do it quickly.” Dean Liu reminded.

Elder Long took a deep breath, gritted his teeth and turned to follow Dean Liu into the ICU.

On the other side.

After Qin Ye hurriedly left the Lijin Hospital, he drove all the way towards the Tianmen Mountain villa area in a lightning speed.

The car quickly weaved through the traffic and ran the red lights as usual.

In his ears, it was as if Zhang Yulan’s cries were still echoing, making it difficult for Qin Ye to maintain his composure and his whole body was in disarray.

The kidnapping of Gu Qingying was like a sharp sword against his throat.

Chen Dong’s whereabouts had not yet been found, and now something had happened to Gu Qingying.

This made Qin Ye feel like the sky was collapsing.

The wind sped back to Tianmen Mountain Villa.

A crunch!

A tail-drift dashed into the villa garden.

Qin Ye got out of the car and immediately rushed into the house.

When he entered the garden, the iron gate at the garden gate was knocked down, causing his heart to sink to the bottom completely.

The other party had obviously come to rob someone blatantly!

Rushing through the villa area gate and then ramming through the villa gate again, with no thought of acting stealthily at all.

These were people who were vicious and had no scruples!

At the entrance of the villa, there was also an ambulance parked.

At this moment, there were already a dozen people standing in the villa.

It was the villa’s property manager and security guards, who were cooperating with the medical staff to save Fan Lu.

When Qin Ye squeezed into the crowd, he happened to see Zhang Yulan sitting helplessly on the ground, sobbing as her face was lost in blossom.

He did not go forward immediately, but turned around and walked over to the stretcher.

Once he saw the extent of Fan Lu’s injuries, Qin Ye’s eyes burst with anger.

At this moment, Fan Lu was unconscious, and her chest was stained with a large amount of crimson blood, which was incomparably oozing.

Fan Lu’s face was as pale as paper.

There were seven or eight stab wounds visible to the naked eye.

“Doctor, how is she?”

Qin Ye asked in a deep voice, trying desperately to restrain his anger.

“The situation is not optimistic.” The doctor returned in a sullen voice.

The words had just fallen.

Qin Ye then felt someone hug him from behind.

Immediately after, Zhang Yulan’s helpless cry rang out, “Qin Ye, I’m so scared, I’m so scared, it’s all my fault for being useless, Sister Xiao Lu was injured because she protected Xiao Ying and I. These stab wounds were all blocked by her for me and Xiao Ying.”

Qin Ye smiled sadly.

Of course he knew that.

Fan Lu’s skill was a terrifying existence that was the twentieth on the Hidden Kill Organisation’s Death Ranking.

If he was really alone, even dozens of professional killers would not be a match for Fan Lu.

Unless he had to protect Gu Qingying and Zhang Yulan, he would have been constrained at every turn, taking all the knives he shouldn’t have taken and being injured like this.

“Sir, we are already doing our best to rescue them.”

The property manager guiltily bowed his head to Qin Ye.

Qin Ye shook his head, not meaning to blame.

In broad daylight, swinging open the car door and rushing into the villa area to rob people, this was a group of brazen bandits.

Even if the security guards in the villa area were elite, they would not be able to stop a group of bandits.

After the ambulance and the security guards had all left.

Only then did Qin Ye turn around and soothe Zhang Yulan, who was crying like a tearful person.

“Don’t cry anymore.”

He raised his hand to wipe away the tears from the corners of Zhang Yulan’s eyes, but perhaps she was too badly frightened, Zhang Yulan looked terrified at this moment, and her tears still kept flowing down.

“Tell me, what exactly happened?”

Qin Ye swept Zhang Yulan into his arms and patted her back while asking in a deep voice, “These people dared to do this, they must have come with a purpose, otherwise they wouldn’t be so vicious.”

Now that Chen Dong has disappeared, the other party has clearly rushed into the villa and kidnapped Gu Qingying.

If he couldn’t guess what was going on here, Qin Ye wouldn’t have to be in the business.

It was just that there were a lot of people just now, so he did not ask straightforwardly.

Zhang Yulan’s delicate body trembled as she sobbed and extricated herself from Qin Ye’s arms, and with a trembling right hand, she pulled out an envelope from her jeans bag.

“This is what those people left behind, they came quickly, there were a dozen of them, after rushing into the villa, they entered the door and cut, after cutting down Sister Xiao Lu, they kidnapped Xiao Ying, Sister Xiao Lu took so many stabs in order to cover our retreat, but Xiao Ying was pregnant, we both didn’t have time to run out of the villa, we were already stopped.”

Qin Ye took the envelope, the top of which was still stained with blood.

He couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief, it was a good thing that Zhang Yulan hadn’t taken this envelope out even when she was in a state of panic just now, otherwise things would have been out of control.

Just as he was about to open the envelope.

Zhang Yulan suddenly sobbed and said, “I heard those people say, well, it seems like they are Chen Tianyao’s people.”

The Chen family?!

Chen Tianyao?!

Qin Ye’s hands that were holding the envelope trembled violently.

He hurriedly opened the envelope, and when he took a look at the contents of the letter, he was instantly dumbfounded.

The letter read: Tell Chen Dong that if he wanted his wife and child to live, he should immediately withdraw the a*sa*sination mission of the Darknet Hidden Kill Group and come to pick up his wife and child in person at eight o’clock tonight, or else his body would die twice!

The signature was clearly Chen Tianyang, and incidentally there was an address at the end.

After reading the content, spare Qin Ye, his breathing became sharp and ragged.

His neck thickened.

His face was full of depression and anger.

“Exposed? How did it get exposed so quickly?”

Qin Ye looked at the contents of the letter with disbelief, Chen Tianyang’s words clearly meant that he had discovered the a*sa*sination mission of the Darknet Hidden Kill Group.

However, this matter was extremely secretive when Chen Dong first did it, even when he went to the Desert North King’s Landing Group, only the three of them, Chen Dong, Elder Long and Kunlun, went there secretly.

He knew that it was only after Chen Dong disappeared that Long Lao told him.

But …… even if Chen Tianyang had found out the end, it should have been directed at the Desert North King’s Landing Group, so how come the gun was instantly pointed this way?

What exactly happened in it?

“Qin Ye, what should we do now?” Zhang Yulan asked in fear.

“Heh! Brother Dong is not here.”

Qin Ye pulled the corner of his mouth and smiled bitterly, taking out a lighter and lighting the letter paper while saying coldly, “My sister-in-law and my eldest nephew have been kidnapped, so I, as a brother, have to go on Brother Dong’s behalf!”


Chapter 624

Night falls.

The autumn breeze is sluggish.

Inside the Tianmen Mountain villa, the atmosphere was gloomy.

Qin Ye was sitting on the sofa, quietly smoking a cigarette, and in the cigarette jar in front of him, there were already cigarette butts stuck all over.

The air was filled with the thick and unpleasant smell of smoke.

Zhang Yulan sat on the side, her pretty face still remaining frightened, her hands clenched together, rubbing the corners of her clothes incessantly.

Every now and then, her eyes looked towards Qin Ye.

“Do you really want to go?”

Zhang Yulan gritted her teeth and finally broke the dead silence in the living room, “Maybe …… we can still discuss it with Elder Long.”

The scene of those people rushing into the villa and slashing indiscriminately was still like a nightmare at this time, constantly floating in Zhang Yulan’s mind.

Ever since she was a child, she had never experienced such a bloody and horrible scene.

Her heart was about to jump out of her throat at the thought that Qin Ye would have to face those people later on.

“It’s useless.”

Qin Ye stubbed out his cigarette and said calmly while pulling out a cigarette from his cigarette case, “Dong is missing and Chen Tianyang named him to pick up personally, even if we withdraw the mission to a*sa*sinate Chen Tianyang now, he won’t let it go.”

“But is it useful for you to go?”

Zhang Yulan suddenly whistled shrilly, the emotions she was holding back bursting out at this moment, her beautiful eyes swishing red, “Those people are capable of killing, they don’t take human lives seriously at all! You even know that Chen Tianyang has named Dong to go, what’s the use of you going now?”


Faced with Zhang Yulan’s tearful shrill whistle, Qin Ye acted unusually calm and slowly lit his cigarette.

Taking a deep puff, he exhaled the thick smoke at the same time.

His gaze became determined.

“It works!”

Slowly turning his head, he looked at Zhang Yulan and smiled evilly, “I’m going, of course, to pick up my sister-in-law and take her home!”

“But ……”

Zhang Yulan’s expression choked, suddenly thinking that Qin Ye had gone out alone in the afternoon, in a flash she was shocked, looking at Qin Ye’s calm and evil smile.

She clearly felt a decisive death wish!

Zhang Yulan’s heart jerked hard and her voice trembled as she said, “You, what are you going to do? You went out this afternoon, what did you go for?”

The questioning voice caused Qin Ye to freeze.

Subconsciously, his left hand was placed to his waist.

This subtle movement was clearly captured by Zhang Yulan.

In an instant.

Zhang Yulan’s gaze froze and as if she had gone mad, she pounced on Qin Ye and reached out to lift Qin Ye’s clothes.

Qin Ye was caught off guard and the two instantly twisted into a ball.

“What the hell are you hiding?”

“Qin Ye, you madman, what the hell are you planning to do?”

“Qin Ye, let me see, let me see.”


With a shrill, harsh roar, Zhang Yulan desperately tried to lift Qin Ye’s clothes.

But Qin Ye held it down with a deadly grip and tangled with Zhang Yulan.

Suddenly, hostility surfaced on Qin Ye’s face.


He backhanded a slap directly onto Zhang Yulan’s face.

The pain was so severe that Zhang Yulan let out a miserable cry and staggered onto the sofa.

For a moment, Zhang Yulan’s eyes were hazy with tears, and the hot and sharp pain on her face caused her to slump on the sofa, motionless and lost in a trance.

“It’s none of your business what I do!”

Qin Ye glared indifferently at Zhang Yulan, fiercely slammed the cigarette on the ground, turned around and walked away.

As Qin Ye turned around, Zhang Yulan’s gaze gradually regained focus.

She sat up and looked at Qin Ye, who was determined to leave, and wailed heartily, “You don’t even care about me for the sake of your brother, are you going to leave me a widow?”

With the word “widowed”, Qin Ye, who was about to walk out of the villa, stopped abruptly.

Inside the villa, there was silence.

On Qin Ye’s cold, evil face, there was finally a change, his expression was complicated, and his eyes gradually rippled.


With a snort of laughter from Qin Ye, the dead silence within the villa was broken.

“I am a patricide, how dare I mess with the girl’s fame?”

In the next second, Qin Ye turned around abruptly and knelt towards the ground.

Bang Teen!

His knees hit the floor with a heavy thud.

At the same time, it also caused Zhang Yulan’s delicate body to tremble, smashing against Zhang Yulan’s heart.

Zhang Yulan’s eyes were hazy with tears as she raised her hand to cover her red lips, at this moment, her heart ached so badly that her tears were even more like a broken river, gushing out.

“The name of the girl, not bearing my name, how can we talk about widowhood?”

Qin Ye pensively knelt straight on the ground, his eyes full of red bloodshot looking at Zhang Yulan, but the smile on his face was growing, poignant and determined: “It is I who have negatively affected the girl, so I am kowtowing to you …… to thank you.”

The moment the words came out, Zhang Yulan was instantly struck by lightning and was dumbfounded on the spot.

Her beautiful eyes were rounded and she looked at Qin Ye incredulously.

The sound of laughter echoed.

While Qin Ye’s face was filled with a smile, without hesitation, he heavily kowtowed his head on the ground.




Each time his head hit the ground, it was like a heavy hammer, viciously smashing against Zhang Yulan’s heart.

Her delicate body trembled and she had already turned into tears.

Qin Ye’s words and actions were like a red-hot sharp knife, lingering on her body.

How could he …… be so desperate?

Zhang Yulan covered her mouth and forced herself not to cry out.

The eyes, blurred by tears, always gazed above the figure in front of the door.

But the tears were so raging that the figure became more and more blurred.

Vaguely, she saw the figure stand up and, without hesitation, turn around decisively and leave in strides.

When Zhang Yulan raised her hand in a panic to wipe away the tears on her eyes, Qin Ye had already disappeared from sight, while outside, in the garden, the roar of a car engine rang out at the same time.

“Qin Ye ……”

In the villa, a shout that tore Zhang Yulan’s heart to pieces echoed violently.

Gradually, the villa fell into dead silence.

Zhang Yulan sat painfully on the sofa, her shellfish teeth clenching her red lips, no matter how much she endured, but tears still kept coming out of her eyes.

Qin Ye’s desperation had cut her heart like a knife.

But at this moment, as Qin Ye left, Zhang Yulan’s mind gradually calmed down.

When she struggled to lift Qin Ye’s clothes, she was stopped by Qin Ye’s slap, but when she fell down, she still saw a little something under the corner of her clothes.

That thing, gave her a feeling of déjà vu.

“What the hell is it? What the hell is it?”

Zhang Yulan was so anxious that her silver teeth had bitten through her red lips, and the slightest bit of blood seeped out.


Zhang Yulan’s mind exploded and her whole body froze.

She thought of what it was!

Although she had little experience, she had seen the movie.

The scene in the movie was the same as the thing Qin Ye had strapped around his waist.


At this moment, Zhang Yulan panicked, her beautiful eyes full of tears instantly rounded up, “He wasn’t there to save people, he was there to trade lives, D*mn it, D*mn it, this B*****d!”

In her panic and anxiety, Zhang Yulan slammed the sofa indignantly.

After reacting, she no longer cared about Qin Ye’s desperation towards her just now.

In fear and panic, Zhang Yulan took out her mobile phone with trembling hands and dialed Long Lao.

As soon as the call was answered.

Zhang Yulan cried out, “Elder Long, Little Shadow has been taken away, Qin Ye …… him, he’s going to trade his life!”


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