Winner Takes All Chapter 619-620

Chapter 619

The same a*sa*sination mission by the Darknet Hidden Killers.

Chen Dong’s checked out, but Chen Tianyao’s couldn’t.

This …… is simply ridiculous!

In an instant, Chen Tianyang’s face was hideous, his scarlet eyes blazing with killing intent.

Both fists were even clenched, vaguely trembling, gnashing his teeth.

Grief, anger, resentment and resentment were all emotions that instantly wrapped around Chen Tianyang’s body like weeds.

On the side, Chen Tiansheng also looked gloomy to the extreme.

This was already a blatant attempt by the family head to harm Chen Tianyang!

As his own brother, how could he endure this anger?

In the room, the atmosphere was morose.

As Old Madam Chen looked at Chen Tianyang, whose face was full of fierce, murderous intent, the corners of her wrinkled mouth turned up slightly without a trace, but it was quickly concealed.

She lamented in a sorrowful tone, “O family head …… has really been greatly confused this time.”

A lament instantly woke Chen Tianyao up.

Chen Daoling’s blatant cover was clearly a sign that he didn’t care if he lived or died.

Now, the last straw to save his life was only his grandmother in front of him.

“Grandma, please save the eldest grandson, I, I don’t want to die ……”

Wailing and trembling terribly, Chen Tianyang clutched at Old Mrs. Chen with both hands.

“Sun grandson, don’t panic, with grandma here, will definitely protect you!”

Old Mrs. Chen looked sorrowful and determined, her eyes shrewdly shot: “The old body now even if it is against the Chen family’s iron law, it will have to bypa*s the family head and use other forces to probe.”

At these words.

Chen Tiansheng and Chen Tianyang’s eyes lit up at the same time.

But the next second.

Old Mrs. Chen’s words caused both of them to fall into shock at the same time.

Old Madam Chen hesitated for a moment and said with a gloomy expression, “However, even if we don’t investigate, the old body has probably guessed who the mastermind behind this is, but even if we find out, I’m afraid it will be extremely difficult to do so.”

Old Madam Chen’s tone was thick with helplessness.

After being shocked, Chen Tianyang fell into despair once again.

It was Chen Tiansheng who calmly pushed the gold-rimmed gla*ses on the bridge of his nose and asked, “Grandma, guess who it is?”

“Tiansheng, how can you be so obtuse in this matter?”

Old Mrs. Chen scolded Chen Tiansheng, scaring him so much that Chen Tiansheng’s heart instantly rose to his throat.

Immediately afterwards, Old Madam Chen sighed and said, “Who has the greatest grudge against Tian Yang? And who is worthy of having the family head not even care about the life and death of a family heir in the hall and cover for him in a dignified manner?”


A shocking statement.

Chen Tiansheng’s eyes under his gold-rimmed gla*ses exploded with a sharp aura, his lips slightly parted.

With his city and mind, the old lady had hinted to such an extent, and there was only one candidate left in his mind in an instant!

Chen Tianyang, on the other hand, had his scarlet eyes tightly fixed, frowning down in thought.

Time pa*sed slowly.

Seeing that Chen Tianyang had never come to his senses.

Old Madam Chen gently patted the back of Chen Tianyang’s hand, “Tianyang, what did you do when the Jiang family descended on my Chen family?”

The words came out.

Chen Tianyang, who was puzzled by the words, instantly had a tiger shake, and his mind exploded with a “boom”, suddenly enlightened.

What had he done when the Jiang family descended on the Chen family?

He had done nothing but stay in the Chen family!

But he did do one more thing, and that was …… to take advantage of the opportunity to add fuel to the fire about Chen Dong killing the Jiang family!

“Yes, that must be it, it must be him!”

Chen Tianyang’s body trembled uncontrollably due to his violent anger, his scarlet eyes bursting with monstrous killing intent as he gritted his teeth and said, “Who else could there be other than Chen Dong’s wild B*****d progeny who could make the family head shelter so blatantly and ignore me, the heir, dead or alive?”


In a rage, Chen Tianyang slammed his palm on the bed.

The tremendous force even caused the bed couch to make an unbearable sound.

In the room, killing intent surged.

Like countless invisible swords, it filled every corner.

At this moment, Chen Tianyang was wrapped in killing intent, like a furious killing god descending into the world.

Even his gaze gave people the creeps.

Chen Tiansheng stood by, his eyes shadowy and deep, gazing thoughtfully at Old Mrs. Chen.

While Old Mrs. Chen nodded to Chen Tianyang with relief, “A child can be taught, you can see right through.”

As she spoke, Old Madam Chen looked gloomy and shook her head, smiling bitterly, “It’s a pity, but that B*****d is the family head’s own son, and is more important than life in the family head’s heart.

The furious Chen Tianyang’s pupils steeply tightened to the extreme.

The words of Old Lady Chen seemed like the invisible hand pressing him into the abyss of despair.

The last straw that saved his life dissipated.

Yes, that wild seed was the family head’s own son.

That alone was enough to wipe out everything!

For his sake, the family head was able to ignore the Chen family’s iron laws and promote him directly to become the Chen family’s successor and participate in the competition for family head.

That wild B*****d had the audacity to break the law time and time again, and if it were any other Chen family heir, it would be enough to disqualify him from the status, but the family head was able to save the day time and time again by siding with that wild B*****d.

This time the a*sa*sination …… has no chance of survival!

Chen Tianyang is not stupid, now Chen Daolin has blatantly shielded, if the one who issued the mission of the Darknet Hidden Kill Group is really Chen Dong, there is absolutely no way that he, Chen Tianyang, can live!


Chen Tianyang’s breath became thicker and heavier.

His neck was thick, and the veins on it even bulged out.

Crunching …… crunching ……

The tightly clenched fists, which kept ringing between the knuckles because of too much force, clearly echoed in this room.

“Injustice has a head, debt has a master! If you don’t let me live, I, Chen Tianyang, will drag you along with me even if I die, to pay for my debt in blood!”

A cold, stern voice came out of Chen Tianyang’s mouth, like a cold wind blowing from the depths of the Nine Underworlds.

Chen Tiansheng’s face changed greatly and he hurriedly scolded, “Tian Yang, this matter is still just a guess, we ……”

“Tiansheng, could it be that you think there is someone else who is more likely?” Old Mrs. Chen brazenly twisted her head and gave Chen Tiansheng a cold stare.

Chen Tiansheng instantly choked.

He did not wait to speak.

Chen Tianyang slowly raised his head, and his scarlet gaze, filled with endless indifference, stared deadly at Chen Tiansheng.

Suddenly, he grinned, “You’re really my good elder brother, I’ve already been schemed to such an extent, and you’re still helping that B*****d? Are you eager to see me get chopped to pieces by those mad dog killers from the Hidden Kill Group?”

“I ……”

The corners of Chen Tiansheng’s eyes jumped wildly, and he was dumbfounded in the face of Chen Tianyang’s questioning.

How could he not hear the foulness in Old Lady Chen’s words?

Without solid ironclad evidence, she froze and drew Chen Tianyang’s hatred to Chen Dong.

This was clearly to …… lend a knife to kill someone!

“Chen Tiansheng, this matter has nothing to do with you! I, Chen Tianyang, am a man of action, that Chen Dong won’t let me live, I will let him die in vain!”

At this moment, Chen Tianyang seemed to have gone mad, his killing intent was majestic and his face was full of madness.


Chapter 620

Inside the Buddha Hall.

The sutras reverberate.

The fragrance of sandalwood lingers.

After Chen Tianyang made his decision, he went mad and mobilised his trusted servants and guards as fast as he could and left the Chen family home quietly, avoiding everyone’s sight.

Chen Tiansheng was filled with grief and anger as he watched.

But he knew very well that there was nothing he could do to stop the mad Chen Tianyang.

At this moment, he followed Old Lady Chen and Chen Dao Ping back to the Buddha Hall.

Chen Tiansheng finally could not help but ask, “Grandma, the matter has not yet been thoroughly investigated, and based on one’s own guess, one is certain that the person who issued the mission by the Darknet Hidden Killers is Chen Dong, this is a great disaster for Tian Yang!”

He was not speaking for Chen Dong.

On the contrary, he was even more eager for Chen Dong to die.

As long as Chen Dong died, he would have one less strong competitor in the race for the family headship.

However, he was clear about how harmful Old Lady Chen’s words really were to Chen Tianyang.

It was …… hard and fast pushing Chen Tianyang into the fire and onto the road to yellow spring!

If the person who issued the task was not Chen Dong, the Chen family’s iron law alone would have been enough for Chen Daolin to give Chen Tianyang death 10,000 times!

Even if it was really Chen Dong, Chen Tianyang would still have died in nine ways if he had taken the matter into his own hands.

Once he left the Chen family, not only would he have to face the countless a*sa*sins of the Darknet Hidden Killers, he might even die at the hands of Chen Dong!

If it were anyone else, he would never say more than half a word.

Seeing through it without saying anything, he would even help Old Lady Chen with the compulsion.

But Chen Tianyang was his own brother, and now that he saw Chen Tianyang jumping headlong into the fire, he, as an older brother, could not bear it.

Old Mrs Chen, who was twirling her Buddhist beads and chanting sutras, stopped.

Her face was covered with disappointment and her eyebrows were knitted together as she said in a deep voice, “Tiansheng, is it possible that I have really misjudged you and should not have put my hope in you?”

The anxious Chen Tiansheng suddenly froze, and a flash of panic pa*sed through his eyes.

Old Mrs. Chen lamented unhurriedly, “Those who achieve great things will do so by any means necessary! If you don’t take a dangerous step, with the family head’s favouritism towards that wild B*****d, do you think you are qualified to become the next family head?”

“Haven’t you forgotten that when that B*****d took a knife to the old body, the family head didn’t even blame him for a single wrong word!”


A huge wave rose in Chen Tiansheng’s heart.

In a trance, he recalled everything that had happened since Chen Dong had appeared.

Old Madam Chen’s words had left him terrified and confused.

With the family head’s favouritism towards Chen Dong, if Chen Dong did not die, the probability of him becoming the family head was really slim.

Even if he had the big banner of his grandmother up to back him up, it was no exception.

“Tian Yang is our soldier’s move!”

Old Mrs. Chen raised her head and gazed at Chen Tiansheng indifferently, “If you don’t sacrifice Tian Yang to remove the obstacles in your path ahead, what will you do to become the head of the family?”

“But, but, he is my own brother.” Chen Tiansheng had a complicated expression.

“Heh! A younger brother? Which is more important, your younger brother or the Chen family’s headship, can’t you carry it?”

Old Mrs. Chen let out a cold laugh, her expression suddenly stern: “Tiansheng, I value you and want to push you to the position of Chen family head because I value your ability and heart, the head of the Chen family who holds all the world’s wealth, only those who have the ability and the ability to lead the Chen family to a higher glory, but you …… You are too disappointing to the old body!”


Chen Tiansheng’s body shook and he fell to his knees in fear.

Faced with Old Madam Chen’s loud scolding, he was terrified to the extreme.

A single word of “disappointment” would most likely make him fall out of favour with Old Madam Chen.

If he did not have the banner of Old Madam Chen behind him, then he would lose his chance of becoming the head of the family.

The atmosphere was intense.

Old Madam Chen’s aura was so overwhelming that Chen Tiansheng did not dare to breathe.

Chen Tiansheng knelt on the ground, his body vaguely trembling.

His eyes were hesitant.

On one side was the Chen family headship he had always dreamed of, the Chen family that held all the world’s wealth, and once he became the head of the family, he would truly be overlooking all the people.

On the other hand, it was his own brother, who was his blood relative.

Even Chen Tiansheng’s mind was torn at this moment.

Chen Daoping, who was on the other side, said slowly, “Tiansheng, one cannot stand firm unless one is ruthless, and you want to be the winner and wear the crown of the Chen family head, but you cannot even make a choice, a great man should make a decision when he has to, without a ruthless heart, how can you achieve anything?”

Chen Tiansheng’s gaze froze and he steeply gritted his teeth.

But Chen Daoping smiled gently, and guided him, “Grandma has already helped you so much, what more do you want? She is trying to find a way to smooth out the thorns in your path, not to mention that Chen Dong’s B*****d son is still a lofty mountain on your path to becoming the family head, Tian Yang’s sacrifice is for your achievement!”

“This is already a way to abandon the cart to protect the marshal, and to give you the best chance of sitting on the Chen family’s head!”

“What’s more, do you think Tian Yang would have let Tian Yang live if he didn’t make a pre-emptive strike, if the Darknet Hidden Kill Group mission was really issued by Chen Dong?”

The voice was gentle, yet extremely firm.

Each word, as if a heavy hammer, ruthlessly smashed into Chen Tiansheng’s eardrums.

It made Chen Tiansheng feel more and more dazed.

“Dao Ping, what is the use of you talking so much to this indecisive mediocrity?”

Old Madam Chen gave Chen Daoping a sidelong glance and said coldly, “He has let me down so much, treating the old body’s regard and the Chen family headship like dirt, not as good as Chen Tiansheng’s life, saying so much, you are giving the old body a chill na, which of the Chen family heads in the past generations did not have tired skeletons under their a*ses?”

“Now, the candidate that I value is indecisive and without any responsibility, it’s ridiculous ……”

“Mom, you calm your anger, born in the moment is also impulsive, you ……”

Chen Daoping was startled and hurried to placate.

Only, the words were not finished.

A resolute voice, suddenly exploded.

“I’m sorry grandma, it was born wrong, born shouldn’t be indecisive, shouldn’t covet blood relatives, grandma and Uncle Dao Ping taught right, those who achieve great things do not choose means, no poison is not a husband, no ruthless heart, and how can one be qualified to be the king of the winner?”

At this moment, Chen Tiansheng’s eyes were bloodshot and filled with tears.

The whole person became cold and determined.

There was no trace of hesitation.

The cold and icy intent was so severe that even Old Lady Chen and Chen Daoping felt a chill in their bones.

But both of them, at the same time, also revealed a smile of relief.

“Born, that’s it, only then is it not worth my mother’s painstaking efforts.”

Chen Daoping immediately praised with a smile, “Tian Yang will not sacrifice for nothing, he is helping you to become the next family head!”

“I know, Uncle Dao Ping.”

Chen Tiansheng nodded indifferently, the corners of his mouth curled up in a seeping smile, “I am indeed not qualified to be the family head if I don’t even dare to harm my own brother, the day I take the family head’s seat, I will definitely invite Tian Yang into the clan ancestral hall and make offerings for the rest of my life!”

“Good, good boy, you can finally understand grandmother’s bitterness.”

Old Mrs. Chen’s face faded with anger, nodded her head gratefully and smiled, and waved her hand, “Go back first, this matter must not be mentioned to anyone, we all have to wait together for Tian Yang to give us good news, hopefully his dedication, is rewarded.”

When Chen Tiansheng left.

Chen Daoping smiled brashly, “Mother, I’m really quite surprised that Chen Tianyang was actually compelled by you in just three or two words.”

Old Mrs. Chen laughed disdainfully, “Just a brat, a dead dog that has been driven to the wall, of course the dog has to jump over the wall when it is desperate, that is not that the old body has successfully compelled him, but that he has been overwhelmed by hatred and has compelled himself to make this ‘blessing’ back to us. “