Through Time Chapter 525

At this point, Xiang Bo still wanted to taunt the old man a bit to see if he could just piss him off. Unfortunately, Xiang Yu had already told his men to withdraw their troops and take the other side back by this time. It was definitely impossible to fight after this incident today. What … Read more

Through Time Chapter 524

Xiang Yu looked at Zhao Lang’s direction somewhat blankly at this time. He first did not understand why Zhao Lang’s voice could suddenly become so loud. Then again, after hearing Zhao Lang’s words, he did not understand when Zhao Lang became the head of the agricultural family, and the great son of the Mo family. … Read more

Through Time Chapter 523

Watching Xiang Bo leave, a slightly stunned Nu said, “Master, that’s it?” How could he not have imagined that his own master could actually get a core member of the Xiang Clan to go and do something for him? Such a tactic, he simply could not catch up even with a horse. Zhao Lang looked … Read more

Through Time Chapter 522

Outside the tent of Xiang’s army, Xiang Bo trotted all the way to a temporary resting place. He saw Zhao Lang standing there with his men, and when he saw him running over, he even took a few steps forward to welcome him, saying “Brother Xiang, take it slow, take care of your health!” Where … Read more

Through Time Chapter 521

The tone of the army’s preparations was set, and an order was passed down. The entire Xiang alliance army was on the move, and they could not hold back for a long time. After all, the sooner they entered Guan’in, the sooner they could claim the throne. At this moment, Liu Bang’s camp was inside. … Read more