Master of The Blade Chapter 520

Hearing Ye Xuan’s words, that Lin Shi’s face instantly became incomparably hideous! The forest division was about to strike, and right at that moment, Ye Xuan suddenly disappeared in place. The forest division was holding a long ruler in front of him. Boom! The space in front of Lin Shi was directly shattered by this … Read more

Master of The Blade Chapter 519

Killed! This is killing? Fang Xue and the others looked incredulously at the man’s corpse not far away, their heads a little confused. And at this moment, Ye Xuan was also a little confused. He had killed the other party himself? But soon, this thought disappeared. Killing is killing! Ye Ling! These two words, he … Read more

Master of The Blade Chapter 518

Boundary Prison Tower! That voice, it didn’t come from outside, but from the Boundary Prison Tower! The sixth floor! This sixth floor is awake? Ye Xuan’s face was a bit ugly. This fifth floor’s that Di Xing was already so heaven-defying, how strong must this sixth floor be? In an instant, Ye Xuan thought of … Read more

Master of The Blade Chapter 517

Begging! Ye Xuan wanted to become stronger, but as he said, he wouldn’t go begging to the other side. Even if the pair was even stronger, he wouldn’t go begging to the other side! Compared to getting stronger, he felt that dignity was more important! If others looked up to him, then naturally it was … Read more

Master of The Blade Chapter 516

Growing vegetables! Ye Xuan really started growing vegetables! Excitement! At this moment, Ye Xuan was extremely excited because he finally knew where he was lacking! Strength! Speed! These two things he had indeed achieved his current limit! However, as the old man said, for the aspect of intent, he was still just starting out now! … Read more

Doting Billionaire Chapter 2430

Hai Tong immediately as a handshake, baby has not yet born it, first will be the problem of education dumped to the war Yin. It is said that do not write homework mother’s kindness and filial piety, a write homework on the chicken flew dog jumping. She is still a mother who cares about the … Read more