Winner Takes All Chapter 985-986

Chapter 985

The night.

In the silence of the alley.

As the boy leaves, the snow soon re-covers the bamboo mat.

Under the bamboo mat.

Barbara struggled to support the bamboo mat. With her strength, it was really difficult for her to hold it up as the snow on it increased.

But she remembered her brother’s advice when he left.

She also knew that she had to take care of Chen Dong who was unconscious on the ground.

After holding on for a long time.

Barbara felt her hands growing sore and heavy, as if she had poured lead into them, and desperately wanted to put down the bamboo mat and take a rest.

“Barbara can do it, Barbara will definitely be able to hold on.”

Barbara’s lips trembled lightly as she kept admonishing herself.

At a young age, his face was cracked from the cold, but his determination was unprecedented.

Time pa*sed slowly.

It was quiet all around, except for the wind and snow.

As the snow on the bamboo mat overhead increased, it became more and more unbearable for Barbara.

Her arms could not help but tremble, supported only by her tenacious faith.

Finally, the faint sound of footsteps came from the distance.

Barbara, who could not hold on any longer, heard the sound of footsteps and heard it like music from heaven.

But in a moment, she looked terrified.

Was the person outside her brother …… or someone else?

If it was someone else ……

Fear instantly gripped Barbara.

She wanted to see who the footsteps outside were coming from.

But with her hands propped up on the bamboo mat, her vision was completely obscured and she could not see at all.

The greatest fear comes from the unknown.

At this moment, Barbara was in this state.

However, even though she was more afraid, her body did not move a muscle, even instead she gritted her teeth and struggled to support the bamboo mat, striving for it to not move at all.

Maybe …… maybe even if there was a bad guy outside, as long as he was well enough hidden, he wouldn’t be discovered and allowed to brush past?

Barbara kept this fluke thought in her mind.

In her current situation, she could only hope for this small fluke.

It was obviously bitterly cold.

Even as night fell, the temperature plummeted by a large margin.

But on Barbara’s terrified face at this moment, beads of sweat froze on her forehead.


A small call sounded.

“Barbara, it’s brother.”

The moment this voice sounded, Barbara, whose heart was in her throat, instantly relaxed.

A mist even instantly surfaced in her clear eyes.

Clattering ……

The bamboo mat was lifted by the boy and the snow spilled down.


Barbara jumped into the boy’s arms at once and cried out with a sobbing voice.

The boy looked stunned, and a tender look appeared on his pale, chapped face.

He did not say much.

Instead, he quickly helped Barbara sit up, lifted one hand to wipe away the tears that were about to flow from the corners of Barbara’s eyes, and smiled gently, “Remember, you can’t cry, my family’s Barbara is a strong child, tears are reserved for the weak, even if brother is no longer around, you can’t cry.”

Barbara nodded and lifted her hand to wipe away the tears from the corners of her eyes herself fiercely.

Then raising his eyes to his brother, “Brother will always be with Barbara.”

The boy froze for a second, then smiled gently, “Well, always together.”

With that, he brought the parcel in his hand to Barbara’s eyes and said with a smile, “Look what brother has brought you back.”

When Barbara saw the parcel, she instantly lit up, “Such a big parcel, is there lots and lots of delicious food?”

“Foodie, you just know how to eat, open it yourself and take a look.”

The boy handed the parcel into Barbara’s arms, raised his hand and rubbed Barbara’s head dotingly, before sitting down panting against the wall, his head leaning against the wall, breathing with his mouth open and exhaling hot air from his mouth.

Barbara looked at the package in her arms in surprise and excitement.

It was a really big package for her small body.

She hurriedly opened the parcel and was instantly frozen in her tracks.

Inside the parcel, there was not only a lot of food and water, but also two sets of brand new clothes, one large and one small, and …… also a bottle of wine and a wolf head dagger.

Such a harvest is not to be considered generous!

“Brother, you’re amazing, going out once and having so many things?”

Barbara looked back at the boy in surprise, her eyes full of admiration.

“Oh, eat up.”

The boy said as he leaned against the wall and pulled at the corners of his mouth.

There were biscuits in the food.

Barbara took out the biscuits and handed them to the boy, “Brother eat first.”

But the boy waved his hand, “Barbara eat first, brother rest for a while first.”

Looking at the boy’s panting and exhausted face, Ah Man said no more, but mixed the biscuits with hot water, broke open Chen Dong’s mouth and served them together.

Perhaps it was poured too quickly.

The unconscious Chen Dong coughed violently and violently twice, then slowly opened his eyes, with confusion in his eyes.

“Uncle, you’ve finally woken up, great!”

Barbara said excitedly, then pointed to the parcel, “Eat something quickly, my brother is great, he got many, many things back.”

As she spoke, her words were full of admiration for her brother, as if she was showing off her brother’s greatness to Chen Dong again.

Chen Dong’s eyes were filled with confusion and his blank mind was filled with nothing.

He did not know what had happened, but the pain coming from his body at that moment was clear to him that he must have experienced something during the time he was unconscious.

Hungry, his intense hunger made Chen Dong not think much about it, and with Barbara’s help, he sat up with difficulty and pain.

After taking the biscuits and water that Barbara handed over, Chen Dong gorged himself on them.

He gobbled them down in one gulp.

On the side, Barbara did the same.

On the way to the Thirteen Cities of the King’s Court, the slave caravan had given them very, very little water and food.

In the eyes of those people, they were just goods that were about to be sold, and as long as the goods did not die and had breath, it was enough.

At this moment the two men feasted on their food.

The boy on the side, however, looked askance at the scene, but his gaze fell on Barbara with some reluctance.

Only, at this moment, Chen Dong, who was wolfing down his food, suddenly stopped.

He had only lost his memory, but was not stupid.

A teenager, where did he get all these things?

Subconsciously, he looked up at the boy, only to see the boy looking at Barbara with a face full of reluctance.

“These things, where did you get them?”

Chen Dong asked, ignoring Barbara beside him, but moving with difficulty to the boy’s side.

“You can eat what you have, don’t ask too many questions.”

The boy gave Chen Dong a cold look, “Remember, it was my sister who saved you! Don’t negative her!”

With a single word, Barbara, who was wolfing down her food, also stopped.

Chen Dong was about to speak when his nose suddenly shrugged twice.

The smell of blood!

The smell of blood was very strong!

Moreover, it was not coming from his own body.

His face sank and he looked at the boy with a stony gaze, but slowly looked behind the boy.

In the dimness, Chen Dong’s pupils suddenly tightened to the extreme.

At the same time.

The boy, however, slowly pulled out a small piece of crumbled cake from his belt, looking at the crumbled cake, smiled bitterly, “Ah Barbara, you kind and silly girl, brother gave it to you, why are you giving it back to brother ……?”

“Brother ……”

Barbara froze, sparingly she also sensed that something was wrong with her brother.

Under the watchful eyes of Chen Dong and Barbara.

The boy smiled and slowly brought the crumbled cake in his hand to his mouth.

Just the moment the crumbled cake was near his lips, the boy’s face turned extremely pale and twisted in pain, and his throat surged even more violently.


A mouthful of blood, spurted out directly from the boy’s mouth, staining the crushed cake in front of his mouth, blood red ……

Chapter 986

The blood was red and shocking to the eyes.


Barbara’s whole body exploded in shock, dropping the food and water in her hands and flinging herself directly in front of the boy.

“Brother, what’s wrong with you? Don’t you scare Barbara. ……”

Barbara jumped into the boy’s arms, crying and wailing as she raised her hand to wipe the blood from the corner of the boy’s mouth.

Only, no matter how she wiped, blood kept gushing out of the boy’s mouth.

Chen Dong was frozen.

He leaned against the wall, and even though his body was already weakened to the extreme, he still reached out to hold the boy’s body.

For he knew that if he didn’t hold on, the boy might have just collapsed straight away.

But it was also with this hold that his fingers touched the boy’s back, and instead of a cold patch, it entered with a hint of warmth and wetness.

Chen Dong’s eyebrows tightened, and the warm wetness coming from his hand was like a sharp knife that stabbed into his heart fiercely.

“Oooooooo …… brother, brother ……&”

In the alley, Barbara’s heart-breaking cries echoed, pearly and tearful.

She had just experienced the great change of her village being wiped out and the tragic death of her parents.

Now she and her brother had just escaped, and before they could live together, he was already in such a state, which to a child of a few years old was like the sky falling!

The boy leaning against the wall, his chest rising and falling, took a deep, heavy breath.

Looking at Barbara, who was crying tears in front of him, the boy pulled at the corners of his mouth and whimpered, “Barbara …… doesn’t cry, brother, didn’t I teach you that?”

His mouth was mixed with blood and water, so it made his voice a little muffled.

As he spoke, the boy slowly raised his right hand and stroked it towards Barbara’s face.

But at this moment, even when he raised his right hand, it was as if he was using up all his strength, slow and heavy.

Barbara hurriedly lifted her brother’s hand and put it on her own face.

“I want my brother, woo woo …… I want my brother ……”

Her lips trembled and her cries echoed.

At this moment, Barbara’s entire being was in a state of collapse.

Her hands were however tugging tightly on the boy’s right hand, not letting go of it for a single moment.

“Barbara already doesn’t have a father and a mother, Barbara can’t be without her brother anymore ……”

The boy was smiling, but blood kept pouring out of his mouth.

The right hand that was placed on Barbara’s face, the thumb was gently wiping the tears on Barbara’s face, and a strong sense of heartache and doting came out of his eyes.

With that, his gaze looked askance at Chen Dong.

“These things, I …… robbed them, I have no other way but to rob them.”

A statement that was in response to Chen Dong’s enquiry just now.

But then, the boy pulled up the corners of his mouth and smiled, “This D*mn world, it doesn’t even give me a chance to live …… me, it’s so hateful ……”

Nearly gnashing his teeth.

Even if the voice was a little muffled because of the blood in his mouth.

But Chen Dong still heard the strong resentment in it.

Yes, how could one not hate it?

A teenager should have been in the prime of their youthful years.

Instead, they were experiencing the great change of having their village wiped out, their parents tragically killed, sold into slavery, and even giving …… their lives for their sister to live.

Not having had time to take a good look at this great world, he was already going back to where he came from.

Just as Chen Dong froze, a blood-stained hand, however, landed on the back of his hand.

He looked down at the boy’s left hand, the blood-stained hand still clutching the broken cake that was stained red with blood.


The boy slowly shoved the blood-stained crumbled cake into Chen Dong’s hand, while saying with a pleading tone.

“Your life, my sister saved, please …… don’t, don’t leave her behind, take her, well, live ……”

Chen Dong’s body shook, his heart contracted fiercely, and he hurriedly clutched the blood-stained crumbled cake, while also grabbing the boy’s hand.

“I, I’ll take you to the doctor, no, it’s okay ……”

As he spoke, Chen Dong tried to help the boy up.

But he himself was badly injured, and with his overdrawn body and hunger and cold, he simply did not have the strength to help the boy up.

The boy, on the other hand, did not care.

His eyes fell back on Barbara’s body.

Reluctant, doting, heartbroken.

Blood kept flowing from his mouth, but he still slowly opened and closed it: “Barbara, don’t cry, be strong …… and, put away, your kindness, this D*mn world, kind people will die, this is the great snowy plain, not the fairy-like domain that Abba and Abba said,. ”

At this moment, the boy suddenly spoke faster, and was no longer as breathless as he had been just then.

Even his pale face became rosy.

Barbara was crying, clutching the boy’s right hand tightly, howling, “Brother ……”

“Follow Uncle, follow him, live, even if it means being a slave and a stray dog, live, brother will protect you in heaven, together with Abba and Abba ……!”

Spoke the words.

The boy slowly tilted his head, his blood-covered face, but at this moment, a smile of unprecedented ease was revealed.

“Abba and Abba, I …… have come to see you!”

The words fell.

The boy’s chest rose fiercely high, while a heavy, sharp, backward inhaling sound, like a windchest, came from his throat.

Almost simultaneously.

The boy closed his eyes and two tears flowed down from the corners of his eyes.

While Chen Dong clearly felt that the boy’s left hand, which was held in his hand, was …… completely relaxed at this moment!


This moment.

Whether it was Chen Dong or Barbara, it was as if a great thunderstorm had struck.

“Brother ……”

Barbara completely collapsed and directly flung herself onto the boy’s body, desperately shaking the boy’s body and crying and howling, “Brother, wake up, brother, Barbara is scared, brother …… you have to sleep, please don’t sleep …… whimper Oooo ……%”

The cries echoed and pierced straight to the heart.

Chen Dong looked dumbfounded at the scene in front of him, at this moment the chest cavity seemed to be stuffed with stones, blocked to the extreme.

His vision gradually blurred, and his ears echoed with Barbara’s heartbreaking cries, his nose sore with pain.

Under the night.

The scene inside the alley was a stark contrast to the sound and fury outside.

“Uncle, save my brother, save my brother ……”

Barbara suddenly grabbed Chen Dong, as if grabbing a lifeline, kneeling on the ground and begging, “Brother is asleep, brother is asleep, you quickly help Barbara wake him up, Barbara …… is afraid …… ”

The painful, terrified cries were like sharp knives stabbing viciously at Chen Dong, as if to lynch him.

Chen Dong’s gaze flickered for a moment and said, “Barbarian is not afraid, there is uncle in the future, brother is too tired, let him sleep.”

With these words, Barbara’s expression froze for a moment.

The next second.

He jumped into Chen Dong’s arms and bawled, “Uncle, Barbara …… doesn’t have a brother anymore.”

Chen Dong hugged Barbara and gently rubbed his back.

He did not know how to comfort.

But he was clear that giving Barbara a solid place to lean on at this time was better than anything else.

The boy was right, without Barbara, he would probably have frozen to death by now, and then been casually left on the snowy plains by the slave caravan men like a dead dog, buried deep under the snow.

“Quick, the sound is coming from this way! D*mned son of a B*tch, he’s robbing us, we must kill him and throw him out to the wolves!”

Suddenly, outside the alleyway, a fierce scolding voice came.