Winner Takes All Chapter 983-984

Chapter 983

The confusion of the crowd was not just confined to the corner where the killing was taking place.

Because there were so many people gathered over, there was also fear at this point as the crowd retreated in fear and wrapped itself around them.

Chen Dong staggered and hobbled through the crowd, the screams of terror echoing around him like a nightmare.

Because of his insane appearance, he was so conspicuous and hideous that he would stand out wherever he went, and the onlookers who had witnessed Chen Dong’s killings earlier would be so frightened that they would freeze on the spot.

Chen Dong, who was already relying on his instinctive sense of avoidance to escape, was even more terrified with all the screaming and shouting around him.

His remaining strength could not support him for long, and with every step he took, his feet felt weak.

But the changes around him also made Chen Dong instinctively sense more danger, so he ran faster and faster, brutally pushing aside those in his way and running as fast as he could.

In the crowd behind her, the demon lady followed in fear, as the crowded crowd around her was too difficult for her.

A moment ago, she could still vaguely see Chen Dong’s shadow, but after just a short while, Chen Dong’s shadow completely disappeared from her sight.

Anxious, nervous, worried, unwilling ……

All sorts of emotions crawled through the Demon Lady’s body as she struggled to move forward.

She had been expecting Chen Dong for a long time, otherwise she would not have sent a team of ten thousand people from more than ten tribes directly because of Chen Dong. At that time, although the purpose was to meet Commander Xiao, when she learned that Chen Dong was present, the only thing left in the demon lady’s mind was to capture Chen Dong alive, and she did not care about the death of Commander Xiao.

She had lost her chance, but she had never expected that Chen Dong would appear in front of her in such a peculiar way.

She had to seize this good opportunity for marriage.

For this was the man she wanted!

And the most important capital that the allied army of the Hundred Clans would use to resist that towering God of War when they wielded their whips south in the near future!

In the Demon Lady’s heart, this terrifying man has the strength to compete with Huo Zhenxiao!

As long as the man who the Hundred Clans truly feared was dismantled, then the allied army of the Hundred Clans wielding the whip south would be able to break through and level Zhenjiang City, accomplishing an ironclad fact.

“Wait for me, wait for me, don’t go ……”

In a surge of emotion, the demon lady even shouted out.

If it wasn’t for the ugly makeup that Demon Lady had deliberately painted to facilitate her travels, this sentence alone would have been enough to make people’s jaws drop.


The Demon Lady, the most beautiful and stunningly beautiful of the Hundred Clans, would actually have such a humble moment?

One must know that the greatest credit for the Demon Lady’s ability to bring about the step-by-step union of the Hundred Clans was that she relied on her stunning beauty and unparalleled charm to make many clan chiefs willingly sit down quietly to discuss.

It was also this merit and pattern that made the Demon Lady a Heavenly Wolf in the eyes of the Hundred Clans’ chiefs.

Only, in the line of sight, only the surging tide of people and a terrified and horrified face remained, but Chen Dong …… had long since disappeared.

The other side.

The struggling Chen Dong, like a bird of prey, stifled his head and scurried into the narrow alley.

The screaming and shouting around the area was instantly reduced.

This also helped Chen Dong to relax a little.

He slowed down his steps, stumbling and hobbling to the extreme with each step, and even though his hands were on the walls to the left and right of the narrow alley, he still felt like he might fall at any moment.

“Ho ho …… ho ho ……”

Rough, sharp gasps, like beating drums, echoed through the alley.

And behind Chen Dong, there was still a surging tide of terrified people.

With difficulty, Chen Dong braced his hands against the wall and stumbled, deep and shallow, towards the front.

A gust of heavenly spinning.

It dulled the crimson glow in his eyes to the core.

Every now and then, he would shake his head hard.

As he moved away from the crowd of people and the noise outside the alley behind him, Chen Dong’s steps became slower and slower, and his body became heavier and heavier.

And behind him, through the alleyway, he could only vaguely see a blur of human faces in the surging tide of people on the street outside.

Chen Dong’s face was grim, his veins and veins gnarled, his whole body in a state of imminent fainting, a state of mortal consciousness.

Behind him, amidst the tide of people, the panicked appearance of the demon lady could be vaguely seen as she slowly swept through the alleyway and towards the front.

Finally, after Chen Dong took one step, he could no longer hold on.

With this step, it was as if he had stepped into a deep pit, his entire body leaning forward.

There was a poof!

Chen Dong collapsed in the alleyway and fainted to death.

The wind and snow remained.

Through the narrow alleyway, drifts fell.

It slowly covered Chen Dong’s back.

The surroundings were silent, at odds with the noise outside the alleyway.

A senseless escape had led Chen Dong into this secluded alley, and if no one had noticed, perhaps the outcome would have been the same as if he had not walked out of Qilian Mountain in the first place.

rustling …… rustling ……,

Silent footsteps, at the other end of the alley, gradually came the sound.

It was hurried, yet very slight, as if it was creeping along, moving quickly forward.

“Brother, what about uncle? What about uncle?”

A voice like a yellow warbler, but resigned, echoed cautiously in the alleyway: “Uncle is wounded, he is still the one who eats and drinks the least, we don’t care about him, he, he ……”

“Shut up!”

A boy’s scolding voice interrupted the little girl’s voice, followed by a deep scolding voice, “Barbara, do you know that but a tiny bit of kindness will get us killed? This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, as long as we don’t get caught, even if we become vagrants, beggars like stray dogs on the street, it’s definitely better than being slaves, with my brother around, my brother will protect you, but my brother can only protect you!”

“That uncle is an adult, even if he is injured, even if he is weak, he is more likely to run away than other children, why are you always worried about him?”

“I don’t know, just from the first time I saw him, I felt so close.”

The little girl’s voice was a little awed, “Grandma taught us to be kind, and the first time I saw my uncle, I felt like I was seeing my dad.”

“You ……” the boy’s voice suddenly lowered, even with a hint of crying: “Abba was too kind, that’s why he let the village be trampled down, that’s why they died in front of us, from now on, it’s just you and me, brother and sister Two, you follow me and I’ll do whatever it takes to protect you, and when I grow up, no one will be able to bully us as brother and sister.”

The two voices came from far and near.

Gradually, two figures also became clear, one tall and one short, one large and one small.

As the distance drew closer, these two were, in fact, the boy and Barbara who had first escaped.

“Brother, are we really going to leave Uncle alone?”

Barbara asked timidly, she knew that her brother was protecting her, but she was never at ease with the big uncle.

“You ……&” The boy was speechless at once, he had not expected it at all, having said so much, he had thought he had diverted Barbara’s attention, only to have the topic come back with a slight pause.

His face was grim to the core, and there was panic in his eyes as he led Barbara along the alleyway wall and crouched down, glancing fearfully at the entrance to the alleyway he had come from to make sure no one had followed him, before he breathed a secret sigh of relief.

He was only a child, just a little older and taller, and ultimately a far cry from an adult.

The only way he could think of to protect his sister was to take her into hiding with him as much as possible.

When his parents died, it was his mother’s bloodstained hands that handed his sister’s hands to him.

He would do anything to protect his sister, even give his own life, if it meant protecting her.

It was a cruel point, but his and his sister’s situation had indeed reached the point where it had to be cruel.

Looking at his feet, there was a broken bamboo mat, very tattered and even mouldy, but a good hiding tool.

Clatter ……

The boy pulled up the bamboo mat, not shaking the snow off the top, because it looked a little more realistic that way.

Just as he was about to put the bamboo mat over his and Barbara’s heads.



Boy: “……”

Where the hell is this …… uncle?

Not waiting for him to react, Barbara had already broken away from the boy’s hand and ran in the other direction.

The boy turned his head to look and was instantly confused: “How the hell can you even meet this?”

Chapter 984

The boy was completely confused.

He had never imagined that, after running away desperately with his sister, he had already hidden in this unmarked alley.

To think that he could turn his head and still meet that man!

In the line of sight.

Her sister Barbara had already flung herself onto Chen Dong’s body and was cautiously calling out softly.

Her voice was as low as a mosquito’s whisper.

The boy sighed helplessly, looking as if he had resigned himself to his fate.

He dragged the bamboo mat with him and tiptoed over to Barbara, squatting down, “Barbara, you hold up the mat, I’ll take a look at him.”

He didn’t want to pay any attention to the man in front of him, but his sister’s attitude made it impossible for him to refuse.

What was more crucial was that he had already fled like this and still managed to meet him, this D*mned fate simply left people speechless.

Since he had met him, he couldn’t just stand by and watch Barbara dry up.

Barbara hurriedly took the bamboo mat and propped it up a bit, trying to keep it over the three of them as much as possible.

They were now slaves who had just escaped and were not out of danger at all.

At this moment, there was chaos outside, and in the thirteen cities of the King’s Court, their wretched appearance could easily be distinguished as soon as they went out.

It was a good thing that all three of them had not yet entered the auction house, nor had they been tattooed with the word slave yet.

But at least for the immediate future, they would have to hide carefully.

Once they were discovered, even any ordinary person in the Thirteen Cities of the King’s Court would be qualified to take them for themselves and turn them into slaves.

The cruelty of the Great Snowy Plain is actually clear in the hearts of even children like Barbara.

It was only that a child like Barbara always kept a kindness in her heart.

“Luckily, it’s nothing serious, but there’s nothing we can do to save him now.”

After some examination, the boy’s expression eased and he said to his sister Barbara, “Let’s hide here until it gets dark, then after dark brother will go out to find food and come back with some medicine, and we should be able to save him,.”

The words were more to appease Barbara than anything else.

Although he was a teenager, he was also a child, so how could he know anything about medicine.

After a few examinations, he was just checking Chen Dong’s external injuries, as for what was going on inside his body, he did not understand.

In his eyes, as long as this fainted man was still breathing, he was still “saved”.

Sure enough.

The look of worry on Barbara’s face diminished a little.

She looked at the boy with a grin as she struggled to hold up the bamboo mat: “Thank you, brother.”

“Well, I’ll do it.”

The boy took the bamboo mat from Barbara’s hand, “If we hold on until dark, we will have succeeded in escaping, and if we can find another way to get a set of clothes, we will be able to get rid of our slavery status in a proper manner.”

In the snowy plains outside the domain, real slaves were tattooed with characters to prove their slave status.

And people like Chen Dong and Barbara, who had not yet entered the auction house, had not yet had the chance to have their characters tattooed.

This was the luckiest of misfortunes.

Once they were tattooed, it would be difficult to get rid of their slavery status for the rest of their lives.

And when it gets dark.

Even in the thirteen cities of the Xiongnu royal court, the most prosperous of the hundred tribes, it was definitely a different story.

At night, people like Barbara and the boy, who were living in the dark corners of the cities, would take to the streets.

It would be an exaggeration to say that “a hundred ghosts walk at night”.

Night falls.

Hundreds of ghosts take to the streets, mingling.

There are people among the ghosts and ghosts among the people, so it becomes easier to fish in troubled waters.

Sure, the risk is a little higher, but for the boy, the reward is definitely earned!


Barbara nodded her head, her clear eyes glancing worriedly at Chen Dong on the ground.

Uncle, make sure you hang in there!

She was clear that what her brother could do was as far as he could go.

She wanted very much to save Chen Dong, but at the moment, the situation was so dire that letting her brother go out into the street was like pushing him into the fire.

The only thing she could do now was to wait for darkness and pray that this great uncle in front of her would last until then.

Time pa*sed slowly.

The boy’s face was full of stubbornness as he leaned against the alleyway wall, his hands struggling to support the bamboo mat.

Even though his hands were already sore and swollen, he did not even utter a word.

Barbara had fallen asleep in his arms. The hunger and cold had made this little girl’s strength unbearable.

At this moment, she was leaning on the boy’s arms, sleeping soundly and occasionally making teeth grinding sounds.

However, the boy did not dare to let Barbara sleep for too long, and would wake her up from time to time.

He knew that a long, deep sleep in such extremely cold weather might not wake him up again.

Chen Dong was lying on the ground, his breath steady, but the boy no longer had the extra heart to care about Chen Dong’s death.

The surroundings were silent.

If you look from outside, you can see a ragged bamboo mat in the alleyway, slightly arched, the wind and snow raging down, and snow building up on the top of the mat, with only a small shadow of the mat exposed.

When the sky was completely dark.

In the streets of the city, it was a different story.

During the day, the streets were full of people, well-dressed.

But at night, there were many more people with torn and tattered clothes and a dishevelled image.

The night was dark.

The shops on both sides of the street had their lights on.

The thirteen cities of the royal court, even in the depths of the snowy plains, did not fall into a complete sleep at night, but burst into a different kind of life.

In the streets, there were still no ordinary people returning home.

The ragged people come and go, but the difference is instantly recognisable.

But at night, these gaps, in fact, became blurred.

The Xiongnu royal court, only cared about the city as long as no major accidents occurred, and that was enough.

As for the parallelism of men and ghosts under the night, they did not care.

They even turned a blind eye to the dirty and bloody things that happened in the dark corners of the city at night.

In the alley, silence reigned.

“Barbara, Barbara ……”

The boy pushed hard against the bamboo mat, his hands dropping straight down.

Soreness and swelling were painful, causing his brow to knit and he couldn’t help the painful look on his face.

Shouting softly twice, he woke the sleeping Barbara up again.

“Brother, it’s getting dark.”

Barbara rubbed her thin sleeping eyes and looked at the boy in confusion.

“Well, brother go out and find food and clothes and this uncle’s medicine, and you stay on here with this uncle, still with the bamboo mat overhead.”

The boy admonished, looking askance at Chen Dong on the ground, and then said to Barbara with determination, “Remember, run immediately if there is danger, and leave this uncle alone, brother wants you to be safe and sound, and will not allow you to take any risks.”

“But ……”

Seeing that Barbara wanted to argue, the boy’s face sank: “Brother, you are the only family member left.”

The words that came to Barbara’s mouth were swallowed back into her stomach.

Nodding his head, he sort of responded.

The boy got up and shook his arms, which was a hard way to walk towards the alley outside.