Winner Takes All Chapter 987-988

Chapter 987

The ferocious bellowing sound was like a thunderclap.

Chen Dong’s face froze abruptly.

“It must be the people who were robbed coming after us, Barbara, come with me!”

In an instant, a decision was made in Chen Dong’s mind.

But just as he got up, the Barbarian in his arms suddenly turned and jumped onto the boy’s body, hugging tightly and bawling: “No, Barbarian won’t go, Barbarian wants to stay with her brother%………… ”

Chen Dong’s face turned pale and he was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan.


Outside the alley, the sound of footsteps was getting closer and closer, and it was very dense and there were many people.

In addition to the sound of footsteps, there was also a sound of cursing.

Chen Dong knew very well that with the way he and Barbara were now, once they were really caught by those people, they would not be far from death.

Even if those people killed them and threw them straight to the street corner like dead dogs, they would definitely not attract much attention.

If they didn’t run now, it would be completely too late!

In a flash of lightning, Chen Dong even saw the other party’s long drawn shadow already arriving at the entrance of the alley.

“Barbara, go with uncle, your brother wants you to live, he wants uncle to protect you and live well!” Chen Dong urged.

“I won’t go, I want to stay with my brother.”

Ah Man’s tear-filled face was now filled with determination and stubbornness.

At her age, after suffering successive blows, she was completely broken at this point, so how could she care if she would be caught by those people.

“You ……”

Chen Dong’s face sank as he braced himself and took a step forward, “Those people are almost at the entrance of the alley, if you don’t go with uncle now, we will all die here, and your brother won’t want to see that result.”

Barbara subconsciously looked back towards the mouth of the alley.


Almost simultaneously, in the alleyway, there was a muffled thud.

The stubborn and determined Barbara’s body stiffened, her eyes closed and she fell into the arms of Chen Dong who had been prepared for this.

Chen Dong’s right palm knife was loosened, and the determination in his eyes turned to heartache.

His eyes fell on the boy in the corner and he said firmly, “Don’t worry, as long as I live in the future, I will protect Little Barbara with my life.”

The words were powerful, like a vow.

The first thing he did was to stand up and drag Barbara, who had been knocked unconscious, backwards with both hands, towards the other side of the alley. When he pa*sed the parcel, he hesitated and stuffed everything into the parcel and took it with him.

These …… were the things that Barbara’s brother had given his life for, to fight for them to live!

Water, food, were the basis for them to survive in the midst of this cold weather.

And clothes, although Chen Dong was not sure, but compared to the rags on his body, it was obvious that clothes could make a big difference to his and Barbara’s appearance.

There would never be a single useless thing that the boy had traded his life for!

Thanks to the food he had just eaten, Chen Dong’s body had recovered a bit. At this moment, he was dragging Barbara and the parcel with him, and although Chen Dong was barely holding on with all his strength, he was not unable to even move, as he had been before.

Behind him, the sound of footsteps and fierce curses became clearer and clearer.

Chen Dong was already sweating profusely, and his mouth kept letting out heavy panting sounds, while his chest rose and fell, but there was a kind of pain that burned and tore.

But Chen Dong did not dare to stop, his gaze firmly looking at the entrance of the alley not far away.

He had promised Barbara’s brother that he would protect Barbara and keep her alive.

This life of his was also given by Barbara and his brother.

“It can be done, it must be possible to get out!”

This was the only thought in Chen Dong’s mind.

His footsteps were getting heavier and heavier, and his breathing was getting more and more violent and rapid.

Behind him, the sound of cursing and footsteps, like the sound of a hypnotic Sanskrit, became clearer and clearer.

When Chen Dong took Barbara out of the alleyway with all his might, seven or eight figures appeared at the same time at the other side of the alleyway, blocking the alleyway completely.

There was a poof!

Just as he stepped out of the alleyway, Chen Dong fell onto the ground with Barbara.

He did not care to rest, and hurriedly crouched on the ground, pressing himself against the wall, turning his head to look at the opposite alleyway entrance. When he saw the seven or eight figures just standing at the alleyway entrance, he could not help but let out a sigh of relief.

“Luckily in time!”

Retracting his gaze, Chen Dong could no longer think of how to bury Barbara’s brother.

The seven or eight figures that had already walked into the alleyway would definitely not give him a chance at this point either, and his physical state would not allow it.

What he had to do was to take Barbara out of this dangerous place, protect her properly and bring her to live in peace!

Chen Dong took a deep breath to relieve the burning tearing sensation in his chest, and then it was time to get up and carry Barbara on his back, holding the wall with his left hand and the parcel with his right, stumbling, yet extraordinarily determined to walk in the other direction with every step he took.


“Where is it? Where the hell is it?”

The streets of the night were brightly lit.

The demon lady, however, was full of anxiety, weaving through the streets as if she were a headless fly, searching for traces of Chen Dong.

After a day of searching, there were no clues.

This gave the demon lady a sense of disorientation and disorientation at this time.

“I clearly saw him following the tide of people, why, why is he just missing?”

The demon lady’s eyes flickered, losing sight of Chen Dong instantly made it seem as if she had lost something in her heart, and her entire being could hardly maintain her composure.

In her hasty search.

Even the demon niang herself did not realise that not far away, a figure was rapidly approaching.

“Demon Lady!”

A voice rang out with astonishment, “I’ve never seen you so flustered before.”

The demon lady stopped and looked at the voice, the female guard was coming towards her.

At this moment, the female guard’s face was full of dismay and her eyes were full of amazement as she looked at Demon Lady.

She had been following the Demon Lady for a long time, and was specifically responsible for protecting her safety.

The feeling that Demon Lady gave her was always light-hearted and wise, and she had never had such a panicked and confused look at this moment.

“You’ve come just in time!”

The Demon Lady’s eyes flickered for a moment, then she said, “Immediately use the power of the Royal Court, have the city defence team, turn over all thirteen cities of the Royal Court for me, I must find him!”

The female escort froze for a moment.

Her words were intended to calm the demon lady down a little, but to her surprise, she didn’t listen at all, instead she wanted to directly use the power of the royal court.

“What are you freezing for? Go on!”

The Demon Mother urged, “Also, tell Father that it was that man who appeared in the Thirteen Cities of the King’s Court, and that he will mobilise the power of the King’s Court when you tell him.”

“As you command!”

The female escort clasped her fist and left.

The demon lady, however, did not rest, her delicate, crimson little tongue licking her lips, she had not eaten a drop of water or dripped rice all day.

But even though her mouth was now dry and her intestines were hungry, she gritted her teeth and continued her search along the street.

Searching and searching all the way.


In the far corner of the street, Chen Dong was carrying Barbara on his back and holding the parcel, walking step by step, like a turtle crawling.

If he looked down from above, he could see that he and the demon lady were walking towards each other.

In fact, even Chen Dong himself did not know which way he was going.

Exhausted and weak to the extreme, his consciousness was blurred at this point, and there was only one thought in his head – go, take Barbara with him, and leave that alley far away.


A voice in the distance, surprised as hell, exploded into the street.

“I’ve finally found you!”

Chapter 988

The sound of surprise echoed through the streets.

It caused many people to glance sideways at the demon lady.

Even Chen Dong, whose consciousness was blurred, could not help but stop in his tracks at this moment and looked up in surprise.

Swept through the crowd, he happened to see that a silhouette not far away was standing in the middle of the crowd, looking at him with a face full of surprise.


Chen Dong was a little puzzled, he was not sure if the girl not far away, knew him.

But he was about to take a step with Barbara on his back when he didn’t want to, but this pause instantly made it difficult for him to lift his strength.

When one is extremely tired, one may be able to rely on one’s will to keep going, but once one stops and the breath is released, it will be difficult to lift it up again.

The body swayed.

Chen Dong and Barbara fell to the ground with a plop.

This scene scared the Demon Lady’s face.

She hurriedly rushed to Chen Dong and Barbara’s side.

“It’s alright, you’ll be fine.”

The demon niang directly turned Chen Dong over, at this moment, Chen Dong had blood on his face due to the fall and smash, his sanity still existed.

“You, know me?”

Chen Dong asked weakly, and then it was time to say, “Help me, take care of Barbara.”

Ah Man?

The demon lady froze for a moment, her gaze shifted to the unconscious Barbarian, before nodding at Chen Dong.

With this nod.

Chen Dong’s two eyes closed and he directly pa*sed out.


Inside the room, the lights were bright.

But it was quiet enough to listen to a needle.

The demon lady stood worriedly, looking at the unconscious Chen Dong and Barbara on the bed couch.

On the side of the bed, the female guard was carefully treating Chen Dong’s wounds.

However, the female guard’s expression was sunken to the point where shock would even flicker in her eyes every now and then.

clatter ……

From time to time, the female guard would place the gauze that was stained red with blood into the water basin, and the blood would stain away in the water, which had long since turned the water in the basin red with blood.

This scene lasted for nearly two hours.

When the female guard finished sewing the last thread for Chen Dong and tied the knot, only then did she get up with a head full of sweat and sat down on a chair to the side, panting.

“How is it?”

The demon lady asked hurriedly.

“The little girl and this one are all right.”

The female escort’s words instantly eased the look on the demon lady’s face.

Following closely, the female escort looked up at the demon niang, “Demon niang, this is the most severely injured person I have ever seen in my life without ever stepping into a ghostly gate, Heavenly Wolf is above, I really don’t dare to imagine how terrifying this gentleman’s will really is, although the wound on his left shoulder is not fatal, long-term exposure will definitely endanger his life.”

“There’s also hunger, thirst, hunger, bitter cold, all these things that would literally kill him in the great snowy plains, he’s experienced them all, yet he’s survived, and what’s more crucial is that he’s still killing people in the streets during the day, this guy is really too terrifying, simply inhuman!”

A series of words, each word revealing a strong sense of shock.

With the female guard’s martial arts realm, putting herself in his shoes, even she could not have survived the same encounter as Chen Dong, as Chen Dong did.

This was simply an undefeatable little force that defied common sense!

Listening to the female guard’s shocked words.

The demon lady’s eyes flickered, but a strange feeling surged within her heart.

That feeling of having something to do with it pervaded in the demon lady’s heart.

She slowly sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at Chen Dong, who was wrapped in gauze all over his body. Although that face had lost a great deal of weight and was even streaked with the marks of being ravaged by the wind and snow, it still looked haunting in the eyes of the demon lady.

She smiled and said, somewhat smugly, “That’s for sure, otherwise, how could I only recognise him in this life!”

As she spoke.

The demon lady reached out her hand and gently stroked Chen Dong’s face.

On the chapped face, from her fingertips came a sensation as if she was touching the bark of a dead tree.

“I really did not expect that you, whom I have been thinking about day and night, would appear before me in this way, it is an honour for me, and for you to experience this period of misfortune.”

The voice was soft, as if she was afraid that a heavier voice would wake up the unconscious Chen Dong.

The female escort sat on a chair and looked at the demon lady completely frozen.


Was this really the same Demon Lady as usual?!

“Demon Lady, do you really plan to take them outside for a few days?” The female escort asked.

The Demon Lady turned back, “Yes, when they wake up tomorrow and are in a better state, they will go to that room you prepared and stay properly for a few days, and when they both recover a bit, I will take them back to the royal court, so help me return this guest room tomorrow morning.”

After Chen Dong fell unconscious just now, she immediately called for a female escort and then found an inn close by.

In order to treat Chen Dong’s injuries and save him, even the high and mighty demon lady could not care less about the shabby state of this inn.

“Then how will we report back from the king’s side?”

The female guard hesitated for a moment and asked.

“Tell it as it is, Father will be able to understand.”

The demon lady smiled faintly, only her smile was a flirtatious million dollar smile, “He is the man in my demon lady’s heart, I want to let him get better before I bring him to Father, besides, I feel something is wrong with him.”

“Not right?”

The female escort froze for a moment.

“When he saw me just now, he asked ‘Do you know me?’ .” The demon lady said.

The female escort was a little confused, “He’s seen the demon lady before?”

The demon lady shook her head and said with a deep gaze, “Maybe it means something else? Anyway, let’s wait for me to figure this out, Father will understand me for the sake of the hundred clans joining forces, this time is a heavenly opportunity for our hundred clans outside the domain, I don’t want to miss any mistakes, I want to be steady at every step, hopefully next year today, we don’t have to be herding horses in the snowy plains, but in the southern domain, enjoying the fertile fields and sunshine.”

“As ordered!”

The female escort nodded, “Then when tomorrow morning comes, I will return to the city to resume my duties.”

The night went on without a word.

Throughout the night, the female escort kept a constant vigil, she was really uneasy about the security of such small inns.

The demon lady, too, kept a watchful eye on Chen Dong and Barbara, staying awake all night.

When the sun rose again on the following day.

Inside the room, everything was gilded with a layer of light.

As for the warmth, there was only a slight change.

The female escort said goodbye to the demon lady and was about to get up and leave.

At that moment.

Chen Dong on the bed happened to wake up.

When Chen Dong opened his eyes, there was confusion in his eyes, “I …… didn’t die?”

“No, no, I saved you, you and the child are fine.”

The demon lady was instantly surprised, and it was as if all the fatigue from a sleepless night had been swept away.

“You are?”

Chen Dong looked at the Demon Lady in confusion.

The demon lady froze for a moment and smiled sweetly, “My name is Xixing, the word for cherish, the star for star.”

“Shying Xing?”

The body of the female guard who was walking out of the door shook violently, a look of shock steeply appearing on her tired face.

惜星, was the great name of the Demon Lady.

And Demon Lady, however, was the maiden name given by the King and Queen of the Huns, to them!

It was just that after so many years had pa*sed, the King and Queen of Xiongnu had always regarded Demon Niang as the jewel in their hands, so they had always called her by her maiden name, and the rest of the people, too.

The Demon Maiden also seldom gave her name to the public, and was always known by her maiden name.

Even the female guard only learned her real name after years of following her.

She still remembered that when she had told her her real name, she had said in an unruly tone – those who were not close to me were not qualified to know my real name, they did not deserve it!

But this time, it was the first time the Demon Mother had actually taken the initiative to tell someone her true name!


Just as the female escort was frozen in shock.

In the room behind them, Chen Dong and Xixing’s conversation was like a thunderclap.

“Sorry, I, I’ve lost my memory, I don’t remember anything from before.” Chen Dong smiled apologetically.

The Demon Lady Xixing’s eyes, however, shone with a steep and brilliant light.

On her face, the ugly makeup was long gone.

Immediately afterwards, there was a flirtatious smile of a million different kinds of charm, “Yes, I know that, so grandly introduce me, I, Xixing, am your wife.”


The female escort standing at the doorway was instantly shocked as her entire body exploded.