Winner Takes All Chapter 841-842

Chapter 841


The gla*s of the window, which had been tightly closed, exploded with a crash.

In a flash of lightning.

A figure wrapped in a tight robe jumped straight in through the window, even bringing up a large area of bamboo leaves.

And just as the figure jumped in, still in the air.

The plate, which had been slapped out by the mysterious man, reached the figure just in front of him.

Everything was just right and wonderful.

Even the killer did not even react.


The dish struck the killer’s head, and with a miserable scream, the killer flew backwards again directly into the air and fell outside the house.

The sudden change of events.

Chen Dong and the others were all shaken.

Chen Dong looked at the mystery man with an instantly frightened and strange look.

How strong was this guy ……?

Rao Long, Kun Lun and Fan Lu also fell into a daze.

The mysterious man calmly twirled a cigarette standing on the table, and while holding it in his mouth, he was turning back with a shout.

“There are still guests, welcome them!”

With a single word, the three of them instantly came to their senses.

The so-called “welcome guests” were killers!

Almost simultaneously.

Pop, pop, pop ……

In the house, the sound of breaking gla*s rang out one after another.

And on the window that had been smashed by the killer before, with a sound of gla*s exploding, a round grenade-like object was suddenly thrown in from outside the window.

At once.

A thick cloud of smoke, released from the smoke grenade, spread in all directions.

At the same time.

A smoke grenade was thrown through one of the broken windows.

The smoke rose in all directions.

Like a tidal wave, it swept rapidly in all directions.

There was even a pungent smell in the thick smoke.

“Cover the young master and retreat!”

Elder Long gave an order.

Kun Lun and Fan Lu immediately stepped forward and were about to protect Chen Dong and Gu Qingying as they retreated towards the outside.

The line of sight was blocked, and in such a situation, continuing to stay in the room would be purely a death wish.


The moment Kunlun and Fan Lu returned to Chen Dong and Gu Qingying, Gu Qingying suddenly let out a scream and raised her hand to point at the gla*s of the window that had broken first.

In a flash of lightning.

Chen Dong glanced over his head and saw a blurred figure already standing there.

“You guys retreat!”

The mysterious man dropped a sentence and directly rushed towards the figure in large strides.

The smoke and mist concealed it.

As soon as the two met, they directly exchanged blows.

The sound of fists striking flesh suddenly exploded in the room.

High hand!

Chen Dong stared at the two blurred figures in the smoke as they fought back and forth, and instantly made a decision in his mind.

It was just as the mysterious man and his opponent were exchanging blows.

An awe-inspiring murderous machine suddenly surged towards Chen Dong from all directions.

The murderous energy was majestic.

It seemed like ten thousand milliseconds of light, instantly causing Chen Dong’s body to tingle all over.


Chen Dong quickly scanned over towards all directions.

Amidst the thick smoke, it was impossible to see, not even the blurred figures.

But the majestic murderous aura that enveloped his entire body made him certain that in the smoke, no, in the entire house, there were many killers standing at this moment!

The same feeling also appeared in Elder Long, Kunlun and Fan Lu.

Only, not waiting for the three to make their next move.

The sound of extremely dense and hurried footsteps came violently from the ground.

“Be careful!”

With a loud roar from Elder Long.

He directly moved a step sideways, and with a wave of his hand, he slapped out a blatant palm towards the smoke above Gu Qingying’s head.


There was a muffled sound.

Under the light, as the muffled sound rang out, a cold light, narrowly but narrowly swept past Gu Qingying’s side, and the sharp blade even cut off a few strands of green silk, which fluttered to the ground.


Gu Qingying’s delicate body trembled and she screamed in horror.

The next second.

She was like a frightened kitten, fearfully diving directly under the table.

And Chen Dong, at almost the same time, gave a fierce tug on the edge of the table, blocking Gu Qingying under the table.

Almost simultaneously.

At the same time, Elder Long, Kunlun and Fan Lu all struck out at the smoke in front of them.

In an instant, a buzzing and whistling sound rang out from the smoke at the same time.

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened as he looked at the misty air in front of him, the dense smoke, completely blurring his vision.

Even though he knew that he was very close to Elder Long, he could only catch an extremely blurred figure in the smoke as best he could.

At the same time, there were other figures shifting in the smoke.

“Are there so many people here this time?”

The corners of Chen Dong’s mouth turned up, revealing an odd smile, “In order to kill me, Chen Dong, which power has put down such a large amount of blood this time?”

The latter sentence, a thunderous spring of tongue, resounded through the room.

Almost simultaneously.

“They are the Iga School!”

The mysterious man’s hoarse voice, coming from not far away, responded to the doubts in Chen Dong’s mind.

“Iga Feiyu, to Your Excellency!”

Suddenly, a cold and stern voice, like a ghost, came into Chen Dong’s ears.

Chen Dong’s face changed greatly, and his heart instantly rose to his throat.

An unprecedented horrific killing intent swept through his body, and his sweat trembled.

But the smoke in front of him was so thick and the battle was so chaotic that he could not tell where the sound was coming from in an instant.

It was a close call.


Relying entirely on instinct, Chen Dong smoothly copied a plate on the table and slammed it directly into the air towards the smoke in front of him.


As soon as the plate flew out, it exploded in response to the sound.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Dong’s pupils tightened to the extreme, and he saw a cold and sharp samurai sword slashing down at his head.


Chen Dong’s right hand slapped the edge of the table with his backhand, using the force to move his wheelchair.


The samurai sword slashed down on the armrest of the wheelchair, sending sparks flying.

Without the slightest pause, the samurai sword deflected violently and slashed directly towards Chen Dong’s back.

The moment Chen Dong moved his wheelchair, he leaned over and plunged to the ground.

But he still felt the cold sensation of the samurai’s long sword pressing against his back and cutting all the way across.


Accompanied by an angry curse from the smoke.

The slash that was almost almost dodged by Chen Dong suddenly deflected once again in a direction, and the tip of the blade dipped down with a fierce pick.


As the tip of the blade went upwards, it also brought up a large amount of blood.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, even let out a muffled grunt as a sharp pain came from his back, causing him to instantly fall from his wheelchair towards the ground and plop onto the ground with a plop.


Gu Qingying’s incomparably terrified scream suddenly rang out in his ears.

Obviously, this scene had scared Gu Qingying quite badly.

As Chen Dong slumped on the floor, he twisted his head to look under the table, and in his vision, he could vaguely see Gu Qingying curled up into a ball, holding her head and screaming.

His back, however, was incomparably painful, and he could even feel the blood flowing out of the wound, the warmth and sticky wetness that carried his body heat, instantly spreading all over his back.

“Young master!”

“Mr. Chen!”

Almost simultaneously, the shouts of Elder Long, Kunlun and Fan Lu rang out from the smoke.


Immediately after the shouts, there was a miserable scream from Elder Long and Fan Lu.

These two miserable screams.

They instantly caused Chen Dong’s scalp to explode.

He forcibly endured the severe pain and turned over brazenly, gazing at the thick smoke around him with a cold expression.

The next second.

Chen Dong braced one hand on the ground and slowly stood up.

His eyes were raging with hostility and his face was as cold as frost.

The voice, however, sounded as if thunder had exploded.

“If you want to kill me, Chen Dong, then come with me!”

After saying that, Chen Dong also ignored hiding his legs and turned around brazenly, running directly towards the outside of the small bamboo forest courtyard ……

Chapter 842

The moment Chen Dong rushed out of the door of the hall.

The moment Chen Dong rushed out of the door of the hall, his eyes were suddenly opened up.

The bright lights in the courtyard illuminated everything clearly and legibly.

But he did not stop, but quickly ran towards the outside.

The Iga school had the upper hand and did not know the numbers of their opponents, so to stay in the house and fight was tantamount to fighting.

If the battle cannot be shifted as soon as possible.

In the end, not only he, Chen Dong, but also Long Lao, Kunlun and Fan Lu, would not be able to hold out.

It was also just as Chen Dong was rushing towards the front door.

Behind him, at the entrance to the hall, the smoke parted and a ninja dressed in ninja clothing and holding a samurai long sword, rushed straight out.

Both feet landed on their toes, as fast as lightning.

In his hand he dragged his long samurai sword behind him, the tip of which cut the ground, sending sparks into the air.

At the same time, he let out an explosive shout.

“Kill Chen Dong!”

This explosive shout was like a command.

It was followed closely.

One after another, each ninja tore through the smoke and rushed out.

Under the light, a ninja figure, like a life-threatening evil ghost crawling out from the depths of the nine ghosts, ran towards the small courtyard in great numbers.

In the blink of an eye.

In the hall, which had been a scene of chaos, calm returned.

After a second of silence.

Several more figures rushed out of the smoke one after another.

“Young master, young master ……”

Long Lao’s face was a little pale, and a bone-deep wound appeared on his left arm, blood gurgling and staining the whole arm red.

It was cut by a katana during the fight with the ninja earlier.

But after rushing out of the smoke, it was as if he did not notice the wound on his left arm and was about to chase forward.

“Long Lao ……”

Kunlun, however, grabbed Elder Long and backhandedly pulled Fan Lu out of the smoke, “Elder Long, you help me take care of Xiao Lu, I’ll go!”

The terrified and disoriented Long Lao was about to retort.

But as soon as he saw Fan Lu’s appearance, his face instantly changed and his jealousy split.

At this moment, Fan Lu’s body was covered with several stab wounds, and her abdomen was even more piercingly crimson.

His whole body was so weak that if it wasn’t for Kunlun’s support, Fan Lu might have fallen to the ground.

Of the several people.

Fan Lu herself was wounded and had never recovered from her injuries, and the battle just now was, for her, a complete squeeze of everything to hold on.

If Chen Dong hadn’t lured the ninjas all away in time, perhaps ……

“I, I’m fine, you guys go, save, save Mr. Chen ……”

Fan Lu’s eyes were somewhat obscure, and her pale face was filled with anxiety and worry.

“You and Long Lao stay here!”

Kunlun’s expression was solemn as he scolded in a stern voice, not allowing Fan Lu to retort at all.

He was clear.

With Fan Lu’s injuries, it would be difficult for him to continue fighting against that crowd of Iga ninjas, and going would only be a death sentence.

The battle with the smoke blocking his vision had also consumed Elder Long greatly.

If he really had any fight left in him, it would only be him and the mysterious man!

After chiding, Kunlun’s eyes looked towards the Mysterious Man.

The Mysterious Man was in the best shape of the few, his expression was cold, and he was still holding a warrior’s long sword in his right hand, which was dripping with blood.

It was clear that in the short fight just now.

The mysterious man was the only one who had killed his opponent back.

With a cold and stern gaze, the mysterious man said, “Kunlun and I will be fine to go, you guys stay here.”

His words instantly made Fan Lu and Elder Long fall silent.

Just another sentence followed immediately.

Not only did Elder Long and Fan Lu’s hearts beat wildly, but even Kun Lun was struck by lightning.

The mysterious man slowly swung his samurai long sword, shaking off some of the blood, and striding towards the outside, while saying coldly.

“Three Iga upper ninjas and eighteen Iga middle ninjas, if you two go, you will also die! Kunlun …… is coming with me!”


This moment.

Elder Long and Fan Lu stayed completely in place.

Three upper ninjas and eighteen middle ninjas?

This Iga school, in order to kill the young master, was it this desperate?

Fan Lu had witnessed the image of the mysterious man fighting with the Iga upper ninja, and at that time, the mysterious man had fought to kill the Iga upper ninja, but he had also fought to be injured to do so.

And now …… the Iga school had sent three at once!

That’s not a small gesture anymore!

If you know, any one of the Iga school’s upper ninjas could be a terrifying existence that would start a sect in the ninja world.

Last time, two Iga ninjas were sunk in order to kill Chen Dong.

This time, they sent three more and eighteen more mid-ninjas.

If one were to describe such a gesture, it would be a game of “heavenly killing”.

It would be a game of “God’s killing” right now!

“God bless my young master. ……”

Elder Long’s eyes swished red as he looked up to the sky with tears and wailed.

Fan Lu, on the other hand, was even more disoriented as he sat down on the ground, his body chilled, his gaze vacant as he looked towards Kunlun who had followed the mysterious man away.

In fact.

At this moment, Kun Lun was also in a kind of trance and lost in thought as he followed the mysterious man.

As he took a sprinting step, he even had a feeling of floating on his feet and a somewhat distorted dreamy feeling.

Three top ninjas!

This really is a king-bomb level of crisis!

After all, to be an upper ninja in the Iga school was to be able to start a separate sect, and the a*sa*sination of the two Iga upper ninjas in Nanming City was enough to feel the terror of the Iga upper ninjas.

The difference between an Iga shinobi and a ninja shinobi is a gap in the sky!

The ratings in the ninja world are all set by the Iga shinobi!

And now, chasing after Chen Dong, there were three upper ninjas, and a group of middle ninjas!

“Really, can it really work?”

Kunlun murmured with a heavy tone, permeated with thick despair ……

This was a time like no other in his life!

He had never been in such a state of despair and despondency, even when he had been on the battlefield and had experienced the dangers of life and death countless times and had climbed out of the pile of the dead.

“Your task and mine is to replace the three upper ninjas, the remaining middle ninjas, when Lone Wolf and the others arrive, will be enough to take care of them!”

The mysterious man’s hoarse voice seemed to come out only by squeezing his throat hard.

But the emotions revealed in his words were also so desperate that it was as if he had fallen into a dark abyss.

Kunlun listened with a shudder, and his eyes, which had drifted, quickly regained focus.

The mystery man had used the word replace, not kill!

The simple two-word difference was something that made Kun Lun suddenly smile bitterly.

“Two for three, even you yourself are not sure anymore?”

“You guess?”

The mysterious man glanced back at Kun Lun.

The bitter smile on Kunlun’s face grew even stronger.

Was there a need to guess?

Even the high and mighty, domineering and arrogant mysterious man had now uttered the word change, was there still a need to guess?

A deep breath was taken.

Kunlun smiled ruefully, “For the young master, at all costs!”

The words were resounding, and in an instant, an endlessly frigid intention to die emanated from Kun Lun’s body.

Even the mysterious man’s eyes became astonished when he looked at Kun Lun at this moment.

The next second.

The mysterious man shook his hand and threw the blood-stained warrior’s long sword in his hand to Kunlun.

“Take the weapon, I’ll figure it out myself later!”