Winner Takes All Chapter 843-844

Chapter 843

The night was cool into the water.

Yet, with the appearance of a killing machine, the entire Four Seals Clubhouse was plunged into a shouting and killing sound.

The dozen or so midshipmen did not go after Chen Dong.

Instead, they were responsible for breaking off the rear and stopping the security members led by Lone Wolf.

The open space outside the small bamboo forest courtyard was filled with shadows of people.

The cold light was biting.

There was the sound of knives slashing flesh and bone, and the echoing of gunshots.

Blood was flying, wailing and screaming.

Under the lights, the scene became extremely shocking.

It was just that the security members led by Lone Wolf were so many in number, but when they faced a dozen midshipmen, it was as if they were the difference between a flock of sheep and a vicious wolf.

The melee, for a time, came to a standstill.

Even the dozen or so midshipmen were in the midst of the crowd and had the momentum to kill and destroy.

As the mysterious man and Kunlun ran outside the small bamboo courtyard.

“You go after them first, I’ll find my weapons!”

After dropping a sentence, the mysterious man was rushing straight into the crowd, heading straight for the nearest midshipman.

And without hesitation, Kunlun, carrying his samurai long sword, went straight along the edge of the melee and quickly chased in the direction Chen Dong and the others had left.

Only, they didn’t get very far.

A cluster of cold light burst out from a slant.

Without hesitation, Kunlun swung his sword and struck out in a fury.


Sparks erupted.

In an instant, the power bursting from Kun Lun’s hands instantly forced his opponent to stagger back three steps.

“Your Excellency, I am your opponent!”

The middle ninja on the other side said in a low voice as he stood firm.


“Go to hell!”

Kunlun, however, did not pause in the slightest, spitting out two words coldly and sternly, and was charging up with a swing of his sword.

He knew.

These Chinese ninjas were there to block them from rescuing Chen Dong.

If they couldn’t cut through the mess quickly and finish off the Shinobi in front of them, they would inevitably be dragged deeper into the mire.

A mere midshipman was not something Kunlun had put in his sights yet.

But if the other side put up a desperate delay, it would definitely be a headache to deal with.

What’s more, on Chen Dong’s side, he could not afford to be delayed.

The three top ninjas had all chased after him, relying on Chen Dong alone.

Even if Kunlun knew of Chen Dong’s strength and his demonic fighting instincts.

But he knew even better that in the face of absolute strength suppression, all of this, was nothing more than a bubble.

When strength was suppressed enough, it could even set up a battle for life or death before the fighting instincts had even broken out!

In the bamboo forest not far from the small bamboo courtyard.

At this time, the night was thick, but the bamboo forest was pitch black. |

Even though the sky was full of stars and moon, the light of the stars and moon could not penetrate through the layers of bamboo leaves.


Chen Dong’s voice was like lightning, and the gust of wind he created as he ran wildly brought up a large area of bamboo leaves on the ground.

Behind him, there were also three figures, using a speed faster than his, rapidly closing the distance.

Chen Dong’s expression was cold, his ears echoing with the dense shouting and killing sounds coming from the distance behind him.

It was clear to him that the crisis in the small bamboo courtyard had been lifted.

But in front of him, was his real crisis!

“Iga Feiyu, who is Iga Feijia to you?”

Chen Dong, running wildly, suddenly scolded.

“That is my brother!”

A voice came out.

Chen Dong snorted, “So they are two brothers, but there is one thing to say, your brother Iga Feijia is far worse than you, he died by my hand!”

“Baka yalu!”

A single word instantly sent Iga Higurashi behind him into a frenzy of rage.

It was also at the same time as this furious cursing sounded.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh ……

In the bamboo forest, a dense whistling sound instantly rang out.

Chen Dong’s expression changed drastically, and a look of shock and fear steeply appeared in his eyes.

At this moment, even if he did not look back, the chill that swept down his back from the soles of his feet was enough to make him imagine what kind of image was behind him.

The ninja are not only good at fighting machines and jutsu, they are also good at shuriken …….

A dense whistling sound.

Chen Dong could already hardly imagine how many shurikens were behind him, flying out from the murderous hands of that chase.

Lightning and fire.

He looked stern, and his right hand swung steeply.


The fish scale thread that had been placed in his right hand instantly shot out and wrapped around a bamboo before it was yanked with force as Chen Dong let out an explosive cry.

With a crunching sound, the bamboo instantly crumbled from its roots.

Clattering ……

As Chen Dong dragged, the bamboo fell directly towards him.

And with the force of dragging the bamboo, Chen Dong also violently and furiously ran forward a large distance.

Poof poof poof ……

As the bamboo fell from the sky, all the shuriken and bitterless struck the bamboo branches and leaves, and were mostly obstructed.

The remaining shuriken and bitterless that penetrated the bamboo also became sparse.

Chen Dong suddenly turned around and faced the incoming shuriken and bitterless, his body as athletic as an ape, quickly dodging and shifting.


Just as Chen Dong dodged all the shuriken and bitterless.

The bamboo that he had pulled down earlier broke in two with a sound.

Three black shinobi shadows, brazenly rising up from behind the bamboo, landed steadily ten metres away from Chen Dong.

All around.

A murderous intent stirred up.

The only thing that echoed in the air was the rustling sound of the bamboo leaves being blown by the wind in the surrounding bamboo forest.

Chen Dong’s expression was cold, trying hard to maintain his composure, but deep in his eyes, he could not hide the slightest hint of fear.

From the three ninjas in front of him, he felt an extremely powerful sense of oppression.

It was as if a sword was against their throats, as if a mountain or a river was tumbling down.

Even though the three ninjas stood still and did not attack immediately.

But the majestic killing intent spread out in silence.

It still made Chen Dong feel the approach of death incomparably clear.

This feeling, which he had experienced when he faced Iga Feijia, was not unfamiliar to him at this time.

After all, …… there were three superior ninjas in front of him!


Chen Dong suddenly laughed, “What kind of ability do I have, Chen Dong, to attract such attention from your Iga school, last time two upper ninjas faltered, this time it is three upper ninjas coming directly together!”

“To be able to kill my brother and that peer is proof enough of your strength.”

One of them, stepped forward, his face hidden by his armour, only one pair of eyes showing, at that moment with a bloodthirsty killing intent: “And that is why the three of us have come together now, Your Excellency …… is really beyond the expectations of the Iga Ryu!”

“That would be an honor.”

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders, looked at the dark bamboo forest with no one around, and smiled helplessly, “The three of you superior ninjas have come together to surround me, according to your bushido spirit, you should not be able to kill me outright when I am unarmed, right?”

At those words.

The two ninjas standing behind Iga Firyu looked at each other.

Iga Firyu, however, smiled coldly, “We ninjas, we carry out our tasks as our first purpose, as for the spirit of bushido, you want it, I’ll give it to you.”


There was a flash of cold light.

Iga Fei Ryu instantly cleaved a cut of bamboo and struck it towards Chen Dong with his long sword, and then quickly withdrew his sword like a sheath.


Chen Dong held the streaking piece of bamboo in his hand and snorted, “You guys …… are a bit shameless, actually knowing that I can kill all three of you with bamboo ……”
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Chapter 844

A teasing laugh.

Undisguised contempt and disdain.

In an instant, the three upper ninjas of the Iga Hiryu had a steep, cold glint in their eyes.

They were top ninjas, and even more so the top ninjas of the Iga school.

They were the most supreme beings in the ninja world.

No matter their status or strength, they had never been belittled wherever they went, and had always been held in high esteem as guests of honour.

But now, Chen Dong’s words were like a red-hot knife, cutting fiercely across their faces, not only cutting off their skin, but also burning the flesh and blood on their faces, stinking!

And …… was three!

Not against one of them!


Suddenly, the two superior ninjas standing to the left and right of Iga Feiyu let out a simultaneous bellow.

As if they were two gaijin beasts, they wielded their samurai long swords and charged towards Chen Dong brazenly.

As they ran wildly, and as the samurai swords danced wildly, two gusts of wind were raised from around the two superior ninjas, sending all the thick bamboo leaves on the ground flying.

In the silence of the bamboo forest, leaves flew from the sky.

It blurred the vision.

Chen Dong’s brow was knitted tightly, his expression cold, and his heart was even more alert.

At that time, when he faced Iga Heijia, he had deeply experienced the terrifying strength of Iga Shonin.

Even when Iga Heijia had been rashly defeated first, and then fell into shock again and again, in such a sure kill game.

The end result was still that he was almost killed by Iga Heijia in return.

Now that he was facing three at the same time, if he really had any semblance of contempt, then he really would not deserve to die.

What he had said just now was only to provoke the three top ninjas.

In the midst of a deadly situation, he wanted to find a chance of survival.

But now, things were not going in the direction Chen Dong had expected.

Chen Dong’s gaze was like an arrow, and he cast a stern glance at Iga Feiyu.

His words had hurt Iga Feiyu the most, but at this moment, Iga Feiyu stayed where he was and did not make a move, which was enough to see that the ridicule he had just made did not have any effect on these three upper ninjas.

To be able to cultivate to the level of Iga Shinobi, not only the strength, even the heart …… is also superb!



Two pieces of cold aura, suddenly stretched across the long air and shot at Chen Dong’s face.

In an instant.

Chen Dong’s body was covered with cold hairs, like falling into an ice cave.

His eyes were unconsciously narrowed into slits.

In his vision, two long samurai swords were already up in the air, slashing down at him head-on.

In a flash of lightning.

Chen Dong swung the bamboo in his hand, but did not directly meet them head-on, but slashed at an angle.


Two crunching sounds in quick succession.

The two samurai swords were knocked back by Chen Dong’s diagonal slash, while Chen Dong also stomped on the ground with both feet and drew back.

The comparison between the bamboo and the samurai swords was not on the same level.

If he were to fight hard, these two slashes alone would be enough to shatter the only “weapon” he had in his hand on the spot.

There was no other way but to use trickery!

Just as Chen Dong knocked back the two samurai swords, he drew back.

The two superior ninjas who had rushed forward simultaneously let out a startled sound, obviously surprised by Chen Dong’s instantaneous strike.

So much so that when Chen Dong drew back and flew back, the two extremely experienced upper ninjas did not immediately take advantage of their victory to pursue the attack, hock to the bone!

Without the slightest hint of finesse, the two of them simply struck out with a simple slash of fury.

They were certain in their hearts that, with two against one, even the most ordinary two slashes would be enough to inflict fatal damage on Chen Dong.

However, the result now made the two top ninjas’ hearts flinch.

The bloodthirsty glint in the eyes of Iga Feiyu, who stood loftily in place, also dimmed and took on an additional hint of surprise.

“The power of trickery, striking at the side of the long sword instantly with a diagonal angle, not hard, but changing the trajectory of the long sword’s operation, to have such a decision in this instant, your Excellency is truly worthy of being the heir of the Chen family!”

Chen Dong, who drew himself back, had a sudden surge of hostility on his face.

“Don’t insult me with the title of Chen Family Heir, you should say that the Chen Family Heir is worthy of me!”

The corners of Iga Feiyu’s eyes crinkled up, veins protruding.

With Chen Dong’s words, he could even feel the untamed aura that poured out of his face.

However, he did not retort.

Iga Feiyu was an Iga school upper ninja and had met several Chen family heirs, but without exception, in his eyes, it was impossible for him to have such a decision as Chen Dong’s in an instant in the face of two upper ninja attacks.

A few moments of dismay also appeared in the eyes of the two striking upper ninjas.

“An unruly and arrogant person!”

“You do have some capital, but you still have to die.”



The words had not yet ended.

The two top ninjas kicked the ground violently, not moving like a mountain, but moving like a beacon, instantly lunging towards Chen Dong with swords again.

There is still a little use!

Chen Dong’s expression was cold, but a touch of complacency appeared in his eyes.

At least, Iga Feiyu and the three of them had chosen to fight in the most frontal and hardest way!

Trying to crush him with pure fighting strength, this did give him the possibility to manoeuvre and delay.

If the three top ninjas had used all of their methods, all of them would have been used in a hundred different ways.

Chen Dong would have been completely desperate.

Facing the three upper ninjas, Chen Dong did not think that he could really kill them.

What he wanted was to delay the battle, to drag the situation from the smoke filled bamboo courtyard to the open bamboo forest, to delay until Kunlun and the mysterious man arrived, then the battle could take a breather.

Looking at the two top ninjas who were rushing towards him like arrows from a string.

Chen Dong did not directly meet them, but instead his right hand muscles graved up, holding the bamboo in his hand as he flew back, dancing wildly as if it was a long lightning whip, striking the bamboo on the left and right sides in rapid succession.

Snapping and snapping ……

A crunching sound, in the quiet bamboo forest, was as if a firecracker had exploded.

But while he was backing away, the two top ninjas were charging forward.

The speed of the two sides was not at the same level.

This led to the distance between the two sides, which was closing at a rapid pace.

The two upper ninjas’ killing intent was majestic, wrapped in a monstrous cold intent, and they were closing in extremely fast.

As they drew closer, the two superior ninjas’ hearts fluttered.

Because they both clearly saw that the corners of Chen Dong’s mouth were softly mouthing, as if he was saying something.

However, despite their astonishment, the two superior ninjas did not have the slightest thought of stopping.

With their strength, and with two against one, it would be a great shame for them if they were to abruptly stop their current action just because of this difference!

The same scene.

The same thing happened to Iga Hiryu.

Looking at Chen Dong, who was looking cold, with his mouth softly murmuring, a bad thought suddenly surfaced in his mind.

Snapping ……

The “firecrackers” of Chen Dong hitting the bamboo echoed in the bamboo forest.

When the two ninjas got closer to Chen Dong, with their ears, they could finally hear what Chen Dong was mumbling.

“Five metres.”

“Four metres.”

“Three metres.”


The two top ninjas gazed at the same time.

At the exact moment Chen Dong said “three metres”.

He swung his right hand with a bang, instantly breaking the bamboo on his right side.

He then leapt up in the air and kicked the bamboo with a bang like a dragon.

The broken bamboo instantly crashed towards the two superior ninjas three metres away.

The two upper ninjas changed their expressions, but they swung their swords at the same time.

In an instant, a cold light stirred in the darkness.

Slap slap slap ……

Chen Dong once again flew backwards two meters, while bringing up a crunching sound of pumping bamboo.

Bang Teen!

As Chen Dong stood his ground, there was a loud explosion from across the room.

The bamboo that he had kicked out was dismembered by the two superior ninjas with their thunderous swordsmanship in this extremely short period of time, scattering them all over the ground.


Not waiting for the two upper ninjas to continue to unleash their forms.

The corners of Chen Dong’s mouth suddenly curled up into a teasing laugh.

“It’s too late!”


In this instant, the two upper ninjas suddenly had a feeling of their scalps tingling in the face of Chen Dong’s bantering laughter.
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