Winner Takes All Chapter 839-840

Chapter 839

The quiet bamboo forest.

Bamboo leaves rustle.

A faint arch of bamboo leaves piled on the ground, silent and silent, slowly marching forward.

And the target …… was none other than the small bamboo courtyard.

This scene in the quiet and secluded bamboo forest, like a ghost.

No one noticed.

When the faint arch was only 50 meters away from the bamboo courtyard, it came to an abrupt halt.

It was inconspicuous on the ground full of bamboo leaves.

It was as if nothing …… had ever happened.

Time pa*sed.

The whole day.

Chen Dong stayed in his room, savoring the Tao Te Ching. For him, each taste was unique, and over time, it gradually became a habit to hold this Tao Te Ching when he had nothing else to do.

Because of the sniping, Kunlun and Fan Lu also changed the room especially for Chen Dong.

The new room was not only greatly insulated from outside prying eyes, it was also rearranged with protective measures in the short span of one day.

Although it could not completely erase the thermal imager’s detection, it could also attenuate the blurring to the greatest extent.

Knock, knock, knock.

There was a knock at the door.

It pulled Chen Dong, who was immersed in the Tao Te Ching, back to reality.

When he looked up at the door, Gu Qingying had already carefully pushed the door open.

“Honey, it’s getting dark, it’s time for dinner.”

“Good, it’s on the way.”

Chen Dong put down the Tao Te Ching, pushed his wheelchair and headed out.

Inside the restaurant.

Fan Lu had already spread out a large table of food, the aroma of which was so overwhelming that it made one’s fingers tingle.

Only when everyone was served, they did not immediately move their chopsticks.

It was as if they were waiting for something.

There was silence at the table, and the atmosphere was a bit odd.

After waiting for about ten minutes, Fan Lu suddenly stood up and turned around to go to the kitchen.

Soon, she came out carrying a small metal cage.

Inside the small metal cage was a small white mouse, which was scurrying around in the small metal cage.

“It’s alright, it’s ready to eat.”

Fan Lu smiled faintly.

At those words.

The atmosphere at the dinner table suddenly became lighter.

Chen Dong was the first to pick up his chopsticks and put a piece of fish into Gu Qingying’s bowl, before smiling and joking at the mysterious man.

“Senior, aren’t you being a little too careful in doing this, every meal and even water, before Sister Xiao Lu uses it, will be analyzed and tested by various instruments, why do you need to get a little white mouse to do experiments again?”

The crowd looked at the mystery man in confusion.

Experimenting with mice was something that the mysterious man had suddenly brought up in the afternoon.

Just like Chen Dong, no one could understand the mystery man’s purpose for doing so.

One should know that nowadays, technology is advanced and various instruments are used to analyze and test, not to mention poison, even the material composition list can be dug deeper and clearer.

The mystery man did not believe in the analysis and testing of all kinds of sophisticated instruments, but used a mouse to test before the meal.

This kind of “ancestral” setup, to put it bluntly, is really some kind of farting with your trousers down – multiple times!

And yet.

However, the mysterious man shook his head, “There are some things that can kill, but the instruments cannot detect them.

Chen Dong and the others were stunned.

“Fire away.”

The mysterious man did not have the intention to explain in detail and directly picked up his chopsticks.

Chen Dong and the others also did not pursue the matter and prepared to move their chopsticks.

The Mysterious Man’s character had already been characterised in the hearts of the crowd, and what he did not want to say would definitely not be answered even if he kept pursuing.

Since the mystery man insisted and there was no harm in it, one more step in the procedure, so be it.

Only, just as Gu Qingying picked up the fish in the bowl and the crowd was about to move their chopsticks.


“Squeak ……”

The little white mouse let out a harsh, miserable cry.

This shrill and ear-piercing scream was like a thunderclap.

It caused the crowd to instantly turn pale.

And Fan Lu, who had turned towards the kitchen with the small iron cage in her hand, also at this moment, jerked to a halt and let out a scolding cry.

“Don’t eat it!”


Chen Dong reacted quickly and raised his chopsticks, directly knocking away the fish that Gu Qingying was about to send into her mouth.

A sudden scene.

It scared Gu Qingying’s delicate body into a tremble, her face full of horror and terror.

It was a good thing that the scream was timely.

Just now, everyone had merely raised their chopsticks, and Gu Qingying had moved slightly faster because there was fish in the bowl that Chen Dong had caught.

However, it was still stopped.

After knocking the fish off Gu Qingying’s chopsticks, Chen Dong did not bother to calm the shocked Gu Qingying, his eyebrows tightened and his expression was cold and stern as he looked at Fan Lu.

Under the gaze of the Taoist gaze.

Fan Lu slowly turned around.

At this moment, Fan Lu’s expression was grave and gloomy to the extreme.

With his head lowered, he stared deadly at the small iron cage.

Inside the small iron cage, the little white mice that were scurrying around a moment ago had already collapsed inside the small iron cage, their bodies twitching violently, and their mouths kept spitting out froth, extremely painful.

It took only a few seconds.

The little white mouse stopped twitching and was completely motionless.

Inside the restaurant, the atmosphere froze instantly.

An invisible fear swept over everyone.

The doors and windows were clearly closed, but the crowd felt the cold late autumn breeze blowing into the restaurant, chilling their bodies.

“Good, that was close ……”

Long Lao’s voice broke the brief dead silence in the restaurant.

Fan Lu said with a face full of fear and dismay, “I, I obviously tested all of every ingredient, there are no toxins present at all.”

“As I said, there are some things that cannot be tested, only if you eat them in your stomach will you know if they will poison someone!”

The mysterious man’s voice was hoarse and low to the point of dullness.

Chen Dong looked up unexpectedly, “What kind of things?”

Earlier he had taken it a little too far when he used mice to experiment before meals, it was the mysterious man who was too careful.

He also did not take what the mysterious man said to heart at all.

But the scene before him had refreshed his perception.

It also incomparably confirmed what the mystery man had said before.

If it wasn’t for the mystery man’s caution, perhaps …… in a few minutes, all of them would have to be like the small white mice that were already stiff inside the small cage at the moment. The first thing that happened was that the mystery man said that he had been very careful.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re talking about.

Long Lao, Kun Lun, Fan Lu and even Gu Qingying, all looked up at the mystery man.

“There are countless ways to kill people, and there are countless ways to poison people, I can’t possibly know them all, but I know it does exist.”

The mysterious man shook his head, “I know that you faced an a*sa*sination mission from the Hidden Killers back then, when just the various instruments were indeed enough to deal with the situation, but this time, it is the same as last time, yet different.”

“The a*sa*sination mission of the Hidden Murder Organisation was one where you faced various a*sa*sins, and even if one person was strong, the base was still there, whereas this time, you are facing major forces, some of which have existed for years that are even longer than the lifespan of any of the people here.”

The mysterious man slowly put down his chopsticks and gave a sidelong glance at the dead mice inside the small metal cage.

With a calm smile, “In other words, when a killer kills you, he is really relying on his own power to kill you, while today, the major powers, people rely on the power’s heritage, the method of killing that has been deduced and figured out by generations, people …… are relying on their heritage to kill you, got it?”

Depression surfaced on Chen Dong’s face.

The mystery man’s words seemed like countless boulders, stuffing his chest, making him blocked for a moment.

When the Hidden Murder Organisation had first issued the a*sa*sination mission, he had indeed faced a single-handed top a*sa*sin, whose skills had been forged through the accumulation of experience.

Even the “Deadman” mercenary group nearly wiped him out at Tianmen Mountain Villa.

But is it really possible to compare the “Deadpool” mercenary group with the major forces they face today?

A group of stragglers is nothing more than a plate of dirt in front of a force that has been rooted for hundreds of years.

A power that has flourished for hundreds of years, or even longer, has accumulated a heritage that is truly immeasurable.

Even in the case of a*sa*sination techniques, they have been handed down step by step from generation to generation, choosing the best from the best.

What is so surprising about this heritage that kills people invisibly?

And yet.

Just at this moment.


The mysterious man suddenly lit a cigarette, leaned back lazily in his chair and raised his hand to rub his chin.

While exhaling smoke from his mouth, his head was slowly looking out towards the outside.

“The killing machines have all arrived, that killer …… should have arrived long ago as well, right?”


Chapter 840

A shocking statement.

Inside the restaurant, killing intent surged steeply.

Chen Dong even looked aghast.

His eyes swept a deep glance at the meal on the table.

All have already killed in the meal in advance of the invisible, that at least proves that the killer arrived earlier than when Fan Lu cooked dinner!

The killer …… had been outside the small bamboo courtyard for a short time!

“Husband ……”

A silhouette leaned over beside her.

Gu Qingying looked terrified and trembled.

Chen Dong gently rea*sured, “It’s alright, if there is any danger later, Sister Xiao Lu and Kunlun will protect you. ,”

As he spoke.

Elder Long, Kunlun and Fan Lu had already stood up.

At this moment, the aura on the three of them changed dramatically, as if they were pulling up a mountain from the ground, pouring with killing intent, instantly making the entire restaurant seem to be filled with countless sword shadows.

The three of them formed a triangle at top speed, protecting Chen Dong and Gu Qingying in the middle.

The mysterious man, however, was still lazily leaning back in his chair, quietly smoking a cigarette.

At this moment, inside the restaurant, it was quiet to the extreme.

Elder Long, Kunlun and Fan Lu, their eyes sharp, were alert to the surroundings.

Kunlun also took out his walkie-talkie at the same time, informing the Lone Wolf outside to immediately conduct a thorough investigation around the small bamboo courtyard.

Sitting in his wheelchair, Chen Dong listened to Kun Lun’s words over the intercom and pulled at the corners of his mouth, a few more moments of despondency and helplessness in his clogged chest.

The security level had been raised to the top.

They had armed themselves to the teeth with protection.

But still, the a*sa*sins were able to sneak around, and not for a short time, so that they didn’t have to appear directly in front of each other, and were able to use invisible methods to kill people calmly.

Such a level of killers, outside the lone wolf they …… can really find even if they look?

As Kunlun informed down.

A few seconds later.

Chen Dong then heard a commotion coming from outside the small bamboo courtyard.

At this moment, outside the small courtyard, it had almost exploded.

No one made a sound as the crowd surged, but the sound of the steps between strides was already loud enough to shake the ears.

The lone wolf stood in place, sweating profusely, his eyes red.

His body was even trembling a little from anger.

When Kunlun told him over the intercom about the situation inside the small courtyard, Lone Wolf even felt a little dazed and unreal.

The security level outside had been taken to the highest level.

Even after the morning stabbing, the security patrol range, had been extended and expanded to a thousand meters away.

How the hell could this …… a*sa*sin still enter the small bamboo courtyard without a sound?

Anger, fear, self-blame, a tangle of unbearable emotions instantly engulfed the lone wolf as if it were a tidal wave.

With a fierce grit of his teeth, the Lone Wolf growled harshly.

“Turn over! Even if it means ploughing through the entire bamboo forest and turning up the ground, find me the whereabouts of the killer!”

A huffy growl exploded in the ears of every member of security.

Lone Wolf knew what he was getting into.

When he first followed Chen Dong, it was to change his identity to one where he could walk in the sunlight with integrity.

With his strength at that time, it was not impossible for him to follow Chen Dong.

But now, as Chen Dong walked step by step towards the dome of the sky.

His strength had become extremely weak, and the role he could play beside Chen Dong was becoming weaker and weaker.

With his strength and ability, it would be impossible for him to become Chen Dong’s close confidant if he were to do so now.

By chance, fate was so wonderful.

A single thought of choice at the beginning changed him into the status of Chen Dong’s confidant, which was envied by countless people today.

This was fortunate for Lone Wolf.

But he also knew his situation, so every time he could serve Chen Dong, he was riveted to make things perfect to the extreme.

This time, after taking charge of the security at the Bamboo Grove compound, he was even working almost 24 hours a day in a row.

But now, such a crisis still occurred.

In his heart, this was a disgrace.

A great shame!

While directing a group of security members to make a desperate search, Lone Wolf also took out his pistol from his waist, full of killing intent, and scattered with the security members to search.

Having been humiliated by the killer to such an extent, he didn’t just want to find him, he wanted to finish him off with his own hands!

Compared to the storm outside the bamboo courtyard, it was a different story inside.

Inside the bamboo courtyard, it was a different story.

It was silent, like stagnant water.

The night was overcast.

The courtyard is lit up.

In the dining room, Chen Dong sits in his wheelchair, his expression cold, with a depressed air between his brows.

Gu Qingying crouched warily by his side, looking around in fear.

Long Lao, Kun Lun and Fan Lu, on the other hand, maintained a triangular stance, motionless and intently alert to their surroundings.

If the only one who could relax a little, it would be the mystery man.

He leaned back lazily in his chair, the smoke rising from his mouth, but his gaze was occasionally lazy and slanted around.

Everything inside the small courtyard seemed to be frozen in place.

It was a far cry from the sensation outside the courtyard.

Time pa*sed slowly.

The cigarette at the corner of the mystery man’s mouth had already burned out, with the remnants of slender ashes that did not fall off.

“Still not making a move?”

Chen Dong raised his head and looked coldly and sternly towards the door of the hall.

The killer wanted to kill someone invisible, and now the killing opportunity was cut off by the mysterious person’s care.

Then …… the time should come for the killers to fight with their swords as well, right?


The mystery man lit a cigarette again.

Only this time, it was not to displace the only remaining cigarette butt in the corner of his mouth, but to slowly place the burning cigarette, upside down, on the dining table.

This scene immediately drew Chen Dong’s attention.

Immediately afterwards, the mysterious man lit two more cigarettes and placed them on the table in the same way, three of them standing side by side, raising a curl of smoke at the same time.


Chen Dong’s eyebrows knitted as he watched.

Not right!

But as soon as the words left his mouth, he violently dismissed this suspicion in his mind.

Because he saw that the mysterious man was staring soberly and intently at the three cigarettes, as if …… he was probing for something.

Cigarettes …… have what to look at?

Chen Dong frowned and followed the mystery man’s example, his gaze fixed on the three cigarettes on the table.

Three cigarettes, a big incense.

With the mysterious man’s domineering and rampant character, he could definitely do it.

But at this moment, the mystery man’s action was clearly not meant to be.

The three cigarettes were standing on the dining table, and because there was no wind, the smoke was also floating straight upwards.

Not only was Chen Dong’s gaze attracted.

Even the eyes of Elder Long, Kunlun and Fan Lu, and even Gu Qingying, were locked on the mysterious man and the cigarettes at the same time.

There was silence.


Chen Dong’s pupils suddenly tightened.

In the line of sight, the smoke of the three cigarettes that originally rose straight up into the air, but at this moment, suddenly had a change and deflected towards the direction of the entrance of the hall.

This is ……

In an instant, Chen Dong’s heart felt as if it had been struck by a heavy hammer.

Almost at the same time.

The mystery man stood up and slapped his left hand on the table with a “bang”, shaking a plate directly under the huge force.


The dish flew directly towards the window not far away.

At the same time, the mysterious man’s hoarse voice echoed through the restaurant.

“Welcome guests!”