Winner Takes All Chapter 647-648

Chapter 647

Looking at the content of the brief text message.

Chen Tianyang’s face was gloomy and his gaze was sullen.

The right hand that held the phone had veins protruding from its fingers.

Things are serious, return quickly?

Chen Tianyang found it amusing.

He had spared no expense and vowed to drag Chen Dong down with him to hell, and now six simple words, he was asked to return?

Could it be any funnier?

Seeing Chen Tianyang laugh, the dozen of slaves who were prostrating on the ground were even more shivering and sweating like rain.

This smile gave them the creeps.


Just as Chen Tianyang was about to put down his phone, another text message was sent over.

“Grandma’s own order! Return quickly!”

The smile on Chen Tianyang’s face froze and his gaze became indecisive.

He did not care who the person who sent this text message was.

He had already made up his mind that he would die and fight to the death with Chen Dong, so he didn’t need to care about the follow-up.

But now, the grandmother’s pro-order, that would have to be treated in a different light.

After he had been issued a mission by the Darknet Hidden Killers, the only person who had given him any support was his grandmother, who hadn’t been kind to him in the past.

He didn’t even care about what his own brother Chen Tiansheng said.

But Old Madam Chen’s orders, he still had to respect.

“Grandma couldn’t possibly harm me.”

Chen Tianyang had an instant decision, “Pack up and return to the Chen family immediately.”

At those words.

The dozen or so slave guards instantly breathed a secret sigh of relief, as if relieved.

Five minutes later.

A few cars drove away from the Villa in great numbers.

The Chen family.

Inside the small courtyard.

Chen Tiansheng and Chen Yufei were sitting opposite each other.

Chen Yufei put down her mobile phone and looked at Chen Tiansheng with dismay, “Brother Tiansheng, has something really happened?”

“Something has happened!”

Chen Tiansheng pushed the gla*ses on the bridge of his nose and said in a deep voice, “The family head himself has ordered that the great doctors of the world be summoned.”

“This, how is this possible? Which elder of the family has had an accident?” Chen Yu Fei exclaimed in shock.

Those who could make the family head call for the world’s great doctors by personal order could only be the elders of the family who were in high positions of power, and those who would endanger the foundation of the Chen family if something happened.

Ordinary people, even the heir to the Chen family, would not be able to have this kind of treatment.

The Chen family is high in the clouds and indeed has an unparalleled power of appeal.

But calling on the great doctors of the world means something else.

A great doctor saves lives and helps the injured, and holds the lifeblood of people.

Such an existence, even when called upon by the Chen family, has to pay a price.

Ordinary money is no longer enough, but …… a favour from the Chen family!

A favor is better than ten thousand gold!

Only, words out, Chen Yu Fei leaned over and looked at the phone.

Just now, Chen Tiansheng hurriedly came and asked her to use a new card to inform Chen Tianyang.

Although Chen Tianyang’s whereabouts were hidden, Chen Yufei had sensed a hint and knew that Chen Tianyang had gone with his sword pointing at Chen Dong.

If it was the elders of the family, the Chen family would have been shaken by now.

It is impossible to still be calm and still.

Could it be that ……

Chen Yu Fei’s beautiful eyes instantly went round and looked at Chen Tiansheng in shock: “Tian Yang got it?”

“Don’t know yet.”

Chen Tiansheng did not hide and shook his head, “The family head issued the Great Doctor’s summoning order without informing anyone, but if it can make the family head make such a fuss, I think it’s nine out of ten.”

“Then Brother Tiansheng falsely pa*sed on the grandma’s pro-order and asked Tian Yang to come back, isn’t he throwing himself into the net at this point?” Chen Yu Fei said.


Chen Tiansheng said in a deep voice: “Let’s bet on whether that boy Tian Yang will act stealthily enough this time. If he returns home in time and acts stealthily, the family head may be able to conceal the matter afterwards.”

After a pause, Chen Tiansheng added, “If he cannot conceal it from the world, we can only blame Tian Yang for not having enough fortune.”

After saying this, Chen Tiansheng got up and left.

Although he was sure that Old Lady Chen and Chen Dao Ping were “no poison, no husband”.

However, since the bones were broken, he couldn’t just stand by and watch this matter.

At the critical moment, he could remind her once and help her secretly, which was his limit as a brother.

Now he is caught between Old Lady Chen and Chen Daolin, and his goal is to be the head of the family, so he has to make trade-offs when he acts.

There is indeed no husband without poison.

Chen Yufei froze in place, as if she were a wooden chicken.

As she watched Chen Tiansheng leave, she was suddenly chilled to the bone and murmured in a low voice, “Tiansheng, can you really conceal this from the world?”


Inside the family head’s study.

Chen Daolin was sitting with a cigarette between his fingertips, smoke curling up.

Opposite him sits Old Lady Chen, who is holding a dragon head staff.

The old lady is seated in a dignified manner, her expression cold.

Inside the study, the atmosphere is eerily solemn.

They had been staring at each other like this for nearly half an hour.

The cigarette burned out.

Chen Daolin extinguished his cigarette and lit another one, took a light puff and slowly exhaled the smoke.

His eyes looked through the smoke at the old lady opposite him.

Chen Daolin smiled teasingly, “Sanniang, the hazards of second-hand smoke, you can’t stand it at your age.”

“My old bones are not as unbearable as you make them out to be.” Old Mrs Chen’s eyes twisted at the corners.

Chen Daolin smiled teasingly, picked up the cigarette case and handed one to Old Mrs. Chen: “One then?”

“You ……”

The corners of Old Mrs. Chen’s eyes jumped wildly, gritting her teeth, “Chen Daoling, you are the head of the family, how come you are just like that rascal in the marketplace?”

“I’m smoking and you call me a rascal too?” Chen Daolin’s smile disappeared and he said in a deep voice, “Sanniang, I am the one in charge, if you scold me like that, don’t blame me for getting mad.”


Old Madam Chen stomped her dragon head staff, “Then why don’t you kill the old body?”

“Sanniang is serious, just because I smoke and Sanniang scolded me, I have to kill Sanniang, wouldn’t Sanniang be too good to kill then.” Chen Daolin said.



Wasted as the head of the Chen family!

Old Mrs. Chen’s heart pounded wildly in anger and she exhaled loudly.

Her eyes even looked as if they were about to eat someone.

She gritted her teeth and said, “Let me ask you, what exactly is the purpose of the Great Doctor’s Summoning Order you sent out? Do you know how many favours the Chen family has to suffer for nothing by issuing this Great Physician’s Summoning Order?”

“Do you also know how much this favour will cost my family when we return it in the future?”

A thousand pieces of gold have a price, but favours are priceless.

With a series of questions, Old Mrs. Chen instantly took the moral high ground, as if the oldest senior had issued the most righteous voice of anger against the reckless actions of an ignorant junior.

“I know! But it had to be sent!”

Chen Daolin’s gaze was stern, and he sat on his seat with a majestic aura.

In a flash.

A piercing chill was released from his body abruptly.

A cold, stern voice issued from between Chen Daolin’s teeth.

“Then may I ask Sanniang, I am the Chen family head, how come I am not issuing this great medical summoning order when it concerns my son?”


With a single sentence, it instantly made Old Madam Chen stand frozen on the spot.

The anger on her face had not yet subsided, but the veins at the corners of her eyes had narrowed a few points.

It was only this change, which was extremely tiny, that was hard for anyone to notice.

“Good, good, good!”

Old Mrs. Chen gritted her teeth and shouted three good words in a row, and then said, “Chen Daolin, Chen Dong is your own son, so I can’t control him, and you have never obeyed me, but I remind you, this great doctor’s summons has been issued, and the favours owed to you should be repaid by you, Chen Daolin, in the future. ”


Chapter 648

Save the Son?

Chen Daolin’s mind dawned on him.

Does the old B*****d think that I issued the “Great Doctor’s Call” to save Chen Dong?

Chen Daolin smiled coldly, “This is not something that Sanniang needs to worry about!”

“With your words, that’s enough!”

Old Mrs. Chen turned around angrily, leaning on her dragon head staff and walking out.

Only as she turned, the raging anger that had been on her face dissipated, and the corners of her wrinkled mouth turned up in a smug smile.

At the door, Chen Daoxing waited quietly.

When he saw Old Lady Chen, he was about to ask.

But Old Lady Chen’s expression was solemn: “Dog, follow the old body!”

With a single word, Chen Daoping was frightened and confused, so he hastily shut up and helped Old Madam Chen to leave.

Chen Daoling sat on a chair and watched Old Madam Chen and Chen Daoping leave, before murmuring in a low voice, “The old man didn’t understand the situation, so he came to me right away, why is she in such a hurry this time?”

Inside Old Lady Chen’s residence.

The sound of sutras being chanted in the Buddha Hall was in full swing.

Old Mrs. Chen believes in Buddhism and even if she is not chanting sutras and fasting in the Buddha Hall, she still makes the sound of sutras in the hall to appear dignified.

When Old Mrs. Chen and Chen Daoping returned to the residence, they went straight into the Buddha Hall.

“Dao Ping, close the door!”

As soon as she stepped into the Buddha Hall, Old Mrs. Chen could not contain her excitement.

Dazed and confused, Chen Daoping turned to close the door.

When he turned back again, he found that Old Mrs. Chen had already knelt on the futon and bowed her hands to the golden Buddha statue.

Old Mrs. Chen was full of excitement and smiles as she bowed her hands to the Buddha, and then heavily kowtowed three times to the golden Buddha statue.

Even though it was not yet dawn and it was not yet time to chant the sutra at two o’clock in the morning and evening.

Only after the solemn kowtow did Old Mrs. Chen straighten up, her old face full of ecstasy, her mouth unable to close up with a smile.

“Mother, what is going on?” Chen Daoping asked.

Old Mrs. Chen smiled and said, “We got it! Tian Yang has finally lived up to all expectations, he’s got it!”


Chen Dao Ping’s body shook and his eyes exploded with light.

In an instant.

A smile as excited and ecstatic as Old Lady Chen’s appeared on his face as well.

“Really, really got it?”

Even though the words came out of Old Lady Chen’s mouth, Chen Daoping still felt like he was dreaming.

Happiness had come too quickly.

So fast that it caught people off guard, so fast that they couldn’t believe it.

“Really, it is indeed true!”

Old Mrs. Chen said in a deep voice, “Chen Daoling himself admitted that issuing the Great Medical Convening Order was for Chen Dong, think about it, if Tian Yang hadn’t won, would Chen Daoling have gone to such lengths to issue the Great Medical Convening Order if he hadn’t done it for that wild B*****d Chen Dong?”


Chen Daoping shook his head sharply.

The cost of a “Great Physician’s Summoning Order” was too great!

If the order was issued, as long as there was a doctor present, all of them would have a favour to the Chen family.

This is a price that no one would be willing to pay if they were not a powerful pillar of the Chen family.

“Hoo …… hoo ……”

In his excitement, Chen Daoping took one deep breath to calm himself down.

He was filled with a rapturous smile as he arched his hand and cupped his fist at Old Lady Chen: “Congratulations Ma, congratulations Ma, this time we’ve finally gotten rid of the big pest in our hearts!”

“Yes, yes!”

She knelt on the futon, looked at the golden Buddha statue and said in an emotional tone, “Ever since that wild B*****d Chen Dong appeared, the old body has had no peace at night, but now, with the blessing of the Buddha, we have finally allowed Tian Yang to become a success, and from now on, we can rest easy. ”

The long-winded sentiments echoed through the Buddha Hall.

At this moment, neither Old Lady Chen nor Chen Dao Ping ever thought of using their powers to find out what was going on.

For in both of their minds, it was no longer necessary.

The greatest information had already been revealed by Chen Daoling and the “Great Physician’s Summoning Order”.

What was the point of pursuing it further?

It would be redundant and make a fool of himself!

“Congratulations on this!”

Old Mrs Chen said happily, “Quickly, go and get Tiansheng to come here too, the three of us should celebrate this matter and have a drink to console the spirit of Tian Yang.”

Chen Daoping did not object to the celebration.

But after looking at the sky outside, he hesitated and said, “Mum, it’s late at night and it’s not yet light, so drinking at this time is not good for your health.”

“Nonsense! This is a great joy, when it floats, it’s good for my health, it’s a good thing!” Old Mrs. Chen glared, but then could not restrain herself from laughing again.

Chen Daoping laughed along with her, and without further ado, turned around and walked out of the Buddha Hall.

Drinking wine at this time of the day was indeed bad for Old Madam Chen’s health.

But it was only reasonable to indulge once in a while in such a happy event.

Soon after, Chen Tiansheng also arrived at the news.

Even though he was as dark and deep as he was, he could not hide his excited and ecstatic smile as he walked into the Buddha Hall with Chen Daoping’s wine.

He had no idea what the outcome would be.

Even after he first heard about it, he immediately borrowed Chen Yu Fei’s hand and used his new number to send a message to Chen Tianyang, falsely asking Chen Tianyang to return on the orders of Old Madam Chen herself.

In fact, it was also with the attitude of gambling that Chen Tianyang was still alive, as a mere show of hands from his own brother.

If Chen Tianyang returned alive, then he would continue to gamble on whether Chen Tianyang could conceal his death from the world.

If Chen Tianyang is already dead and can’t come back, he, as an older brother, has done his duty and has a clear conscience.

Now, from the mouth of old Mrs. Chen and Chen Daoping, Chen Tiansheng learned that Chen Dong had an accident, but Chen Tiansheng was thrilled and overjoyed.

Because …… this is the lifeblood of whether he can become the head of the Chen family!

Chen Dong was a roadblock on his way to becoming the head of the family, Chen Tiansheng.

If Chen Dong does not die, his chances of becoming the family head are slim.

Once Chen Dong was dead, and with the old lady holding the banner, his chances of becoming the family head would rocket geometrically!

As soon as Chen Tiansheng entered the Buddha Hall, Old Lady Chen immediately looked sad and wailed, “Tiansheng’s grandson, this is a great celebration for us, but a great sorrow for Tian Yang.”

She wept bitterly and painfully.

On the other side, Chen Daoping, holding a gla*s of wine, watched in silence.

Chen Tiansheng hurriedly went forward and knelt in front of Old Mrs. Chen, holding her up, “Grandma, it’s alright, it’s alright, just as you taught me, Tian Yang was helping me, and I owe Tian Yang.”

“Yes, Tian Yang sacrificed his life for you to eliminate a great evil, Tian Yang’s grandson is the lucky star of our Chen family!”

Old Mrs. Chen nodded her head in pain, pretended to wipe her tears and lamented, “Tiansheng, you are Tian Yang’s own brother, when you become the head of the family, you must invite Tian Yang into the ancestral shrine.”

Hearing the words “become the head of the family”, Chen Tiansheng’s eyes immediately glowed.

He nodded vigorously, “I will, Grandma.”

Old Madam Chen waved to Chen Daoping.

Chen Daoping understood and opened the wine and poured three gla*ses.

Old Mrs. Chen raised her gla*s and said, “This wine, to celebrate and to mourn the great work of Heavenly Parenting.”

After saying this, she poured it out on the floor.

Chen Tiansheng and Chen Daoping did the same thing.

As soon as the second gla*s of wine was re-poured, the three of them had big smiles on their faces.

After the mourning, it was time to celebrate.

Inside the Buddha Hall, playful laughter echoed, overlapping with the woozy sound of scripture for a long time.

Gradually …… the sky began to lighten ……