Winner Takes All Chapter 645-646

Chapter 645

The thunderous roar of warplanes ravaged the night sky and exploded across the city.

The city’s attention was drawn to it.

It was like a heavy bomb, instantly making the city sleepless under the night.

The whole city was in a state of shock and fear.

As the warplanes lowered their altitude, the terrifying pressure of the sky collapsed, causing the crowd in front of the Lijin Hospital to fall to a dead silence after the shouts and whistles.

Looking at the warplanes, everyone was dumbfounded, like a man in the back.


They were asleep when they were awakened by a phone call that blood was needed.

No one resisted the rescue, by and large.

Upon arriving at the Lizin Hospital and seeing the endless tide of people, everyone was appalled at the magnitude of this blood donation to save lives.

But when everyone saw the warplanes pressing down overhead, only then did they finally react to what it meant to be a real masterstroke!

Which gods were the people …… saved this time?

For a while, while shocked and appalled, a doubt rose in everyone’s heart at the same time.

The warplane did not land.

The terrain in front of the Lijin Hospital was not suitable for landing either.

After lowering to a certain height, a rope ladder was lowered, and the figures descended to the ground along the ladder.

Looking at the people who came down from the warplane, they immediately rushed towards the hospital in a hurry.

Everyone poured out all their attention.

Shock, horror, confusion, disbelief …… and even a hint of fear.

All sorts of emotions wrapped around everyone.

The media people who had set up their long guns outside were also in an eerie daze at this point.

Ten thousand people donated blood.

Warplanes arrive.

Who is being rescued at Lijin Hospital this evening?

Suddenly, a middle-aged media man’s head snapped from behind the camera to the side.

He pushed the gla*ses on the bridge of his nose incredulously, looked at a figure descending from the warplane and exclaimed abruptly.

“A national warrior! Is that …… the titan of medicine, Doctor A. Zhong?!”


The moment the words were spoken, it was instantly like a bomb was thrown into the crowd.

Shouts of shock and shrillness suddenly exploded.

“Doctor Zhong? My God, he’s the titan at the top of the medical pyramid!”

“Holy Sh*t! I recognise him, apart from Doctor Zhong, there’s also the ‘Sage of Surgery’ Hua Yinan!”

“Look, isn’t that the one who is internationally renowned and employed as a professor by major medical schools, Zhang Nan Guo?”


In the crowd, anyone who recognized the man who came down from the warplane was shocked and struck by lightning.

Even those who didn’t know each other followed suit with a shrill cry of shock.

They might not know each name by face, but they definitely knew them by name.

These people, all of them, were the most prestigious …… great doctors in the whole world!

They are known as national warriors!

Even a single stomp of the foot can cause the world’s medical community to tremble three times!

Such a lineup can be called the top and strongest lineup in the world of medicine.

“This is a unique gathering of stars!

At the same time, the doubts in everyone’s mind became even stronger.

That is …… tonight Lijin Hospital in the end to save which way God?

The fact is that the hospital has been able to attract 10,000 people to donate blood, warplanes to arrive, and national doctors to gather overnight, if not gods, what else could it be?

After the media woke up, they all aimed their long guns at the doctors who were hurrying into the hospital, flashing their lights, instantly lighting up the whole area in front of Lijin Hospital as bright as day.

“Film it, film it! Such a medical line-up, the first in the world, when this news is released, it will definitely shock the world!”

“Holy Sh*t, someone press the shutter for me, my hand is shaking a bit, it’s too powerful, too scary!”

“Big news, shocking news, even the top conference in the medical field, it’s hard to gather all the great doctors of the country, right?”


The media went crazy.

But while they were frantic, they didn’t notice.

A silent figure emerged from the crowd.

There were those who weaved in and out of the crowd, and there were a few who quietly circled around to the media’s ‘position’.

Inside Lijin Hospital.

The door to the resuscitation room was rudely opened.

President Liu ran out with astonishment on his face, looking at Chen Dong and exclaiming, “Chen Dong, who did you call? Why are there warplanes roaring outside with so much noise?”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and smiled meaningfully, “Maybe it’s called the …… God of Heaven descending from the medical world.”


Dean Liu’s body trembled and his eyes were filled with shock.

The next second.

“Doctor Zhong A has come to save the people!”

A mellow voice suddenly came from the end of the corridor.

The voice was old, but majestic and powerful.


The stunned Dean Liu’s body shook and was struck by lightning in an instant.

His eyes were wide with shock as he looked towards the end of the corridor where the voice came from.

At this moment, his body trembled uncontrollably as he blurted out, “Master …… Master has come out?”

Chen Dong was instantly astonished.

“Uncle Liu, you are under the tutelage of Zhong Medical A?”

Dean Liu did not hide and nodded his head forcefully.

He struggled to take a deep breath, trying his best to keep himself calm, and then said, “My master is old and has not come out of the mountain for three years, and has not shown mercy again, I, I did not expect that he would come out of the mountain tonight in his armour ……”

At this moment, Dean Liu’s eyes were red with excitement.

The words had just fallen.

Dean Liu then saw a white-robed, slightly hunched figure appear at the end of the corridor.

“Disciple respectfully welcomes Master!”

Dean Liu ran towards Doctor Zhong A in a panic.

However, no sooner had his feet taken a step.

Then Doctor A sternly scolded, “You mediocre disciple! Save a life, don’t force yourself to be polite!”

The voice was as loud as a thunderclap.

Dean Liu stayed put on the spot, not moving.


Another voice came from the end of the corridor.

“Hua Yin An has come to the rescue!”


Dean Liu’s body shook again, his face full of disbelief.

His hands instantly clenched into fists, “Surgical sage, Hua Yinan? The number one surgeon in the world?”

He did not wait for the shock to subside.

Voices came from the end of the corridor one after another.

“Zhang Nanguo has come to save him!”

“Sun Yuchen has come to the rescue!”


Dean Liu was completely dumbfounded, and even with his status, his eyes were red at this moment, his face full of shock and his gaze dumbfounded.

He was a titan of the medical world, but in front of these people, he was only a junior.

There were different levels of seniority and different levels of expertise.

At the top medical conferences, even if Dean Liu attended, he would probably sit at the bottom and listen to these big names give their speeches, and rarely made it to the stage.

And tonight, it was all here!

Only, before he could recover from his shock.

Another voice, thick and powerful, exploded out of nowhere.

“Northern frontier military doctor, Ge Qingshan, come to the rescue in response to orders!”

“Northern frontier military doctor, Li Changsheng, fulfill the order to come to the rescue!”



Dean Liu’s tiger body shook, and at this moment, it even felt like a dream.

Not only was the great doctor, but even the military doctor had come too?

With such a line-up, he was certain that no medical meeting in the world could ever come up with such a superb line-up!

Shocked and in a trance, Dean Liu raised his hand and fiercely pinched his face to confirm that it was not a dream or an illusion.

His eyes were red and his gaze was burning as he looked at Chen Dong with excitement.

Sensing Dean Liu’s gaze, Chen Dong said firmly, “Can you arm wrestle with the King of Hell?”

“All the gods and goddesses in the sky will go down, this arm wrestle, it’s a sure thing!”

Dean Liu nodded heavily, and the exhaustion and weakness that had lingered on his face was now swept away.

Next to him were Gu Qingying and Zhang Yulan, who had long since fallen into a dazed trance.

As Dean Liu led the team back to the resuscitation room.

The two finally came back to their senses.

Gu Qingying looked at Chen Dong with shocked eyes, she had never thought that her husband, could have such a terrifying energy.


Zhang Yulan knelt on the ground and said gratefully, “Thank you Brother Dong, thank you Brother Dong, Qin Ye is saved, he is saved.”


Chapter 646

“He’s my brother!”

Chen Dong said from the bottom of his heart.

Gu Qingying hurriedly helped Zhang Yulan up.

The three of them leaned to the side and watched as one of the top doctors entered the resuscitation room.

Chen Dong’s gaze was deep and silent.

The fact that all the Gods and Buddhas in the sky had gone down was indeed inspiring.

However, he knew clearly that the Heavenly Gods and Buddhas were only arm wrestling with the King of Hell, and the final outcome was full of all kinds of changes; everything still depended on Qin Ye’s own destiny.

“The beast …… full of heavenly gods and Buddhas, when the brother has invited you, you …… have to get well!”

This is what Chen Dong’s heart said.

After taking a deep breath, Chen Dong raised his hand and rubbed his face.

His eyes burned with determination.

At this time, Elder Long hurriedly arrived.

In a low voice, he said, “Young Master, the media has been asked to delete the videos and photos taken, as well as everyone at the scene, and we are now trying to delete the videos and photos.”

“That’s good.”

Chen Dong nodded, “Tonight’s commotion is too big, once it spreads out, the impact will be immeasurable, let’s try to keep it dripping.”

Late at night, 10,000 people donated blood.

A warplane arrived over the hospital.

A gathering of great doctors, far better than any medical conference.

Each event is enough to make a big news story.

Not to mention the fact that it was three events in one.

If the events of this night were to break out, the consequences would be incalculable.

The means to save Qin Ye had now reached its limit.

It was also time to consider the impact.

There was no way to control the filming from a distance, and even if it spread, Chen Dong didn’t care because it would only be an approximation and netizens would only be able to make up their brains.

But the filming from close by, that would be the real deal, and this immeasurable impact had to be curbed to the best of his ability.

“Young master has invited the Gods and Buddhas of the Full Sky to come down personally this time, boy Qin will definitely be able to get better.”

Elder Long said with emotion, “If Young Master hadn’t returned, no one would have been able to use such a gesture, even Old Slave wouldn’t have thought of it.”

Chen Dong did not respond.

He had come back at the right time too.

If he had been a little later, there might not even have been a chance to grab this last chance of life for Qin Ye.

Elder Long might have been able to beg his father to gather the great doctors of the world, but on Huo Zhenxiao’s side, his father was also too far out of reach.

Everything was so just right.

He had just returned as the head guard of the 12 Golden Guards of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, when he came across this terrible news, so he had the opportunity to request Huo Zhenxiao.

The other side.


Inside the mountain villa, there was silence.

Chen Tianyang was seated in his wheelchair, his expression cold and stern, the fierce light in his eyes showing.

He was like a lion in the throes of rage, with the last vestiges of his sanity suppressing his anger and threatening to explode at any moment.

The servants and guards in front of him were all on their knees, chilled to the bone, their backs chilling.

Some of them were even wounded and in a state of disarray.


With one force, the red wine gla*s in Chen Tianyang’s hand shattered into pieces, and the scarlet red wine, muddy with gla*s dregs, slid down from his hand.

Even though the gla*s dregs pierced the skin of Chen Tianyang’s hand, he seemed to be unaware of it.


Chen Tianyang suddenly laughed, just this laugh.

But it made all the servants and guards present feel like the sound of a fatal Sanskrit.

“Good, very good! I don’t want my life, I don’t want to leave you guards, I want you to pour out your nest to chase a pregnant woman a poisoned dead waste, but you have given me face and come back with a dozen people.”

A cold, murderous voice echoed through the living room.

Chen Tianyang tilted his head, his gaze seemingly able to pierce the roof and look into the night sky.

He had, just now, heard the same sound of warplanes.

And there was more than one.

That deafening roar like rolling thunder sweeping through the air.

In the stillness of the night, it was really hard to ignore.

What’s more, when all the warplanes approached the city, they all lowered their altitude, making it even more difficult to hide the roar.

“Young Master Tian Yang, it’s not that we are incompetent, it’s that something went wrong on the chase.”

One of the slave guards said bravely, “Halfway through the chase, Elder Dragon brought someone with him, and three helicopters, we really had trouble resisting, we were lucky to get so many people back.”

“Mmmmmmmmm, I understand you.”

Chen Tianyang nodded in relief, his gaze looking at the slave escort, soft to the core.


The sound of gunfire exploded.

Blood splattered.

The slave guards shivered in fear at the same time and prostrated themselves on the ground in unison, shivering.

And the slave guard who had just opened his mouth had his face completely disfigured and blood flowing everywhere.

There was a poof!

The corpse fell to the ground.

Chen Tianyang shook his pistol, blew the hot air from the muzzle and laughed: “Right, I understand you, you have to understand understand me too, it’s better to die.”

The laugh was like a ghost.

It made all the servants and guards’ hair stand on end and their hearts rise to their throats.

Immediately after.

Chen Tianyang asked, “When you escaped back, you didn’t reveal your trail, did you?”

There was dead silence for a few seconds.

Finally, one of the slave guards once again spoke up bravely, “No, no, we scattered and ran around when we escaped, and only when we had completely shaken off the helicopter did we carefully return to Young Master’s side.”

“That’s good.”

The worry in Chen Tianyang’s heart stepped down.

His eyes burned as he looked outside and said in a deep voice, “Tonight, what exactly happened? Why are so many warplanes arriving?”

A slave guard said with trepidation, “Young master, when we returned, we got word that Qin Ye had gone to the Lijin Hospital, and these warplanes, too, had gone to the Lijin Hospital.”


Chen Tianyang’s eyes turned hostile, “Interesting, really interesting, is that wild B*****d Chen Dong planning to use all his strength to save that scum? It’s a pity that he won’t be able to save it, the poison I use doesn’t give people a chance to live.”

“Also young master, when we kidnapped Gu Qingying, Chen Dong should indeed have disappeared, that’s why it was Qin Ye who came to the rescue.”

Chen Tianyang rubbed his chin and smiled fiercely, “Making such a big commotion out now, it should be the return of that wild seed, right?”

While laughing fiercely, there was resignation and anger in Chen Tianyang’s eyes.

He was so close!

Just a little bit closer to killing that wild B*****d Chen Dong.

If he hadn’t disappeared, if he was still around, he would have come to save that B*tch Gu Qingying, and then everything would have been fine!


In the next second, Chen Tianyang shook the gun in his hand, like a bloodthirsty beast, killing intent raging in his eyes: “Now that he’s back, what if we all pounce into the Lijin Hospital? Everyone is busy saving people, there shouldn’t be anyone to protect that wild B*****d, right?”

At those words.

All the slave guards looked frozen.

Now the Lijin Hospital had become the centre of a whirlpool in the whole city.

Chen Tianyang’s decision would indeed be able to kill Chen Dong with a high chance.

But by doing so, all of them present, one by one, would not be able to return.

It was a case of dying together.


At this moment, Chen Tianyang’s mobile phone suddenly received a text message from an unfamiliar number.

As soon as he saw the content of the text message, the fierceness and madness on Chen Tianyang’s face instantly dissipated.

The text message content was simple.

“This is a serious matter, return quickly!”