Winner Takes All Chapter 643-644

Chapter 643

The phone simply rang.

Then it was answered.


A magnetic, mellow voice.

Chen Dong smiled faintly, “Dad ……”


On the phone, Chen Daolin’s voice lifted abruptly with surprise, “You, you’re back?!”

“I’m back, I’m fine.”

Chen Dong’s voice was low, and did not narrate the story, he directly opened the door and said, “Now I need your help, I have to save my brother.”

“Brother?” Chen Daolin gave a puzzled cry, “Qin Ye?”

Chen Dong said, “When I was kidnapped, something happened to Little Shadow, it was Qin Ye who exchanged his life for Little Shadow’s, and now Qin Ye’s life is hanging by a thread.”

He did not say “Chen Tianyang” directly, because when the death sentence was handed down, if the Chen family was still involved, there would be constraints in the subsequent implementation.

“Little Shadow?

Chen Daolin was furious, and even through the phone, Chen Dong still felt a harsh and terrifying killing intent: “Who dares to touch my daughter-in-law and grandson? D*mn it!”

“Now is not the time to pursue this, I need to save Qin Ye! I need doctors, lots and lots of doctors, the top great doctors in the whole world!” Chen Dong said urgently.

“Qin Ye has given great credit to my Chen family, leave this matter to me, give me some time.”


The phone hung up.

Chen Dong let out a long sigh of relief, with the Chen family’s appeal and the gathering of great doctors, there should be a chance to arm wrestle with Yan Wang, right?

However, thinking about Qin Ye.

Chen Dong felt that it was still not safe.

He searched out a business card from his body.

The ancient, unadorned black and gold business card.

“Beast, I’ve mobilised all my strength this time, and my face too, you have to bring me to life, D*mn it!”

After a moment of hesitation, Chen Dong’s gaze was stern, and with a bellowing curse, he dialed Huo Zhenxiao’s number.

The call was answered.

“Huo Zhenxiao, this is Chen Dong.” Chen Dong was the first to speak.

On the phone, after a second of silence, Huo Zhenxiao said seriously, “This is the leading guard of the 12 Golden Guards of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, speaking to the master?”

Chen Dong: “……”

Gritting his teeth, he said, “Sovereign, I beg you to do me a favour.”

Entering the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army had been an accident within an accident.

It started with a personal vendetta, but the peaks and valleys turned around.

Even though he knew that it was because of his uncle Chen Daojun that he had become a relation, Chen Dong’s feelings towards Huo Zhenxiao could still not be corrected for a while.

“Just become a leading guard and you’re begging me for help?” Huo Zhenxiao said.

Anger flipped in Chen Dong’s eyes, “Then I’ll ask my uncle to talk to you?”

“You tell me!”

Chen Dong said indignantly, “I need doctors, the top great doctors in the whole world.”

If there were ten percent of doctors in the whole world, with the Chen family’s prestige they could gather sixty percent, Chen Dong also hoped to rely on the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army to gather the last forty percent.

A lion fights a rabbit with all its might, let alone this time to save Qin Ye and arm wrestle with the King of Hell!

Even if he rallied 98% of the Great Physician, Chen Dong still felt that it would be extremely dangerous!

“The Great Physician is not available.”

Huo Zhenxiao’s dry response instantly made Chen Dong’s heart sink to the bottom.

Without waiting for Chen Dong to speak, Huo Zhenxiao suddenly turned his words around, “However, the military doctor does have one!”

“Yes!” Chen Dong was pleasantly surprised.

“Good, don’t worry, the military doctors are not inferior to the great doctors, I will summon the top twelve military doctors from the frontier war zone within our frontier to you, all of them are top-notch and can be called national warriors without equal!”

Huo Zhenxiao no longer squirmed like he did just now, but simply said, “In my name, Huo Zhenxiao.”

“Many thanks.” Chen Dong was about to hang up the phone.

Huo Zhenxiao asked a follow-up question, “What do you need so many top doctors for?”

“To save my brother!” Chen Dong’s face was raging with depression, and his eyes were tumbling with ruthless resentment, “It’s all your F**king doing, after kidnapping me, something happened to my family, my brother traded his life for his life to save my wife, and now …… I have to save my brother!”

On the phone.

After a few seconds of silence.

Huo Zhenxiao’s voice lowered: “This matter is what we did to apologize to you, don’t worry, in order to redeem ourselves, the twelve military doctors arrived immediately.”

It was hard to imagine that the legendary God of War of the Northern Frontier would actually have to apologise to someone for committing himself.

This sentence alone, if it were to get out, would definitely shock all the frontier war zones within the frontier.

Even ordinary people would definitely have their jaws dropped in shock.

After hanging up the phone.

Chen Dong’s face was sullen and apprehensive.

Ten percent of the force, should …… be able to do it?

Chen Dong was not sure, but in order to save Qin Ye, he would do his best at any cost.

Annoyed beyond belief, Chen Dong’s eyes were a little scarlet.

Subconsciously, he took out his coat pocket, but it was empty.

Slowly pushing his wheelchair, he walked out of the stairwell and saw Lin Lingdong not far away, he called out.

Lin Lingdong pushed his wheelchair over and Chen Dong asked in a low voice, “Do you have a cigarette?”

“Yes.” Lin Lingdong smiled.

Then together with Chen Dong, they pushed the wheelchair into the stairwell and each lit one.

Chen Dong puffed hard in silence.

Lin Lingdong, on the other hand, looked at Chen Dong, holding his cigarette with a deep gaze.

“What are you looking at me for?” Chen Dong asked.

Lin Lingdong said, “I think the mystery man was right when he hinted at me to follow you, you are a righteous man!”

When he heard the word “mystery man”, a cold chill spread across Chen Dong’s face.

He did not respond, but smoked in silence.


The Chen family.

After hanging up Chen Dong’s phone call, Chen Daolin did not hesitate for a moment and immediately wrote a “Great Doctor’s Summoning Order” by hand, issuing it in the name of the Chen Family with a heavy reward of ten thousand gold.

Qin Ye was saving Gu Qingying’s life for a life.

Not only did Chen Dong have to do his utmost to save him, but Chen Daolin also made up his mind instantly when he learned of it.

This was a great merit that continued his lineage, an unparalleled merit that guarded Chen Dong’s incense.

He, as a grandfather, would do anything!


Chen Daolin immediately called for someone to spread these urgent orders out immediately.

When his cronies saw the urgent order, they were also confused on the spot.

The family head’s seal, with its golden post and vermilion letters, was the Chen family’s top urgent order!

“Go now!” Chen Daolin slapped his palm on the table and said in a stern voice, “I want the world’s great doctors to get ready and leave within half an hour and converge!”

In the barracks of the Great Snow Dragon Riders.

It was snowy and icy.

The cold wind was howling.

And above the barracks, a warplane hovered indefinitely.

“Sovereign, it’s already here, why aren’t we landing?” A golden guard wondered.

“There are 100,000 urgent military orders!”

Huo Zhenxiao sat in his chair, his face solemn and terrified, causing the eight Golden Guards and Bai Qi to blush.

In the next second, Huo Zhenxiao said in a cold voice, “In my name, Huo Zhenxiao, pa*s on my one hundred thousand fire urgent military order, the twelve military doctors of the frontier war zone of the frontier move immediately, in a one hundred thousand fire urgent situation, move immediately, those who miss my war opportunity will be dealt with by military law!”

The military order resounded like a thunderclap.

The eight Golden Guards and Bai Qi were struck by lightning at the same time, their faces filled with horror.

“Sovereign, our military doctors from the northern frontier are able to leave immediately, but the military doctors from the other frontiers of the war zone, you are forcing them to transfer with a military order, this is beyond the borders, I am afraid of being disobeyed.”

In the face of Jin Wei’s reminder, Huo Zhenxiao smiled fiercely.

At this moment, the majestic pressure of a terrified prison swept through.

It caused everyone’s faces to pale and chill in fear.

The domineering words echoed through the cabin.

“Disobedience? Then I, Huo Zhenxiao, will go with one person, one horse and one gun to see if they dare to disobey!”


Chapter 644

Inside the Lijin Hospital.

A steady stream of people surrounded the Lijin Hospital.

It was a huge crowd.

The huge noise soon brought attention to this side.

News was sent out incessantly.

There were even journalists from the news media, who arrived at Lijin Hospital under the stars and set up long guns.

“Our station is reporting live that there is still a steady stream of people converging on the Lijin Hospital at this time ……”

“News 24 hours a day, online for your coverage ……”

“Shocker! Lizin Hospital draws crowds late at night, is it a loss of humanity or a distortion of morality ……”


Countless media longshots focused on the Lijin Hospital.

There are official media serious reports, but also small self-media anchors clamoring for attention and competing for attention.

And all this, Chen Dong did not care.

His only goal – to save Qin Ye!

At any cost, regardless of everything.

Chen Dong pushed his wheelchair back to the door of the resuscitation room.

Gu Qingying and Zhang Yulan, were still waiting anxiously.

As Chen Dong returned, both of them looked at Chen Dong with burning eyes.

“Brother Dong, will it really work?”

Zhang Yulan looked at Chen Dong helplessly.

Chen Dong nodded his head with a firm gaze and did not say much.

Zhang Yulan was already in the midst of a meltdown and extremely emotionally sensitive, so one more word at this time would provoke her fragile nerves if she was not careful.

He asked his father, begged Huo Zhenxiao, and was anxious for the world’s great doctors.

This is already the ultimate means he can think of to arm wrestle with Yama.

If that didn’t work ……

No, it will definitely work!

Chen Dong subconsciously clenched his fists.

Seeing Chen Dong nod, Zhang Yulan took a deep breath and seemed to become much calmer, locking his gaze back onto the red light on the doorway of the resuscitation room.

Gu Qingying’s face was full of exhaustion and weakness, the guilt in her heart over Qin Ye’s accident was unmatched.

If Qin Ye hadn’t rushed in, she really didn’t dare to imagine what would have happened this night.

Just seeing the blood stains all over Chen Dong’s body, Gu Qingying still couldn’t help but say, “I’ll go get a doctor to bandage your wounds, waiting like this, your body won’t be able to take it.”

“It’s alright.”

Chen Dong shook his head, “I have to wait for the beast to come out unharmed before I do.”

The words were resounding, determined and irrefutable.

Gu Qingying gritted her silver teeth, “But I’m afraid you won’t be able to hold on.”

The blood stains on Chen Dong’s body at this moment were oozing.

The gauze wrapped around his head was stained with blood.

The blood stained body covered almost all of Chen Dong’s body, and underneath the blood stain, Chen Dong’s face was a little white and blue.

“It’s really alright.”

Chen Dong grabbed Gu Qingying’s hand and smiled comfortingly.

Of the injuries on his body, the really serious ones were actually from the fight with Bai Qi and the banging of his head against the container.

As for the battle with Huo Zhenxiao, it looked like he had vomited blood badly and the situation was tragic.

But Huo Zhenxiao was merciful at every turn, even when he hit, he was still restraining his dark energy, just making his situation look gruesome, but the extent of his injuries, really very weak.

At Huo Zhenxiao’s level, his control of power was already at the highest level, and he was able to control the damage caused to Chen Dong to an extremely fine level.

Seeing Chen Dong’s determination, although Gu Qingying was heartbroken, she did not say any more.

At this time.

The door of the resuscitation room opened and Dean Liu came out with a grave expression.

When he saw Chen Dong, he did not say much and asked directly, “How is it going?”


Chen Dong said in a deep voice, “Uncle Liu is stalling as long as possible, when the people arrive, we will have enough.”

“Who have you invited?” Dean Liu asked curiously.

Chen Dong, however, shook his head, “I don’t know, and I’m not sure exactly how many.”


Dean Liu was instantly dumbfounded.

Chen Dong, however, smiled a little awkwardly.

He had asked his father, begged Huo Zhenxiao, and all the extreme power he could call upon had been mobilised.

What the final result he got was, he really didn’t know until the end.

There was a two-second hesitation.

Dean Liu nodded heavily and said with a determined gaze, “I’ll do my best to stall for as long as I can, but in Qin Ye’s current condition, it won’t be possible to stall for long, if by any chance ……”

After a pause, Dean Liu twisted his head to look at the sky outside and said gruffly, “Perhaps it will be able to be delayed until dawn.”

After saying that, he also did not look at the faces of Chen Dong and Gu Qingying and Zhang Yulan, turned around and went into the resuscitation room.

With his life hanging in the balance of the resuscitation, Dean Liu’s words were not the least bit covered up and euphemistic.

Only by telling the truth would Chen Dong be able to cooperate better.

At the same time, more than anything else, it was so that Chen Dong could be psychologically prepared in advance.

Time slowly pa*sed.

In front of the door of the resuscitation room, there was silence.

The air seemed to freeze.

Chen Dong leaned against the wall, his brows knitted together as he waited in silence.

Gu Qingying was sitting on a bench with Zhang Yulan, worried, nervous and apprehensive.

The long night was short.

But with Qin Ye in the resuscitation room on his mind, every second became extremely long, making it feel like every second was like a year.

Compared to the silence in front of the resuscitation room.

Elsewhere in the hospital, especially in front of the blood bank and the Lijin Hospital, it was a different story.

There was a huge crowd of people.

In the midst of the silence, rushing into the Lijin Hospital.

Even though everyone was restraining themselves from making a sound, the smallest of noises were loud enough to make a noise.

Time pa*ses slowly.

As countless media outlets broadcasted the news.

The people of the city were also kept awake by the sudden arrival of this “disturbance”.

Silently, countless eyes were focused on Lijin Hospital.

Even if they are not at home, they are still learning about it and following it through various media means.

Rumble ……

In the silent night sky, a thunderous explosion suddenly rang out.

In an instant, it ripped through the dead silence above the firmament.

The boom echoed and carried at breakneck speed over the Lizin Hospital.

“What’s happened?”

“What’s in the sky?”

“Holy Sh*t, what the hell is going on tonight? Why is there more and more commotion at Lijin Hospital?”


Countless cries of curiosity and horror exploded one after another.

Everyone inside Lijin Hospital, in particular, was dumbfounded as the rolling thunderous roar appeared.

The tide of people outside the Lijin Hospital even gave a start as curious and astonished eyes tilted their heads towards the pitch black sky.

The door to the resuscitation room.

Chen Dong smiled with relief: “Here it is!”

At these words.

Gu Qingying and Zhang Yulan’s eyes shone brightly at the same time, their hearts and minds lifted.

Just not waiting for the booming sound on the night sky to fade away, an even more shocking scene occurred.

Rumble ……

Rumble ……

A thunderous roar exploded in the sky one after another.

The road booms, converging together, echoed the night sky and exploded all over the city.

It was as if …… a thunderstorm was approaching.

The whole city is frightened, the hearts and minds of the people, scalp numb.

“Warplanes, it’s all the sound of warplanes!”

In front of the Lijin Hospital, in the silence, a cry of alarm exploded.

It was from a military enthusiast.

One sound came out and a hundred followed.

In an instant, the front of the Lijin Hospital was abuzz with people and shouts.

The next second.

The next moment, people saw a powerful warplane slowly lowering its altitude, covering the night sky over the Lijin Hospital.