Winner Takes All Chapter 649-650

Chapter 649

A night of hangovers.

Old Mrs. Chen was too weak to drink and fell into a deep sleep.

Chen Dao Ping and Chen Tiansheng, hooked up with each other, frequently raised their gla*ses.

Their drunken eyes are dazed and full of alcohol, but they do not even care about their elders and children.

Looking outside, the sky was gradually getting lighter.

Chen Tiansheng stretched hard, but instead of feeling the slightest bit sleepy after a night of hangover, he was in high spirits.

He was excited, ecstatic and in control.

With the death of Chen Dong, his talent and ability, and with the banner of Old Lady Chen, there would be no more rivals in the Chen family succession.

The position of family head is just around the corner!

All he needs to do now is wait until the day of Chen Daolin’s birthday.

That would be the glorious moment when he would ascend to the throne of the family head.

Even in his drunken daze, Chen Tiansheng was already envisioning what a glorious scene that day would be.

The glory of ten thousand feet.

The world will be watching.

Countless gentry flocked to the throne and bowed down to him.

The thrill of power, just thinking about it, made his heart soar.

A text message rang on his mobile phone.

Chen Tiansheng picked up his phone and glanced at it, and a few moments of clarity surfaced in his hazy drunken eyes.

“Uncle Dao Ping, rest early, it’s dawn, I should go back too.”

Chen Tiansheng slowly got up and shook off his dizzy head before staggering out of the residence.

Chen Daoping looked at Chen Tiansheng, who had left, with hazy eyes.

It was only after Chen Tiansheng disappeared that he let out a drunken laugh, with endless coldness in his eyes, and murmured softly, “Happy, really …… happy!”

Inside the small courtyard.

Chen Yu Fei apprehensively looked at Chen Tianyang who had just returned.

Looking at Chen Tianyang, apprehensive, at the same time, she secretly exclaimed some fluke and shock.

To be able to kill Chen Dong in his full defence and still come back unharmed.

For the first time, Chen Tianyang impressed Chen Yufei.

One must know that back then, Chen Dong had also been issued a*sa*sination missions by the Darknet Hidden Kill Organisation.

What those experts on the Death List were unable to do, was surprisingly done by Chen Tianyang.

What was even more crucial was that Chen Tianyang had done it when he had also been issued an a*sa*sination mission by the Darknet Hidden Kill Organisation.

This alone made Chen Tianyang’s trip unparalleled!

“So, it was you who falsely pa*sed on Grandma’s pro-order?”

Chen Tianyang sat in his wheelchair, his gaze morose and his face as cold as frost.

The first time he returned to the Chen family, Chen Yufei rushed over, so he quickly linked the urgent summons to Chen Yufei.

“It’s Brother Tiansheng.” Chen Yu Fei said, “He asked me to falsely pa*s on Grandma’s own order, hoping that you could return quietly and escape this disaster by concealing it from the heavens.”

“Conceal it from Heaven?”

Chen Tianyang’s gaze was hostile.

At that very moment.

The courtyard door was pushed open.

The drunken Chen Tiansheng walked in, and his eyes under his gold-rimmed gla*ses shone brightly the moment he saw Chen Tianyang.

He stumbled on his feet and ran in front of Chen Tianyang, reeking of alcohol.

“Brother, I’m so glad you’re back!”


Chen Tianyang opened the hands that Chen Tiansheng was about to embrace.

The atmosphere was instantly awkward.

Chen Tiansheng froze.

Chen Yu Fei was also filled with dismay.

Chen Tianyang, on the other hand, was staring at Chen Tiansheng with arrogance and indifference, “You really expect me to come back? Don’t be hypocritical.”

Chen Tiansheng’s gla*ses went red with a swish.

It was true that he had asked Chen Yufei to falsely pa*s on the old lady’s own order, and there was a great deal of gambling involved.

But to see his own brother return proved that his first step was the right gamble!

But now Chen Tianyang’s attitude towards him chilled him to the bone.

Chen Tiansheng gritted his teeth and said, “Tianyang, I am your own brother, how could I not look forward to your return? Do you know that if you kill Chen Dong, if you escape outside, you will not be able to escape the family head’s pursuit at all, instead you leave with a hidden trail and come back with a hidden trail, there is still a chance to conceal your death, as long as you conceal your death, Chen Dong’s death will have nothing to do with you, and you will be safe and sound.”

Said Chen Tiansheng, pointing his backhand outwards, his eyes red with righteous anger.

“Do you know now, for such a felony, how much I asked Concubine Yu to call you back, and how much I, as a brother, have endured? Once things wear out, it’s me, Chen Tiansheng, who carries it all alone!”

At the end of his speech, Chen Tiansheng almost roared out, but his remaining sanity still allowed him to restrain his voice.

On the side, Chen Yu Fei also stared at Chen Tianyang with some annoyance.

Chen Tiansheng had taken a huge risk to spy out a chance of survival for Chen Tianyang, and now Chen Tianyang still had this kind of attitude.

Wasn’t this a white-eyed wolf, a dog biting Lü Dongbin and not knowing the heart of a good man?

The meaning of Chen Tiansheng’s words was that even if it was worn out, he would be the one to resist.

But Chen Yu Fei knew clearly that even if Chen Tiansheng took all the blame for this matter, she would still be more or less implicated in the punishment.

Even so, she had done what Chen Tiansheng said before without hesitation.

But when Chen Tiansheng came back, up to now, she hadn’t even given a single word of gratitude!

The small courtyard in the early morning.

The smell of gunpowder instantly intensified.

Facing the angry Chen Tiansheng and Chen Yufei.

Chen Tianyang’s gaze flickered for a moment, then he shook his head and snorted, “Kill? Who told you that I had already killed Chen Dong?”


The cold snort of laughter instantly exploded like a big thunderbolt.

Chen Tiansheng and Chen Yufei’s faces changed drastically on the spot and they fell into a daze, dumbfounded.

Three seconds of silence followed.

Chen Tiansheng’s drunkenness instantly dissipated cleanly as he asked with a face full of panic and disbelief, “You, what did you say? You, say it again!”

At this moment, Chen Tiansheng’s heart was racing.

“I said, Chen Dong is not dead!” Chen Tianyang said.

The moment the words left his mouth.

Chen Tiansheng, who was full of panic, instantly went weak and staggered backwards two steps.

At this moment, the drunkenness was all gone.

In its place was an endless dizziness.

The sky was spinning and the earth was spinning.

There was a blackness in front of his eyes.

Chen Tiansheng’s entire body was about to explode.

How could this happen?

How could he not have died?

Chen Tiansheng raised his hand and clenched his fist, smashing his head twice with force.

His eyes swished red, as if he was a wild beast in a rage.

There was no longer any semblance of the usual gloom and depth.

Chen Tiansheng staggered and lunged in front of Chen Tianyang, grabbing him by the shoulders and questioning him as if he were hysterical, “Why isn’t he dead? Why isn’t he dead? He deserved to die! Obviously the family head had already issued a ‘Great Doctor Summoning Order’ for him, if you didn’t let anything happen to him, then what is this call to the world’s great doctors in the past for?”

As he spoke, Chen Tiansheng suddenly pulled up the corners of his mouth and laughed.

The smile was crazy and hideous, and it was creepy to look at.

“Tian Yang, you’re lying to brother, aren’t you? You wanted to give brother a surprise, so you said that on purpose, didn’t you? Chen Dong’s life was actually hanging by a thread, and the Great Physician of the World had gone over there to save him, right?”

A series of questions manifested the horror and trepidation in Chen Tiansheng’s heart at this moment.



Chen Tianyang raised his hand and slapped Chen Tiansheng on the hand, saying indifferently.

“Don’t be funny, dear brother! I’m not F**king interested in creating any surprises for you, rather, if you hadn’t falsely pa*sed on the grandmother’s own order, I would have probably gone to kill Chen Dong again by now, that the world’s great doctors converged and went to be called by Chen Dong to save the life of his brother, that father-slaying scum of the Qin family!”

Chen Tiansheng froze.

At this moment, his face shifted red and white, and the light in his eyes exploded.

As for Chen Yu Fei, she also raised her jade hand to cover her red lips in disbelief, forcing herself to hold back from screaming out.

The silence of the courtyard.

The silence of the Chen family.

In the early morning, everything seemed peaceful and quiet.

But the next second.


Chen Tiansheng leaned up to the sky and let out a shrill roar.

Like a bomb, it instantly shattered the tranquility and peace of the Chen Family.


Chapter 650

Inside the Buddha Hall.

The sandalwood incense lingers.

Chen Dao was lying flat on the futon, sleeping soundly.


Chen Tiansheng banged open the door of the Buddha Hall like a madman.

The sleeping Chen Daoping was instantly awakened, and when he saw the reckless Chen Tiansheng, a look of impatience appeared on his face.

“Chen Tiansheng, what are you mad about?”

“Uncle Dao Ping, something’s wrong.”

Chen Tiansheng jumped in front of Chen Daoping and grabbed him with his trembling right hand, saying with red eyes, “He’s not dead, he’s not dead, he’s not dead.”

Chen Daoping’s body shook and shock appeared in his eyes.

“Who’s not dead?”

“Chen, Chen Dong!”

Chen Tiansheng looked back to make sure that no one was outside before he whispered.


Chen Daoping was struck by lightning.

The dizziness of his hangover instantly disappeared and his entire body came to its senses.

He stared at Chen Tiansheng with round eyes, not daring to believe, “How is it possible, the family head’s Great Doctor’s summoning order had all been sent, and the news was confirmed by my mother herself at the family head’s place.”

Shock was shock.

Chen Daoping was still forcibly restraining his voice as he said this.

This matter, when placed on an ordinary Chen family member, he was not even afraid.

Even if it was placed on the Chen family’s heir, he would be able to take it in stride.

But this matter was directed at Chen Dong!

Against the family head’s own son!

Even though the entire Chen family was considered to be a wild child, Chen Daolin had always protected Chen Dong despite everything.

Not to mention the fact that this time, he had killed his own son!

Chen Tiansheng trembled with his right hand, pushed the gla*ses on the bridge of his nose and said in a panic: “Really not dead, Tian, Tian Yang came back, he, he said it himself.”

Even the deepest of cities, the most calculating, hiding their hearts.

At this moment Chen Tiansheng could hardly contain it.

The early morning celebration, the early morning drunkenness.

It was still vivid in my mind at this moment.

Even before he met Chen Tianyang, his dream of a million years of glory and glory was still haunting him.

However, Chen Tianyang’s words were like countless sharp needles, fiercely bursting his dream.

He had celebrated his success for nothing!

The wine had been wasted!

The dream had been in vain!

It was as if everything that happened in the early hours of last night was just a ridiculous dream.

“How did he come back? Why is he not dead?”

Chen Daoping blurted out, his forehead veins bulging out like earthworms.

The next second.

Chen Daoping rose in anger and dragged Chen Tiansheng towards Old Madam Chen’s bedroom, “Follow me, follow me to call my mother.”

Things were monstrous!

Chen Daoping no longer had the heart to pursue why Chen Tianyang had not returned.

The most urgent matter was that Chen Dong was not dead!


There was no knock on the door.

Chen Daoping directly pushed open the door.

Inside the cla*sical and luxurious bedroom.

Old Mrs. Chen opened her eyes with a sulking expression, looking at Chen Daoping and Chen Tiansheng like a furious tigress.

“No big or small, no rules, what do you want?”

She was too old and frail to withstand staying up all night.

What’s more, in her ecstatic excitement last night, she had also indulged in a lot of wine and drank a lot of wine.

At this moment, her beautiful dream was disturbed, causing Old Mrs. Chen to become furious.

“Mum! Something’s wrong!”

Chen Daoping wailed, gritting his teeth and struggling to suppress his voice from his throat, “Chen Dong …… isn’t dead!”


The furious old lady Chen was horrified and shocked.

Her old and frail body was instantly like a spring at this moment, and she sat up from the bed.

Her face, full of folds, trembled fiercely.

A murderous light even burst from her eyes.

“What’s going on? Tell me clearly for the old body, how come that wild B*****d is not dead?”

“Chen Tianyang has returned, he told the natural born himself!”

Chen Dao Ping’s face was full of veins protruding out.

“Go, come with me to see Tianyang immediately!”

Old Mrs. Chen jumped out of bed, shocked and angry, where was her old age?

In a hurry, even Chen Daoping and Chen Tiansheng were somewhat unable to catch up with Old Mrs. Chen’s pace.

It was early in the morning.

The three of them rushed into the small courtyard of Chen Tianyang in a hurry.

As soon as they saw Chen Tianyang in the courtyard, all of Mrs Chen’s features turned fierce, and her fierce light was revealed.

Her heart also sank to the bottom in an instant.


When Chen Tianyang saw Old Madam Chen, a smile immediately appeared on his cold face.


Old Mrs. Chen, leaning on her dragon head crutch, rushed to Chen Tianyang.


A slap ruthlessly smacked Chen Tianyang’s face.

“You B*****d, why did you come back?”

A sentence full of anger instantly caused Chen Tianyang to fall into a daze.

Chen Yu Fei, who was at the side, was even more frightened and lost her face.

She was initially favoured by Old Madam Chen, and among the younger generations of the Chen family, she was also the closest to Old Madam Chen.

This was the first time she had seen such a shocking anger!

“Grandma, I ……”

Chen Tianyang covered the swollen half of his face and opened his mouth to explain.

Instead, Old Mrs. Chen said in a stern voice, “Why did you come back when you were told to kill Chen Dong? Do you know how dangerous it is for you to come back now?”

Chen Tianyang was stunned, and his heart, which had been cooled by a slap, suddenly warmed a little.

Was Grandma worried about my safety, and that’s why she was so furious?

Old Madam Chen’s expression changed as she continued to ask, “Old body asks you, how is that wild son of Chen Dong doing?”

Chen Tianyang busily said, “There was an accident, Chen Dong was missing when we went there, so I grabbed Gu Qingying to threaten Chen Dong to show himself, but Chen Dong didn’t come, what came was that father-slaying scum from the Qin family in Xishu, he saved Gu Qingying!”

“Not dead? Really not dead? That B*****d is still alive and well?”

Old Mrs. Chen gritted her teeth and stomped her dragon head walking stick fiercely.

“No, that whatever Great Doctor’s summoning order was also Chen Dong’s to save that father-slaying scum!”


Old Lady Chen’s jealousy was splitting, and it was as if she wanted to eat someone at this moment.

Suddenly, her body swayed and staggered backwards, falling straight towards the ground.



Chen Tiansheng and Chen Daoping pounced on her and held Old Mrs. Chen.

Old Mrs. Chen felt the sky spinning, her left hand pressed fiercely against her forehead, her old face unable to hide the thunderous explosion of anger.

The celebration in front of the Buddha Hall in the early hours of the morning seemed to have become a joke!

Chen Tianyang’s return was like a slap in her face.

It should have been investigated!

It should have been investigated first!

It was too early to be happy, and she had lost face!

Old Mrs Chen was trembling, her body was on fire, but at the same time, she realised a crucial point.

The eyes glanced morosely at Chen Tianyang.

This matter …… is now tricky!

“Dao Ping, come with me to see the family head! Tian Sheng guard the small courtyard and mobilize manpower to prevent Tian Yang from being a*sa*sinated by the Darknet Hidden Killers, meanwhile Tian Yang must not leave the small courtyard for half a step!”

After giving the order in a cold voice, Old Madam Chen left the courtyard with the help of Chen Daoping.

After walking out of the small courtyard.

Chen Daoping said in a deep voice, “Mom, it’s really not wise to go see the family head now.”

“What do you know?”

Old Mrs. Chen’s face was full of hostility, where was there any semblance of the peacefulness of her faith in Buddhism, narrowing her eyes, her gaze was cold: “If you strike first, you will suffer later, that trash Chen Tianyang did not do his job well, and if he does not see the family head in this matter, is he not waiting to be implicated, to fall deep into the mire, to be caught by the family head?”