Winner Takes All Chapter 2042

The Skyway takes shape.

Amidst a roar of laughter, one by one, the Hidden World rolled up into the sky with a majestic dragon like qi.

The starry river drove the sea and filled the sky.

This was the revelry of the hidden people.

Exclusively for them.

Even the strongest of qi power are powerless to participate.

Qigong powerhouses have broken through that layer of shackles though.

But a breakthrough is a breakthrough.

Just as in the case of Chen Daojun, only after breaking through Qi Jin for a long period of time and experiencing time to settle down could one truly glimpse the tip of that tip.

Only when he has glimpsed it will he be able to move upwards.

The hidden people, on the other hand, have not only glimpsed it, but have also become stronger than Qi Jin powerhouses after experiencing time to settle down.

Such a great opportunity to step into the sky is so great that even if ordinary Qi Jin powerhouses had the desire, they would not dare to actually take a step forward.

Once they are involved in a fight with the Hidden World, they are no different from a mere chicken or a dog.

Purple Qi is in the air.

The haze of light.

The vast sea of blood leads to the sky, straight through the middle of the heavenly gates, glowing with blood.

A call from a distant ancestor.

With their own strength, they are resisting the power of the heavens that is transmitted from the heavenly gates.

For the distant ancestors, there is no distinction of position; all are descended from human beings, and so all can tread the path to heaven; what they are doing is fighting against the heavens for the descendants of human beings.

The might of the heavens is vast and sweeping across the world.

It is so overwhelming that all things are forbidden, but it cannot in any way help the reveling hermits.

The first of the Hermits was the first to land on the vast Blood Sea road, and without the slightest hesitation, he took to the sky directly, darting quickly and with giant strides.

Only he did not run very far.

A tsunami of majestic power gushed out from the Heavenly Gate, sending a blood-coloured ripple visible to the naked eye across the Sea of Blood Sky Road, sweeping down on the hidden man in the blink of an eye.

The hidden man froze on the spot and was so excited that he did not even have time to disperse his Qi to defend himself.

In just a second.

He did not even have time to scream before he was turned into a spray of blood on the spot.

Sudden, unexpected, simple and brutal.

This scene was like a pot of cold water poured over the heads of all the Hidden World.

Shocked, terrified, mute ……

In a flash, all the hidden people who had just been eager to land on the Blood Sea Sky Road were frozen in mid-air.

The first thing you need to do is to think about what you just saw, and you can’t help but feel a white hair sweat on your back, a coldness that stings your bones.

They …… were all hidden people!

All of them had once left a strong mark on the martial dao in the long history before they retired to pursue the pinnacle of martial dao!

Under the universal sky.

The pinnacle of martial arts is what these hermits are all about.

There are highs and lows among the Hidden Ones, but the Hidden Ones, as a cla*s, are the best in the world.

Even so, in the face of that blood-coloured ripple, there was not even the slightest resistance, like flying ashes, silenced in a single blow.

They had never imagined that they could be this weak!

“Damn it! How can we still step into the sky?”

“I’ve been pursuing this for so long, and I’ve seen a chance come to me, but this fearful heavenly power treats us like ashes, how can I tread this long path?”

“A great competition? What a joke!”


In the vault of the sky, one by one, the Hidden World broke out in curses.

Or despair, or lamentation ……

Some even made a snap decision and turned directly towards the ground to fall.

The vast majority, however, remained resignedly frozen in the air.

With his hands behind his back, Chen Daojun looked at the hermits who had returned to the ground and shook his head: “Such a weak heart for martial arts, they deserve to be dogs for the rest of their lives, competing with people, with the earth and with the sky.

The six dragons of the Jiang family also nodded in agreement.

But compared to the calmness of Chen Daojun and the six dragons of the Jiang family.

Chen Dong and Jiang Qilin both drew in a breath of cold air at the same time when they witnessed the scene just now.

The two of them were very strong, and were existences that could crush the herd in the Hidden World.

But this horizontal oppression was not a complete crushing.

They had never imagined that the Hidden World could be this weak!

Faced with the might of the vast heavens, a snap of the finger flies into dust!

“If only I had just been the first to rush up ……,” Chen Dong said with a palpitating heart.

“You wouldn’t be the first to rush up, even if I were the first to let you step into the sky.”

Chen Daojun’s gaze slanted towards Chen Dong: “Dong’er, you have to understand the greed of human nature, in front of a great temptation, anyone will lose their mind and madly pounce on it like a walking beast, these hidden worlds will rush up the heavenly path with a speed faster than yours.”

“But who can step over when the power of heaven is so great?”

Chen Dong said with a palpitating heart, the firmness of his mind just now was also shaken by the blood-coloured ripple just now.

Jiang Qilin followed closely and echoed, “The heavenly path is so long, not to mention the heavenly might continuously washing down, even if it sweeps down in waves at intervals, no one can step on it.”

It wasn’t that Chen Dong and Jiang Qilin were wimps, but the facts before them were just that.

“The Great Dao fights, stepping on the Heavenly Road is fighting against the heavens!”

Grand Master Jiang turned back and said in a deep voice, “If you don’t compete with the heavens, if the Heavenly Path is unobstructed, even if you enter the Heavens, you won’t be able to integrate into the Heavens and will be rejected out as usual, remember this is a process of competition, use all your strength and you will definitely have a chance.”

“Strive ……”

Chen Dong and Jiang Qilin pondered for a second, then glanced at each other and understood at the same time.

At the same time.

“A bunch of stupid and greedy idiots.”

Gu Cangyue calmly put his hands behind his back and scolded out of the corner of his eye, “Do you really think that stepping on the Heavenly Road is just a matter of walking up it step by step? If that’s the case, then the Heavenly Path is too easy to tread, a bunch of hungry dogs who only know how to compete for opportunities!”

As he looked at the dome of the sky, Gu Cangyue did not hide the sarcastic smile on his face.

It wasn’t just him.

Also not immediately rushing up to the vault was the black-robed Heavenly Wolf.

“The Heavenly Might is vast, and without you all in the sky as shields, even if Chen Daojun goes to tread the heavens, it will still not work.”

The black-robed Heavenly Wolf rubbed his palm: “This is a qualification to compete with the heavens on an equal footing, the majesty of the heavens cannot be desecrated, how can an old b*****d who has lived for so long be so delusional as to reach such a point?”

All said and done, ridicule is ridicule.

Neither Gu Cang Yue nor the black-robed Heavenly Wolf immediately took to the air, even though they were now behind the Hidden World people.

Likewise, there were many other hidden people like Gu Cang Yue and the black-robed Sky Wolf existing all over the battlefield. In the end, there were many people like Ancient Cang Yue and Black Robe Sky Wolf.

They faced the heavenly path, maintaining absolute calm and quietly waiting to observe.

“Is this what you want, Skywolf?”

Kui Gang stood up, his iron tower-like body now imprinted in the light, as desolate and forlorn as it could be.

He turned back and looked to the north, his tiger eyes rare and shadowy to the extreme.

“Lord Queen ……”


The Huns’ Palace.

Skywolf Courtyard.

The lights are on.

The king’s palace of Nuo is now a little seeping because of the heavenly might that has descended and everyone is frozen in place while the ravens are silent.

Outside the Skywolf Courtyard, a warplane was still parked.

The ground was smashed and the warplane was rising in thick black smoke.

The courtyard door was wide open.

A trail of footprints remained on the snow on the ground.

Xixing walked into the secret room with big strides, and as the lights came on, the seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Bodies were revealed.

She straightened her phoenix robe, no longer in a state of servility and dust, her demeanour was majestic, returning once again to the aura of the once untamed Queen of the Huns.

With her hands cupped in her sleeves and robes, she took one step, one step, into the chamber.

Her steps were slow, but the light of her cold eyes swept over each and every one of the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao bodies.

“Skywolf ah Skywolf …… you are truly ashamed of the faith of your people, since you have abandoned your people, then it is up to me, the queen, to abandon you.”

The words were cold and harsh, with a bitter chill that pierced to the bone and marrow.