Winner Takes All Chapter 2043

A cold, piercing voice echoed through the quiet chamber.

Eventually, Xie Xing stopped in front of the 72nd Heavenly Wolf Martial Path.

She slowly turned around, her face as cold as frost and her eyes as cold as ice.

A bitterly cold intent swept across the secret room.

It even drove back the wind and snow that poured in from outside the chamber.

She once again swept through the Heavenly Wolf martial bodies one by one.


As Queen of the Xiongnu, the Xiongnu’s top secrets had been revealed to her in full when the King of the Xiongnu had pr…

This top secret, which only the successive Hun kings were qualified to know, was about the Wolf and these 72 Wolf Martial Bodies!

Knowing this top secret, she knew better than anyone the relationship between her people and the belief in the Sky Wolves.

But she still made it possible for the Hundred Clans to join forces and wield the whip south, for no other reason than to break the harsh environment that had held the Hundred Clans captive for thousands of years, and some deep-rooted ways of thinking.

She also wanted to fight!

To fight for peace for all generations for the Hundred Clans.

So knowing full well what the Heavenly Wolves and the 72 Heavenly Wolf Martial Bodies meant, she still organized the Hundred Clans to join forces.

But she had far overestimated the status of the children of the Hundred Clans in the hearts of the Heavenly Wolves of Faith.

The first battle was a duel, and the Heavenly Wolves abandoned their people.

How could she not have anticipated this?

The abandonment was unhesitating, decisive and decisive, abandoned as if it were nothing.

“Skywolf, will you regret such a decision?”

Xixing’s hands were caged in her sleeved robes, her red lips slowly turned upwards, revealing a cold smile, “Black-robed Skywolf, you are nothing more than a puppet on a string, nothing more than being carried and manipulated by Skywolf’s own hands!”


Xixing’s phoenix robe bulged for a moment, and then with a swirl of her hands, she directly faced the 72nd Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body and sat down on her knees.

This magnificent royal palace, no, to be exact, in the entire Thirteen Cities of Xiongnu, only Xie Xing was able to move.

And as she settled down, the Thirteen Cities once again fell dead silent to the extreme.

In the snow and wind.

The lights were still on.

The drifting flakes of snow, imprinted by the light, look unbearably bleak.


Rumble ……

Over the city of Zhenjiang.

The heavenly might is vast.

The power of the distant ancestors constantly fights against it to ensure that the Blood Sea Heavenly Road leads smoothly into the Heavenly Gate.

What was originally a path to the heavens in the eyes of the Hidden Ones instantly became a nightmare for all the Hidden Ones as the first one was instantly killed.

The top combatants of the world were like flying ashes in the face of the heavenly might.

Even the best of hearts would not have been able to bear this.

After being shocked and terrified, all the Hidden World fell into silence.

They were indecisive and hesitant.

No one is stupid, having witnessed what happened to the first person to eat a crab, no one wants to be the second.

It was clear to everyone that if they set foot on the Heavenly Path before they knew how to do so, they would be cannon fodder and a stepping stone for the rest of the Hidden World to test out the Heavenly Path.

Everyone waited until someone else could not resist and was the first to step forward.

The process was incomparably long and depressing.

And, in the midst of the torturous wait, the hermits who filled the sky were also wary of each other and those around them.

Having lived to their age, they knew very well the truth that a dead friend is not a poor friend.

When a great opportunity is at hand, nothing is too much for the next person to do!

Heaven and earth are forbidden.

Only above the ninth heaven, there is a roar. The sky is forbidden.

Chen Dong looked at the scene in the firmament and hesitated for a moment: “What now?”


Chen Daojun put his hands behind his back and smiled faintly, “Someone will always think of a way.”


Chen Dong raised his eyebrows, somewhat surprised by Chen Daogun’s words.

If he continued to torment and wait, he did not doubt for a moment that there would be a hidden world that could not resist and use other means.

After all, everyone’s character was different and had different limits of patience.

But Chen Daojun’s words, as it were, did not refer to this!

Then ……

“Grandfathers, how about forcibly blasting a few Hidden Worlds onto the Heavenly Path?”

Jiang Qilin clasped his fist and said to the six dragons of the Jiang family in a complicated manner.

Previously, all the hidden people had been rushing to face the newly formed Heavenly Path, but now everyone was stagnant and not moving forward, which did not do any good for the Heavenly Path.

“There is no rush, since the Daoist Monarch has said so, then we should listen to him.”

Grand Master Jiang lifted his right hand and rejected Jiang Qilin’s proposal.

At the same time.

Another part of the battlefield.

Gu Cang Yue frowned at what was happening in the sky, as a bloody wind swept up a large area of snow and wind, and quietly arrived at his side.


Gu Cang Yue seemed to have guessed what was going on and spoke at once.

The black-robed Sky Wolf’s figure emerged from the blood wind and snow flakes.

He likewise held his hands behind his back, “You know what this throne is going to say?”

“Know, but you can do the same thing, don’t forget, we are all just working together.” Gu Cang Yue said.

“But you will be safer if you use the Great Cauldron, after all, the Great Cauldron is able to resist the heavenly might.”

The black-robed Heavenly Wolf’s blood flickered under his hood and was about to advise again.

Gu Cang Yue suddenly turned his head and stared at the black-robed Sky Wolf with a cold and biting light, “But the Great Cauldron can also kill you, cooperation is just cooperation, don’t make me do things I am not willing to do!”

A harsh killing intent instantly enveloped the black-robed Skywolf.

The black-robed Skywolf’s eyes flashed with blood, and then he fell silent.

“You’re also worthy of teaching me how to do things!”

Gu Cangyue snorted and twisted his head to continue looking above the dome of the sky.

The black-robed Heavenly Wolf dared not speak out in anger, and could only look up at the dome in dismay.

It was only with this glance that both of them let out a startled eek at the same time.

Almost simultaneously.

Chen Dong, the Six Dragons of the Jiang Clan, Master Kongkong and Zhao Bailu also changed their faces at the same time.

The Hidden World was all over the sky, densely packed and spectacular.

It was hard to imagine that there were so many Hidden Worlds hidden in this world.

But at this moment, all of them remained silent in the face of the vast blood sea of heavenly roads.

Waiting seemed to be the only thing they could do.

The feast came to an abrupt end.

The silence was as great as that of the ma*sacre of the Black Prisoners and the Faith Totems on the earthly battlefield below.


Suddenly, there was a shriek.

The eyes of the Mantian Yin world were instantly drawn to it.

One could see a hermit shouting and diving straight towards the Blood Sea Heavenly Road.

Finally …… someone couldn’t hold back?

The spirits of the hermits have been lifted.

Follow closely.

In quick succession, there were several more loud shouts, and one after another, the Hermits swooped down towards the Blood Sea Sky Road.

The original silence and silence was completely broken at this moment.

As they watched each and every one of the Hidden Ones dive towards the Blood Sea Sky Road, all the Hidden Ones’ hearts were agitated, and their impulses and desires were wildly surging at this moment.

“The Great Dao fights, and I am immortal!”

“Charge! Someone is in front of us, after waiting for so many years for this opportunity, to be afraid of it is bound to be lost!”

“I’ll go first!”


One by one, the hermits could no longer hold back and rolled with their majestic qi, swooping towards the Blood Sea Sky Road like a hundred boats fighting to cross.

The feast of revelry had begun once again!

This time, when faced with such a great opportunity, each and every one of the Hidden Worlds went into a complete frenzy, leaving the previous scene behind them.

Chen Daojun couldn’t help but smile as he looked at the Hidden Worlds who were star-falling towards the Blood Sea Heavenly Road.

“Even the firmest of reason will quickly be diluted when faced with a scramble, and such a truth applies to the Hidden World people as well, who are also equally human.”

“But they ……”

Chen Dong’s heart was beating wildly and he couldn’t help but say, “But those few Hidden Worlds in the front, they were clearly pushed down!”

“Does it matter? It doesn’t matter!”

Chen Daojun glanced back, “Now that someone has already thought of a way and done it, next, it’s your turn to step into the sky, Dong’er!”