Winner Takes All Chapter 2041

Above the Ninth Heaven.

The gates of heaven appear in a haze of light.

Violet energy covers the sky.

The power of the distant ancestors fights against the might of the heavens, rending rivers of blood to converge into a heavenly path and converge into the Heavenly Gate.

No matter how much the Heavenly Might suppressed, no matter how much the ripples emanating from the Heavenly Gate washed away, it was never able to stop the Blood Sea Heavenly Path from connecting to the Heaven and the Earth.

Since the dawn of mankind, ancient mankind has fought against the heavens, fought against the earth, fought against floods and beasts, and that unyielding will has long been engraved into the depths of the human soul, integrated into the bones and blood, stronger than a single faith.


This …… can also be said to be the fundamental reason why mankind has been able to reproduce from ancient times and become more and more prosperous!

And at this moment, facing the heavenly might of the heavens.

The unyielding will of mankind is the real power to resist the might of the heavens.

The rhythmic sound emanating from the vortex of purple air hides the cries and hisses of our ancestors who once fought against all.

Rumble ……

Along with the vault of the sky, a vast river of blood collided and merged with each other.

In the vast space under the sky, time seems to be rapidly becoming “sticky”, slower and slower, approaching stillness.

All living beings, unable to resist this change, gradually lost their ability to move, and even their minds tended to slow down, moving towards fixation.

The only ones who could resist the slowing down of time in this world were the qi masters and their faith totems, which were comparable to those of qi masters.

The legionnaires on the battlefield, however, were completely incapacitated by this time lag, standing on the ground like wheat saplings, waiting to be harvested.

Chen Dong swept his gaze across the battlefield, watching the Black Prisoners and the Faith Totems harvesting the entire field of soldiers unhindered, and suddenly understood why Chen Daogun had said that the Pan Gu Project was not only to train him as a candidate for the Heaven Treading Road, but also to train a legion to carry the sword on behalf of him and roam the world.

Now, the performance of the Black Prison Army fully confirmed what Chen Daogun meant by the words “to carry the sword for him and run the world”.

Under this terrifying heavenly might, the only people who can move freely are the qi masters, and all living creatures tend to be frozen in time.

The more he learnt about the Pan Gu Project, the more frightened Chen Dong became of Chen Daogun.

He knew that the “Pan Gu Plan” was not a plan that Chen Daogun had made overnight, but a plan that had been worked out over a long period of time, and no one knew how much energy had been spent on it.

But the materials consumed were the blood of the entire Chen family!

And the gentry, who had all the money in the world, were only providing the blood for the first stage of the plan.

The large-scale promotion of the “Pan Gu Project” is still in the hands of Chen Dong, who is in control of the Chen family and has ordered all its subsidiaries to provide resources.

During this long period of time, Chen Daojun had already anticipated this scene.

Perhaps …… he might have also anticipated the Faith Totem.

The Black Prison Army was not only created to “carry out the sword for him”, but also to counteract the Faith Totem!

How much of a horrible schemer should one be to be this far-sighted?

The thought occurred to him.

Chen Dong’s eyes suddenly burst out with a brilliant aura.

He hurriedly scanned the battlefield around him.

Time …… was completely still!

A moment ago it was merely time getting more and more sluggish, while at this moment it was truly still.

Everything is fixed!

As far as the eye can see, people are as motionless as gra*s and trees.

Even Chen Dong felt that these soldiers, at this moment, should even be frozen in their thinking consciousness.

The strange thing was that everyone above the qi energy was still unaffected by this still time!

Whether it was Chen Dong, or Chen Daogun and the others, or even all of the Black Hell Army and the Faith Totem!

“How could the stillness of time sent down by the heavens have no effect on the people above the Qi Qi?”

Chen Dong wondered offhandedly.

Previously, when time was becoming increasingly sluggish, the fact that it did not affect those above Qi Energy could still be explained as the strength of Qi Energy that was counteracting the time lag.

But to stand still in time, all of which had no effect on a strong person above Qi Power, this was incredible!

“This question, only you can go to the upper world to explore, and according to my speculation, if you really explore it, perhaps you can break this restrictive rule that heaven and earth are unkind and all things ruminate, break the rules under the heavenly dome, and also humane prosperity.”

Chen Daogun still had his hands behind his back, his expression indifferent and calm, but his eyes were profoundly profound: “Those who can still move freely on this battlefield now, in fact, after breaking through to Qi Jin, in the long years, they actually gradually realized that Qi Jin is just a threshold, that’s why we tirelessly go after higher levels of power!”

“But why don’t I feel it?” Jiang Qilin asked.

Chen Daojun said calmly, “It takes a long time for you to notice a hint of it, not just you, but Dong’er too.

Both Chen Dong and Jiang Qilin were noncommittal.

One of them had relied on countless opportunities, and the other on the Jiang family’s heritage, and the time it took for them to become Qi Jin powerhouses was indeed far longer than everyone else, and even if they were placed in the long history, they would be enough to stand proud of the herd.

It did make sense to lose the time to sink in and not feel it.

But what is the secret of qi energy?

Chen Dong subconsciously looked up to the nine heavens above.

It was also at the moment when his gaze was cast.

Clang ……

An ancient and desolate bell suddenly fell from above the ninth heaven.

In an instant, it surrounded the world.

The sound of the bell was crisp yet heavy, hard to describe, like the sound of an ancient bell from a thousand year old temple that has been steeped in time.

As this bell rang out.

The sound of the bell has not yet disappeared.

The vault of the sky, the blood paths that collided and fused with each other, also gave a sudden lurch. ,

The next second.

The wide and magnificent sea of blood road suddenly rolled up high waves of blood, and the loud clashing sound, even from this heavenly blood road, transmitted glittering blood light, shining brightly in the long sky.

All the blood paths, in this instant, underwent a fusion.

In this process of fusion, the blood-light paths in the sky became crystal-bright.

Whereas before it was in liquid form, in this momentary moment, it was directly quenched into a blood-coloured crystal.

The vast and wide blood path was enough to carry the collective charge of a thousand armies and horses, and was straight and straight, leading to the hidden heavenly gate in the haze of ten thousand lights.

An unspeakable and terrifying might swept across the world.

The cacophony of distant ancestors’ voices emanating from the vortex of purple qi became even longer and more subdued at this moment.

It was like a call.

A call from the ancient ancestors of mankind.

A call to the descendants of mankind to tread the path to the heavens as they open the gates of heaven!

The heavens and the earth change colour.

Blood light fills this heaven and earth.

“Finally, it has appeared again!”

Chen Daogun took a deep breath, his right hand backhanded and his rigid Qi energy “buzzed” as he pushed Fengless into Chen Dong’s hands.

“Dong’er, hold the sword and ascend to the heavens!”

“Qilin son, tread the path to heaven!”

Almost simultaneously.

From all over the battlefield, a qi-pitched train, like a swimming dragon, rose up into the air.

In each majestic qi was a recluse.

They were all wildly venting their qi, without any sense of decorum, like a hyena that had gone mad with hunger, rising up into the air and running towards the vast path of heaven.

“The Heavenly Road is taking shape, I have waited for hundreds of years for this opportunity, today I will succeed in stepping into the sky!”

“Hahahaha …… The Heavenly Path is taking shape, Fellow Daoists, the Great Dao is in contention!”

“Six hundred years, a whole six hundred years, I have waited for a whole six hundred years, ah, this road to heaven, finally qualified to step on it!”

“I’ve been living in the world for 400 years, today I’m asking for the heavenly path, I’m going to enter that heavenly gate!”


The vault of the sky echoed with the shouts of one hermit world.

It was as if in this instant, one entered into a feast of revelry for all the Hidden Ones.

As Chen Dong looked at the scene in the sky, even though he had prepared for it in his heart, he could not help but be stunned for a moment, forgetting to immediately ascend into the air.

He had thought that there were many hidden people, but he had never imagined that there would be so many!

The sky was filled with human figures, qi like dragons, densely packed, each one dragging a long qi train, the river of stars rushing to the sea, running to the Scarlet Road to Heaven!