Winner Takes All Chapter 1981

Every word, clear and cold, carried a strong sense of resentment and hatred.

As Xixing looked at Chen Dong, resentment and hatred turned over in her chest.

How deeply one loved someone, how fiercely one hated them!

Even now, it was hard for her to overlap the figure in front of her with the man she had seen back then!

This man, the one who had burst into her eyes in an instant.

Then all the way like a shooting star, relying on his own abilities, step by step, he had reached the highest position in the Huns!

Each of these distinctions was unmatched in the world, unattainable by the Huns and even by Kui Gang, the noble first warrior of the Huns, who aspired to it.

She had him in her eyes, so she did not spare him all the glory, she put a million glories on him.

She had made him, moreover, the most suitable man for this war!

She was haughty, her eyes were higher than the world, and she disdained all the pride of heaven among the hundred tribes.

Until this man appeared!

But everything, it all changed so quickly!

This man, with a single turn in the city of the Huns, shattered all glory, angered the Hun King, and even more so, nailed the Huns and her to a pillar of shame, the laughing stock of all the clans!

And now, he was even standing in the way of the allied army of the Hundred Clans heading south!

As he said these words, perhaps the wind and snow were so bitterly cold that Xixing’s beautiful eyes blinked incessantly and gradually flushed red.

When Chen Dong heard the end, his qi shook so violently that the dust under his feet swept backwards.

In an instant.

Everything around him seemed to be fading away.

The sound of shouting and killing, the sound of explosions, even the loud noise of distant warplanes crashing, all rapidly weakened.

This side of the world was quiet.

Chen Dong looked at Ye Linglong, who was being held hostage in the distance, and Ye Linglong was also looking at him.

The four eyes met.

Everything around him seemed to be faded.

All the things that had happened before, like a movie, quickly surfaced in Chen Dong’s mind.

At this moment …… he hesitated!

The raging blood-colored qi in his body also weakened by a large margin at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“Long time no see.”

In the wind and snow, Ye Linglong smiled, only for her eyes to be red.

“Long time no see.”

Chen Dong nodded, his brow furrowed, but he could not smile.

He was an ancestral elder of the Hong Society.

He was even more entangled with Ye Linglong, and he was not a fool, he understood all of Ye Linglong’s thoughts towards him.

It was just that because of Gu Qingying, he had been resisting and even staying away.

Because of his childhood encounter, he knew better what responsibility meant.

He didn’t want Ye Linglong to fall into this whirlpool of his, so he pushed Ye Linglong out time and again, but as fate would have it, in the end Ye Linglong fell into this whirlpool after all.

And, still in this way, reunited again.

“Chen Dong, either let open the northern gate of Zhenjiang City for defense, or, she dies!”

Xixing’s cold eyes misted up, her red lips trembled slightly, and the dagger she clutched in her right hand could not help but close in on Ye Linglong’s neck once more.

Perhaps the dagger was too sharp, but this slight movement caused Ye Linglong to let out a stifled grunt, and a bloodstain appeared on her neck.

The slight change of expression on Shying Xing’s face, however, was well hidden in the wind and snow.

With this muffled grunt from Ye Linglong.

Chen Dong’s body shook violently, “Stop!”

This moment.

Both Xixing and Ye Linglong’s bodies shook at the same time.

It was just that the expressions on the two of them were different from each other.

When she heard these two words, Ye Linglong’s eyes clearly brightened up a lot.

On the other hand, Xie Xing’s foggy eyes were fiercely obscure to the extreme.

Xixing laughed.

Her body trembled.

She did not care at all about the stares around her.

The wind and snow howled.

Explosions roared.

While laughing, Xie Xing slowly turned her head sideways and buried her head into the side of Ye Linglong’s neck position, her red lips against Ye Linglong’s ear, exhaling like an orchid.

“He, in his heart, really has you, so envious ……”

The words are soft, like a mosquito chant, but with a tremble.

The cold wind blew across Ye Linglong’s face, lifting the green silk in front of her forehead.

At this moment, her expression was complicated to the extreme.

Red lips, tightly obliterated.

Bright eyes, bright and dark, looked straight at Chen Dong across the room.

This process was very short.

Even onlookers would not even bother with this detail of movement.

When Xixing looked up again, there was no trace of mist in her eyes, only determination and coldness.

She was holding Ye Linglong’s shoulder with one hand and clutching the dagger with the other.

At this moment, it was as if the brutality and majesty of the Hun Queen had once again returned to her brow.

“If you want her to live, then make way for this king!”

Every word was as cold as ice.

Chen Dong’s brow furrowed, and the veins on his face twisted and trembled.

The blood-coloured Qi energy was washing and tossing.

The insidious, brutal sea of corpses and blood rose up in a vast manner at this moment.

He narrowed his eyes, the blood seeping in his eyes, and spoke, “You are delusional!”

“So, between her and them, you already have a choice?”

Xixing raised her eyebrows in a cold and unforgiving manner.

And behind her and Ye Linglong, whether it was Kui Gang, or the black-robed Heavenly Wolf, or even the hidden worlds such as Gu Cang Yue and Zhang Du Er, they were all stunned.

Was this …… really threatening Chen Dong to abandon the defence of the northern city gate as planned?

Kui Gang even wanted to stop it several times, but when he looked at the six dragons of the Jiang family standing in front of the northern city gate, he forced himself to hold back.

This was the only way to make Chen Dong give up the defence of the Northern City Gate.

With the Jiang family’s six dragons, Chen Dong was almost invincible, so it was impossible for the Hidden World to make a move.

A dead horse could only be treated as a living horse!

Chen Dong was silent, his bloodshot eyes gazing at Xixing and Ye Linglong.

The blood-colored qi on his body, however, tumbled even more violently.

Crunching ……

His right hand tightened its grip on the hilt of his bladeless sword, emitting an ear-piercing sound.

“As long as you are willing to give way, this king will return Ye Linglong to you peacefully.” Xixing spoke again.

“Demon Mother, you are seeking death!”

The veins in the corners of Chen Dong’s eyes jumped wildly, clenching his teeth and spitting out a hoarse voice from between his teeth, “You shouldn’t have come, and you should even less threaten me with her, if I were to behead you, those people behind you wouldn’t be able to stop it!”

Xixing smiled sadly, “Before you behead this king, this king can also kill her!”

“You ……”

Chen Dong was speechless, after metamorphosing his heart realm, his mood swings, at this moment, reached its peak.

Just at this moment.

Ye Linglong suddenly laughed forlornly.

“Ancestor Chen, if I were to be replaced by Gu Qingying, would you agree?”

Chen Dong froze.

Even he was not sure how he would choose if this was really the case!

He had come this far, with all sorts of metamorphoses, even now, for that little fool!

“I understand.”

Ye Linglong smiled even more wantonly, sometimes the lack of an answer was actually the answer.

“Then, may I ask Ancestor Chen, has he ever understood Linglong’s mind? Has there ever been a certain period of time, no, a certain moment, when there was a thought about Linglong’s heart? Had that slightest fluctuation in his heart?”

When Ye Linglong asked these words, the Xixing beside her lowered her eyebrows, there was nothing wrong with these words, the plan itself to use Ye Linglong to threaten Chen Dong was actually a matter of choosing one or the other, when Chen Dong chose, the result was there.

When Ye Linglong came up with this plan, she actually wanted to know an answer, moreover, she knew the result of the two choices, Chen Dong chose her, she lived, Chen Dong did not choose her, she died!

Even if Xie Xing did not want to kill, but in this battlefield of ten thousand armies, such a threat, in the end, he could only send Ye Linglong on her way!

Chen Dong’s blood was churning and his face was full of fierce terror.

At this moment, faced with Ye Linglong’s forlorn smile and question.

He did not hesitate.

Instead, he nodded in silence.

“So, it’s just the wrong order of time to love.”

Ye Linglong smiled with tears in her eyes, slowly raised her head, tears flowed down the corners of her eyes, but was blown away by the cold wind, her lips and teeth lightly opened, “I hope in the next life, Linglong can get to Ancestor’s side sooner ah, goodbye ……”

Determined words, is already ready to die.

At this moment, Xixing’s complexion was also as deep as water, feeling the burning gazes around her.

She clenched her teeth fiercely, and her expression was suddenly resolute.


A cold light flashed ……