Winner Takes All Chapter 1982


A cold light flashed.

A dagger slipped out of Ye Linglong’s sleeve without warning, directly upward and diagonally stabbing at Xixing’s heart.

It was all in a flash.

Ye Linglong, who was originally ready to kill, had cold eyes and a killing intent.

The moment the dagger was revealed, she even slapped her palm on Xixing’s wrist.

With a scream of pain from Xie Xing, the dagger across Ye Linglong’s neck flew straight out of her hand.

Everyone was caught off guard by the sudden shift, not to mention that they had no time to have any means of response.

Time slowed to a crawl at this moment.

Ye Linglong’s face was full of determination as she looked straight at the terrified Xixing.

The dagger flashed with a bone-chilling coldness as it approached Xie Xing’s heart.

One strike to kill!


Just a moment before the dagger stabbed at Xie Xing’s heart, a metal clash sounded.

Ye Linglong’s cold and stern face was suddenly shocked and her beautiful eyes were wide open.

“How? Why are you wearing armour close to your body? When you faced a*sa*sination that time in the Hun King’s Palace, you weren’t wearing it at all, so why this time?”

A series of unbelievable questioning.

At this moment, Ye Linglong’s entire body was dumbfounded.

With the dagger in her right hand, no matter how hard she tried, she could not break through the armour on Xixing’s body!

Everything seemed to be frozen in place.

“If you don’t, how can you try to find out what your intentions really are?”

Shying stood tall and proud, ignoring the dagger against her heart, her beautiful eyes looking straight at Ye Linglong, the last trace of pity in her eyes dissipating into an endless coldness.

The words had just fallen.

Not far away, the black-robed Sky Wolf gave a cold laugh.

“She’s the Queen of the Huns, how could she not have self-protective armour on her? What a coincidence, that time when you didn’t wear it, it just happened to be you, you are so lucky.”

The words were full of teasing!

Ye Linglong’s eyes were bright and uncertain.

She was not a fool, what was before her eyes, after a brief shock, she quickly reacted.

The a*sa*sination that took place in the Xiongnu King’s palace against Xixing at the beginning was a deliberate act by Xixing and Tian Lang to show her!

The a*sa*sination was real!

But the reaction of Xie Xing and Tian Lang to the a*sa*sins was fake!

They had deliberately revealed that they did not have their armour with them, just because they were waiting for now!

“Thank you, if not for you, I don’t know how many more a*sa*sins this king would have faced during this time!”

Xixing’s lips curled up as he smiled coldly, “How much better would it have been if you hadn’t stabbed this time? At least, in my king’s heart, you and I are still kindred spirits!”

“We have never been the same kind of people!”

Ye Linglong shook her head, “No matter what, I am ultimately a man of the domain, and the ancestral teachings of the Hong Society over the generations have never betrayed the existence of the River and Mountain.”

“So you never really wanted to integrate into the Hun?”

Xixing stood tall, completely ignoring the dagger at her heart, her beautiful eyes slightly narrowed: “For this slash, you even gambled your life, the fate of the Hong Society? And …… Xu Qingfeng’s life?”

“Capture the thief to capture the king, the hundred clans are united because of you, once you die, the hundred clans united army can fall apart, why can’t I bet?”

Ye Linglong’s beautiful eyes suddenly flickered with a fierce awning, and as she spoke, she directly held the dagger and swept it quickly towards Xixing’s neck.

The cold aura flashed.

The dagger cut through the soft armour with an ear-piercing sound.

“Seeking death!”

In a flash of lightning, Kui Gang let out an explosive roar and his lofty body was like a great mountain pushing straight across.

There was no hint of finesse.

A powerful palm slammed directly onto Ye Linglong’s dagger-wielding right wrist.

There was a bang!

Ye Linglong let out a miserable scream as the dagger flew out of her hand and swept past Xixing’s neck.

The tremendous impact of the force even caused her to lose her balance instantly and fly towards the outside of the Phoenix Driver.


The Kui Gang’s fierce power was revealed, and he pursued her relentlessly.

Everything, it was only a matter of moments.

From Ye Linglong’s sudden reversal to her being sent flying by the Kui Gang, it was so fast that one’s thoughts were unable to turn around.

It was only when Ye Linglong let out this miserable cry that Chen Dong was violently awakened.

In the line of sight.

Ye Linglong flew backwards in the air, while above the Phoenix Driver, the Kui Gang was wrapped in a fearful killing intent, carrying Qi energy and chasing after her in the air.



Chen Dong’s qi swept upwards and into the sky.

A sea of blood churned as sand and rocks flew along the way.

He stepped directly into the air and rushed towards Ye Linglong.

He had not yet sorted out the changes involved, but reason and the conversation between Ye Linglong and Xixing just now were telling him that Ye Linglong …… had never betrayed the domain!

Seeing that it was too late to stop Kui Gang, Chen Dong’s tongue burst into thunder and his right hand blatantly threw Fengless out.

Fengless flipped in the air, wrapped in domineering sword qi, like a running thunder, and shot directly at Kui Gang.

“You can’t stop it!”

Kui Gang’s murderous intent surged, but he did not dodge in the face of the frontier, his hands grabbed and pulled the Qi energy, and landed directly on the frontier.


There was an explosion as the qi collided with each other.

The aftermath was visible to the naked eye, sweeping in all directions.

The sharp shooting Fengless instantly flew backwards, while the aftermath of the collision between the two sides’ qi energy blasted directly at Ye Linglong’s body.

Ye Linglong’s body shook, and as she flew backwards towards Chen Dong, she threw back her head and spurted out a large mouthful of fresh blood.


In a flash of lightning, after Kui Gang grabbed Fengless with both hands, he continued to chase and kill towards Ye Linglong.

And at this moment.

Chen Dong had also reached behind Ye Linglong.

He wrapped his left hand around Ye Linglong’s waist and turned around to protect her, while his right hand was like an anaconda dragon as he swiped at Kui Gang with a bang.

Qi energy ran across.

There was a roaring sound.

Kui Gang hurriedly blocked with both arms, but the moment of collision, he was still sent flying like a cannonball and fell heavily to the ground.

As soon as he hit the ground, Kui Gang tried to struggle to get up, but the pain in his arms was unbearable and he couldn’t get up after struggling twice.

He looked up at Chen Dong and Ye Linglong and laughed fiercely.

“Chen Dong, the aftermath of the qi of two qi powerhouses, she is also dead, hahaha ……”

In mid-air, Chen Dong gathered Ye Linglong in his arms, and when he heard Kui Gang’s words, his eyebrows could not help but wrinkle a little.

After landing on the ground with Ye Linglong, he was the first to glance at Xixing and the others to make sure that Gu Cang Yue and the others did not have any intention of making a move, and only then did he feel at ease.

In fact, at the same time as Chen Dong flew out to rescue Ye Linglong, the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons also radiated their Qi at the same time.

The warning to Gu Cangyue was self-explanatory!

If they dared to make a move, the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons would definitely rush up at the first opportunity!

Just as Chen Dong’s gaze swept over Xixing and the others, his gaze met with Xixing’s and he clearly saw the resentment in Xixing’s eyes.

Not waiting for him to withdraw his gaze.

The Ye Linglong in his arms suddenly trembled and spurted out a mouthful of blood.

The blood splashed and burst onto Chen Dong’s face, wet and hot.

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened for a moment, feeling the temperature of the blood on his face, and his heart fluttered fiercely.

He slowly looked down at Ye Linglong in his arms.

At this moment, Ye Linglong was almost completely limp on top of him, her chest clothes were torn to rags by the Qi energy, and even the broken bones could be vaguely seen, piercing the flesh and staining a large area of crimson, her face was covered with blood, but she was incomparably pale.

Just as Chen Dong looked towards her.

The corners of her blood-stained mouth slowly turned upwards and smiled, “It hurts a little ……”