Winner Takes All Chapter 1980

The battlefield.

A sea of fire.

The battlefield was lit up like daylight by a sea of fire as warplanes exploded and swept into the sky.

Every time a fighter plane crashed, it shook the sky and the earth.

With the sky troops determined to die to clear the way for the Vermilion Bird Legion, the Vermilion Bird Legion was getting closer and closer to Zhenjiang City.

Even if the generals of the Hundred Clans allied army had the will to stop it, they could only watch.

When the warplane crashed, even the hidden people with qi energy would have to think twice if they wanted to stop it, not to mention the ordinary Rongwu.

Not to mention that it wasn’t just one fighter plane that crashed, it was one fighter plane that crashed like a dumpling!

The northern gate of Zhenjiang City.

The Jiang Family’s Six Dragons looked out at the warplanes swooping down in the distance, and their indifferent faces finally rippled.

“With these people around, how could the domain be destroyed?” Master Jiang San folded his hands into his sleeves and gave a deep smile.

Grand Master Jiang shrugged, “It is said that my Jiang Family is helping the edifice to tumble, but all the chaotic upheavals in the long history, there is such a group of people who are struggling to hold on despite everything, they are the foundation for the edifice not to tumble.”

The words had just fallen.

Chen Dong’s voice then came out, “So, even so, are all of you seniors unwilling to make a move?”

The six dragons of the Jiang Family looked towards Chen Dong at the same time.

Chen Dong, who was originally waving his sword Qi to clear the allied forces in front of him, was now turning around with his sword in hand, looking at them indifferently.

“Seniors, are you still unwilling to help out?”

Chen Dong spoke indifferently.

The six dragons of the Jiang Clan were silent and did not respond.

Chen Dong smiled coldly and turned around to continue wielding his sword Qi to swing clear the allied forces in front of him.

With a war machine going to its death to clear the way, the Vermilion Bird Legion was in turn the first to make it to Zhenjiang City.

As long as he held the North Gate, this was the door to the Vermilion Bird Legion regaining the defence of Zhenjiang City!

Once they retake Zhenjiang City, the situation in the entire war would be greatly reversed!

In fact, the generals of the Hundred Clans allied army knew this very well.

As the warplanes crashed to clear the way for the Vermillion Bird Army, the Hundred Clans’ forces at the Northern City Gate became significantly more aggressive in their attacks.

Even though they knew it was a moth to a flame, the Hundred Clans did not stop.

The tide of people piled up and poured towards Chen Dong.

They were either killed by the mouth of the Snowy Lion, or destroyed to pieces by Chen Dong’s sword energy.

But still, they did not waver!

It seemed that in the process of going to their deaths, they hoped for a miracle, a qualitative change from a quantitative change.

But in Chen Dong’s eyes, such a desperate attempt to die was ridiculous!

The several Hidden Worlds, after pushing across the Sea of Fire defensive line and opening up enough openings to pour out their troops, were also hanging in the air at this time and gathered towards the North City Gate, eyeing Chen Dong intently.

But the six dragons of the Jiang family standing in front of the North City Gate were like a great mountain, but the Hidden Worlds did not dare to advance!

It was at this moment.

A sound of drums and horns resounded across the battlefield at the same time.

And, the sound came from the north.

The few hermits hanging in the air were the first to turn around and look to the north.

And with the sound of the drums and trumpets.

The already red-eyed troops of the Hundred Clans were instantly hit with a shot of chicken blood.


The shout of killing, along with the sound of drums and trumpets, erupted from the mouths of the Hundred Clans’ allied troops at the North City Gate.

The sudden change of events caused Chen Dong’s heart to smack its lips in shock.

What change had occurred behind the Hundred Clans’ allied army?

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and looked towards the back of the battlefield, but as far as he could see, there was only an endless tide of people from the Hundred Clans United Army, so he could not see what had happened at the back.

At the same time.

The six dragons of the Jiang family also noticed something strange on the battlefield.

It wasn’t the sudden sound of drums and horns, but the fact that they clearly felt a difference in the aura of the Hundred Clans’ allied troops on the battlefield around them!

Such a change was imperceptible.

But the six dragons of the Jiang family, who had remained silent, felt it very deeply.

The Hundred Clans’ allied troops had always been fearless in their a*sault on the northern city gate.

But a second ago, their charge was more like …… “suicide”!

Now, as the drums and horns sounded, their aura changed as if they were ants shaking the sky, and with their endless numbers of ants, they could actually shake Chen Dong’s sky!

A very faint change, but extremely abrupt!

“The Hundred Clans’ allied forces, what’s their backstroke again? Old Six, you rise into the air and take a look.”

Grand Master Jiang calmly commanded.

Immediately, Master Jiang Liu rolled with his qi, and with the power of his qi, he rose into the air, and after crossing over the lofty and towering walls of Zhenjiang City, he continued to climb a bit higher.

As he gained height, he could see everything on the battlefield.

Only with this look, Master Jiang’s old face suddenly turned as gloomy as charcoal, his eyes narrowed into slits, and the veins at the corners of his eyes twitched violently.

In the line of sight.

The rear of the Hundred Clans Allied Army was originally a dense tide of people, but at this moment, a huge gap separated, and a military force was coming towards Zhenjiang City in great numbers, and in the course of their march, the Hundred Clans Allied Army retreated, but in the process of retreating, the aura of the Hundred Clans Allied Army clearly lifted.

“An imperial expedition?!”

Although he was some distance away, Master Jiang Liu still clearly saw the phoenix harness in the middle of the procession.

Without stopping too much.

Immediately, Jiang Sixth Master dropped towards the ground and told the Jiang family members what he saw.

Chen Dong, who was not far away, also took in the words of the Sixth Master Jiang.

He couldn’t help but frown slightly, and the appearance of Xixing came to his mind.

For a moment, a ripple appeared in his ancient well of calmness.

But the ripples just started, and then were forcibly suppressed by his reasoning.

After all …… standpoint is different!

Boom, boom, boom ……

Chen Dong still swung out with a sword.

However, the momentum of the charge of the allied army of the hundred tribes around him became significantly more fierce, and even had a momentum of being overwhelmed.


The Snowy Region Lion let out a lion’s roar that shook the heavens and the earth.

But with this lion’s roar, the allied army of the Hundred Tribes surrounding it retreated as far as the eye could see.

In the blink of an eye, a large void was left where the Snowy Lion was.

At the same time, as if they had been ordered to do so, the army of the Hundred Clans swarming towards Chen Dong also retreated and stood in place, looking respectful.

The wind and snow were bitterly cold.

The entire field was silent.

All of a sudden, this side of the battlefield was at odds with the entire battlefield.

Immediately afterwards.

A sulking voice came out.

“My king’s first warrior of the Huns, long time no see!”

Chen Dong frowned slightly, and as far as he could see, a huge tide of people parted to the left and right, and a majestic and luxurious phoenix carriage came slowly, stopping only at a distance of a hundred metres.

The crimson tulle curtain danced with the snowy wind, making Xixing’s cold face appear to be hidden, and beside her, there was another person!

“Ye Linglong!”

The moment Chen Dong saw Ye Linglong, his pupils suddenly tightened and he subconsciously took a step forward.


Just the moment he took a step, a flash of cold light flashed by.

However, it was Xixing holding a dagger in his hand and crossing it in front of Ye Linglong’s throat.

“Chen Dong …… This is your domain’s original name, right?”

“This king’s eyes are really good, the person who was personally selected from the pile of dead people ended up standing against this king, staring this king completely on the pillar of shame!”

“One man holding down the Northern City Gate is a heroic and powerful man, but …… her death is your choice!”