Winner Takes All Chapter 1966

“Why is the Queen suddenly here, isn’t she further back in the makeshift city?”

“How did she arrive just in time for this spectacle?”

“Lord Kui Gang, make up your mind as soon as possible!”


A crowd of generals and marshals, panic-stricken and noisy.

In fact, when Kui Gang knew that Xixing had decided to go on an imperial expedition, he deliberately suppressed the news, and only a handful of people in the army knew about it.

The Queen’s Majesty was on her own, and he had previously been angry at Qixing’s mistrust of him and his doubts about his abilities.

He had never thought that he would come at this very moment!

This was no longer a matter of trust or doubt!

It was a matter of trust and doubt!

The front line was still experiencing the baptism of bombs, while the rear was already in flames.

The front line was still battered by bombs, the rear was already in flames.

If Shying had not arrived at the camp, even if these things had happened, Shying would only have known about them from intelligence information, far less than the shock of being there to witness them.

After all, literally and physically, these are two different senses!

In front of all the generals, there was such a big mistake that Xie Xing could have changed the general on the spot!

Once that really happened, where would he be?

Looking at the noisy and panicked crowd, Kui Gang quickly calmed down.

He ordered in a deep voice, “Proceed according to military orders, I will go and greet the Queen!”

“As ordered!”

The generals and marshals led the order and left.

Kui Gang, however, was striding towards the outside.

No matter how far things had evolved, he was after all the Commander of the Hundred Clans United Army and should face everything.

Kui Gang had not gone far when he saw Xixing being surrounded by the crowd.

The crowd was in a hurry.

Behind Xie Xing, there was Ye Linglong and the black-robed Heavenly Wolf.

When Kui Gang saw Ye Linglong, his thick brows could not help but frown, but he still quickened his steps.

“The last general, Kui Gang, welcomes the Queen!”

Kui Gang knelt down on one knee, his voice thick.

“Kui Gang, get up.”

Xixing was dressed in a phoenix robe, and her majesty was all over the place.

The soft tone of her voice caused Kui Gang to freeze.

He got up in dismay: “Queen, you ……”

“Do you think that this king has come to raise a question? Or that he doesn’t believe you?”

This is the reason why I did not agree with you to send out the elites ahead of time, and the current situation has indeed proved that sending out the elites ahead of time was a wrong choice. The coalition army is now being hamstrung at every turn.”

“But what you should do now is to take command of the allied army and regain victory, not to second-guess the purpose of my king’s visit, which is only to encourage the morale of the whole army and to tell the kings of the Hundred Clans that my king is personally on the front line to clear up some of their questions and suspicions for you!”

The heartfelt words caught Kui Gang off guard, and he was even prepared to be held accountable by Xixing.

However, Shying Xing’s attitude caused a warmth to well up inside him.

“I thank the Queen for her understanding, this strategy was indeed Kui Gang’s impulsiveness.” Kui Gang bowed his head and said guiltily.

Xixing took a step forward and said calmly, “You must remember that you are the Lord Commander of the Allied Hundred Clans elected by my King, and when this decision is made, it means that my King and the entire Xiongnu stand with you, and we will always support your decision, no matter if the sky falls or the earth falls.”

“Now, please, my Lord Commander, go and fight!”

“As you command!”

Kui Gang bowed and took his orders, and left quickly.

And Shying also led the crowd and walked towards the main marching camp.

As she was about to enter the camp, her eyes however gazed at the sea of raging fire behind her and sighed helplessly before she walked into the camp.

“Do you understand now?”

Xixing took her seat, but her eyes looked coldly at the black-robed Heavenly Wolf: “You should be able to understand something when you see that fighter plane crashing to its death inside our camp, right?”

“I never thought they would be so determined to guard the home behind them.”

The black-robed Skywolf’s voice trailed off a little.

“You did not expect it, and that is because you only understand the Hundred Clans that worship and believe in you, but not those within the domain.”

Xixing closed his eyes, his tone fluctuating a little, “For the Hundred Clans, surviving in this cruel land, their homeland is not too important to them, where they are is their homeland, one homeland is gone, as long as they live, then they can still migrate to the next homeland, or go rob another homeland.”

“But it’s different for the people in the domain, their homes, having lived for thousands of years, have already dedicated all their zeal, when we go to rob their homes, they will burst out with a determination beyond our imagination, even if it means giving their lives for it!”

“This is also what Ye Linglong analyzed before, it’s just a pity that while this king understands, the Hundred Clans don’t, and it will take a very long time to change this deep-rooted obsession, perhaps …… only after letting the Hundred Clans set foot in that fertile and sunny place to survive and let them develop a pa*sion for that earth as well! Only after that will there be a change!”

Every word, a sense of sadness.

Perhaps the greatest helplessness in this world is knowing the solution to this matter, but being unable to do anything about it!

“So that’s why you came to the front line?”

The black-robed Skywolf slowly raised his head, his eyes glowing red under his hood.

“You go and spy in the shadows for now, once the other side’s reinforcements arrive it will be the legions of the Warring Skrulls, those hidden worlds I really don’t feel comfortable with.”

Xixing leaned back in his chair and rubbed his temples tiredly: “The elites were exposed early, the other side’s reinforcements have arrived, I’m afraid we’ll be completely trapped in this place, but hopefully the subsequent preparations can still regain the initiative.”


The black-robed Skywolf nodded and turned to leave.

Long time.

Xixing opened her eyes and looked deeply at the direction the black-robed Skywolf had left.

She murmured softly, “This current situation may be what you want to see the most, but it is not what this King wants to see, I hope there is still room for manoeuvre in everything.”

At the side, Ye Linglong was filled with surprise, staring at Xixing incredulously.

As if sensing something, Shying Xing looked sideways towards Ye Linglong, who was so frightened that she hastily calmed her expression.

“It’s normal to be surprised.”

Xixing smiled gently, “We all came together with a purpose and interest, Tian Wolf for his, and I for mine.”

Ye Linglong bowed her head, pondering.

Xixing slowly got up and walked in front of Ye Linglong, “Just like, you are doing it for yours too.”

One word came out.

The atmosphere within the camp suddenly froze.

Ye Linglong’s expression changed dramatically, and she felt a chill sweep through her body, but fortunately she had her head down, so this change in expression did not fall into Xixing’s eyes.

Just as she was pondering how to respond to Xie Xing’s words.

Shy Xing suddenly smiled: “You are here with this king, isn’t it also to survive, and it just gives this king the possibility to let you Hong Hui ride in the same boat, your choice is right, there is no escape, those who know the time are the best!”