Winner Takes All Chapter 1965

The sound of trumpets and drums grows louder and louder.

The earth shook.

Waves of snow rolled.

A sea of fire on the battlefield lit up the sky and the earth like daylight, and made the rolling waves of snow in the distance more and more oppressive.

A battle flag is waving in the wind amidst the rolling waves of snow.

On the northern gate of Zhenjiang City.

The Fourth and Fifth Golden Guards and the Great Snow Dragon Riders looked out expectantly to the south with tearful eyes.

“Heavens, the Heavenly Dragon Banner! It’s the Heavenly Dragon Army of the Domain’s five great admirals, the War Heavenly Dragons!”

“Admiral Zhan Tianlong has arrived, our reinforcements have finally arrived!”

“Barbarians, you can’t push back Zhenjiang City, nor can you destroy the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, hahahahaha ……”


Compared to their ecstasy.

At this time, the allied army of the Hundred Tribes had already been in disarray.

The warplanes that whistled and poured out bombs made the entire battlefield blossom everywhere.

A sea of fire blockaded the battlefield after a warplane crashed, using this simple and crude method to cut the battlefield hard.

And the Hundred Clans’ allied troops close to Zhenjiang City’s side, while bearing the baptism of bombs, also had to meet the upcoming Heavenly Dragon Army, even as the battlefield was too involved and too numerous that they could not even make a detour to mediate!

The allied army of the Hundred Clans on the other side, at this point, was blocked by the sea of fire and was unable to support them for a while!


Inside the Heavenly Dragon Army.

The war horses neigh, and ten thousand troops charge.

With a shout from Admiral Zhan Tianlong, in an instant, the sound of shouting and killing resounded across the vast battlefield.

The momentum was like a rainbow, and the killing intent was majestic.

Like a torrent, the Heavenly Dragon Army crashed into the disorderly sea of the Hundred Clans’ allied troops.

Charge and kill!

In a mere moment of contact, the Heavenly Dragon Army completely crushed the Hundred Clans’ allied army!

On the one hand, the Heavenly Dragon Army was in a fury of anger.

On the other side was the Hundred Clans’ army, which had just been reveling in the moment before, but had been disrupted by bombs and warplanes.

There was a huge difference in morale between the two.

The Hundred Clans’ side could not even organise a resistance attack in a short time!

It was said that the Heavenly Dragon Army was charging, but in reality, it was a naked stampede, a reckless harvest!

On all sides of the battlefield, the trumpets and drums of the Hundred Clans’ allied army sounded one after another, which were also quite chaotic at this time. \

The generals of the Hundred Clans Army intended to quickly reorganise their troops, but in the face of a sea of millions of people in disarray, it was difficult to dance with long sleeves.


The army camp of the Hundred Clans United Army.

A sea of fire swept over the battlefield of Zhenjiang City, lighting up not only the battlefield but also the camp as bright as day.

Kui Gang rushed out with a group of generals and marshals, staring angrily at the monstrous sea of fire rising up from the distant battlefield.

“Report! The sky troops of the domain reinforcements are the first to arrive!”

“Report! The domain reinforcements have arrived on the battlefield, and they are the Sky Dragon Legion led by the Five Great Admirals, War Heavenly Dragon!”

Two urgent reports in quick succession.

The faces of Kui Gang and the group of generals and marshals changed greatly.

Only one foot before, there was the happy news of the capture of Zhenjiang City and the destruction of the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry, but in the blink of an eye, the situation had taken a sharp turn for the worse!

“This is the fruit of our victory, and Zhenjiang City should be reduced to rubble!”

Kui Gang turned around, “Give this marshal an order, send out the sky troops, intercept the sky troops in the domain at any cost, all the generals and marshals revive the army to resist the Heavenly Dragon Army, whether he is one of the five great generals or not, if he dares to come, then let him die on the battlefield, just like Huo Zhenxiao!”

His words were like thunder, and his killings were awe-inspiring.

Just as Kui Gang was about to step into the camp, the dense roar of warplanes suddenly came from the sky dome.

Kui Gang’s footsteps were halted.

The surrounding group of generals and marshals even changed their faces in fear and uncertainty.

“Report! The sky troops from the domain are coming towards our rear camp!”

In fact, without the need to report, the mere roar of warplanes filling the sky made Kui Gang and everyone else understand what had happened!

Kui Gang’s tiger body shook as he fiercely thought of something and turned around abruptly.

“Sky troops, clear out the sky troops at the back of the camp, they’re not just going to attack the camp, they’re going to bombard the rear and completely cut off our means of air control!”

At the word, there was an uproar.

But these generals were only shocked for a moment before they all reacted.

In a moment, the scene was in chaos.

The generals were running around giving orders.

But, it was too late!


In the rear camp, a mushroom cloud of flames rose to the sky.

The flames were bright and glorious.

The sea of fire that rose up even more directly invaded in all directions.

The heat was so intense that even if Kui Gang was far away from them, he could hardly feel his skin burning at this moment.

Kui Gang was dumbfounded.

All the generals and marshals were also confused.

Countless eyes stared in shock at the flaming mushroom cloud in the distance.

By the light of the fire, they could see that in the sky, warplanes were swooping down towards the ground as if they were dumplings.

Then ……





A mushroom cloud of flames swept up with an appalling sound.

The sea of fire invaded, but quickly triggered a warplane of the Hundred Clans United Army, exploded one after another, and even the oil depot was also ignited.

The war itself had been a constant battle, with the Hundred Clans’ forces taking one step after another, and the rear camp was as calm as a lake.

But now, it was swept away by a sea of fire!

“Is this madness? Are all the sky troops in the domain F**king crazy? After dumping bombs on the front battlefield, they launch a death raid and use crashed planes to detonate our rear camp, what the hell are they thinking?”

“If the planes are gone, they’re gone, but the cost of training a Sky Force Rongwu is countless, one dead is one less!”

“D*mn it! It’s over, it’s all over! We’ve lost our air power, and they’ve got it, and they’re using this to extinguish our air power, to kill each other.


The first of these is the one that is the best.

A sea of fire swept over them, bright as daylight.

They all clearly saw that a warplane from the domain, instead of dropping its shells at all, had detonated their camp with a simple and crude crash.

A fight to the death!

In gaining air power and suppressing their air power, it was by means of losing it!

These people, they were truly insane!

Kui Gang staggered back a step, his right hand pressed against his heart, his red-blooded tiger eyes harbouring a monstrous rage as he stared deadly in the direction of the camp where the sky troops of his side were stationed.

In that direction, there was already a sea of fire, explosions and waves of fire cascading down.

And in the sky dome, there was still a frantic rush of warplanes towards the ground!

“What kind of people are we …… fighting this battle against?”

This was the thought in Kui Gang’s mind.

Even his state of mind could not help but be shaken at this moment.

With Zhenjiang City being defended to the death, and the Great Snow Dragon Riders fighting to the last pawn, this battle was already tough enough!

On the contrary, now, once the reinforcements from the domain arrived, they had actually staged a death-defying skyfall for them in the form of dying together.

They are all madmen!

Huo Zhenxiao was mad, Chen Dong was mad, the Great Snow Dragon Riders were mad, and the reinforcements that had come in like this were also mad!

It was also at this moment.

Another report came in.

“Report! The Queen’s Lord has arrived at the camp!”

Kui Gang’s tiger body shook, his face suddenly turned ugly to the extreme, and panic even flashed in his eyes ……