Winner Takes All Chapter 1967

Rumble ……

To the south of Zhenjiang City, the earth trembled.

The Heavenly Dragon Army’s iron horsemen ran wildly, like razors, reaping the allied troops of the Hundred Clans along the way.

The ma*s charge was so ma*sive that even the top mercenaries could hardly resist it, and they could only move and dodge in the midst of it to survive, but if they were not careful, they would die under the rolling iron hooves.

“Target Zhenjiang City, charge, charge!”

Even though he was very old, he was still at the front of the group, and he was as heroic as ever.

Blood stained his cloak and his white hair, but his face was full of killing intent, as if he had returned to his youthful days, when the years had not taken away his sharpness!


Suddenly, a sharp aura burst out of War Heavenly Dragon’s eyes.

“You rats and mice, you only dare to battlefield cold arrows!”

With an explosive roar, War Heavenly Dragon’s qi was greatly invigorated, and the battle sword in his hand whistled as it cut out a slash in the direction of the slash.


The sword qi looked out of the sky and cut out a distance of more than ten meters, shattering a spear that was also wrapped in qi energy in the air.

The sword qi was overwhelming!

It shot another dozen metres before dissipating into the air.

However, Zhan Tianlong’s counterattack did not stop there.

The moment the sword qi was struck, he opened his bow and shot a straight arrow in one direction with a whoosh of qi energy.

Bang Teen!

In the crowd, an explosion sounded.

A wave of Qi energy rippled and blasted into the air.

Almost simultaneously.

An angry cursing sounded out, “War Heavenly Dragon, you old wretch, you still haven’t lost your tiger’s might!”

“When I was riding in the sands, you were still an old turtle in the deep forest. If you dare to sneak in again, even if there is a vast battlefield, I will take you out and chop you up!”

War Heavenly Dragon’s tiger eyes glared, and his Qi energy urged his voice to resound through this side of the battlefield.

He was the head of the five great generals.

Before Huo Zhenxiao appeared, he was the undisputed number one admiral in the domain.

His battle prowess was unparalleled!

His temper was even more violent.

The years had defeated his age, but not his temper!

Perhaps it was because the people in the shadows were really afraid, and with this roar from Zhan Tian Long, they simply disappeared.

If that person had dared to make another move, he would have ignored the battle and forced him to kill him alone!

He had done the same thing more than a few times in his past battles!

Inside Zhenjiang City.

The Fourth and Fifth Golden Guards and the remaining Great Snow Dragon Riders were all bright-eyed and invigorated as they looked at the Heavenly Dragon army that was rushing in like a torrent in the distance.

But the extreme physicality of a long and fierce battle had brought them to the limit of making these expressions.

Whether it was the two Golden Guards or the Great Snow Dragon Riders, all of them were like mud, either leaning against the city head or slumped to the ground.

At that moment, Cao Tianqiang and the Sword Bearer also reacted.

Behind them, the commanders of the allied forces were directing some of them to continue their attack on the Fourth and Fifth Golden Guards, while others were standing at the top of the city, preparing to defend themselves against the approaching Heavenly Dragon army.

Cao Tianqiang and the Sword Bearer looked at each other and shook their heads at the same time.

The battle had already been decided, and whether it was the Golden Guards or the Great Snow Dragon Riders, they were no different from corpses in their eyes when they were surrounded by so many allied troops.

Under such circumstances, it would be unwise to strike again, as it would in turn draw Chen Dong and the Empty Master in the sky into action.

The vault of heaven.

The Empty Master sitting in the sky looked down on the scene below.

When the Heavenly Dragon Army appeared, his expression eased a lot, but when he saw that the allied army of the Hundred Clans was still besieging towards the Golden Guard and the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, a look of hesitation appeared on his face.

Seeing that the Hundred Clans Allied Army was about to besiege the Golden Guards and the Great Snow Dragon Riders.

Grandmaster Empty Sky sighed and immediately chanted a Buddhist hymn under his breath.

His hands quickly pressed down towards the bottom.

Boom, boom, boom ……

One after another, golden palm imprints flew out from his hands and blasted the tide of allied troops below.

Each palm print was like a bomb, and in the blink of an eye, it cleared a large gap in the United Hundred Clans’ army.

Cao Tianqing and the Sword Bearer looked at the smoke, dust and debris that rose before them, even including broken flesh and blood, and both of them froze at the same time.

They had never expected Master Khongkong to strike again!

At the beginning of the battle, they, the Hidden World, had been hiding in the shadows and had watched the situation on the battlefield.

Apart from saving Huo Zhenxiao, he spent the rest of his time sitting in the air, releasing Buddhist light to shelter Zhenjiang City.

But such protection was not aimed at the mortals of the Hundred Clans!

That was why they had taken it for granted that as long as the two of them didn’t make a move, then Master Dengkong would also stand by and do nothing!

“Please also ask the two lords to make a move!”

The pleading voice of a commander suddenly rang out behind them.

Cao Tianqiang and the sword-bearer’s faces instantly turned ugly.

They pondered for three seconds.

Cao Tianqin said in a deep voice, “A mere hundred people, you and millions of others cannot take them down, and to ask us to fight is really a disgrace!”

With that, he flung his sleeve robe and turned to leave.

And the sword-bearer remained silent, following closely behind with a cold face.

The commander was dumbfounded on the spot, but looking at the rolling ruins in front of him, he subconsciously glanced at the Empty Master in the sky again.

He was not stupid, he had the brains to reach the level of a commander.

Were the two Hidden Worlds in front of him afraid of the one in the sky?

As the Heavenly Dragon Legion entered the battlefield, even the pressure in front of the Northern City Gate was suddenly reduced.

Compared to Zhenjiang City, which existed in name only, the killing defences of Chen Dong and the Snowy Lions in front of the Northern City Gate had been reduced to nothing.

The greater threat to the allied army of the Hundred Clans was the Heavenly Dragon Legion.

As a military order was issued layer by layer, the Hundred Clans Allied Army gradually stabilised their troops on the battlefield that had been bombarded by warplanes, and although warplanes still roared and poured bombs above their heads, the Hundred Clans Allied Army surged in the direction of the Heavenly Dragon Corps.

Even the intensity of the sky battlefield of the Jiang family’s six dragons and a host of hidden worlds was weakening rapidly.

The Jiang Family’s Six Dragons aimed to hold back and stop the crowd of hidden people from striking at Chen Dong, and would naturally change as the intensity of the hidden people’s battle changed.

“This battle, it is only now that it really begins, right?”

Zhang Du’er looked at Grand Master Jiang, who was not far away, with a wry smile.

“The war has already started, it’s just that the killing is now even more gruesome, after all, we are still a step too slow, if we raze Zhenjiang City and millions of troops push down across the land, these reinforcements will be powerless to return even if they arrive!”

Gu Cang Yue sounded somewhat dissatisfied.

“Maybe …… it will go in the opposite direction?”

Grand Master Jiang raised an eyebrow and smiled, his gaze cast a sidelong glance in one direction, “After all, the reinforcements arriving are not just this one ……”