Winner Takes All Chapter 1905

On the battlefield.

Chen Dong’s blood energy rises and his dominance is unparalleled.

Even if he was alone, he was still striking on the battlefield.

Soon, more and more people discovered this god of killing wandering the battlefield.

One after another, cries of alarm rang out from the command level of the Allied Rongwu.

“D*mn! He is that human statue of the Huns himself, and now he is our enemy on the battlefield!”

“It’s that man, Queen Shying Xing, look, now that man is standing against us!”

“I heard that that man was the one who was originally chosen by Queen Shying Xing to be the great general of the south, but now …… Tian Wol is on top, how can this happen?”


There were those who cursed and those who exclaimed ……

But soon, someone in the command level reacted, and as a military order was issued, the battlefield that had been divided was once again diverted into a vast army.

And this time, they were not rushing towards any army, but towards that rampaging man!

Millions of troops were fighting even if they were being used as stepping stones, but they were not stupid.

A being who could make a human statue in the Hun king’s palace, a man who was initially used as the perfect candidate to swing the whip south, shocked and scared, they knew even more how terrifying this man was.

In a world of the weak and the strong, this man’s series of achievements among the Huns were all telling in one thing …… he was strong!

Chen Dong stood in place, his body somewhat hunched over, his body churning with blood, his eyes bursting with blood, gazing at the raging army of allied soldiers in the distance.

The bladeless blade in his hand had long since been rendered blood red, and blood was flowing rapidly down the blade.

The next second.

“Come on!”

An explosive roar shook the heavens and the earth.

The violent wind, urged by the blood-coloured qi, raged towards the vast army with a bang.

A mountain of corpses and a sea of blood, insidious and brutal.

The moment the wind rose, with Chen Dong as the centre, it was as if ten thousand ghosts had come out of their cages, and the ghosts cried out.

The sound caused the hearts of all the soldiers who charged forward to jump wildly.

Feeling the insidious aura that came over them, everyone’s liver and guts trembled like they had fallen into an ice cave.

Was this …… man, or was it a ghost?

The blood-coloured wind swept into the Allied troops, but the invisible wind shook the armour of all the barbarians.

At this moment, the charging steps of the allied troops could not help but slow down, enveloped by this extreme terror, they even felt their feet were so heavy that every time they lifted them, it was extremely difficult.

Countless pairs of fearful eyes gazed at the figure wrapped in blood.

All eyes were watching.

The figure raised the huge sword in his hand and then swung it towards the ground with a fierce swing.


The ground trembled and the mud mixed with blood splashed into the air.

The figure waved the huge sword again and swatted at the countless splashes of mud in the air.

Time seemed to be slowed down at this moment.

The mud was instantly like a bullet, dragging a transparent tail of air currents and shooting towards the Yi Rongwu.

Bang Bang Bang ……

Each slime was like a bullet, instantly piercing through the armour of the Yi clan.

The front-most rabbit soldiers fell in pieces amidst a miserable wailing sound.

In the blink of an eye, the ground was already thickly covered with corpses.

Even those who had been hit and did not die had lost their ability to fight.

This scene caused all of the following Ebony Rongwu to freeze in their tracks.

Looking at the figure, all of them were silenced and their bodies were like sieve chaff.

Was this really a human attack?

He was clearly just a man!

Whoo …… Whoo ……

A long, low horn sounded.

It was as if it was the sound of a fatal Brahma, urging the cowed barbarians to run to the Yellow Springs.

But these rabblemen knew exactly where they stood!

When the trumpets sounded, even though they were afraid, they shuddered and lifted their feet.

It was true that they were stepping stones, but if they didn’t even dare to be stepping stones at this point, what awaited them would be more terrifying than death.


A trembling shout of killing resounded through the crowd.

There was no decisive killing intent, none of the bracing aura of the battlefield.

Instead, it was trembling and faltering.

But for these barbarians, this shout was enough!




The shouts of killing rang out one after another.

It seemed that the barbarians were using this shout to grow their few courage.

“Where I am, is hell!”

After Chen Dong swung out his sword, he looked at the barbarians like dogs, the corners of his mouth turned up and smiled wickedly, his tongue licking his lips lightly.


The blood-coloured Qi splashed around his body exploded with a fierce bang.

The next second.

Chen Dong disappeared in place, while a large crater nearly five metres in diameter appeared on the ground where he had just stood.

In the darkness.

A sea of blood churned.

A sinister, brutal aura was as terrifying as a mountain or a prison.

Under the gaze of fearful eyes, a figure, completely wrapped in blood, swept through the air like a cannonball, dragging an ominous crimson blood colour, and shot directly into the tide of people.


Screams of misery were heard everywhere.

One by one, the barbarians fell.

It was too late to even resist.

In the crowd, a fountain of blood gushed out, as if a flower was in bloom.

But as they “blossomed”, heads flew into the air.

Every now and then, a corpse would explode into a mist of blood and dissipate into thin air.

“Stop him! Quickly block him!”

“Ahhhhh …… block him at all costs, fill him with your lives!”

“Skywolf is on top! How can we fight this? I can’t stop him even if I have to die!”


The barbarians were utterly devastated, wailing one after another.

They knew their position and did try to stop it at any cost.

But when their lives are in the hands of the other side, at their mercy, words cannot describe the despair!

It was not that they couldn’t stop it!

It was that there was no way to stop them!

Even if they were outnumbered, they were still useless in front of Chen Dong!

Chen Dong, who was killing indiscriminately, was moving quickly through the barbarians, but he was still moving towards the Great Snow Dragon Riders in an orderly manner.

The way back to the city that the Snow Dragons could not break through, he could break through!

Only by breaking through this road could Zhenjiang City continue to stall for time!

“Rally, approach Chen Longtou!”

The Second Golden Guard was bathed in blood, his face grim and twisted to the extreme at this point as he swung and slashed at the rabble ronin.

This was the last chance!

Chen Longtou had abandoned the defence of Zhenjiang City and had come out of the city to open the way for them, if they still could not seize this opportunity, then Zhenjiang City would be completely defeated!

The battlefield was ever-changing.

At the level of their Golden Guards, their sense of battlefield was extremely keen.

He was even clear that Zhenjiang City was already in deep water at this point, otherwise Chen Dong would not have delayed until now to open the way for them!

If Zhenjiang City was really still safe, Chen Dong would have come out long ago.

He was stuck at this point and was forced to do so!

“Sons and daughters, target Chen Dong’s head, charge!”

“Success or failure is at stake, even if we die, let’s die in Zhenjiang City!”

“Chen Longtou is coming, all troops, shrink as much as you can, target Chen Longtou!”

At almost the same time, one by one, the Golden Guards reacted and the call to arms rang out across the battlefield.