Winner Takes All Chapter 1906

Deep North.

Inside the makeshift city.

Torches shine brightly like stars.

Inside the makeshift palace.

Shying Xing, dressed in a phoenix robe, is standing in front of a huge sand table, gazing at it in detail, pondering.

On the other side, Ye Linglong was still holding a rolled up map, standing in silence.


A scout rushed inside the palace.

Not waiting for him to speak.

Another urgent voice came.


Followed closely by.




One by one, the scouts rushed to the palace one after another.

Xixing, who was contemplating the subsequent battlefield situation, frowned tightly, a layer of anger huffing on her stunningly beautiful face.

She slowly turned around and stared at each of the scouts in front of her.

A sense of oppression enveloped the palace.

The scouts looked frightened and trembled.

For a moment, the entire palace was terribly quiet.

And Ye Linglong also revealed a look of consternation.

Since the beginning of the Great War, there had never been such a situation on the side of the allied forces.

Or rather, after the start of the Great War, the entire battle had actually been a battle in which the Allied Forces were in control of the initiative, so it was simply impossible for so many situations to occur at the same time according to common sense!

By preference, it had now appeared!

“This king is curious as to what change has occurred on the battlefield that has suddenly rippled so much!”

Xixing’s lips and teeth lightly opened, his cold voice, harbouring anger, was causing the temperature within the palace to plummet to freezing point.

The whirlwind.

She raised her hand and pointed at the scout who had rushed in first.

“You speak first!”

The scout trembled for a moment, his voice shivering a little as he said, “Report, report …… the Turk King asks about the battlefield!”


A hint of doubt flooded Shy Xing’s cold eyes.

She pointed to the second scout again.

The scout crouched on his knees, face to the ground, not daring to meet Shy Xing’s eyes.

“The King of Wallach asked for information about the battlefield!”

Shying’s brow furrowed deeper, and the suspicion on her cold face intensified.

Her finger moved once more to another scout.

The scout’s report, however, dismayed her.

Another king of the barbarians asking for information about the battlefield!

Inside the palace, the air was oppressive and suffocating.

She moved her finger slowly, and every time she moved to a scout, the scout would report back with trepidation.

Without exception, they were all barbarian kings asking for information about the battlefield!

The hundred tribes were united, led by the Xiongnu.

This was the residual power of the old royal court, and the power and status that Shying Xing had managed to achieve by linking up with the hundred tribes with the body of the Heavenly Wolf Martial Path.

As participants in the battlefield, the tribes, large and small, naturally had the right to know what was going on.

However, in such an amazing battle, each tribe would be bound to send their own spies to the front line to report at all times.

As for asking about Xixing, and only asking about it, not telling specific details, it was simply bizarre!

“All go out!”

Shying waved his hand and drove the scouts away, no longer even having the patience to continue listening.

Every scout’s report was the same!

When only she and Ye Linglong were left inside the palace.

Only then did Ye Linglong speak up, “What the hell is going on with them?”

“Oh …… a bunch of old undead, it’s obvious that they have eyes on the front line, they know the situation on the battlefield as well as I do.”

Xixing snorted, his eyes seeping, “They are not asking questions, this kind of questioning is clearly to hold this king accountable!”


Ye Linglong was a bit confused.

She didn’t wait for her to say anything.

Skywolf, who was dressed in black robes, then walked in with his head lowered.

“There’s something that perhaps you should take a look at.”

With that, it was a mobile phone video that was handed to Xixing.

Shying Xing and Ye Linglong looked at the screen at the same time, only this time, their expressions changed drastically.

“It’s him!”

Shying Xing’s eyes almost burst into flames as she exclaimed out of breath.

And Ye Linglong also covered her mouth in disbelief, almost screaming out.

In the video, there was the image of Chen Dong, his body covered in blood-coloured Qi, like a demon god on the verge of the world, reaping human lives indiscriminately in the midst of the allied army.

In the face of the vast army, the image of a sword shaking up countless mud and killing countless barbarians in seconds even allowed Xixing and Ye Linglong to see his face clearly!

After a short silence.

Shying Xing suddenly laughed.

The laughter grew louder and louder, echoing through the palace.

She turned around, walked over to the sand table and swept some objects off the ground with a bang as she flung her hand.

“No wonder, no wonder, this king can understand why those old things came to ask questions at the same time, they are being accountable and mocking this king!”

One word, in the sound of Xixing’s laughter, was almost squeezed out from between his teeth.

Raging anger filled his chest.

Under the firelight.

Xixing was laughing, laughing and laughing, but a layer of mist had formed in her eyes.

That man, the man she had once admired the most!

The man she thought was the only man in the world who was worthy of her!

That man, the man she had defied her father to treat with the highest honour!

The man who wielded the whip south, and who was at first the sword!

The portrait fell, her father died, and the whole of the Huns were nailed to a pillar of shame.

And now that man stands against her as the most solid piece of defence against the Hundred Clans heading south!

That invincible stance, a sword that slaughtered a hundred people, was a fierce cut on Xixing’s heart.

“Chen Dong …… Chen Dong ……”

Xixing angrily took off the phoenix crown and viciously smashed it on the ground, gnashing her teeth.

Having lost the phoenix crown, all her hair also scattered down.

Under the firelight.

A few moments of desolation, a few moments of madness.

“I once took the Hun as a gift, just to have you, and this is what you give me in return?”

Xixing shook, her beautiful eyes were red, her voice was a little hoarse: “Even if the hundred clans join hands now, because of you, I have to be mocked again by this hundred clans, I have loved one man in my life, yet you have hurt me so deeply!”

At the side, Ye Linglong looked at Xixing, who looked as if she had gone mad, full of despair, and her expression was extremely unnatural.

Her hands were clenched into fists, and her red lips were mumbling, wanting to say something, but wanting to stop.

It was only her eyes that swept over the figure in the mobile phone video again and again.

“Send an order to Kui Gang, the army will go south, mercenaries first, I want to level Zhenjiang City, I want to slaughter the domain for three days and three nights, I want to let him know that he made all this happen!”

Shying Xing, cloaked in hair, turned around abruptly and shouted at Sky Wolf.

“Slaughter the people?”

Ye Linglong was horrified.

“It’s none of my business, he caused this!”

The corners of Xixing’s mouth curled upwards as he sneered bitterly.


“This sword, make way for me!”

Chen Dong’s blood qi churned around his body as he rose up to the sky, facing the vast sea of people in front of him, holding his sword high above his head with both hands.


Qi rushed into the sky.

The colour of blood covered the sky.

As this sword cut down, a ten-metre-long bloodstorm washed over the sky.

A blood-coloured sword qi, more than ten metres long, was as domineering as a titanic mountain crushing the top of the mountain, cutting down on the allied troops in front of him.

Screams and wails were heard, and flesh and blood flew everywhere.

When the sword landed on the ground, the earth cracked inch by inch, pushing out horizontally to the left and right.

The terrifying sword qi did not stop there, but ravaged forward, pushing all the way to the front of the remnants of the army led by the Second Golden Guard.

When the sword qi dissipated, there were no more barbarians between Chen Dong and the Second Golden Guard at the head of the pack!

Chen Dong looked at the Second Golden Guard and said in a deep voice, “Children, follow me …… back to the city!”