Winner Takes All Chapter 1904

“Is it worth it to do this?”

Looking at the black-robed man who left, Ye Linglong frowned with a complex expression.

“What’s worth it?”

Xixing raised an eyebrow and laughed lightly.

Ye Linglong turned back and looked out to the south, “You can smell the blood from hundreds of miles away, the area around that city has long since become a prison of slaughter, is it worth it to have so many people killed and injured just to wave a whip south? Human life, is it already so worthless?”

“This shouldn’t be something you can ask, ah, at least you are also a member of the Hong Society, with a lot of blood bathing in your hands, you shouldn’t be so merciful.”

The star of the shyness chuckled lightly and after a pause, a layer of cold frost suddenly covered her stunning face: “But think about it, it is understandable, you have never felt the true cruelty of the Northern Region, if your ancestors have been trapped in this cruel Northern Region, seemingly human, but actually living the beast-like law of survival of the weak and the strong, just this extreme cold weather, can always strangling most lives, perhaps …… when you have really felt it all ……”

At the end of her sentence, her voice gave a noticeable lurch.

Then turning abruptly, she raised her hand and pointed to the south, “Then you will know how desirable the fertile fields and warm sunshine of the south really are!”

“But this is filling with human lives, and many, many people have died.” Ye Linglong said.

Shying Xing’s eyebrows looked askance and majestic: “Then fill out a peaceful future generation, fertile sunshine!”

Every word was resolute and resounding.

Only when Xie Xing said this, he did not notice in the slightest that a cold glint pa*sed in the eyes of Ye Linglong behind him.


The city of Zhenjiang.

The hot weapons firepower had long been exhausted.

Whether it was the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army or the Hundred Clans Allied Army, they were all engaged in the most primitive, cruelest of kills.

The formerly majestic and magnificent Zhenjiang City has long since been spotted.

The tall city walls were riddled with scars.

In some places, they had even cracked and crumbled under the intensity of the attack.

Shouts, screams, hisses and curses ……

This bloody purgatory was pushed to the limit.

In the field below the city, in the battlefield, there were mountains of people, layers and layers of people.

It was a horrifying image that would break one’s liver and guts just by looking at it.

On the top of the city, heads were crowded, and in the face of the constant stream of allied soldiers ascending the city, each and every one of the Great Snow Dragon Riders performed the extreme of the will to fight to the fullest.

They could die, even without leaving their bodies intact.

But they had to hold off the Great Snow Dragons.

Each and every one of the Great Snow Dragon Riders tried their best to stop the Allied Rongwu before they died, using whatever means they could think of.


The effect of the sea of men became more and more obvious as time went on.

Even if the armies of the Great Snow Dragons that had attacked in the field had all returned to reinforce them by now, the allied army of the Hundred Clans still relied on their huge numerical advantage to cut the battlefield into pieces.

The battle in the wilderness could be stalemated.

But the battle at Zhenjiang City was intensifying, and the scales of victory were tilting more and more.

The pressure on Zhenjiang City, whose defences were already faltering, skyrocketed as the vast allied army closed in on the city, mounting it from all sides.

The Great Snow Dragon Riders tried desperately to hold back the scales of victory from falling, but in the face of the endless barbarians, they could not stop the momentum.

Even Chen Dong and Qin Ye, who were killing and destroying each other at this point, became somewhat exhausted.

“What about the variables? Is …… there really no other variables at all?”

Chen Dong’s face was full of fierce distortion, his violently bulging veins trembled incessantly, the bladeless in his hand swung out tirelessly, but his eyes grew heavier and heavier.

He was strong!

He could even manage to slaughter the whole field with one man’s strength.

For with his strength, he was simply a descending blow compared to the rabble rongwu.

But …… what about the rest of the Great Snow Dragon Rider Army other than him and Qin Ye?

The great tide of people completely bridged the single strength gap between the two sides, and all it brought was an avalanche of defeat.

Looking at the increasing number of rabbit ronghorns on the city head, it took him a long time to even look for a blood-covered face from the domain among the faces of the rabbit ronghorns.

Several times Chen Dong wanted to make a complete breakthrough and explode to his full strength.

Judging from the battle in front of him, this was the only way to break through.

But time and time again, he held back!


Atop the city, Chen Dong leaned up to the sky and let out a beast-like hiss.


Mighty blood-coloured Qi swept out in all directions as he waved his bladeless blade.

There were screams of misery.

The surrounding rabble were killed instantly, hardening a blank area.

Taking this time, Chen Dong’s bloodshot eyes looked directly at the field battlefield below, a hint of determination flashing in his eyes.

“Beast, is it still holding up?”

In a flash of lightning, Chen Dong directly transmitted his voice to Qin Ye who was guarding the eye of the formation.

“It will work!”

Qin Ye’s voice followed.

“You hold up against the barbarians charging the city, I’ll go down!”

Chen Dong glanced back at the wretched and tragic city top: “Since there are no variables coming out, let’s create them ourselves!”

Without waiting for Qin Ye’s response.

A “bang” exploded under Chen Dong’s feet.

The flames shone brightly.

He directly leapt down from the city with Fengless in his hand.

Bang Teeny!

Like a cannonball hitting the ground, the earth cracked, and the terrifying shockwave, aided by qi, swept up a large area of mud and pushed it in all directions.

Without waiting for the mud to hit the ground, Chen Dong let out a hiss and dragged Fengless backwards, wrapped in a fearful killing intent, directly towards the allied troops in the battlefield.

The city of Zhenjiang is in danger, without reinforcements variables, he can only create variables for Zhenjiang City himself.

The only variable …… was this army of Great Snow Dragon riders trapped in the field battlefield!

As long as a channel is opened up, even allowing a Great Snow Dragon Riding Army to return to Zhenjiang City will greatly ease the pressure on Zhenjiang City!

“Master …… are you going to wait any longer?”

On top of the corpse mountain, Huo Zhenxiao held a strong breath to maintain his vitality as he watched the bloody purgatory-like battlefield.

He even saw the crisis on the head of Zhenjiang City, and also saw Chen Dong leap off the city wall, and knew even more what Chen Dong wanted to do.

But he did not understand why Chen Daojun had not followed up when the war had gone on like this?

Almost simultaneously.

“Second Army of the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry, charge with me!”

“Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army’s Third Army, charge with me!”

The Second and Third Golden Guards spotted Chen Dong who had leapt down from the city and also instantly understood Chen Dong’s intentions, both of them raised their battle swords at the same time and ordered in a stern voice.

The battlefield was vast.

Chen Dong was covered in blood-coloured qi and charged into the allied army like a flooding beast.

Everywhere he pa*sed, he destroyed everything.

With the blood-coloured qi in his hand, he waved a terrifying sword qi, strangling the allied troops in front of him.

The battlefield was already red hot.

These soldiers were torn to pieces by Chen Dong’s sword qi before they could even react.

It was only after Chen Dong had rushed a hundred metres away that he was finally discovered by his superiors in the Allied Army.

“It’s him, I remember him, he’s the original statue of the man that was pushed down within that Xiongnu King City!”

In the midst of the army, an officer of the Allied Rongwu was currently perched on high, looking at the figure wrapped in blood qi, pale as paper and trembling like a killing god.