Winner Takes All Chapter 1821

On the evening of the 28th day of the first month, Zhenjiang City was attacked by a large coalition of 100 clans!

When all parties in the world learned of this news, they were all in a state of shock and unrest.

Looking at the information presented to them, even the high and mighty heads of families and giants blanked their minds for a few seconds.

Hadn’t the Hundred Clans United Army decided to swing south on February 2?

How could it be brought forward?

Now all parties in the world are placing their bets on the region and beyond.

The hundred tribes have joined forces and are waving their whips southwards, and the exact time has not been concealed by the Xiongnu.

After placing their bets, all parties have learned from the Huns exactly when the whip will be wielded.

There was no need to conceal the timing of such a great battle.

The vast momentum of the allied army of the Hundred Tribes was supposed to be a one-horse race, pushing south across the river.

It was …… ahead of schedule!

“What the hell is going on? Ask the Huns immediately!”

“D*mn it, resources are still on the way and this is already fighting?”

“Could it be that the February 2 decision by the Hun Queen earlier was a deliberate smoke screen?”


Zhenjiang City.

The night was as thick as water.

It was so thick that you couldn’t see your fingers.

But the lofty Zhenjiang City was lit up like daylight, and the noise shook the sky.

The sound of cannons, shouting and killing, whistling arrows and guns ……

The night was torn apart by the roar of explosions.

Tongues of fire streaked across the long sky, falling far beyond the city and exploding into a mushroom cloud.

The overlap of hot weapons and cold weapons seemed a little uncanny.

But on this northern frontier, this was the real battlefield match.

Outside the city, the horses stomped on the ground, roaring and trembling.

Like ghosts, the cavalry of the Hundred Clans came galloping through the night.

Further behind them, a cannonball whistled and swept over their heads, blasting towards Zhenjiang City.

As the horses ran wildly, shells fell from time to time, exploding men and horses in a horrific manner.

The shouts, screams and neighs of the horses were like a symphony, interspersed with the roar of cannon fire.

But the horses did not stop.

The faces of the barbarians were fierce and fierce as they drove their horses towards Zhenjiang City.

“Kill! Take Zhenjiang City!”

“Little brats, follow this commander and charge, across Zhenjiang City, the P***y in the domain will be called white yo!”

“Hahahaha …… barbarians of Zhenjiang City, you didn’t expect it, grandpa is coming tonight!”


On the northern city gate of Zhenjiang City.

Bai Qi stood at the head of the city like a tower of iron, his indifferent and rigid face illuminated at times by the fire of battle.

He held his hands behind his back, lofty and unmoving.

It was as if the endless barbarians below him did not provoke the slightest fluctuation in his mind.

Beside him, two other golden guards stood.

Their expressions were the same as Bai Qi’s.

The 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders and Zhenjiang City, as the northern region’s barrier against the hundred tribes outside the domain, were always in the midst of battle.

Such scenes had been experienced countless times by the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

As a Golden Guard, what was before them was nothing more than a minor scene!

Even …… Huo Zhenxiao didn’t even need to be informed!

“The other three parties did not suffer a shock.”

A Golden Guard said in a deep voice, “These barbarians are ridiculous, launching a surprise attack in advance and thinking they can do any damage to us, how naive.”

“I’m afraid they’ve forgotten what we’ve done to them over the years, the hundred tribes have joined forces and they think they can easily cross our defences, not realising that we’ve been well prepared!”

Another Golden Guard snorted and yawned, “Chief Bai, why don’t we just send out the Great Snow Dragon Riders to raze them, so we can clean up and rest sooner.”

“Don’t be careless.”

Bai Qi shook his head, but his indifferent expression revealed a hint of worry, and said in a deep voice, “If they raid, we’ll just wait for them, just to see how strong the allied army of the Hundred Clans is, besides don’t you notice anything different about them?”


The two Golden Guards were stunned at the same time.

One of the Golden Guards was the first to respond, “This raiding Rongwu, which should be in the size of 30,000 people, managed to bypa*s our heavily placed external defences, it is indeed impressive.”

Zhenjiang City, was never more than a city!

As the anchor of the northern frontier.

The exterior had long been scattered with countless scouts.

This raid on the army appeared to be a surprise attack, but in fact, Zhenjiang City had already received the information from the scouts and was well prepared to deal with it.

In response to this battle, Zhenjiang City had also dispersed several units in the direction of the north and set up a heavy defence line.

However, the 30,000-strong army had bypa*sed the heavy defences and reached Zhenjiang City!

“That’s not it, the vast snowy plains are flat, it makes sense that they would rely on their high mobility and succeed in bypa*sing our defences.”

Bai Qi shook his head to reject Jin Wei’s claim: “Defences are dead, Rongwu is alive, something like bypa*sing the defence line is something they could have done quite easily before.”

He said, his brow furrowed as he pointed his right hand at the vast rabble of Rongwu below the city.

“They’ve all increased in strength! The distance to charge the city has increased a lot compared to what it used to be!”

The voice was somewhat gruff.

At those words.

The two Golden Guards were greatly alarmed.

Both of them stepped forward at the same time and looked down at the city wall, and their pupils immediately tightened.

“Indeed! In the past, under Zhenjiang City’s dense firepower network, even if the barbarian allied army relied on their numbers and pushed forward by filling their lives hard, they would never be able to cross the distance of three hundred paces.”

“But now, it’s within three hundred paces!”

As they spoke, the two Golden Guards’ faces were even more ugly than Bai Qi’s.

Zhenjiang City, as the top priority and the anchor of the Northern Region, seemed to be known for the bloodthirsty nature of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

In reality, it still had extremely powerful heat weapon strength.

Once the battle started, the cannon fire from the walls could be unleashed like a floodgate in an instant, crushing the rampaging army outside the city.

At 300 paces, this was once the absolute domain of Zhenjiang City!

It had never been broken since the founding of Zhenjiang City!

Of course, this refers to a large-scale attack on the city.

Of course, this refers to a large-scale a*sault on the city, but not a small group of soldiers invading the city.

“Maybe it’s also because we didn’t have all the firepower?”

One of the Golden Guards mused.

“How many times do we have the opportunity to fire at full strength?”

Bai Qi gave the Golden Guards a sidelong glance before adding, “Mobilise a 10,000-strong contingent of the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry, and the three of us will lead a wave of troops out to kill them, and the answer will be revealed.”

“Chief Bai, why go out to the city to kill them when we can just cover them with artillery fire?”

Another Golden Guard said in astonishment.

Bai Qi laughed coldly, “Compare the difference in strength between the barbarians and our Great Snow Dragon Cavalry. 30,000 people of the barbarians have broken through the absolute domain of Zhenjiang City, if the number of people charging the city rises several times, or even tens of times, what will happen to the safety of Zhenjiang City?”

Cannon fire roared.

The sky was covered with fire, flashing on Bai Qi’s face.

His face, however, was as grave as it had ever been.

And the two golden guards, who said no more, knew of course the seriousness of the matter!

A trial is necessary!

Knowing oneself and one’s enemy, one can never lose a hundred battles.

It was also at this moment.

A great snow dragon rider army hurriedly rushed up the city wall and ran up to Bai Qi’s three men.

“By order of the Sovereign, Chief Bai Wu and the two Golden Guards will jointly carry a team of ten thousand men to charge out of the city and test the strength of the allied forces of the barbarians!”