Winner Takes All Chapter 1822

The order sounded a little weak amidst the sound of cannon fire.

However, the faces of Bai Qi and the two Golden Guards changed at the same time.

There was no need for Huo Zhenxiao to ask about the attack of a mere 30,000 people.

In the past, it had been their Golden Guards’ direct and full authority.

Since the raid on Zhenjiang City by the allied forces of the Yi Clan, Huo Zhenxiao had indeed not shown up, nor had he issued any military orders.

But now, the military order had come!

Not only did it intervene, but it was the same as Bai Qi’s idea, to directly send a 10,000-strong team out of the city for a battle to test their strength.

Obviously, Huo Zhenxiao had this siege battle in mind!

On the other hand, Huo Zhenxiao was also a bit afraid of the ensuing battle!

Bai Qi and the two Golden Guards looked at each other, both seeing the unease in each other’s eyes.

“Let’s go.”

Bai Qi patted the two Golden Guards on the shoulder.

Five minutes later.

Under the intensive firepower suppression of the city defense cannons, all the rabble rongwu that had burst into the absolute domain were wiped out.

Rumble ……

The lofty and heavy city gates opened directly under a mechanical sound.


Bai Qi held the Great Snow Dragon Rider’s war sword in his hand, and with a mighty manner, he took the lead in the charge.


Behind them, 10,000 troops of Great Snow Dragon Riders raised their Great Snow Dragon Rider battle swords in their hands at the same time, their aura like a rainbow as they surged out of Zhenjiang City like a torrent.

The absolute field of three hundred metres was enough for the Great Snow Dragon Riders to raise their charging speed.

On the snowy plains, the cannon fire shone.

Tens of thousands of Great Snow Dragon Riders, led by Bai Qi and the two Golden Guards, rushed through the 300-metre range like a sharp sword and then stabbed into the vast allied army of the barbarians.

The battle was on!

The artillery fire that had been falling so heavily was directed towards the rear of the barbarian army.

The effect of the heat weapons was weak at this moment.

The flesh and blood of the battle was the ultimate in blood and violence.

Horses neighing, shouts of murder.

Under the leadership of Bai Qi and the two Golden Guards, the 10,000-strong contingent of the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry brought the horrific killing power of cavalry to the forefront on the endless snowy plains.

Charge, divide and strangle!

Like a red-hot sword, they cut through the barbarian army and reaped the rewards.

Screams of misery were heard from the sky.

In the blink of an eye, the barbarians’ allied troops were killed and wounded in countless ways, and limbs and arms were strewn all over the field.

Everything was just the same as the battlefield once was.

This couldn’t help but make Bai Qi a little puzzled, had the strength of the barbarian army …… really increased?

Since the forging of the martial body, the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army has competed for enlightenment, and the increase in the strength of a single soldier is significantly visible.

But after some rushing and killing, the strength of these rabble ronin in front of him is nothing compared to what it once was!

It was not that he was too strong, so strong that he could simply ignore the increased strength of these One Diamond Rongwu.

On the contrary, the stronger he was, the more sensitive he was to changes in the smallest detail!

Overhead, the cannon fire was as bright as day.

Bai Qi’s horse hovered in the midst of ten thousand troops, the wind howling in his ears, carrying the rich smell of blood.

He frowned and swept around, and everywhere he looked, there were images of the Great Snow Dragon’s cavalry rampaging through and slaughtering the barbarians’ allied forces.

This …… could not be!

The thought of denial kept surfacing in Bai Qi’s mind.

The reality in front of him overturned his denials again and again.

“Chief Bai Wu! The next round of charge!”

Not far away, a golden guard shouted.

Bai Qi’s brow relaxed and he was about to reinforce his horse into the cavalry and lead the next charge.

The true killing power of the cavalry was at its peak when they charged in a cluster.

The individual strength of the Great Snow Dragons and their heavy swords are all designed to maximise the destructive power of the charging ma*s.

On the ground, the strength of the 10,000 men of the Great Snow Dragon Riders was not insufficient to win the battle.

But with the disparity in numbers, the battle damage ratio is definitely greater than a cluster charge.


The moment Bai Qi turned his horse’s head, a feeling of palpitations arose.

As if he had been struck by electricity, his right arm lashed out and the reins in his hand strangled the horse, causing it to hiss and rise up on the spot.

As a result, Bai Qi’s height increased, and he could see further.

Behind the battlefield, a sea of fire and a mushroom cloud rose into the air.

In the midst of a wailing inferno, under the cover of artillery fire, a cavalry column is coming this way!

The dress code and configuration were no different from the cavalry of the barbarians before them.

But after just one glance, Bai Qi’s heart contracted as he felt a stern oppression coming over him!

“I get it!”

In an instant, Bai Qi reacted, his tiger eyes spewing anger as he scanned the entire field.

“These aren’t even regular barbarian allied troops, they …… are just fronts, just meat shields, just decoys to trick the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry out of the city!”


In the confusion, the remaining two Golden Guards did not notice the barbarian cavalry that was coming like a torrent in the distance.

With a command.

The well-trained 10,000-strong contingent of the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry quickly converged into an army, ready for the next round of charge.

“Stop, fall back!”

Bai Qi hissed loudly as he charged his horse towards the front of the line.

On the battlefield, things were changing rapidly.

He knew the consequences of being held back by an unusual rongwu and then having a group of elites charge!

“Retreat? Chief Bai, the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry is not in the habit of retreating!”

“It seems we were overthinking before, barbarians are always barbarians, wearing dragon robes will not change the prince, their strength is not much better at all compared to before!”

The two golden guards did not take Bai Qi’s yell to heart.

Above the battlefield, the opportunity to fight was fleeting.


With a shout that rushed to the skies and cracked the sky.

The vast army of the Great Snow Dragon Riders, with the aura of a rainbow and majestic killing intent, rushed towards the further back of the battlefield with a bang.


The flames of battle imprinted on Bai Qi’s face, and his face went white for a rare moment.

The next second.

Bai Qi raised the Great Snow Dragon Rider’s battle sword in his hand indignantly, his legs fiercely clamped down on the belly of his horse, and he charged off with his army towards the rear.

Under the cover of the cannon fire, smoke and dust rolled.

The powerful Great Snow Dragon Riders once again demonstrated the crispness of chopping and slicing, driving straight ahead and being invincible.

Everywhere they went, they left nothing but bodies and flesh in their wake.

If one were to look down from above at this time.

If one were to look down from above, one would have noticed that the battlefield was clearly divided into two large circles.

One was the circle close to Zhenjiang City, where the Great Snow Dragon Riders had launched their charge.

The other, at the back of the battlefield, was the cavalry of the barbarians who had a*sembled ……

The two armies, both with killing intent, were like two sharp swords, and were rapidly approaching.

“Prepare yourself mentally!”

Bai Qi finally caught up with the two golden guards and spoke in a grave and deep voice.


The two Golden Guards were stunned at the same time.

Bai Qi’s jealousy was splitting as he angrily raised his Dragon Rider war sword and pointed ahead, “The real barbarian Rongwu are still ahead, this wave of our charge has lost momentum, on the battlefield, if we meet their elite cavalry counter-charge, you know what it means!”

At these words.

The two great Golden Guards’ faces changed greatly at the same time.