Winner Takes All Chapter 1820

The qi was like a rainbow, straight through the night sky.

Four figures, standing in front of Ye Linglong, were like four great mountains in the sky.

“Ye Linglong, this king will save you!”

Almost simultaneously.

A clear, cold voice came out, domineering, “Slaughter them!”


The Sky Wolf’s long whine shook the heavens.

In the darkness, a blood-coloured figure came like wild thunder, raising half of the blood curtain.

In the blood, a blood-coloured blade qi stirred the long air and annihilated the sky towards the three qi killers.

Almost simultaneously.

The four hidden world figures thundered, like a titanic mountain crushing the top of the sky, and the boundless Qi energy, which lifted off the floor, directly engulfed the three Qi a*sa*sins.

Ye Linglong felt that the darkness in front of her eyes had suddenly reached the extreme, and the only thing she could see was the large area of blood in the darkness.

After a short moment of darkness.

When Ye Linglong came back to her senses, the four Hidden Worlds standing in front of her had already jumped straight at the three Qigong killers.

The situation was five against three.

There was no suspense in this fight.

Not only was it a suppression in numbers, but even in single strength, it was also a complete crushing.

In the eyes of ordinary martial artists, qi energy is an unattainable existence.

But only after they have truly broken through the threshold of qi energy do they realise that even a small difference in qi energy is a gap in the sky!

A loud roar.

Qi energy is spreading.

It was like a ploughing and sweeping attack, wreaking havoc in all directions.

Mixed in with them were the sounds of loud shouts and painful grunts.

The majestic qi was like an anaconda dragon clashing in the air, strangling each other and shooting up into the night sky in a spectacular display.

In such a match, the qi is so rampant that even the blood that splashes out after being injured is instantly obliterated.

The silhouettes of people darted around like ghosts.

So much so that Ye Linglong could only watch for a few seconds, and with her strength, her eyesight could only catch up with the speed of the three Qi powerhouses, and as for the traces of the four Hidden Worlds, she could not catch up at all.

She could not even catch Wolf’s trail because of his blood-coloured qi, which was different from everyone else’s. By tracking the blood curtain, she could only estimate his position.

As for the remaining two non-Qi a*sa*sins, they were strangled into rotten meat on the spot by the overbearing and harsh Qi energy the moment the fight started.

Ye Linglong sat frozen on the ground, looking at the scene in front of her.

Successive injuries had left her body unable to support her to get up.


A silhouette flashed in front of her eyes.

Xixing was clad in a phoenix robe, the shoulder of which was still soaked in blood.

A cold and stunning face looked down at Ye Linglong on the ground.

Whirling around, a cold smile was revealed.

She extended her right hand towards Ye Linglong, “It’s alright.”

Ye Linglong looked at Xixing and smiled bitterly, just as she was about to speak, but her willow brows furrowed and a mouthful of fresh blood flowed out from the corner of her mouth.

Immediately, she collapsed towards the ground.

She immediately leaned down and held Ye Linglong to avoid any bumps.

She looked at the battlefield where the terrifying qi was raging, then she withdrew her gaze and fell on Ye Linglong.

To her, there was no longer the slightest worry about such a killing scene.

It was only a matter of time before the attacker was killed.

“Did you …… really save me?”

Xixing looked at the unconscious Ye Linglong, her gaze complicated as she pondered in her heart.

What had just happened had come too quickly.

It was also her fault for driving away all the forbidden guards in this area for the sake of peace and quiet, or else she wouldn’t have given this group of killers a chance to take advantage of it.

But what Ye Linglong had done had taken her somewhat by surprise.

A few seconds later.

Xixing’s eyebrows stretched out and she smiled faintly, “You saved me with your life, after this battle, you Hong will rise up in the world and overlook all parties in the world!”

The voice was soft, but it was like a promise.

Only the unconscious Ye Linglong could not hear it.


There was a loud sound as several Qi coils crashed together.

Like a nuclear bomb explosion, a mushroom cloud with a large amount of debris rose into the air.

The shockwave was visible to the naked eye, sweeping across all directions.


A curtain of blood descended from the sky, forming a wall in front of Xixing and Ye Linglong, blocking all the shock waves that could break gold and bones.

Smoke and dust rolled.

Rubble shot out.

Shying Xing gazed at the smoke of the explosion.

Three seconds later.

Five figures emerged from the smoke and dust at the same time.

The fight is over!


“Are you alright?”

Sky Wolf looked towards Shying Xing, while behind him, the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain and the rest of the Hidden World, consciously lagged behind by half a position.

“It’s fine, it was my king who was careless.”

Xixing shook his head and added, “Inform the Great Physician to heal Ye Linglong immediately.”

The Old Ghost of Yin Mountain and the others walked up, picked up the unconscious Ye Linglong and sent her off for medical treatment.

The Heavenly Wolf, on the other hand, walked over to Shying Xing, his brows lowered, and even his eyes, which were merely revealed, were hidden because of his lowered head.

He let out a hoarse voice: “I really didn’t expect that she would save you!”

“This king is also surprised.” Xixing said indifferently.

Skywolf trailed off, “What do you think?”

“We’ll see when we’re cured.”

Skywolf: “……”


After a night’s treatment, Ye Linglong also woke up. Although her injuries were quite heavy, it was good that none of them had hurt the vital points.

After a little recuperation, she could move around freely.

After last night’s attack, Xixing’s attitude towards Ye Linglong was obviously a little better.

It was not so much in terms of treatment.

Rather, it was that even though Xixing had previously given Ye Linglong materially the treatment she should not have received as a hostage, the coldness that separated her from the distance was always there.

But after last night, it was clear that Shying Xing had become closer to Ye Linglong.

The news of the a*sa*sination also swept through the Thirteen Cities of Xiongnu last night.

The people and the army of the thirteen cities were in an uproar.

And the news, like a thunderstorm, swept through the world with great speed.

Those who heard it were shocked and outraged.

They knew that the Thirteen Cities of Xiongnu were now home to the armies of a hundred tribes, and their military strength was unprecedented.

It was unbelievable that someone with this kind of army could attack and kill the Huns’ royal palace.

After the shock, the a*sa*sination plan was soon attributed to Huo Zhenxiao’s handiwork, and it was boldly a*sumed to be led by the Golden Guard of the Great Snow Dragon Riders!

Such an a*sa*sination would be difficult for even the top a*sa*sins to achieve.

Unless it was the best of the best – a Golden Guard!

And a Golden Guard who had broken through the Qi energy!

But soon, another terrifying thought also extended from all sides of the world.

That was that the Golden Guards in the …… Great Snow Dragon Riders’ army were likely to have more than one Qi powerhouse!

This is the key to the greatest panic!

A Qi powerhouse that could command thousands of troops and an ordinary Qi powerhouse, these were simply two different concepts.

Not to mention the fact that the Great Snow Dragon Riders were the best army in the world!

For a while, the giants and powers who had already made their decisions and completed their bets wavered once again.

But as night fell, a shocking news broke.

But as the night wore on, a shocking news bombarded the whole world.

It was a night when the world could not sleep!

The news …… should be military intelligence, to be exact!

The content was also extremely simple!

[On the evening of the 28th day of the first month, Zhenjiang City was attacked by a large force of the Hundred Clans!