Winner Takes All Chapter 1655-1656

Chapter 1655

Time pa*ses.

It is nearing midday.

With a roar of helicopter propellers over the venue.

The hustle and bustle of the venue, both inside and outside, has finally returned to silence.

The attention of the whole city was beyond description.

Eastern Wall Street, from the time Chen Dong settled in the southwest, had always been of great interest to the world.

The media camp, with its long guns and intense flashing lights, also turned on the “bombardment” at the same time.

Boom, boom, boom ……

Outside the venue, seventy-two cannons were fired in unison, with the sound of cannons shaking the sky and splinters of coloured gold flying in the air.

The sound was a powerful opening.

As a burst of music echoed throughout the venue.

The Master of Ceremonies took to the stage and warmed up the stage with his opening remarks.

But all this was met with cold eyes in the eyes of the world’s most powerful family heads and giants, and some even clasped their hands to their chests, showing their disdain and contempt.

The atmosphere was quite cold and strange.

“Here are the guests for the ribbon-cutting ceremony!”

The master of ceremonies, with a warm wind-like smile on his face, then announced in a loud voice.

Long Lao, Zhuge Qing, Chu Reed …… Chen Dao Ye and other uncles, one after another, took the stage.

But even as they took to the stage, there was no shortage of ridicule and disdain on the faces of the crowd of powerful family heads and giants of power below.

Without Chen Dong.

What are the people on the stage?

The Southwest Region started because of Chen Dong.

The fact that Chen Dong’s life and death were still unknown had also deprived the Southwest Region of its anchor.

The only people who can rightfully bring all the forces together again are the speculations of these powerful family heads and giants from below, none of the people on stage today are capable of taking on a big job!

“Oh …… bluff, Chen Dong does not return, this southwest region still no one can make trouble!”

“Cut …… just these people on the stage, even Chen Dao Ye and his group, or Zhuge family, are not strong enough to stir up the Southwest.”

“The actual fact is that if it wasn’t for the overnight destruction of the Li family in Guanlong, which made the heads of powerful families and power giants fearful, it’s estimated that two-thirds less people would have attended the completion ceremony today!”


In the whispers, a whisper elicited nods of agreement from many people.

Chen Dong’s accident in Zhenjiang City swept through the desks of all the powerful family heads and giants of power in a short period of time with the momentum of a blistering rain.

In just a few days, the southwestern region was only superficially stable, but in reality, there were already undercurrents and ulterior motives.

If the completion ceremony had been held before the destruction of the Li family in Guanlong.

If the ceremony had been held before the destruction of the Li family in Guanlong, we could not have expected many people to turn up with the intention of attending!

Even the gentry heads and giants of power, who had long held a secret grudge, might not even have bothered to turn up.

But the destruction of the Li family in Guanlong overnight may not have been known to the general public, but it could never have been hidden from the intelligence networks of the gentry and the powerful.

The gentry!

Above the gentry and the families!

This kind of heritage, rooted for thousands of years, has already formed a great momentum, and even in the eyes of the gentry, it is a great mountain of fear, unattainable.

The Gu family was struck by a fatal blow more than twenty years ago, and can only remain in seclusion.

The Li family, on the other hand, has not suffered any major incidents in the last hundred years, at least.

On some level, the Li family was even vaguely stronger than the Gu family today.

But when it was destroyed overnight, the impact was like a bolt from the blue for the world’s great families and powers!

Those who have grown up step by step to become a powerful family or a great family, are definitely not weak when it comes to avoiding harm, let alone the fact that the destruction of the Li family is no longer a storm, but a shocking wave!

It is precisely because of the fear of the reason behind the destruction of the Li family that the world’s powerful family heads and giants have gathered in such a full house today!

The ceremony platform.

Long Lao, Zhuge Qing, Chu Reed, Rothschild and the others looked calm, but there was a fury and anger between their brows that was hard to dispel.

High up on the ceremony platform, high above the ground, but able to clearly capture the expressions and eyes of everyone in the entire venue.

“Once when Young Master was here, how did these fly-by-nighters ever dare to tease and insult like this?”

Long Lao narrowed his eyes, the veins in the corners of his eyes jumped wildly, and his hands were even hidden under his sleeve robe, clenched into fists and trembling vaguely.

Even though he had been used to seeing everything in his life, and his heart was like a rock, now that he was experiencing the scene in front of him, his heart was still in turmoil, and he could hardly hold back his anger.

Time pa*sed.

The flashing lights were always focused on the people on the ceremony stage.

When the Master of Ceremonies announced the ribbon cutting ceremony.

The words had not yet fallen.

“Hold on!”

A sudden shout rang out from the crowd.

The scene was abruptly silent.

The eyes of the crowd swiftly focused on the person who shouted the words.

The media’s long guns were also turned around at the first opportunity.

“Shoot, shoot, shoot! It’s a big story!”

“Film it, film it all carefully, my god, someone actually dared to call a halt suddenly!”

“Hoo hoo …… haha, here comes the big news, I really didn’t think there would be this surprise!”


The media reporters are all abuzz.

The completion ceremony today, but any full coverage would have been enough to sweep the front page headlines of the major media.

The fact that the ribbon-cutting ceremony was just around the corner and was suddenly called off was enough to add a bombshell to the headlines!

They don’t know why the head of a powerful family would be so “insensitive” on such an important occasion, but that didn’t stop them from snapping away at the moment!

On the stage of the ceremony.

A flash of anger flashed in Elder Long’s eyes as he smoothly took the microphone from the emcee’s hand, and the information of the person who called the halt quickly came to his mind.

“Southeastern Meng family head Meng Qinghe, is there anything wrong with the hospitality at today’s ceremony?”

The words were clear and cold, even a little argumentative.

But the cold, stern anger in the words was undisguised.

Even as the organiser, no one would feel the slightest bit offended if he was called to a halt at this moment and asked in such a tone!

Meng Qinghe stood proudly, sweeping his gaze across the room, finally meeting the cold light of Elder Long’s eyes without dodging.

“Elder Long, before this ceremony takes place today, I would like to ask one more question on behalf of everyone!”

Meng Qinghe clasped his hands together, “When Mr. Chen was building Southwest China, my Meng family also threw more than a billion dollars at the Southwest China, where is Mr. Chen now? How can we feel at ease if he doesn’t come to this important completion ceremony?”

His words were sharp, and every word was like a sword.

Even among the powerful family heads and giants present, there was no shortage of people who were dumbfounded.

The questioning was as close to telling the world that Chen Dong’s life and death in Zhenjiang City were still unknown!

Not waiting for Elder Long to speak.

On the ceremony stage, Rothschild then said loudly, “Thank you, Lord Meng, for coming to the ceremony, the Eastern Wall Street was jointly developed by Mr. Chen and Rothschild, Rothschild’s presence was feared to be sufficient!”

Elder Long and the others gave Rothschild a look.

Compared to Elder Long’s cold sternness, Rothschild was just like finding a step for the other party and resting on his laurels.


Meng Qinghe, however, sternly refuted, “Rothschild? Is it really enough to dominate this southwest? If Mr. Chen is not here, then you have to find a spokesman comparable to Mr. Chen to take the helm and jointly promote the southwest region, otherwise …… your completion ceremony will be grand and magnificent, and the huge amount of money that the world’s giants and powers have smashed into the southwest region will have to go down the drain?”


A word came out, and it was like a thunderstorm.

The whole room immediately stirred up many people to echo loudly.

“The Meng Family Master is right! What exactly happened is clear in the hearts of the giants of the magnificent families and powers present, and you must always give everyone an explanation before you complete your work!”

“Elder Long, Rothschild, the Meng family head has a point, we can’t all come to the southwest of the domain together in high spirits, and just because of Chen, we all grit our teeth and cut our blood, right?”

“If I may say so, you should not act rashly before Mr. Chen’s return, this Eastern Wall Street should still be put aside!”

“Southwest is such a big plate, you are all in Mr. Chen’s lineage, now that Mr. Chen is not coming out, then there has to be someone with enough rea*surance for everyone to trust to stand out, right?”


The first thing you need to do is to find a person who can be trusted.

The first thing that I would like to say is that I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to get a spokesperson.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

Elder Long bowed his head and let out a snort, “If it weren’t for the clear sky, these shouting faces would be enough to turn into evil spirits and eat us alive, they want the southwest to completely fall apart more than anyone else!”


A cold, resounding voice exploded across the room as the microphone amplified the sound.

“Young lady of the Chen family, wife of Chen Dong, am I, Gu Qingying, qualified enough to be this spokesperson?”

Chapter 1656


The whole room was dead silent.

This cold rebuke was like a thunderclap, instantly causing the whole audience to stare in disbelief and be silent.

How could this be possible?

The heads of the great families and giants of power had their faces changed dramatically.

Shocked, dismayed and disbelieving ……

In a flash, countless gazes followed the sound.

Even the reporters in the media camp, who had already boiled over, turned their cameras in unison after a brief moment of dumbfoundedness.

A cold shout made it clear to everyone who had made it.

But it was because it was clear that they were even more shocked.

How could an abandoned woman, who had already been officially announced to the world by Chen Dong, return again at this time?

Under the attention of all the people.

Gu Qingying, dressed in a pregnant woman’s outfit, her white clothes fluttering, slowly walked towards the ceremony stage.

Every step, for her, was extraordinarily difficult.

However, under the spotlight, she still tried her best to straighten her back, and every step was incomparably determined.

Between her eyebrows, she looked askance and arrogant, as if the thousands of powerful family heads and giants present did not give a D*mn.

“Young lady.”

Long Lao’s expression changed, and he immediately wanted to go forward to help.

But as soon as he took a step, he was stopped by Gu Qingying’s eyes.

For a moment, Long Lao, Fan Lu and the others could not hide their sadness and anger.

Gu Qingying was now in the late stages of pregnancy, her body was extremely burdened, and every step that seemed resounding and firm was in fact a hidden danger.

Not to mention the fact that it was a scene like this!

One step, then another.

As they drew closer, Elder Long and the others could even catch the slightest hint of pain on Gu Qingying’s strong, unruly face.

Her eyebrows were furrowed and her red lips were tightly obliterated.

Drops of sweat, visible to the naked eye, flowed down her cheeks.

When Gu Qing Ying was about to walk to the centre of the ceremony stage, her lips and teeth lightly opened, finally breaking the dead silence of the whole room.

“I sincerely welcome you all to attend the completion ceremony of the first phase of Oriental Wall Street, my husband, Chen Dong, is unable to attend the ceremony.

The voice was unhurried, smooth and quiet.

As he spoke.

Gu Qingying’s cold eyes looked askance at the whole room: “All of you, who is in favour and who is against?”

As the last word left her mouth, her eyes fell directly on Meng Qinghe.

Even though Meng Qinghe was accustomed to seeing great storms and waves, at this moment he rose above the crowd and was gazed at by Gu Qingying’s eyes, he felt a sense of trepidation like a man’s back.

Quietly, Meng Qinghe could even notice that there were many strange gazes around him.

This feeling, moreover, made his throat squirm and tighten a little.

“Clan Master Meng!”

Gu Qing Ying’s lips and teeth were lightly opened, her tone was clear and cold, and she had an aggressive and out-of-this-world aura: “Can I …… be this spokesperson, as you wish?”

Meng Qinghe’s pupils tightened to the extreme.

By his temples, a few drops of sweat stains quietly flowed down.

In his apprehension and hesitation, he wanted to slap himself twice, why did he have to be the first to jump up?

If he had known that Gu Qingying was present, he would never have dared to be the first to jump out!

Now, in front of all these people, Gu Qingying’s words were like putting him directly on the fire.

In front of him, there were only two choices.

Either he obeyed or continued to disobey!

Without Gu Qingying, even if he had been the first to jump out today, the Chen Dong faction would have been unable to do anything about it, even if their grievances were overwhelming.

After all, with the world’s attention on him, there is really no one comparable to Chen Dong who could jump out at this juncture and take the lead as a spokesperson.

Even the biggest grievances would have to be swallowed with broken teeth.

As long as more powerful family heads and giants jumped out, the hatred would be scattered and eventually the anger would not be directed at him alone.

By chance, Gu Qingying had come out at this juncture.

Even if the other party is the abandoned wife of Chen Dong known to everyone in the world, the other party is indeed qualified to be the spokesperson.

That belly …… is Chen Dong’s bloodline!

With the existence of this spokesman, it is enough to twist the factions under his command to face the world directly.

It is purely a fool’s errand to think of how many more powerful family heads and giants of power will stand up.

For a moment, Meng Qinghe a*sociated himself with a lot.

He was not an ordinary citizen, but the head of a family with tens of billions of dollars.

It was all instinctive to be able to reach his level, to think deeply and to scrutinise.

“Master of the Meng family!”

On the ceremony stage, Gu Qingying opened his voice again, but it was like a thunderous scolding.

The corners of Meng Qinghe’s eyes twitched violently a few times, and his eyes suddenly became ruthless.

With Gu Qingying coming forward, the only option was not for the compliant to prosper or for the rebellious to perish, but for both the compliant and the rebellious to perish!

At this thought, Meng Qinghe violently raised his hand and pointed it straight at Gu Qingying on the ceremony platform, angrily rebuking.

“You abandoned woman, how shameless! Who in the world doesn’t know that Mr. Chen has already divorced you, a marriage letter has been broken, and you are a stranger from now on, how can you still have the face to jump out now, do you want to take advantage of Mr. Chen’s absence and embezzle everything from him?”

The words were sharp and aggressive.

When he said this, Meng Qinghe had already thrown his weight around.

The rest …… depended on just how many people present did not want to willingly do the dowry for this southwest region!


The whole room was in an uproar as shrieks of shock echoed like thunder.

All the faces in the room changed greatly, staring at Meng Qinghe in shock and disbelief, their eyes almost falling out of their sockets.

There were those who nodded secretly, those who snickered, and those who gloated or shook their heads with bitter laughter ……

The scene was instantly like a powder keg that had been set on fire.

Even the old man, Rothschild and others on the stage of the ceremony, even if they had expected it, could not help but be furious at this moment.

Fan Lu even took a step forward with a murderous intent, “Meng Qinghe, this is not your Meng family, are you ready to insult my young lady?”

A strong wind rose up from under Fan Lu’s feet.

The killing intent was like the shadow of a sword and light.

The masters of the families along the way turned cold and their bodies shook.

As the swords were drawn.

The flashing lights that had been flashing so intensively came to an abrupt halt.

In the media camp, all the reporters, whose eyes were red with fervour, were now drenched in fear by the sudden change in the situation.

Fear made them stop filming as soon as they could!

They were desperate for a big story, but they weren’t desperate enough to kill themselves!

Public opinion, it was their turn to shoot.

But now the powder keg had blown right up, and if they didn’t stop, it would be death on the spot!

Amidst the shocked outcry.

Compared to the thunderous explosive anger of Elder Long, Fan Lu and the others.

Gu Qingying, on the other hand, remained calm and collected in a rare manner, and even the frown that had been slightly knitted up at the beginning of her pretty face was stretched out.

She held up the microphone and said with a calm smile, “Friends of the media, please continue filming the interview, I hope this small interruption will not disturb you, if so, Qing Ying is deeply sorry.”

The light-hearted phrase “a small interruption” made the noisy venue go silent.

Had she gone mad?

How could she still be so calm?

How could she still laugh?

The heads of powerful families and giants all sat in awe.

The trembling media reporters were dumbfounded and in a dream-like state.

Even Meng Qinghe, even though Fan Lu’s killing intent had stiffened his body as if he were imprisoned, could not help but tremble a little at this moment, his eyes wavering.