Winner Takes All Chapter 1653-1654

Chapter 1653


The deputy general roughly threw Ye Linglong in front of Kui Gang’s warhorse.

If it were anyone else, the Kui Gang who was marching in a hurry at this moment would have still disdained it.

But the people of the domain, that was a different story!

“I should say no, this woman is quite pretty!”

The deputy general was lying on his war horse, looking down at the unconscious Ye Linglong.

Under the illumination of the fire, Ye Linglong’s long hair was stained with white snow, her face was pale, her eyebrows were furrowed, the drops of blood stained were more than a little bleak and beautiful.

“For you to play?”

Kui Gang raised his eyes to look at the deputy general.

The deputy general instantly shivered: “My lord, the last general knows his mistake.”

“There is still one breath left, slaughter it and throw it here, continue the march.”

Kui Gang waved his hand, not bothering to dismount his horse to check.

He did not mind sending a woman who was dying from her injuries on her way.

As for showing mercy, he had never thought about it.


The Vice General indifferently drew his battle sword, the blade flashing with a cold aura.

He was about to swing his sword down.

“Hold on!”

A great doctor in the crowd barked a halt.

“Mr. Tierhan, what do you mean?”

Kui Gang wrinkled his brow and looked at the person who had made the noise with some anger.

If the other person had not been a great Hun doctor, that stop alone would have been enough for him to draw his sword with his backhand and have his head fall to the ground.

“Lord Kui Gang, this woman is not ordinary.”

As if he did not notice Kui Gang’s anger, Tier Khan hurriedly jumped down from his war horse and quickly walked over to the unconscious Ye Linglong.

After squatting down, he lifted up Ye Linglong’s waist with force.

Then reaching under Ye Linglong’s waist, he fumbled for a token.

Fixing his eyes on it, Tier Khan looked astonished, “She is from the Hong Society!”

With that, he handed the token to Kui Gang, “When this woman fell down just now, I sensed that something had fallen down, but with a hasty glance, I did not dare to be sure, but now with this Hong Society token in place, I can also confirm this woman’s identity.”

“The Hong Society ……”

Kui Gang squeezed the token in his hand, his cold expression finally had the slightest ripple, the corners of his mouth tugged lightly and he smiled disdainfully, “That doesn’t stop me from killing her.”

“My lord.”

Tier Khan clasped his fist and said, “The rank of this Hong Society token is not low, so please think twice before you act.”

The corners of Kui Gang’s eyes danced for a moment as he gazed at the Hong Society token in his hand.

He did not recognise the Hong Society token, but even though Hun was living in the hinterland of the Great Snowy Plain outside the domain, he had heard of the name of the Hong Society like thunder.

He did not care about the ordinary Hong Society members.

After all, there were 3,600 members in the Hong Society, and the members of the Society were like carp in the river.

But for senior members of the Hong Society, one really had to think twice.

On the one hand, he had to consider the consequences of killing them, and on the other hand …… the Hong Society was still owned by that man’s faction.

After thinking for a moment, Kui Gang had a decision in mind: “Form a team of ten and send this woman to the royal court, Mr. Tierhan, please heal this woman briefly.”

Five minutes later.

Kui Gang looked at the team of ten disappearing into the wind and snow, and without further hesitation, he shouted and led the team to run wildly towards the domain again.


The stars and moon were in the sky.

The vast southwestern territory was not half peaceful.

The matter between Zhenjiang City and Chen Dong swept out like a storm, and it was the southwest region that was the most shaken!

People’s minds are in turmoil.

Inside the villa.

Zhou Yanqiu was sitting on the main seat, dressed in gold-rimmed gla*ses, but at this moment, when facing the person opposite, there was no longer any half.

There, only gloom and gloom.

“General Zhou, this is something you can really think about.”

The old man was dressed in a Tang suit, with a warm wind-like smile, as if he could not see Zhou Yanqiu’s face: “Chen Dong had an accident in Zhenjiang City, although his whereabouts is unknown, but as far as I know, he is already ten dead, the one who knows the time is a good man, you cooperate with my family, with my family’s heritage, you can still ensure your prosperity and rise.”

The words were earnest.

Zhou Yanqiu, however, pulled up the half corner of his mouth, slowly took off his gla*ses, rubbed his face, and tiredly rubbed the bridge of his nose again.

“These few short days have really exhausted me.”

“That’s right, that’s right… I’m sure the old man’s family wasn’t the only one who came to the door during this time.”

The Tang-suited old man laughed and nodded in agreement.

While Chen Dong was in trouble, the southwest region had to develop, after all, that imperial edict was hanging above the vault of heaven and no one dared to disobey it.

But this was a moment in time.

Today’s development, however, allows the crowd to see enough oil and water.

The Chen Dong faction is the biggest beneficiary of the settlement of the southwest.

Nowadays, there were no heads of the herd, and the various forces under Chen Dong’s command had different resources at their disposal, but Zhou Yanqiu and Zhou Zunlong, as local forces, were undoubtedly the easiest to pry open, the volume was there, and although small, they could not withstand shaking the most!


Zhou Yanqiu lamented wearily, “Once something happened to my master, how many villains wanted to pull this dog of mine.”

It was intensely self-deprecating and extremely demeaning.

If outsiders were to hear it, their jaws would definitely drop in shock.

How could a local business tycoon, a local figure of the moment, ever be so humble and demeaning as to reach such a level?

But as soon as these words left his mouth, the smile on the old man’s face disappeared, and the depression in his eyes flickered away.

Zhou Yanqiu slowly lifted the cup of tea on the table, his gaze rising as he looked at the old man in the Tang suit, “Sir, you should understand what I mean, right?”

The old man in the Tang suit looked furious, gazing at the cup of tea Zhou Yanqiu had lifted, and fiercely clenched his teeth.

Serving tea to send off a guest!

What does it mean, simply don’t understand it too well.

Even …… could be called rude!

“Zhou Yanqiu, I hope you won’t regret it!”

The old man angrily got up and flung his sleeves away.


The door to the room was heavily shut.

Zhou Yanqiu leaned back in his chair and witnessed the tightly closed room door, shaking his head and smiling bitterly.

“I have lost many times in gambling, once and again, one step at a time, and even that reckless man Zhou Zunlong is no better, everything is that young man whom I admired and stood up for at the beginning!”

Murmuring, his eyes became wandering and hollow, caught up in memories.

“Every time I swayed, I forgot how that young man had given me the feeling of shining before my eyes, this time, I’m betting on Mr. Chen, you will definitely return!”

The same scene.

It also happened in Zhou Zunlong’s house.

However, compared to the elegant Zhou Yanqiu, Zhou Zunlong’s way of handling the situation was more simple and brutal.

“D*mn it, even if Mr. Chen is no longer around, I won’t be in the same boat as you bunch of villains!”

“I’ve been in the jianghu for most of my life, everyone says I’m a reckless green man, you think money can buy me off, but you forget that righteousness is mostly for the slaughtering of dogs!”

“Get out! Someone, beat me out, to hell with your glory and wealth, I, Mr. Chen, will definitely return!”


Tianmen Mountain Villa.

Gu Qingying held her big belly, put down her papers and leaned back in her chair.

Her late pregnancy had left her exhausted, her body suffering from pain while she had to be strong enough to handle various matters, and on top of that, there was the immense pressure of worrying about Chen Dong.

It was an unimaginable weight for her to bear every moment of every day.

“Young Madam, you go and rest, I’ll take care of it here.”

Long Lao said to Gu Qingying with worry and heartache.

“I’m fine.”

Gu Qingying smiled, “This is not handled without knowing, now I realize how tired that big fool really was before.”

“But the child ……”

Long Lao was still to be dissuaded.

Gu Qingying gently stroked her stomach: “The baby told me that mommy has to cheer for daddy!”

The smile was sweet and warm, but the light of her eyes was unprecedentedly firm.

Looking at Elder Long’s heart, he felt helpless.

There was a pause.

Gu Qingying raised her eyes and said, “Elder Long, tomorrow is the completion ceremony of the first phase of Eastern Wall Street, so it’s the right time to take this opportunity to push me out.”

Elder Long’s pupils tightened as he pondered and hesitated.

The completion of the first phase of Oriental Wall Street was indeed the best opportunity to launch a new spokesperson.

Tomorrow, it was bound to receive the attention of the world’s giants and various powers.

“Young lady, have you really decided, once you are on the stage, there may still be thousands of curses to bear.” Long Lao said heavily.

Gu Qingying smiled: “For him, what’s the harm in being scorned by thousands of people?”

Chapter 1654

Early the following morning.

As the first rays of sunlight spilled over the land.

The city was in an uproar.

As if a hundred rivers were returning to the sea, the crowds converged early towards the location of the Eastern Wall Street.

After the establishment of the Southwest.

The vast south-western region was in the spotlight of the world.

The “Eastern Wall Street”, which was developed in collaboration with Chen Dong and Rothschild, was the centre of attention.

Not only ordinary people, but also the world’s most powerful families and forces, are always watching.

Everyone knows that this street, which is the brainchild of Chen Dong and Rothschild, will directly determine the future direction of the entire southwest region!

With Chen Dong’s accident in Zhenjiang City.

The completion ceremony of the first phase today was even more turbulent, with each person having their own thoughts.

It was early in the morning.

Outside the venue of the Phase I completion ceremony, a sea of people had already gathered.

The crowd was boisterous and lively.

Inside the venue, the decorations were grand and solemn.

Rows and rows of seats were lined up in a vast manner.

All the heads of powerful families and giants had arrived early and taken their seats.

At the entrance of the venue, a steady stream of people came.

At the side of the venue, media from all walks of life, and even media from outside the region, were all present, with long guns and flashing lights, making it a spectacular sight.

As the heads of powerful families and giants entered the venue, those who knew each other well flocked together and exchanged pleasantries, while the crowd outside the venue was no less vociferous.

Only interspersed among them were faces with different expressions, and even undisguised sneers of derision.

“After such a big incident with Mr. Chen, I really didn’t think this completion ceremony, could still be held as scheduled.”

“Tsk …… If you ask me, this completion ceremony is purely a case of all the forces under their command pulling the skin of a tiger and beating a drum, and secretly they are not sure how vain they are.”

“The fact that Chen Dong is still alive in Zhenjiang City and has not been heard from, he is the soul of the southwest, without him, the final development of this southwest region is not the same, until now they can not push a spokesman to take charge of the leader, still have the heart to open the completion ceremony, maybe last night is still in a mess.”

“Not open? What can we do if we don’t? The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

“Hahahaha …… is good, the southwest region really can not develop, we lost here before the blood can be returned!”


The words are cold, sneering and mocking.

When the southwest was first settled, Chen Dong a series of operations, so that the various parties gathered the gentry and forces, all hurt, hard to tear off a piece of blood and bone left in the southwest region, to help him develop.

When Chen Dong was around, the various forces and powerful families were afraid of Chen Dong and did not dare to flare up.

But to say that they did not harbour a grudge is pure bullSh*t!

If the southwest region was really like what the giants and powers in the world had presumed at the beginning, that they would all share the cake together, it would not have been so bad.

But an imperial edict, like a holy voice from the nine heavens, pressured the giants and giants of the world to do Chen Dong’s bidding.

The wall had fallen and the people had pushed!

A broken drum is pounded by ten thousand people!

“Look, Rothschild!”

Suddenly, a magnate family head cried out in alarm.


All of a sudden, the eyes of the entire audience were unified, all looking towards the entrance of the venue.

Some even rose to their feet and saluted on the spot.

As Rothschild stepped into the venue, he smiled and greeted everyone as he walked straight backstage.

But as he disappeared from sight, his smiling face was replaced by a smile.

The smiling faces that had been there were suddenly different.

Sneers, scoffers, disdain …… abounded!

“The Rothschild is really worthy of the name, when the storm is coming, but still so calm, just this calmness, we can not catch up in a lifetime!

“That’s why he’s a king on the other side of the ocean, his biggest partner’s life and death are in doubt and he’s still calm.”

“Wait for it, after today, all the forces under Chen Dong’s command, it is estimated that they will have to lay down, pulling the skin of a tiger and knocking a big drum, a careless, then the drum will have to break, hahaha ……”


Time pa*ses slowly.

More and more of the magnificent family heads and giants of power arrived to take their seats at the scene.

Like the magnate family heads and power giants who had already arrived, most of them were those with sneers and disdainful mockery in their hearts.

Some had even travelled thousands of miles to witness this scene with their own eyes.

The fact that Chen Dong’s life and death were still uncertain, in just a few days, had already become no secret among the world’s powerful families and forces.

Without Chen Dong, there were not many forces under his command that could be put into the eyes of the people present!

The clamour of people.

Banter and laughter.

The crowd was so loud that it should have been festive, but it was unpleasant to the ears.

But no one at …… cared!

Not even bothering to cover it up anymore.

The Chen family is high up in the world, but now the Chen family has long since fallen apart.

The only thing that the people in the southwest region are afraid of is only one person, Chen Dong.

With Chen Dong in trouble, the remaining Zhang and Chu families, and even the Zhuge family, are not given a second thought in the eyes of the people.

The reason is simple.

The reason is simple. These forces, although they have deep pockets.

But when it comes to the open, anyone who stood in Chen Dong’s place before would probably have difficulty in convincing the public.

Even Chen Daoye and the others who had been driven out of the Chen family were the same!

Backstage at the venue.

People were coming and going.

Everyone was preparing for the ceremony that was about to begin.

Only one of the dressing rooms was quiet enough to listen to a needle.

The small dressing room is now overcrowded.

Gu Qingying is sitting on a chair with her big belly, her expression indifferent, her eyebrows slightly knitted.

In front of her, Elder Long, Fan Lu, Zhuge Qing, Meng, Chu Reed and Chen Dao Ye were all present.

Even Rothschild, who had just arrived, was standing there with a sullen expression.

Compared to Gu Qingying’s indifference, the faces of the crowd were depressed, angry and resentful.

The clamour and ridicule within the venue was undisguised.

So much so that even in the background, they were able to catch a few words from the noise of the crowd.

But every word, however, was extraordinarily harsh.

“Young Madam!”

Long Lao gritted his teeth, “Why don’t we listen to the old slave and not go out!”

“On what grounds?”

Gu Qingying raised her eyebrows, “If I don’t go out, they will only curse more fiercely and the southwest territory will only become more unstable!”

“But you went out ……”

Long Lao gritted his teeth and clenched his fists.

Chen Daoye, as an elder, took a step out of the crowd and said in a deep voice: “Little shadow, I am Dong’er’s uncle, I am also your uncle, they have some things that are not easy to say, I am an elder, you should listen to Elder Long on this matter, this completion ceremony is a puddle of muddy water, you are carrying Dong’er’s bloodline, you must not appear, otherwise everything that Dong’er did in the first place, then it will all be in vain, it is really I can’t, let Uncle go up there!”

“Uncle Dao Ye, I’ve already decided.”

Gu Qingying’s pretty face was rare and stubborn, and her gaze was determined as she said, “Someone put on makeup, I’ll guard his mountain, outside is just a bunch of jumping clowns!”