Winner Takes All Chapter 1657-1658

Chapter 1657

The whole room was silent, the crows were silent.

Gu Qingying’s light-hearted words, word by word, were like heavy hammers, hitting everyone’s heart in the room with a bang.

“Please continue filming!”

Gu Qingying’s cold voice echoed throughout the room.

Her eyes, however, swept towards the media camp.

In full view of all eyes.

She ignored the difficulties of late pregnancy and reluctantly bowed to the dumbfounded reporters in the media camp, “Today is the completion ceremony of the first phase of Eastern Wall Street, my husband attaches great importance to this, this is his heart’s work, please media friends, do not be stingy in reporting!”

The words fell.

The media reporters, who were dumbfounded, finally reacted one after another.

Previously, they were afraid of getting into trouble.

After all, anyone who wasn’t stupid could feel the chilling smell of gunpowder in this scene now.

But, now with Gu Qingying’s words, the fear in their hearts was much lessened.


A flash suddenly lit up.

With that.

Click! Click! Click!


One by one, the media reporters who had come back to their senses pressed the shutter, the intense flash almost blinding people.

Along with the intensive shutter sound, one by one, the media reporters’ eyes were red.

Their fingers were clicking the shutter frantically, afraid that they wouldn’t get enough footage!

Dense flashes surrounded Gu Qingying.

But her eyes swept once again towards the powerful family heads and giants below.

She had expected all this before her.

This was the reason why Elder Long and the others had tried to stop her from getting on the stage!

Once she stood up, she was bound to become the centre of the whirlpool!

In a trance, the figure of Chen Dong appeared in her mind, and her left hand subconsciously stroked towards her stomach.

“Once it was you who stood in front of us, mother and child, like a mountain and a great mountain, blocking the wind and rain, today …… it is my baby and I’s turn to block these floods and beasts for you!”

This was the thought in her mind.

Once she thought this, Gu Qing Ying’s beautiful eyes, unprecedentedly firm and determined.

“B*tch woman! Shameless! Mr. Chen has already severed his ties with you, and you still have the face to sing on stage!”

Suddenly, an angry rebuke exploded from the crowd.

Every word was heartbreaking and incomparably harsh!

In a flash, the whole crowd was in shock.

The heads of the powerful families and the giants of power were all shocked.

Meng Qinghe’s body shook, and his drifting eyes quickly regained focus as he was overjoyed.

He was not afraid of being the first to come forward.

What he feared was that after Chen Dong’s side had a spokesman to support the big picture, no one would stand up for him, leaving him isolated and drawing all the anger.

Today’s scene, if Gu Qingying had not appeared, even if he had been the first to stand up, there would have been a second and third …… countless magnate family heads and giants of power who would have risen up to oppose the refutation.

The wall is pushed by all, and the drum is broken by all!

But Gu Qingying’s appearance exceeded his, no! It was beyond everyone’s expectation.

If no one supported him, the final outcome of the Meng family would be in no doubt.

Just now, he had also thrown in the towel.

Now this voice made him feel like a dream, finally …… had help!

“Shoot it, shoot it all!”

The media reporters’ went completely crazy, the cameras turned around, the camera shutters in their hands were like machine guns bursting like crazy.

With the first angry rebuke, it was as if a pot of cold water had been poured into a deadly hot frying pan.

The room exploded.

“That’s right! Gu Qingying, what qualifications do you have to replace Mr. Chen? A piece of divorce paper, two breaks in the red dust, this scene today, how dare you take the stage?”

“What a big mouth! How can there be such a cheap woman like you in this world? Mr. Chen has already made it known to the world that he is with the Hong Society’s Ye Qianjin, how cheap do you have to be to have the face to come to such an occasion today?”

“Master Meng is right, even a spokesperson has to be a decent one. If a mere outcast woman is on stage, she is not taking our efforts in the southwest region seriously!”


The people are furious.

All of them were grinning like street hooligans and shrews, no longer caring about their status.

As far as they were concerned, they had fallen for Chen Dong’s trap when they first entered the southwest region, and had used their own efforts to graft for Chen Dong for nothing.

The blood of the world had been swallowed up, such a great gesture.

Although Chen Dong’s great power was hidden, the seeds of resentment were planted in the hearts of these powerful family heads and giants of power.

Now everyone knew that something had happened to Chen Dong in Zhenjiang City.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take advantage of his illness to kill him and sing the praises of Chen Dong’s power.

If it could directly ruin the promotion of development in the southwest region, that would naturally be the best thing.

It would not be considered a benefit, but at least it would draw away some of the heart and soul already invested in the southwest region.

This would of course be the best outcome.

Even if the next best thing is to be able to suspend the development of the southwest region, it would still be a great blessing for these magnificent family heads and giants of power.

People have selfish desires and revenge!

Eight simple words could not be more appropriate to describe the people who were verbally attacking each other at this moment.

The corners of his mouth curled up gently, and even with his hands behind his back, he could not help but straighten his back with an outwardly confident look.

He did not think that a mere woman could withstand all this!

In fact, when Chen Dong was around, before he divorced Gu Qingying, the world’s intelligence was clear that Gu Qingying was the ten billion dollar Miss Qingying International, but always hid under Chen Dong’s wings, displaying the posture of a small woman, with no achievements in the business.

In Meng Qinghe’s eyes, Gu Qingying is just a young lady who has been spoiled since she was a little girl.

Further on, who is she?

He could even say with a pat on the back that all these people who were now verbally attacking him were thinking the same thing as he was!

In their eyes, a little woman who was hidden in Chen Dong’s golden house, someone who was pampered by her parents when she was young and coddled by her husband when she grew up, was simply a dirtbag!

“What a pity, she is indeed the best spokesperson, but can she top it?”

The smile on Meng Qinghe’s face grew more and more smug.


His gaze flinched.

In his line of sight, Gu Qingying, who had been ancient and calm, slowly lifted the microphone.

Her hands were raised in a dignified and elegant manner.

But the moment the microphone came to her lips, a cold frost suddenly covered her beautiful face, and her eyes were stern.

In a flash.

A clear, cold rebuke echoed throughout the room.

“I am not enough to endorse Chen Dong, and I am indeed an abandoned woman, but don’t forget, what I have in my belly is Chen Dong’s bloodline, the bloodline of the Chen family, even if you stab the sky, I, Gu Qingying, am carrying Chen Dong’s child, I am not qualified to be an endorser, but my child is!”

The resounding words exploded like thunder.

The scene, which was so noisy, was violently silent.

The heads of the powerful families and giants with angry faces all froze in their tracks.

Gu Qingying spoke again.

“In ancient words, I am called a draper, you must admit it or not!”

At this moment, her aura changed dramatically, she was overbearing, and her eyebrows showed a domineering aura that looked down on everything.

As she spoke, she pointed her hand behind her and said in a stern voice, “If I tell them to kneel, they must kneel, who dares not?”

“Old slaves are at the service of Young Lady!”

“The Zhuge Family is at the service of Madam Chen!”

“The Zhang and Chu families are at the service of Madam Chen!”

“The Rothschilds are at the disposal of Madam Chen!”

“Zhou Yanqiu, at the service of Lady Chen!”

“Zhou Zun Long, at the service of Madam Chen!”

In unison, Elder Long and the others lined up, kneeling down at the same time, their firm voices the only ones in the room!

Chapter 1658

The ceremony platform.

Elder Long and the others lined up, all kneeling respectfully behind Gu Qingying.

The noisy scene suddenly fell silent as they knelt down.

Everyone stared in disbelief at the only figure standing on the ceremony platform.

Shock, fear, panic ……

All sorts of emotions engulfed everyone present in a flash.

Is this really the woman that we have been told about?

Wasn’t she a small woman hiding under Chen Dong’s wings?

This is the same person as recorded in the intelligence?

A series of questions surfaced in the minds of a host of magnificent family heads and giants of power.

In a trance.

They even felt that the only figure standing on the ceremony platform was incomparably blinding, not daring to look directly at it.

Meng Qinghe, the one who had started the trouble in the first place, was still in a standing position at this moment, but he felt a spiral of heaven and earth, and while his body was cold, he even wanted to go limp on the ground.

Gu Qingying’s attitude had completely exceeded his expectations!

This kneeling alone was enough to turn the tide!

With this scene today, it was clear to everyone that apart from Chen Dong, any random person from the various forces under his command who wanted to be the spokesperson would definitely not be able to twist all the forces into a single rope.

This was the most fundamental reason why everyone wanted to repay grievances and revenge!

Only when they were sure of this did they have the courage to “rebel”.

But then, Gu Qingying appeared as an anomaly!

Even when Gu Qingying first appeared, Meng Qinghe and a host of other powerful family heads and giants, who had been denouncing each other, coincidentally came up with the same idea in a moment of reluctance.

They seized on the word “abandoned wife” and blew Gu Qingying’s mind right out of the water!

But Gu Qingying, who was regarded as a small woman, resisted everyone’s verbal abuse and shrill rebuke.

And this appearance also brought about another result.

If the water is clear, there will be no fish!

The same is true now!

Before this, the situation in the southwest region had either been turned upside down by forces harbouring grudges or the appearance of a “spokesman” on Chen Dong’s side had caused discord among all parties under his command, directly leading to the stagnation of development in the southwest region.

Both outcomes would be to everyone’s liking!

But Gu Qingying, in name only, not in her own capacity, but with Chen Dong’s blood in her belly, directly reversed the situation and stirred up the muddy water!

After the completion ceremony today, it would be easy enough to fish a few fish out of the crystal-clear water to settle scores later.

I’m afraid that if you want to ask for a few helpers at that moment, you’ll just have to watch from the wall!

“Young lady ……”

Long Lao knelt on the ground, his eyes red with tears as he gazed at Gu Qingying’s back, his lips trembling: “The Chen family …… is fortunate!”

Just now, the group of people turned against each other, which made Long Lao and others’ hearts cut like a knife.

They didn’t even dare to imagine how much pressure and pain Gu Qingying, who was carrying six nails, had endured in that kind of environment just now.

If they hadn’t gotten Gu Qingying’s order in advance.

Even Elder Long and the rest of them could hardly calmly grit their teeth and endure, and would have jumped out and fought the crowd with swords!

Today’s Gu Qingying had not only exceeded the intelligence perception of the world’s magnificent family heads and power giants.

Even Elder Long and the others, who had spent time together, had never seen such a resolute and fierce Gu Qingying!

“Dong’er …… has married a good daughter-in-law!”

Chen Dao Ye’s old eyes were filled with tears as he cried out in his heart.

A husband and wife are originally birds of the same forest, but they fly separately in the face of great difficulties.

There are many couples in the world who enjoy the blessings together, but how many of them share the difficulties?

The first thing is that Chen Dong had divorced in order to protect Gu Qingying and her son before the incident in Zhenjiang City.

At this point in time, Gu Qingying could not have come, and even if she did not, the world would not have had anything to say against her.

But here she is!

And with tremendous pressure, she overwhelmed the gentry family heads and power giants on the scene!

Click click click ……

The media reporters went completely crazy, the shutter sound was as dense as rain, the flash light even made the position of Gu Qingying on the ceremony stage, a white blur.

From the beginning to the end, Gu Qingying did not show too much of a reaction.

She was calm and collected.

Even the light of his eyes did not make too much of a ripple.

Just like the Chen Dong of old!

Immediately after.

Gu Qingying spoke again, “Even if you all disagree, the bloodline I carry in my belly is Chen Dong’s. Even if I am abandoned, I am still the mother of Chen Dong’s child.

“Here in the southwest, if you are a dragon, you can keep your head down, if you are a tiger, you can keep your head down, my husband will come back, until he comes back, I, Gu Qingying, will be in charge of the southwest!”

“You come to congratulate, I Gu Qing Ying welcome with both hands, but some curmudgeons with ulterior motives, even if you have a lot of grievances, but I swallow this anger, do you say, the Meng family master …… Meng Qing He!”

The words were as clear as thunder.

It was a deterrent, and after concealing it from the media, it was also an appropriate way to give a step to the heads of the powerful families and giants of power who had just been verbally attacked.

It was the right measure, just right.

The last question directly caused Meng Qinghe, who was already terrified, to sweat like a sieve.

This was not a question, it was clearly a sword to his throat!

“Dead B*tch, is this a direct attempt to shake the tiger from the mountain in front of all the powerful family heads and giants present?”

Meng Qinghe’s eyes were bloodshot, fierce and ruthless.

At this point in his life, it was already his turn to take control of others, and if he wanted him to meekly put his neck on the line, it would mean that he would have to fight to the death!

With this in mind.

Meng Qinghe overturned the table and desk in front of him and said angrily: “You say you are carrying Mr. Chen’s seed, who will prove it? You B*tch, if Mr. Chen’s level of existence had not touched the bottom line, who would risk the world to abandon his wife?”


The whole room gasped in shock and was in an uproar.

Everyone stared dead at Meng Qinghe with a look of having seen a ghost.

He was crazy!

This fellow had gone completely mad!


The flashing lights that had been enveloping Gu Qingying disappeared abruptly.

The dense sound of the shutter, too, disappeared.


A dead silence.

“Huh ……”

Gu Qingying suddenly laughed, her beautiful eyes slowly narrowing into slits as a vaguely cold light flickered, “Master Meng Family, don’t you understand my words? I said, resentment is huge even for me to swallow! This is an ultimatum, not a fight with you over life and death, whether the bone and blood in my belly is my husband’s or not, there is no need for a dead man to speculate and question!”

She finished.

She turned around directly and looked down at Rothschild who was kneeling on one knee: “Mr. Rothschild, if I remember correctly, I believe your consortium has maritime trade with the Meng family, and the trade volume is huge, right?”

“Madam Chen, there is!”

Rothschild nodded his head and said decisively, “With immediate effect, Rothschild cuts off all commercial dealings with the Meng family!”


Gu Qingying nodded, and then swept to the several family heads below, pointing her green and jade fingers over one by one.

“A few of you ……”

“Lady Chen, don’t worry, break it off immediately!”

“Madam Chen, forgive me, it is the old man who is unaware of people and will immediately correct his mistake!”

“Meng Qinghe, from this moment on, I F**king swear to disagree with you!”


A number of dry and decisive voices rang out, and even some of the heads of the magnificent families ignored their status and directly burst into foul language.

Meng Qinghe’s face turned pale as his body staggered back a step and fell into a chair, his somewhat blurred vision showing the faces of his former friends who had become hideously indignant.

For a moment, he felt as if his three souls had left his body!

Never before had he imagined that, with his current status, he would be condemned to life and death with a single word!

He was in a panic and trance.

Gu Qingying’s cold voice once again echoed throughout the room.

“Meng Qinghe, what do you think will happen next?”