Winner Takes All Chapter 1437-1438

Chapter 1437

Chapter 1437 – It’s only good if everyone in the world scolds me!
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Old Mrs. Chen spoke sternly and squarely, “The old body has come through great storms all her life, what else can she not bear?”

Chen Daoping’s gaze flickered, still hesitating for a moment.

Seeing that Old Madam Chen was really resolute, she gritted her teeth and said, “The major powers under that wild B*****d Chen Dong’s command are all following in Chen Dong’s footsteps and have started selling their land!”


Old Mrs. Chen’s body trembled and her pupils tightened to the extreme.

In the bedroom, a pin drop was heard in an instant.

The air was filled with the sickening smell of blood.

Chen Daoping lowered his head, not daring to look directly at Old Mrs. Chen.

It was clear to him that his mother had changed a lot!

It made him all a little strange and scared.

Half a day later.

Old Mrs. Chen waved her hand and said, “Ignore this matter for now, and clean the house.”

With that, she wrapped her robe around her and got up to walk outside the house.

As she walked, Old Madam Chen bowed her body and coughed violently a few times.

Chen Daoping turned around to see her off, but his expression was a bit gloomy and worried.

He could feel a strong aura of old age from Mrs. Chen, as if she was dying, as if her oil had run out ……

The old lady Chen walked out of the room, tightened her robe again, and then turned around and walked into the Buddha Hall.

She didn’t pay homage to Buddha, but sat curled up on a futon, looking gloomy and haggard.

Only one pair of eyes, shadowy as if they were vipers, bloomed now and then with a chilling lustre.

“Buy land, sell land …… wild seed what the hell do you want?”

Breathless murmurs echoed in the Buddhist hall.

The Gu family did not help with her heaven-killing situation, but for the last time Chen Dong sold land within the Tianhua auction house, but secretly sent white gloves to.

On the contrary, ten pieces of land, the best two, were not available to her.

Jiang Qilin’s appearance was like a heavy bomb, directly fixing the auction of the last piece of land.

This also left Old Lady Chen and the Gu family in the lurch.

More crucially, Jiang Qilin stood up for Chen Dong, and this was what made Old Lady Chen and the Gu family’s hearts palpitate the most.

The appearance of Jiang Qilin, patting the land for Chen Dong, was like a signal released by the Jiang family to the outside world.

“The Jiang Family Qilin …… If not for this appearance, I am afraid that the outside world would still have no knowledge of this Jiang family member!”

Old Mrs. Chen’s eyes were cloudy: “The Jiang family …… is a family clan that has flourished for thousands of years, why do you think so highly of this wild child?”

The same question had surfaced in Old Lady Chen’s mind countless times since the Tianhua Auction House.

“Chen Dong ah Chen Dong …… this time, I would like to see what tricks you can play? If you play well, you can soar to the heavens, but if you play poorly, you will be doomed!”

Old Lady Chen’s eyes suddenly shot out with a fierce aura: “Chen Daocheng and the others will play with you, but I will have to play with you in a different way.

The words are cold, like the cold wind blowing out of the nine ghosts.


For a whole day.

The news fermented, so that the name “Chen Dong” was echoed in the streets and alleys.

The sale of land by Zhou Zunlong and Zhou Yanqiu only led to speculation that Chen Dong had lost his power.

But the voices mixed in with them were still different, at least …… there were still people who doubted Chen Dong’s current situation.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

People’s words were fearful.

When rumours are flying around, the truth is already getting further and further away, tending more towards believing the one rumour that has the most people, or …… the one whose interests are most damaged!


The sun is setting in the west.

The roads are full of people returning from work.

The office buildings are lit up with lights, the epitome of those who work hard for their jobs under the stars.

The Din Tai building.

The crowds emerge and quickly disperse.

The building, busy and crowded during the day, is a little more than a little cold.


Soon, a few people wearing hats and wrapping themselves up tightly rushed to the entrance of the office building.

The security guards had locked the doors because it was after hours.

But these few men were directly using thick brushes, stained with red paint, to quickly scribble and write on the huge gla*s door.

The large, red, stinging letters were filled with anger and resentment.

“Chen Dong son of a B*tch, harming people’s money, no good death!”


After they finished writing, several people were still not relieved and simply poured the rest of the paint in the bucket on the huge gla*s door.

The clean and tidy front door was a mess in the blink of an eye.

“What are you doing?”

The security guards on patrol sensed the difference and came rushing from afar with a loud bellow.

A few people, being thieves, immediately turned around and ran.

By the time the security guards got close, several people had already run out of sight.

When the security guard saw the red letters on the gla*s door, his face changed dramatically and his body went into a frenzy.

He hurriedly took out his walkie-talkie and said in fear, “Head, head …… out, something’s wrong, contact Din Tai Chen quickly!”

Tianmen Mountain Villa.

Night fell.

In the dining room, the table was filled with delicacies and the atmosphere was lively.

Chen Dong and others dissected the table, laughing and chatting.

With a phone call, the heated atmosphere came to an abrupt end.

“Um, okay, got it.”

Chen Dong responded calmly and simply, before hanging up the phone.

Gu Qingying and the others all gazed at Chen Dong.

During the brief call Chen Dong had just made, the crowd could clearly detect the difference in Chen Dong’s emotions.

From dismay, to indifference, to finally calmness.

“Honey, what happened?”

Gu Qingying was the first to ask.

“Nothing, something has happened to the company.”

Chen Dong smiled faintly, then said to Elder Long, “Elder Long, please contact our local reporters later to go to the Dingtai office building to take some pictures.”

“Young Master, what exactly has happened?”

Elder Long asked after him with a tight frown.

Chen Dong shrugged, “We have been selling land one after another, and people already think that we are going to lose money, some good people have come to the door to throw paint and write some obscene words.”

Gu Qingying, Elder Long and the others were all shocked.

Zhao Brelu, who was sitting in a wheelchair, even drilled his ears, thinking he had heard wrong.

“Brother Dong, are you serious? We’ve all had paint thrown at us, and you’re still letting reporters go to publicize it? This kind of thing, according to the rules of the road, you have to find the person and ‘entertain’ them properly!”

He was a gangster, so he knew better what rules a gangster should use to respond to the same thing.

Chen Dong’s response left Zhao Bros. a little confused.

“Do as I say.”

Chen Dong lightly tapped the tip of his right index finger on the table and did not continue with the topic.

He felt Gu Qingying’s worried gaze.

He raised his hand and gently landed on Gu Qingying’s head, rubbing it dotingly.

“Little fool, it’s fine, don’t think about it, I’m here!”

“But ……”

Gu Qingying wanted to argue.

But Chen Dong interrupted with a direct statement, and the content of the words caused everyone’s pupils to tighten and their hearts to twitch.

Chen Dong said, “At this time, it is only good that everyone in the world scold me!”

Chapter 1438

No explanation.

From the time he first decided to develop his base camp, Chen Dong had no explanation to any of the people about the whole plan.

After his meal, Elder Long arranged for the reporter to go to the Dingtai office building.

When the arrangements were made, Long Lao thought about it and pushed open Chen Dong’s study door.

The study was somewhat dark.

The only thing lit was a lamp on the desk and the computer screen.

Chen Dong stared intently at the screen, his right hand flicking the mouse, his left fingertips holding a cigarette, propping up his chin.

“Is it arranged?”

Chen Dong asked directly without raising his eyes either.

“Well, it’s done.”

Elder Long nodded and pushed his wheelchair to the desk, saying with a worried frown, “Young Master, my old slave won’t ask you about your plans, but can I ask you about the words you said at the dinner table just now?”

“Which sentence?”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows, still staring at the screen with unblinking eyes.

“That line, it’s only good when everyone in the world scolds you at this time.”

Elder Long’s gaze was profound as he gazed at Chen Dong’s face.

He wanted to see something from Chen Dong’s face.

But even Elder Long himself was not sure when exactly he started to not be able to see “something” from Chen Dong’s face.

Chen Dong took a deep breath, put down the mouse, leaned back in his chair tiredly and closed his eyes for a few seconds to ponder.

During this process, he held a cigarette in his mouth and let the smoke linger.

It was only when his eyes opened again that he said slowly.

“I experienced a child’s untimely death and Little Shadow’s serious injury, and being a father and a husband are shadows that I can never linger.”

He slowly turned his gaze towards Elder Long, but ripples rose above his bright eyes, and his tone was determined: “When I knew that Little Shadow was pregnant again, I told myself that it was time for me to put on my scale armour and face the world head-on, even if the world spits on me, I will go forward and cut through the thorns!”

Long Lao stared blankly at Chen Dong.

The gaze in his own eyes was bright and uncertain, his mind floating.

Chen Dong’s words seemed to be telling him something.

Yet they were veiled, veiled so that he could not even guess!

Perhaps …… when lost once and then possessed again, it is enough to change a man!

Especially when that man is a father and a husband!

Long Lao sighed and pushed his wheelchair around, “Young master, old slave won’t ask anymore, old slave will accompany you in your journey, young lady and young master, this time will be safe and sound!”

Looking at Elder Long who was about to walk out of the study.

Chen Dong called out, “Long Lao, the follow-up public opinion storm continues to ferment, I hope you and them together to help me, conceal the little shadow, she is pregnant, I do not want her emotions to fluctuate too much because of me, in addition …… our hands of land, or too much, still have to continue to sell. ”

Long Lao stopped his wheelchair and was instantly jealous.

Too much land and still have to continue to sell?


Sell all the land, how can I build my base camp?

Just thinking of the promise he had just made to Chen Dong, Elder Long forcefully suppressed his tumbling thoughts, “Old slave knows.”

“I will stay up all night tonight and will get a map out, and also mark the plots of land we need to sell out.”

Chen Dong continued to stare at the computer screen and suddenly raised his eyebrows, as if he thought of something: “Right, Elder Long, you are an ancestor of the Hong Society’s Ming generation, just one generation below Ye Yuanqiu, you should know very well the inner workings of the Hong Society, if all 3,600 doors of the Hong Society were activated, would you still be unable to find just one or two people?”

“It would be hard not to find.”

Elder Long also did not pursue the question, but responded directly and calmly, “Unless the person died and the corpse sank into the sea, wrapped in the belly of a fish or shrimp!”


A calm voice, but every word was like thunder.

Under the light.

Chen Dong’s five senses froze for a moment, and the blue veins at the corners of his eyes even stood out, pulsating non-stop.

Had …… really reached this point?


Elder Long left and closed the study door.

Chen Dong lit a cigarette in annoyance, his brow locked in sorrow.

His father-in-law and mother-in-law, he had been hanging on to them!

It was also about Gu Qingying, and the baby in Gu Qingying’s belly.

Hong would …… have not been able to pa*s on the news.

The whole three thousand six hundred doors, but actually so long can not find out the news of the father-in-law and mother-in-law.

Could it really be that Long Lao had hit the nail on the head?

Worry, nervousness, trepidation ……

All sorts of emotions came in a flurry, instantly making Chen Dong distracted and difficult to meditate.

Chen Dong looked out the window at the lights of the night sky and murmured softly, “What’s going on across the ocean?”

Only late into the night did Chen Dong gradually suppress his troubled thoughts.

He still held back from calling Yuan Yigang or Ye Yuanqiu.

Waiting for ……

Perhaps it was the best option now!

In the latter part of the night, Chen Dong did not fall asleep either, but instead compiled a map marking all the land that he and the major forces under his command currently owned, as well as specifically marking out, the land that would be auctioned off subsequently.

By the time the map was finished, the sky was already white with the belly of a fish.

Chen Dong printed out the map and held it up, standing in front of the window, facing the rising sun, smiling proudly.

“This …… is the blueprint for the future of my new Chen family!”

Putting away the map, Chen Dong turned around and headed out of the study.

But just as he stopped at the door, he did not wait to open it.

There was a bang!

The study door was then slammed open.

Chen Dong was a little caught off guard and was almost hit in the face by the study door.

He looked at Zhuge Qing, who was standing in the doorway, in dismay.

“What’s wrong?”

Zhuge Qing’s face turned red and his eyes were filled with fear.

“No, it’s not good, something has happened, something big has happened on Mr. Chen’s street, there’s a ma*s march!”

“A march?”

Chen Dong was puzzled, “What’s it to do with us?”

Zhuge Qing’s breath caught and he said anxiously, “The target of the ma*s march is you, Mr. Chen!”

Chen Dong’s heart and soul trembled.

The Zhuge Qing in front of him chattered on, “Most of them are people who have invested in houses in the southwest region, and they all thought that the clouds would follow the dragon and the wind would follow the tiger, so they bought houses and waited for you, Mr. Chen, to promote the development of the southwest region, so that their houses would appreciate in value and make money. They are now marching in the streets, holding up signs that you are eating human blood buns, Mr. Chen!”

As he spoke, Zhuge Qing clenched his hands together, his palms covered in sweat stains.


Chen Dong, who looked dumbfounded, still did not respond.

Zhuge Qing was so anxious that he scratched his ears, “Mr. Chen, what should we do now?”

The moment the words left his mouth.

Chen Dong suddenly smiled wryly, “That’s good!”

Really …… good?

Zhuge Qing was dumbfounded, how could there be good after this scene?

Is Mr. Chen out of his mind?

What kind of good is this when you’re being boycotted by people marching and cursing in the street?

“Mr Chen, the numbers are gathering fast and the situation is getting worse, what exactly do you mean by that?”

Zhuge Qing felt the need to remind Chen Dong, as he felt that the current Chen Dong was all confused in his head and did not realise the seriousness of the matter at all.


Chen Dong’s left hand landed on Zhuge Qing’s shoulder and spoke in a shocking manner.

“Quickly take me to see, I want to know just how many people are cursing me, this feast cannot be missed!”