Winner Takes All Chapter 1435-1436

Chapter 1435

Half a day.

Only then did Chen Dong come back to his senses.

He gazed at Jiang Qilin and asked, “So, you and the reed ……”

The scene in the villa just now could indeed make people float and feel angry.

But after knowing Jiang Qilin’s experience, Chen Dong felt that there should be a misunderstanding in this matter as well.

“The day the reed sent me away, she complimented me, that was the first time I had heard someone compliment me, wasn’t that a conversation between friends?”

Jiang Qilin blinked his eyes, he was obviously thirty years old, but he froze to give a budding feeling.

Chen Dong: “……”

One compliment and you’re treated as a friend?

Just a friend!

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and stared at Jiang Qilin with an odd smile, “I envy you for being so simple.”

“Perhaps …… should be called stupid?”

Jiang Qilin responded.

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows, “Oh yo! How come you suddenly have such a clear perception of yourself after this turn of events?”

Jiang Qilin froze for a moment and laughed bitterly.

“Actually, I don’t know what I did wrong, but after you drove me home last time, I told grandfather and father about what happened, and grandfather reacted violently and even punished me with expulsion from the Jiang family, so that must mean I did something wrong!” “And just now, I don’t know what I did wrong either, but you all reacted so angrily, so it should be something I did wrong too.”

There was a pause.

Jiang Qilin said guiltily, “You all said I was wrong, so I must have been wrong, and an apology would be in order.”

Chen Dong stared at Jiang Qilin and suddenly had mixed feelings in his heart.

This Jiang family Qilin, was strong!

So strong that it made him feel extremely oppressed.

Just by pushing the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts, he was able to crumble Zhuge Qing’s dao heart.

And in the martial dao, it also made Chen Dong feel the great oppression of his peers for the first time.

In all aspects, Jiang Qilin was worthy of the word “genius”.

But when it came to human affairs, Jiang Qilin was really a blank sheet of paper, as simple as a child.

Even now, he was still “blank”.

Chen Dong raised his hand and landed on Jiang Qilin’s shoulder, saying soothingly, “There is no right or wrong in this matter, but you must remember that when everyone says you are wrong, you may not be wrong, you may have been wronged by everyone!”

“Wrongly accused?”

Jiang Qilin shook his head, “I don’t think so.”

“It takes a fierce beast to walk alone, it takes a flock of sheep to keep company, sometimes it’s not wrong to walk alone, and sometimes it’s not always right to be surrounded by thousands, and the people who have wronged you know better than you do how wronged you really are! But they may also completely fail to understand the purpose of your lonely journey and unconsciously wrong you with their own perceptions and generalizations.”

Chen Dong said in a deep voice, his words somewhat argumentative, but he felt that this had to be made clear to Jiang Qilin.

This was also considered an explanation for the misunderstanding between him and Jiang Qilin before.

It was just that ……

Jiang Qilin’s sword brows were furrowed, and a complex look of doubt pa*sed over his handsome face as he fell into silence.

Obviously, for a moment, there was some reaction to what Chen Dong had said.

“Think about it, there is a misunderstanding between us, I will go back and explain this matter clearly to them.”

Chen Dong did not wait until Jiang Qilin came to his senses, but directly rose, “Since your grandfather and your father let you leave the Jiang family and enter the world, then they should also want to let this white paper of yours be stained with some mortal brush and ink, after more stumbling and wrestling and getting along with people, you will slowly have a smoldering temperament.”

“Aura of smoke and mirrors?”

Jiang Qilin murmured, his gaze still vacant, still caught up in what Chen Dong had just said.

By the time he came back to his senses, the ward was empty and he was the only one left, Chen Dong had already closed the door and left.


Leaving Lijin Hospital, Chen Dong drove straight back to Tianmen Mountain Villa.

When he walked into the house, the living room was brightly lit.

Gu Qingying, Elder Long, Chu Reed and the others were all in the living room.

“All still awake?”

Chen Dong smiled and walked into the living room.

“Who can sleep when you haven’t returned?”

Gu Qingying scolded Chen Dong, “Knowing full well what we are waiting for, you still pretend to ask a mouthful.”

Chen Dong smiled as he swept Gu Qingying up and sat on the sofa.

As he swept his eyes over the crowd, except for Chu Reed’s complex expression, Elder Long and the others all revealed their curiosity.

Seeing Chen Dong’s silence.

Long Lao urged, “Young Master, everyone is waiting for you, so tell me quickly, what is the situation with that Jiang Qilin?”

Chen Dong smiled oddly.

However, he avoided talking about it, and instead, his gaze fell on Chu Reed.

Chu Reed felt the gaze and had a feeling like a mane on her back, lowering her head and saying, “Mr. Chen, I, what’s wrong with me?”

“You have made an investment for your Chu family, an investment that has the highest return ratio in the world!”

Chen Dong said in a meaningful manner.

A compliment that became the first good friend of the Jiang Family Qilin.

This value, putting aside the premise of trampling on friendship, simply looking at it, the return ratio was so generous that even Chen Dong smacked his lips and was shocked.

The Jiang family’s family clan, with the Jiang family’s regard for Jiang Qilin, who the future Jiang family head is, there is no need to guess.

Chu Reed and Jiang Qilin become friends, get along to later, the future of the Chu Family in Kyoto …… behind can stand a great mountain in the sky!

“What do you mean?”

Chu Reed looked up, blinked and asked confused.

Chen Dong smiled noncommittally, and was not going to tell Chu Reed the details of the truth.

Instead, he opened his mouth to recount the matter of Jiang Qilin.

When the crowd realised that Jiang Qilin was a blank sheet of paper, all of them revealed shocked expressions and were dumbfounded.

After Chen Dong finished his narration, the living room fell into dead silence.

It was so quiet that Chen Dong could even hear the snoring of the snowy lion sleeping in the beast cage outside the villa.

It was nearly five minutes of dead silence.

Long Lao was finally the first to come back to his senses, his eyes drifting as he said, “So, everything before was because we all misunderstood Jiang Qilin, the unruly and untamed he showed, the untamed in his eyes, was actually because he simply didn’t understand the human condition and hadn’t experienced wrestling? And then we didn’t know about it and grouped together to bury and dislike him?”

“That’s pretty much what it means.”

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders and smiled awkwardly, “If he hadn’t preferred to break his own arm to apologise just now, I guess we wouldn’t have been able to solve the misunderstanding until now.”

The crowd looked at each other, revealing their embarra*sment and helplessness.

Just now they all thought that Jiang Qilin wanted to plot against Chu Reed, and with that kind of scene, if Jiang Qilin had apologized without breaking an arm as a price, the situation would never have calmed down so quickly, much less the moment when the misunderstanding would be cleared up.

After all,…… who would have thought that a thirty-year-old person is still a blank sheet of paper?

Chu reed muttered: “So …… he really took me as a friend, his first friend, and just now to me is not a non-thought? Is it because of other concerns that he treated me like that?”

As soon as the words left his mouth.

Zhao Breru then B*tchy close to Chu Reed, smiling and flirting: “Reed, why do I feel that you lost in these words? You’re thinking that Young Master Jiang has some kind of unpleasant intentions, right?”


Chu reed twisted her head to look at Zhao broken.

The four eyes met.

Chu Reed’s hand, however, quietly moved to Zhao Broke-Ru’s broken leg.

The next second.


A pig-like miserable scream echoed through the living room and shot up into the night sky.

Chapter 1436

With Zhou Zunlong and Zhou Yanqiu selling their land one after another.

The storm of public opinion is raging.

Those who criticised and condemned Chen Dong pointed their swords at him.

After seven days of building up momentum, the land sale fiasco gradually weakened, but Chen Dong was also pushed into an even more turbulent whirlpool of public opinion.

This is no longer just a bad thing for Chen Dong, as Zhou Zunlong and Zhou Yanqiu have sold their land one after another, and in the eyes of ordinary people, it is like a complete loss of power.


As dawn broke, two more news items in quick succession, like thunder that shook the heavens, completely exploded the southwest region.

“The Zhuge Family will be auctioning off some of its land recently!”

“The Chu Family in Kyoto, due to business adjustments, will be selling a portion of the land in the southwest region recently.”

The two news items were released on the morning news.

At the very first moment, it attracted the attention of the entire southwest region and people were completely shocked.

“What’s going on? What the hell is going on? My God, how come the Zhuge family and the Chu family in Kyoto have both started selling their land?”

“Something is wrong, the Zhuge family and the Chu family in Kyoto, these are big and powerful families, they definitely know the news faster than we do, now they have both started selling their land, I’m afraid the southwest region ……”

“It’s all over, it’s all over! I just bought a suite with my fortune, waiting for the southwest region to develop and appreciate in value, now it’s all over.


Early in the morning, the streets and alleys were filled with sorrow.

Curses, sighs and cries ……

The curses, sighs and cries were not only confined to the city where Chen Dong Dingtai is located, but also spread to the entire southwest region with a blistering wind and rain.

Compared to the ordinary people.

When the gentry learned that the Zhuge family and the Chu family had decided to sell their land, they all sat on the spot and waxed.

What the hell is going on with this ……?

In contrast to the speculation of the common people and the lack of information, the giants and giants have their own intelligence forces under their command and are quick and accurate in obtaining information.

While the common people were lamenting and cursing.

The giants of the southwest region, however, knew that the Zhuge family and the Chu family of Kyoto were the forces of Chen Dong’s family.

It was because they knew this that when the news was presented to the heads and giants of the great families, everyone was confused.

Those who were still watching and hesitant now became anxious.

When Zhou Zunlong and Zhou Yanqiu sold their land, the great families and giants of the world could still turn a deaf ear to it.

But when the Zhuge family and the Chu family in Kyoto sell their land, they no longer dare to ignore them outright.

The Chu family is not even mentioned, but the Zhuge family is a real family and has directly swallowed up all of the Qin family’s properties.

If it wasn’t for Chen Dong’s roots in the southwest, the Zhuge family would have been the most powerful family in the entire southwest, standing at the top of the pyramid!

“Is this madness? What the hell is Chen Dong going to play? Smashing his own plate? If he sells his land like this, even if someone takes it all over, it will cause an avalanche of land prices in the entire southwest region!”

“D*mn it! This young master of the Chen family, what the hell is he up to? If he continues to sell like this, all the land we have will be lost!”

“Impossible! It’s not right! Chen Dong is making such a big deal about the news and the relocation of the Ding Sheng Consortium’s headquarters, all of which cannot be faked, but why is he doing it in reverse?”


For a while, there were dark currents in the gentry.

All of them were confused by Chen Dong’s operation.

Some even began to quietly choose to make selective land concessions after seeing the decisions of the Zhuge Family and the Chu Family.

The stormy public opinion that originally surrounded Chen Dong has also skyrocketed to new heights once again with these two pieces of news!

Not just in the southwest region, nor just within the domain, but as the news spread, the world shared the attention and speculation!

The Chen Family.

In Chen Daocheng’s room, the atmosphere seemed to freeze completely.

Chen Daocheng and the others were sitting around with their faces as cold as frost.

Everyone’s face was as ugly as it could be.

Chen Dong’s operation had left all of them dumbfounded.

Even …… made them, a group of lords of the mall, become anxious and fearful.

It was clear that they wanted to develop the southwest region, clearly to create their own base camp!

But who would be foolish enough to do this, when the momentum has been established and all the hot money is pouring in, to directly reverse the operation and single-handedly push the land prices in the southwest region in the direction of an avalanche?

“Take it!”

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things. We have plenty of money ……! Even if we smash hard, we can smash him to death!”

On the other side.

Chen Daoye and the others were also dumbfounded.

Under Chen Dong’s strict requirements, they had actually not invested much in the southwest region.

But now, Chen Dong’s operation was such a show that several people’s scalps were tingling!

“Brother Dao Ye, in this matter, should we ask Dong’er about his specific plan?”

A man asked worriedly.

Chen Daoye shook his head and smiled bitterly, “What Dong’er wants to hide, let alone us, even if the family head himself asks, he will not say it, wait ……”

The last two words were accompanied by a long sigh.

Chen Dao Ye slowly tilted his head and looked at the ceiling, deep and confused.

They were the family head’s faction, and after Chen Daolin’s disappearance, the only one they could place their hopes on was Chen Dong, who was the young family head.

If even Chen Dong were to fall, their faction would be completely annihilated among the various forces of the Chen family!

Not that their lives would be in danger, but they would no longer be able to enter the inner circle of the Chen family and would be gradually marginalised!

For those who have been in power in the Chen family for years, this kind of pressure is undoubtedly a mountain of pressure!

Inside the Chen family’s old lady’s mansion.

In the early morning, there was a rare absence of chanting.

When Chen Daoping learned of the situation, he came to report it.

But as soon as he pushed open the door to Old Madam Chen’s bedroom, a frightening scene made Chen Daoping freeze like a wooden chicken.


Old Mrs. Chen, who was dressed in a nightgown, threw back her head and spurted out a mouthful of blood.

On her exhausted face, a painful and weak look appeared.

And on the floor by the bed, a corpse was lying in a pool of blood.


Chen Daoping instantly reacted, a vicious chill running from the soles of his feet straight to the sky.

Ever since Old Lady Chen had been put up with a sky-high bounty, the security around the mansion had been raised to the highest level.

Anyone who could sneak into a room without a sound and require the old lady’s own hand was no ordinary killer!

Not to mention, Old Lady Chen was now injured!

“Mom ……”

Chen Daoping hurriedly walked over and said with concern, “Are you alright? Do you want to call the doctor?”

“You’re blind?”

Old Mrs. Chen’s eyes were bloodshot, the high pressure environment of facing the danger of life and death all the time for a long time had made her physically and mentally exhausted, and even her temper was bad to the extreme.

“I, I’m going to call the great doctor.”

Chen Daoping was about to turn around, but was stopped by Old Madam Chen’s stern voice.

Old Mrs. Chen stared resentfully at the corpse in the pool of blood on the ground, “I’m not in the way, if I wasn’t physically and mentally exhausted, I wouldn’t have been approached by such scum, you help me get rid of the corpse, besides …… what are you doing here so early in the morning?”

Chen Daoping clenched his hands together and hesitated for a moment, said.

“Mom, I’d better deal with these things in front of me first, you’ve just been injured, I’m afraid you can’t bear to hear it.”