Winner Takes All Chapter 1439-1440

Chapter 1439


All along the way, Zhuge Qing was terrified and confused, his mind in a tangle of twine.

Chen Dong’s reaction was really hard for him to accept.

Any powerful family or giant, all of them respected face.

Even their Zhuge family had never been an exception, and from the time they could remember, the family had taught that family dignity came first.

Off to the side, Chen Dong’s current perversity was very different from any of the gentry!

It’s like …… no skin, no face!

The car drove into the shantytown west of the city.

With Din Tai leading the transformation, the shantytown west of the city has now been greatly changed.

Large-scale construction sites, lined up, are in full swing for the final phase of renovation.

But today, the streets in the west of the city are extraordinarily congested.

The wide roads are crowded with long stretches of traffic, and the sound of irritatingly loud sirens echoes across the roads.

And on the pavements, the flow of people was converging deeper into the west of the city.

Sitting on the pa*senger side, Chen Dong witnessed the scene outside and sighed a little.

“The place where I started is now a place of procession, are the people trying to completely nail me to the pillar of shame?”

Zhuge Qing glanced at Chen Dong in amazement, finally …… a little normal?

The traffic advanced with difficulty.

As it advanced, gradually, the distant noise and clamor was vaguely transmitted to Chen Dong and Zhuge Qing’s ears.

Zhuge Qing’s face was as pale as paper, from a long distance away, he could hear these noisy noises, he really did not dare to imagine how huge the parade was.


Suddenly, the sound of a car door opening rang out.

Zhuge Qing was startled and turned his head to see that Chen Dong had already opened the car door and stepped down.

“Mr. Chen!”

Zhuge Qing’s dead soul shouted hastily.

What kind of joke is this?

Now the people were marching, and here in the west of the city, they were pointing their swords directly at Chen Dong.

If Chen Dong, the target of all the people, appeared among them, what would happen?

Zhuge Qing did not dare to think about it, he only knew that he had to stop Chen Dong!

Chen Dong closed the car door with a bang and leaned down in front of the car window with a playful smile, “Pull over to the side of the road, they won’t be able to spot me.”

As he said this, he pointed at his own face.

When Zhuge Qing saw Chen Dong’s face, he instantly froze, and his anxious impatience gave a pause.

It was because in his sight, in the short time it took for Chen Dong to get out of the car, Chen Dong’s face had completely changed drastically!

It had completely changed into the appearance of a stranger!

What the hell was going on here?

Chen Dong ignored Zhuge Qing and turned around, picked up a cigarette, put his hands in his trouser pockets and walked up the pavement, blending in with the crowd.

When he pa*sed a floor-to-ceiling gla*s wall, he stopped for a moment to take a look at himself in the gla*s.

What had been a handsome, resolute face had turned into a weathered one, with a sighing, dishevelled scruff, and with the way he held his cigarette, and the deliberately dishevelled down look in his eyes, it was like a different person.

“When I first asked Chen Daojun for a mask, it was still useful.”

Chen Dong rubbed the sighing scruff on his chin and gave a teasing smile.

After waiting for five minutes.

Zhuge Qing then caught up with a big gasp of air.

“Sir, you ……”

Zhuge Qing pointed at Chen Dong’s face in amazement and horror.

With so many people around, he didn’t even dare to call out the word “Mr. Chen”.

Chen Dong made a gesture of silence, then said with a smile, “Come on, let’s go to the parade too, and see how much the people hate the hell out of Chen Dong!”

The corners of Zhuge Qing’s mouth twitched and he helplessly followed behind Chen Dong.

As they entered the streets of the western part of the city, the crowd around them grew larger and larger, and the noise and shouting became more and more deafening.

As Chen Dong gazed into the distance, a sea of people converged on the spacious streets and roads, holding banners with all sorts of filthy big words written on them in red paint.

As the saying goes, once a crowd has crossed 10,000, it is a sea of people.

The sea of people in front of him made Chen Dong lose his mind for a while.

Everywhere he looked, there was a furious expression on every face, grimacing and red in the face!

The noise and shouting became more and more deafening, converging together and rising to the heavens.

“So …… so many people hate me, huh?”

Chen Dong stuck his hands in his trouser pockets, giving a hangdog disheveled look, teasingly.

“Sir, why are you still so calm?”

Zhuge Qing was bewildered and looked at Chen Dong with eyes full of disbelief.

“You think I should be furious? Should I be angry?”

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders and gave Zhuge Qing a sidelong glance.

“Or what?”

Zhuge Qing responded in dismay.

As a bloodline of the Zhuge Family, he was completely unable to understand Chen Dong’s indifference to the situation before him.

Chen Dong smiled: “There are many people who hate me, they don’t rank, they are just a group of ma*ses who don’t know the truth, this person lives his whole life, even if he is a person with eight faces, it is impossible to please everyone, there are many people who hate and resent me, there are no longer a few who want me to die right away, my experience since childhood is different from yours, I don’t care about a mere face yet. ”

Zhuge Qing was stunned, and in a trance, he recalled the intelligence information about Chen Dong.

For a moment, he was relieved.

Taking a deep breath, Zhuge Qing looked out at the sea of people marching in the distance and said in a deep voice, “These people should all be the ones who initially purchased properties in the west of the city or the entire southwest region after the rumors of the shantytown transformation had been announced until the announcement of the promotion of the southwest region, they were all waiting for a share of the pie, and some even went as far as to invest their entire savings, and now the successive land sales have directly led to the Now the successive land sales have directly led to a double dip in land prices and housing prices, and that’s why the crowd is so angry and disgruntled that they have gathered on the streets.”

“I don’t think so.”

Chen Dong tilted his head to look at the cloudless, clear sky and murmured, “When a hundred ghosts are walking around at night, someone mixed with the ghosts is probably laughing happier than the ghosts.”


Zhuge Qing gave a startled eek and jerked awake.

He hurriedly looked out into the sea of people in the distance, exhausting his eyesight, desperately trying to find something different in the dense crowd.

But there were just too many people!

Every face was so fierce and angry that after only a few seconds of looking, he became a little dazzled and hastily rubbed his eyes.

“Don’t look, you can’t tell, the ghosts are innocent, the people who are laughing happier than the ghosts are the ones who started it all.”

As if he knew Zhuge Qing’s mind, Chen Dong reminded, and then, turned around and walked away, “Zhuge Qing, you believe that if these people can resist the pressure and not sell the properties in their hands within a month, how angry they are today, how happy they will be laughing in a month’s time, these words …… I Chen Dong said!”

A month?!

Zhuge Qing’s body shook, and on his evil and handsome face, his features were slightly distorted from shock.

Chen Dong’s words seemed like a magic sound filling his ears for a long time.

In a trance, Zhuge Qing’s heartbeat was banging faster, as if it was about to jump out of his chest cavity.

He had personally pushed up the southwest region, and had personally smashed down the land and property prices in the southwest region, and now the entire population was down on Chen, and the people were singing the praises of the situation, and he wanted to revive the entire southwest region in a month’s time?

This is simply impossible!

With Zhuge Qing’s experience and ability, in this short moment, he made countless projections in his mind, but he could not deduce how likely Chen Dong’s words were to come true!

It was already a desperate situation, and Chen Dong was not a great god, how could he turn the tide with just his hands?

Just ……

When Zhuge Qing’s gaze locked on Chen Dong’s back again.

The back was as tall as a mountain under the sunlight, emitting a stern and untamed aura, and even the shadows on the ground, stretched by the sunlight, were distinctive.

Zhuge Qing’s eyes gradually became awe-inspiring as he gritted his teeth and took a step to chase Chen Dong ……In

Chapter 1440

On the way back to Din Tai Company.

Zhuge Qing’s face was sullen as he inquired, “Mr. Chen, this side of the west side of the city, won’t someone take care of it?”

“Care, someone will naturally take care of it.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and narrowed his eyes, a cold glint in his eyes, “Those people who are laughing more than a ghost, I’m afraid there’s more than that!”

Zhuge Qing looked aghast, the blue veins at the corners of his eyes bulging out and pulsating.

Could …… there be variables to follow?

When the two rushed to the Dingtai office building.

On the gla*s of the main entrance, there were still vague traces of red paint.

Although the perpetrator pointed the sword at Din Tai, but this building can not only Din Tai, there are other companies exist, the building management clean up the red letters discard the impact, or very quickly.

It was only when Chen Dong and Zhuge Qing walked into the lobby on the ground floor.

The eyes around them were clearly complicated.

Even Zhuge Qing felt a sense of anxiety as he was being watched by all the eyes.

As they walked forward, Zhuge Qing glanced up at Chen Dong, but found his face as indifferent as ever.


Inside the Din Tai Company, there was already chaos.

The spray-painted words on the entrance of the building, as well as the march that was now taking place over in the west of the city, were all extremely detrimental to Dingtai, and could even directly influence the company’s fate.

“Who the hell is doing this? It’s over, what should we do now?”

“As soon as I came here this morning, I saw the security guards cleaning the big painted letters on the front door of the ground floor, and when I asked, I realised it was our Din Tai.

“Do something, do something! These two incidents will directly damage the reputation of Dingtai and the development of all our projects, if we don’t pay attention, we’ll be ruined!”


The noise of the discussion echoed through the office area.

Inside the office, Xiao Ma was also frazzled, his hands clutching his hair and propped up on his desk.

The office, which was already soundproof, could not be isolated from the noise of the staff outside.

In front of Xiao Ma’s desk, Long Lao, Chu Reed and the middle and senior management of Dingtai were all present.

Without exception, all of them were ashen-faced and agitated.

What happened last night was just a spark.

The march that was happening in the shantytowns in the west of the city was a prairie fire!

More than the staff outside, the people in this office knew how tragic the final outcome would be if these two incidents were not contained!

Especially Elder Long and Chu Reed.

They knew very well that the “fire in the stars” that happened last night had been deliberately released to the media by Chen Dong, and should be on the morning news right now!

This was a deliberate attempt by Chen Dong to turn it into a prairie fire.

The power of two prairie fires pushing each other up is not simply one plus one equals two, it is enough to burn the sky!


The commotion and noise coming from outside fell silent.

The company, which had been in an uproar, suddenly became silent, and a pin drop could be heard.

Elder Long and the others were all stunned.

Xiao Ma, who had his head buried, also raised his head in fear and looked out.


Suddenly, the shout of a person came from the outer office area.

Xiao Ma’s eyes lit up, “It’s Brother Dong, Brother Dong is here!”

At once, he took the lead and ran towards the outside.

And a group of middle and senior management, followed closely behind.

Chu Reed, on the other hand, pushed Long Lao and slowly walked to the office area.

At this moment, Chen Dong and Zhuge Qing were standing at the entrance of the company.

The two were standing one behind the other, motionless, as if they were two statues.

Chen Dong’s face was indifferent and calm, but only his eyebrows revealed a sense of unruffled authority as he gazed at the whole room.

Zhuge Qing, who was behind him, felt the gaze of the crowd, but felt the torment of being in a frying pan.

The chatter of the Din Tai employees was smashed into his ears from the moment he exited the lift.

At this moment, the whole room was silent, everyone got up and focused on him and Chen Dong. Chen Dong could be calm and collected, but he, Zhuge Qing, did not have this kind of determination!

“Brother Dong ……”

Xiao Ma pushed through the crowd in front of him and walked towards Chen Dong with a worried expression.

Behind him, there was a group of middle and senior management of the company, as well as Elder Long and Chu Reed.

“All have nothing to do?”

Chen Dong spoke calmly, but his words were filled with an overpowering majesty, and his voice fell clearly into everyone’s ears.

Xiao Ma and a group of senior and middle ranking people all had their feet beaten.

Chu Reed and Elder Long, on the other hand, had complicated faces as they stopped in the crowd.

There was silence.

No one responded.

Chen Dong stuck his hands in his pockets and coldly scolded, “I am asking you all, do you all have nothing to do in your hands?”

“Brother Dong, something is wrong, we all have something wrong, many projects are in urgent need of advancement, but our immediate concern, now is the ma*sive march against our Dingtai over in the west of the city, if this matter is not dealt with ……”

A mid-level responded with fire and fury.

The words were just half spoken.

Chen Dong directly interrupted and said in a deep voice.

“Then do something!”


Everyone in the room was stunned.

What did the boss mean?

This was already on fire, if we didn’t hurry up and deal with the negative public opinion, the company would have to be lost at the back, so what else could be done?

Even Xiao Ma and the senior management were shocked and stunned, staring at Chen Dong in disbelief.

Chen Dong’s gaze fell on Xiao Ma and the others, sweeping past the middle and senior management one by one.

“You guys, when did you start doubting my abilities, when did I let you down again, huh?”

The last word “hm” sounded like a loud bell, blasting in Xiao Ma and the others’ ears.

There was no other reason.

Since Din Tai had been acquired by Chen Dong, the company had expanded rapidly, and at the same time, the internal structure of the company and its personnel were in dire need of being filled.

Among them, there were people who had been in the middle and upper echelons of the company in the beginning, as well as those who had been promoted through subsequent development.

But without exception, all of them were old people who had chosen to stay with Chen Dong when he bought Dingtai.

Whether it was when Chen Dong was only the Vice President of Dingtai, or when he acquired Dingtai and brought it to the present day, Chen Dong’s image has never collapsed in the hearts of these old people!

To be able to turn the tide even after acquiring a company with a blood loss of 30 million dollars, at that moment, Chen Dong had left an indelible image of God in the hearts of these old men!

At the beginning, Dingtai was just a second-rate local real estate company, simply used by Zhou Yanqiu to support his brother’s wife!

The scale of the company was far from what it is today!

However, the $30 million contract was the same for Din Tai back then as this turmoil is for Din Tai today, and the result was enough to make Din Tai go bankrupt.

Chen Dong’s words were clearly implying this to them!

Xiao Ma lowered his head, clenched his fist, hesitated for a moment, then leaned his head back and bellowed, “What are you all doing? Go about your business.

When the words came out, the ordinary employees looked at each other in disbelief.

The middle and senior management also came back to their senses, and together with Xiao Ma, they calmed the staff and went back to work.

The company, which was originally chaotic and noisy, was restored to its usual routine at this moment with the arrival of Chen Dong.

It was only when the staff had returned to their work stations.

Long Lao, Chu Reed and Zhuge Qing, however, all looked at Chen Dong in a grave manner.

They knew Chen Dong’s past better than these employees.

When Chen Dong was able to bring Dingtai back from the dead, he relied on the magnificent Chen family!

And now, Chen Dong had become the young master of the Chen family and had lost his power in the Chen family without the help of the Chen family.

What will …… Chen Dong rely on this time to turn the tide?

Can …… really …… be turned around?