Winner Takes All Chapter 1305-1306

Chapter 1305


Master Empty Brow raised his white eyebrows and turned back to look at Chen Dong in surprise.

When Chen Dong, who was standing with his eyes tightly closed and leaning on his sword, entered his eyes, Master Khongkong’s eyebrows knitted together, and then he was able to stretch them out and nod with a smile.

“Well, well, is it finally time to put up a good fight?”

“Mr. Chen ……”

Fan Lu hurriedly came, but when Chen Dong’s words fell on her ears, her steps gave an abrupt pause as a heart palpitated.

The faint golden aura around her was imprinted on her face, also revealing the dismay and surprise on Fan Lu’s face at this moment.

Devil’s Advent ……?

Even at this moment Fan Lu was a little suspicious if she had heard wrong.

However, very quickly Fan Lu’s attention was drawn to the already unconscious Old Man Long and Zhao Brezhong lying on the ground.

Above her face, a layer of cold frost quickly covered her face.

She had just heard the commotion and hurried over, but she had not expected that the woods would already be in this state.

Fan Lu’s gaze slowly moved to the closed-eyed Chen Dong.

In a trance, the aftermath of Chen Dong’s words just now was still ringing in her ears.

She did not know what exactly had happened in the woods just now, but what was before her eyes, and the reminder Chen Dong had just given her made it clear that if she could not delay the old monk in front of her for Chen Dong, perhaps the outcome would be even more disastrous.

“Phew ……”

Fan Lu exhaled a heavy breath, forcibly suppressing all her distracting thoughts, and gazed intently at Master Khongkong.

At this moment, the two of them were a few meters away from each other.

But even from this distance, the aura emanating from Master Khongkong’s body still made Fan Lu’s body tense.

Just by facing it, the might emanating from Grandmaster Khong Khong’s body gave Fan Lu a terrifying sense of oppression of a great mountain moving across the sky.

With Fan Lu’s combat experience, he instantly raised Master Khong Khong’s strength to an unattainable level in his mind!

“Just delaying, perhaps …… can do it?”

Fan Lu gripped the bow and arrow in his hand.

The words had just left his mouth.

Grandmaster Empty Sky suddenly smiled, “Little woman, where does such confidence come from?”


Fan Lu was horrified, and in an instant an overwhelming evil chill came over her, like a tidal wave, instantly enveloping her whole body.


Without waiting for Fan Lu to react, she felt Master Kongkong’s body in front of her sway violently, and the violent astral wind came crashing down on her.

Caught off guard, Fan Lu squinted her eyes for a moment.

When she opened her eyes again, Master Khong Khong’s old face, full of smiles, was already close at hand.

In an instant.

Fan Lu’s body tingled, as if he had fallen into a cave of ice, and his fearful eyes looked directly at Master Kongkong, as if he was looking directly at a ghost or god.


Master Kongkong’s fancy-free palm landed on Fan Lu’s abdomen.

With a miserable cry, Fan Lu’s entire body flew straight up in the air, flying backwards like a broken pocket and hitting the trunk of a tree with a thud, before falling heavily to the ground.


As soon as he landed, Fan Lu spat out a mouthful of blood, his expression terrified to the extreme: “So strong!”

Two simple words, but they were filled with endless fear.

With Fan Lu’s ranking on the Death List, there were very few people in the world who could cause her such great fear.

Even …… before meeting Chen Daojun and Master Khongkong, this great fear of being high in the mountains and as small as dust had hardly ever appeared.

A simple contact, but let Fan Lu heart will be empty empty master instantly plucked up to the level of unmatched.

No…… even the initial thought of delay faltered in this moment.

She slowly raised her head and looked fearfully towards Master Khongkong, even though Master Khongkong was standing in place, his majestic aura was like a big invisible hand, pressing across the entire field.

“Amitabha Buddha!”

Master Kongkong folded his hands and nodded his head with a smile.

However, the corners of Fan Lu’s mouth trembled lightly, and the fear on her face was hard to conceal.

It was clear to her that this old monk in front of her was doing it on purpose!

To be able to strike close up in an instant when even she couldn’t react, there was simply a world of difference in strength between the two sides!

In the instant just now, if Master Khongkong wanted to, a series of moves would not have taken her life, but would have seriously injured her for sure.

However, after winning the blow, Master Khong Khong did not take advantage of the victory to pursue the attack.

It was a tease and a humiliation!

But Fan Lu couldn’t feel angry at all, and was even secretly glad that her opponent had played a trick on her, otherwise the victory or defeat would have been decided in an instant, not to mention that she had stalled for time!

Sure enough.

Master Hollow pointed his backhand at Chen Dong and said to Fan Lu, “He needs time, so the poor monk will have to play with you first, otherwise you are not worthy of being a poor opponent!”

Fan Lu: “……”

Viciously spitting out the blood froth from his mouth, Fan Lu braced himself to get up again and slowly moved his arms and legs.

“That’s fine, while there’s a gap, poor monk will instruct you a bit.”

Master Empty Sky was on cloud nine and raised his hand in an inviting gesture, “You must thank my Buddha for giving you this supreme opportunity!”

“I don’t believe in Buddha!”

With a twist of her waist and a fierce stomp of her feet, Fan Lu instantly moved out sideways in one direction like an arrow off the string.

At the same time, she was quickly opening her bow and firing an arrow.


An arrow shot out with a cold and biting light.

Master Empty Sky did not dodge, but with her right hand flexing her fingers, she suddenly raised her hand and flicked the arrow away with a “clang”.

It was so light and easy.

When this scene fell into Fan Lu’s eyes, her pupils instantly tightened.

In order to delay for a longer period of time, she had chosen to withdraw and fly back, wandering in all directions, attacking with her bow and arrow to stall for time.

Just now, Master Khong Khong had gotten close to her in an instant, making it clear to her that if she really had to fight Master Khong Khong in close quarters, she would not even be qualified to resist.

But even this “kite flying” method was like child’s play for Master Kongkong.

In a flash of lightning.

While moving at high speed, Fan Lu dared not slow down in the slightest, but at the same time he drew out three arrows with a shake of his hand and put them on his longbow.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Three arrows flew out at the same time.

Master Empty Sky, however, was like a wandering dragon, with his feet quickly nudging the ground, avoiding the three arrows in an instant with a casual and relaxed posture.

“Is that all a young woman can do?”

As he dodged, Master Khong Khong quickly shot out his hand and grabbed an arrow that was straddling the ground in front of him, and with a questioning sound, his right hand lashed out and threw the arrow directly towards Fan Lu.

The arrow shot out with a speed that was several times faster than Fan Lu’s shot.

Fan Lu, who was moving at high speed, had difficulty reacting, and with a poof, blood splattered!

The tremendous impact of the force even caused her to lose her balance directly as the arrow penetrated her abdomen, staggering her back seven or eight steps before she could stabilise herself.

On the other side.

Chen Dong’s body shook violently when he heard Fan Lu’s muffled scream.

Under the faint golden light, his brow was knitted, beads of sweat slid down his face, and his hands on the hilt of his sword, as well as his neck, were now all bruised.

“Hurry …… hurry …… Xiao Lu sister can not delay for long!”

This was the thought in Chen Dong’s mind, but the more anxious he was, the harder it was for him to capture the feeling of that state.

“Chen Dong, when exactly will you be able to fight the poor monk at full strength? Is it now?”

Master Empty Sky’s laughter suddenly pa*sed into Chen Dong’s ears.

The next second.



Fan Lu’s miserable scream suddenly exploded into the woods.

“Her calf bone is already broken, if you still refuse to give your full strength, the poor monk will have no choice but to kill!”

Master Empty Sky’s teasing laughter fell on Chen Dong’s ears at this moment, just like the laughter of an evil ghost.

Chen Dong’s heart jerked viciously, even though his eyes were closed, but hearing Fan Lu’s miserable screams, he knew that Fan Lu was experiencing what Zhao Broken and Elder Long had just experienced.

D*mn it!

D*mn it!

Chen Dong’s body was trembling and his anger was full of rage.

Why could he still not enter?

Why could he still not enter that state?

Just when he was anxious and annoyed, an incomparably familiar voice suddenly pa*sed to Chen Dong’s ears.

“Husband …… Sister Xiaolu ……”


A soft call, but instantly like a big thunderstorm blasted on Chen Dong.

Almost simultaneously.

Master Empty Air’s laughter rang out, “Right, and your wife, don’t blame the poor monk for being merciless!”

Fear, anger, at this moment, exploded in Chen Dong’s heart like a broken river.

“You, stop right there!”

Chen Dong suddenly opened his voice and let out an incomparably hoarse voice.

At the same time, the tightly closed eyes, at this moment …… finally slowly opened!

Chapter 1306

A hoarse voice, as if it were a cold wind blowing from the depths of the Nine Mysteries.

It instantly caused the temperature in the woods to plummet by a large margin.


Master Hollow’s footsteps gave an abrupt lurch and he turned back suddenly, freezing instantly.

Not far away, Gu Qingying came in a hurry, and as soon as she saw the scene before her, she instantly lost her face in shock.

It was a good thing that Master Kongkong’s attention was instantly diverted away with Chen Dong’s words.

Covering her mouth, she held back her fear and quickly leaned towards Fan Lu.

As soon as she saw Fan Lu’s left calf curved in a strange way, Gu Qing Ying’s delicate body trembled and her beautiful face was covered with a layer of white.

On the side, Fan Lu grabbed Gu Qingying, sweating profusely, forcing herself to endure the immense pain, “Little Ying …… quickly go, this monk is crazy!”

Not just a madman!

More than that, it was a madman whose strength was so strong that she couldn’t even guess!

The brief exchange of blows just now had left Fan Lu with a sense of panic and uncertainty as she was completely enveloped in the shadow of Master Khongkong.

It was clear that she was wandering around “flying a kite”, but Master Khong Khong was in control of the whole situation while standing still.

Such a battle is not a battle at all!

Rather, it was a one-sided abuse!

“If I leave, what will you do?”

Gu Qingying hesitated, fear gripping her and indeed making her want to turn around and leave, but whether it was Chen Dong, or Elder Long, or even Zhao Brelu Fan Lu, reason would not allow her to leave at this moment!

A great pain swept through her body.

Fan Lu’s body was trembling, and her pale, painful face was covered in beads of sweat.

She was about to dissuade Gu Qingying again.

Master Empty Sky suddenly said.

“You …… actually have the power of a demon?”

In his words, there was astonishment.

But the moment the words fell into Fan Lu’s ears, they made her swallow back all the words that came to her mouth.

Fan Lu trembled violently and looked towards Chen Dong in the distance in shock and horror.

Only because of the distance, she could not see Chen Dong’s face at that moment.

But fear and horror, at this moment, were the ten thousand waves that raised in her heart.

Mr. Chen …… had really done it?

Did he really …… stand on the ground and enter the demon?

How is this possible!

At the same time.

The empty empty master with a startled cry out, the face of a rare gloomy careful up, and the eyes, at this moment, the battle intent tumultuous, more as if to turn into flames gushing out.

“Ho ……”

Chen Dong stopped in place, his hands pressed on the hilt of his bladeless heavy sword, facing Master Kongkong, and a sound like a beast panting came out of his mouth.

The dull golden light around him was imprinted on his face.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s appearance was oozing with terror, eerie as a ghost.

On his indifferent face, veins and veins stood out like earthworms, crawling all over his face from his neck upwards, and his eyes were scarlet like blood.

His aura has changed dramatically.

It was ghastly and violent.

It was as if a huge sea of blood had risen behind him, with white bones all over it.

Hoo ……

The night wind swept into the forest, but it pierced the marrow of the bones.

The surrounding area was so silent that a pin drop could be heard.


Chen Dong slowly pulled out his bladeless heavy sword, his lips slowly opened and closed, and with difficulty and effort he spat out two words.

“Protect …… wife ……”

“This ……”

Master Empty Air’s body shook violently, and a look of appalled shock now surfaced on his face that was originally raging with battle intent.

The next second.

He folded his hands and took a deep breath, “Poor monk did not expect that the so-called full strength of yours was actually you standing on the ground and entering the devil, also, let poor monk try, between you and me, whether the devil is stronger or the Buddha is stronger?”

The words fell.


The air rose up from beneath Master Kongkong’s feet, forming a cyclone that lifted the gra*s and leaves around him and sent them flying into the sky.

A golden light suddenly emerged from Master Kongkong’s body.

Gathered in the qi energy, the golden light pierced the eyes, as if it had gilded Master Kongkong’s body with a layer of gold.

It was as if it had gilded his body.

If one were to compare the golden rays within the surrounding formation to a river of stars, then Master Kongkong, who was covered in golden light, was like a white moon in the river of stars, shining brightly.

This mysterious scene fell into the eyes of Fan Lu and Gu Qingying, but both of them were frozen at the same time.

Compared to Chen Dong’s demonisation.

Fan Lu was well aware of Chen Dong’s “Daoist heart planting demons”!

The change in Master Kongkong’s body was simply too mysterious and terrifying in their eyes.

“Is this …… really the work of human hands?”

Fan Lu’s eyes went straight, and he even forgot about the huge pain of the broken bones in his calf, and murmured incredulously.

“Is this …… really my husband?”

Gu Qingying was completely confused, and compared to Fan Lu’s focus, Gu Qingying quickly put her attention on Chen Dong.

This was the first time she had really seen Chen Dong enter into a demon!

When Chen Dong first became possessed after he had “planted a demon in his heart”, she had already been secretly detained and protected by Chen Daogun.

So what she saw tonight was her first time!

Only, because of the distance, Gu Qingying could not see the hideous terror on Chen Dong’s face at all.

But just by the hoarse voice and the sinister feeling that was venting out from Chen Dong’s body, it made Gu Qingying somewhat unfamiliar, and deep down in her heart, an unspeakable great fear was born.

In a trance, Gu Qingying’s heart even palpitated to the point of suffocation!

As the golden light surrounded Master Kongkong, Chen Dong immediately entered the demon.

It was as if the silent woods were instantly transformed into two worlds by a single slash.

Where Chen Dong was, the place was violent and eerie, with a sea of blood and freezing cold temperatures.

Whereas the place where Master Kongkong stood, it was dazzling with golden light and majestic.

One forest, two worlds!

“Ho …… ho ……”

Chen Dong’s mouth continued to emit a low, coarse panting sound like that of a beast.

Under the golden light imprint, he slowly held his sword in both hands and raised it high!

At this moment, not only did his face and aura change, but even the muscles around his body were just like inching up in graves.

So much so that the heavy bladeless heavy sword was as light as a feather in his hands.

“Power, it’s coming up!”

Master Empty Sky smacked his lips in awe, but the battle intent in his eyes grew more and more furious.


As soon as the words left his mouth, Chen Dong, who had raised his sword, suddenly leaned up to the sky and let out a roar that shook the woods and split the sky.


A violent Qi energy instantly erupted from Chen Dong’s body, brutally and overwhelmingly tearing the ground around him and cracking countless wounds when it hit the tree trunks around him, causing the trees to shake violently and leaves to fall.

In a flash of lightning.

The demonised Chen Dong took a brazen step forward, stepping on the ground with one foot, and with his blade raised high in his hand, he slashed out with a bang.

Sword Qi streaked across the ground.

But under the golden light imprint, the sword qi, which was originally visible to the naked eye, added a bloody colour.

It slashed at Grandmaster Empty in a destructive and sweeping manner.

And this time, Grandmaster Empty still didn’t dodge!

If there was a change, it was only that his expression became grave and more careful, not as cloudy as before.

“Vajra surplice!”

Facing the sword qi that came close, feeling the bloody and brutal aura, Master Kongkong sank his waist and stood up, responding as he had just done.



The moment the blood-coloured sword qi slashed against the qi energy that had bulged around Master Khongkong’s body.

The Scarlet Sword Qi collapsed.

And the Qi energy on Grandmaster Empty’s body also violently swung and dented, and his entire body directly drew back in the air and flew back, landing on the ground and retreating another five steps away before he finally stabilised himself.


A mouthful of fresh blood flowed out of Grandmaster Khong Khong’s mouth.