Winner Takes All Chapter 1303-1304

Chapter 1303

The woods.

The paths were crisscrossed with complicated dull golden auras.

Chen Dong and Master Kongkong stood opposite each other in silence.

In the midst of the silence, there were already swords and shadows, and killing intent was stirring.

In the surrounding trees, the leaves rustled and fell as the cold wind blew.

A leaf drifted down.

In a silent manner, the leaf was broken in two.

This small change seemed like an omen.

Bang Teen!

Chen Dong’s legs slammed into the ground, dragging his Bladeless Heavy Sword and charging directly towards Master Khongkong.

Almost simultaneously.

Master Empty Sky chanted a Buddhist hymn, and without dodging, he directly met Chen Dong.

The battle was on the verge of breaking out.

Bang, bang, bang ……

In the woods, the sound of clashing was like a bomb explosion, echoing continuously.

The sound was deafening and terrifying.

Chen Dong and Master Kongkong both moved at high speed, and in the dim golden light shrouded woods, only two figures wrapped in qi could be seen rapidly changing positions.

Every time they exchanged blows, the qi was rampant and swept across all directions.

The damage caused by even the simplest clash was enough to blow up the trees.

“Faster, faster!”

“Harder, harder!”

“Amitabha Buddha, this is not your strongest power, your power is far from being exerted, what else do you want to test, Chen Dong ……?”


As the two fought fiercely, the voice of Master Khongkong kept echoing in the woods.

There was urging, even with a bit of anger.

But such a voice, to Chen Dong, was like a shame!

There was no hint of fancy.

Nakedly, he trampled Chen Dong into the mud and ravaged him viciously.

Chen Dong quickly wielded his bladeless heavy sword, his killing intent stirring as if he was a killing machine, firing on all cylinders.

The voice of Master Khongkong echoed in his ears, more like countless sharp needles stabbing at his eardrums.

In his eyes, Master Khong Khong was calm and relaxed from the beginning to the end, and even had a teasing smile on his lips.

With the sound of his voice, it was as if it was a slap on Chen Dong’s face.

A great shame!

Such a disgrace had only been experienced when he had just been brought into the martial path by Kunlun.

Since then, there had never been such a scene of being teased like this in front of him!

But Master Kongkong had the qualifications!

Even more so, he had the strength to do so!

No matter how hard Chen Dong attacked, how hard he wielded his bladeless heavy sword, Grandmaster Khong Khong always managed to easily defuse it with a subtle and light-hearted gesture.

Ever since he had sensed Qi, Chen Dong had never imagined that there would be such a powerless and desperate battle today.

This was simply not a battle of the same level of strength!

Compared to Master Khongkong’s light-heartedness and ease of use.

Chen Dong, however, had already used all his strength, and the high intensity of the battle had left him drenched in sweat after just one minute.

The special characteristics of the Bladeless Heavy Sword made it impossible for him to last long in such an intense battle.

At this moment, Chen Dong was already exhausted in the face of Master Kongkong’s “descending strike”, and as for attacking ……, it was purely futile!

“Chen Dong, don’t let the poor monk down!”

Master Empty Sky shook his hand and swept out a Buddhist bead.

In a flash of lightning.

Chen Dong’s expression changed greatly and he bravely put up his bladeless heavy sword, “clang” a loud sound, the terrifying force instantly pa*sed through the bladeless heavy sword to Chen Dong’s body.

His arms instantly went numb, and Chen Dong ploughed his feet into the ground, retreating quickly.

Only after staggering back three metres did Chen Dong sink his waist and stand still.

Fear was like a tidal wave, engulfing Chen Dong.

In the darkness, Chen Dong’s expression was solemn and gloomy, but his heart was thumping faster, as if his heart was about to jump out of his chest.

“After having his Qi energy weakened by the Bladeless Heavy Sword, his mere force is still so strong and terrifying …… What level of strength is he at?”

This was the thought in Chen Dong’s mind.

The brief exchange of blows just now, however, made Master Kongkong in Chen Dong’s heart, infinitely elevated!

High mountain is no longer enough to describe the feeling Chen Dong felt at this moment.

The same feeling Chen Dong had had was when he was facing Chen Daojun.

But the two were not quite the same.

After all, Chen Daogun would let go of his strength, whereas Master Khongkong’s strength was rapidly stacking up and skyrocketing under Chen Dong’s senses.

“It can’t be like this …… you’re too weak!”

Master Empty Sky stationed in place, did not ride the wave of victory, hocked to attack Chen Dong, but grotesquely frowned in doubt.

Chen Dong’s eyes burst out with a fine aura: “What exactly are you …… curious about?”

He was not stupid, when he was at the Chen family, Master Khongkong had behaved quite strangely.

Now he was visiting late at night, in order to beg a battle with him.

However, during the battle, Chen Dong could clearly feel that Master Khongkong’s strength did not explode out in full.

Rather, it was similar to a test, stacking up little by little and exploding stronger little by little.

It was like an adult teasing a child.

The child has already used up all his strength, while the adult has plenty of strength left.

He had no grudge against Master Kongkong, so this unwarranted request for a fight was more like Master Kongkong looking for something!

“Poor monk only begs you to fight with all your strength!”

Master Empty Sky folded his hands, his gaze profound, and did not directly answer Chen Dong’s enquiry.

The words had not yet fallen.


Chen Dong brazenly raised his bladeless heavy sword and slashed down, Qi energy like a dragon, following the sword’s body and declaring out.

The sword qi, which was almost a metre high, roared as it ploughed the court and swept the cave, directly destroying and ravaging Master Khongkong.

“Vajra surplice!”

Faced with the swift and overwhelming sword qi, Master Kongkong’s expression was solemn, and a sharp aura suddenly shot out of his eyes.

But with a loud cry, his hands fiercely joined together and he sank his waist to stand on his horse.

The majestic qi energy surrounded his body, and when the sword qi chopped in front of him, it suddenly shot up with a dazzling golden light, and with an explosive sound, the sword qi dissipated with a bang.

“How is this possible?”

Chen Dong was instantly dumbfounded, even after witnessing it with his own eyes, he still felt a sense of unreality like a dream.

When he had faced the Iga ninja a*sa*sination in Zhenjiang City, he had thought that his opponent’s control of Qi for all-round defence was already an extremely high level of the use of Qi.

But the tip of the iceberg that Master Kongkong had revealed was clearly many times more powerful than the Iga ninja back then!

Like a ghost, like a god!

An adjective popped up in Chen Dong’s mind.

But just as he was shocked.

“You can hardly go all out in such a fight, so poor monk will spice it up for you!”

A biting and chilling voice instantly sent chills down Chen Dong’s spine.

He snapped awake with a start, and felt the wind howling in front of him.

With a blur in his eyes, when he was clear again, he was horrified to find that Master Kongkong had stopped in front of the unconscious Zhao Brezhong.

“Chen Dong, the poor monk begs you to fight with all your might, my Buddha is merciful ……”

Grandmaster Empty Sky lifted his right foot, and with a warm smile on his face, he brazenly stepped on the left calf of the unconscious Zhao Brezhongru.



The sound of bones shattering was incomparably piercing.

But when it fell on Chen Dong’s ears, it was like a bolt from the blue.

Chen Dong’s body shook, his jaws splitting as he hissed, “You, D*mn you ……”

At the same time as he hissed, Chen Dong’s body was filled with raging Qi energy as he once again rushed towards Master Kongkong.


“That’s a bit interesting!”

Master Empty Air smiled faintly, but his body was surrounded by Qi energy and he was as fluttering as a gleam, not engaging Chen Dong, but instead rushing in another direction.

Not good!

Chen Dong, who was running wildly, suddenly had a bad premonition.

Turning his head suddenly, he happened to see Elder Long running hurriedly towards this direction.


Chen Dong shouted.

Almost simultaneously.

The figure of Master Empty Sky, already like a ghost, lifted the gale and arrived in front of Elder Long ……

Chapter 1304

Time seemed to be slowed down.

Master Empty Space was as fast as a ghost and as fast as lightning.

Even Chen Dong was too late to stop it and could only shout to warn Elder Long.

The wind pounded in his face.

The wildly running Elder Long’s footsteps gave an abrupt stop, and in his sight was Master Kongkong’s old face with a calm smile.

Lightning flashed.

“Swimming Dragon!”

Without the slightest hesitation, Elder Long’s arms instantly wrapped around the astral wind and attacked directly towards Master Kongkong.

With Elder Long’s martial arts strength, he was not so unprepared that he was in a state of confusion.

In a close encounter, it was too late to retreat, so attacking was the best option.


In the face of Elder Long’s attack, Master Kongkong did not dodge or evade, his qi energy pulsating through his monk’s robe and robe, but his right hand met Elder Long’s hands bravely.

There was a swish!

Long Lao’s arms were as thin as bone and instantly wrapped around Master Kongkong’s right arm.

But just as soon as it made contact.

“Spread your hands!”

Grandmaster Empty Air suddenly burst into thunder with his tongue, and the qi above his right arm steeply bulged up his sleeve robe, instantly thick as a python.

There was a thud!

The terrifying force instantly broke free of Elder Long’s arms.

Elder Long’s face paled as the force coming from his hands caused him to lose his balance instantly, and he staggered back with a swaying step.

However, Master Kongkong did not give Elder Long a chance to catch his breath.

After breaking free from Elder Long in an instant, he immediately took a step forward, bullying his way up, and in his right hand, he clamped down on Elder Long’s left hand.

“My Buddha is merciful.”

Master Empyrean smiled warmly, his beard and hair flying, but his right hand was a fierce force.


The bones snapped.


Elder Long’s features twisted in pain, and his miserable scream echoed through the woods.

“Elder Long!”

Chen Dong’s jaws cracked and his anger flared, “Old baldy, let go of him!”


In his desperation, Chen Dong brazenly swung out his bladeless heavy sword.

The sword qi, which was almost two metres high, was domineering and fierce, destroying and destroying as it headed straight for Master Kongkong.


Faced with the rampaging and terrifying sword qi, Master Khongkong was unchanged, lightly dragging Elder Long’s step forward and easily dodging.

It was also this gap.

Long Lao’s pained features suddenly grimaced as he let out an explosive roar and swung his right fist to smash brazenly at Master Kongkong’s face.

“Amitabha Buddha!”

The wind pounded in his face, but Master Kongkong recited a Buddhist hymn under his breath.

Just as Elder Long’s fist was about to land on his face, a large hand, as fast as lightning, clamped directly onto Elder Long’s right wrist.

The old man looked terrified, his fist was only half a foot away from Master Kongkong’s face, but no matter how hard he tried, he could not break through the half-foot distance!

Chen Dong, who was rushing towards the two of them, had his scalp exploding at this moment.

With his eyes fixed on Master Khungkong’s large hand clamping down on Elder Long, he murmured in fear, “Don’t ……”



A miserable scream echoed within the woods with another snapping of bones.

Chen Dong’s body shook violently as the painful and miserable screams of Elder Long echoed in his ears, and his mind went blank.

The pain was so intense that it swept through his body.

He was sweating profusely, trembling all over, and his mouth and nose kept making ragged breath sounds.

If Master Khongkong hadn’t tugged on him, he would have even sat down on the ground.

Master Kongkong, however, did not change his expression and did not even glance at Elder Long.

He slowly raised his eyes and looked towards Chen Dong with a warm smile, “Chen Dong, are you able to fight with all your might now?”

“Battle you!”

Chen Dong was completely furious, full of rage like a volcano erupting.

The sound of Long Lao’s miserable screams and even the sound of him sucking in cold air fell clearly into his ears, as if a thousand sharp knives were fiercely cutting into his body.

“You will fight with all your might against the poor monk!”

Master Empty Sky smiled faintly, seeing that Chen Dong was about to come close but he slapped his palm against Elder Long’s back.

The blow was as heavy as a thousand pounds.

As Elder Long let out a miserable cry, his entire body flew straight up and lunged at Chen Dong.

“Elder Long ……”

Chen Dong caught Elder Long, who at this moment looked in pain, his hands hanging down, the wrists of his hands stinging with crimson, the broken bones stained with blood and flesh piercing through the flesh, exposed to the air, seeping horribly.

And having just been slapped, Long Lao’s mouth was full of blood.

“Young master …… go quickly!”

Long Lao was breathless and spat out a vague sentence.

The fight with Master Khongkong just now was brief though, no, to be exact it shouldn’t even be called a fight, but a one-sided crushing.

Even if Elder Long was clear about Chen Dong’s strength, he could not be sure who was stronger and who was weaker between the two.

Running away was the best policy in Elder Long’s mind at this moment!


“I’m leaving, what about you guys?”

Chen Dong hugged Elder Long, and his heart felt like it was dripping blood as his eyes were filled with Elder Long’s miserable state.

“I am not in the habit of abandoning my family, and if I do, it will be after I die!”

The words were hard, cold and resolute.

Long Lao instantly panicked and used all his strength to grab Chen Dong’s arm: “Young master, don’t be impetuous!”

“Young man, you should be impetuous!”

Chen Dong laughed morosely and slowly raised his head, his cold and stern eyes like a sword, locking onto Master Kongkong in front of him, “One mouthful of Amitabha Buddha, hands full of blood and ruthlessness, is this what you call a Buddhist sect?”

Master Empty Sky met Chen Dong’s gaze with a smile on his face and slowly folded his hands.

“What the poor monk is asking for is merely a battle with your full strength, the blood on your hands is but a falsehood, the Buddha sits in your heart.”

“Crowning, false walking monk.”

Chen Dong’s face was as cold as frost, his depression was full of anger, he slowly put Long Lao flat on the ground and was about to hold his sword and rise.

However, Long Lao once again grabbed Chen Dong’s arm: “Young master …… don’t, don’t ……”

Only because of the injury he had just sustained, the huge pain caused Long Lao to faint straight away before he could utter his complete words.

Chen Dong’s blue veins protruded from the corners of his eyes and trembled twice, but did not stop getting up.

He knew clearly that Master Kongkong had come prepared and would never let him escape easily.

This was a battle from which there was no retreat, and for the sake of Elder Long and Zhao Brezhong, there was no reason for him to retreat.

Either he would fall, or …… Master Khongkong would fall!

“Well, well, a little bit of momentum, a little bit of feeling.”

Master Empty Sky felt the piercing coldness emanating from Chen Dong’s body and smiled with his eyebrows.



In the darkness, a sudden sound of breaking wind exploded.

The smile on Master Empty’s face froze, and in the nick of time, his waist twisted violently as a cold, sharp arrow whistled past close to his eyes.


The arrow missed into the trunk of a large tree, its tail feathers trembling.

The sudden scene caused Chen Dong’s heart to twitch viciously.

With a slightly surprised expression, his lips mumbled, “Sister Xiao Lu ……”

“Amitabha Buddha, here comes another vegetable delivery.”

The empty empty master’s smile grew wider and wider, slowly turning to look in the direction where the arrows were shooting from, but said to Chen Dong, “Chen Dong, the poor monk has broken the hands and feet of all your closest relatives, you should …… be able to fight with the poor monk, right?”

Although he was laughing, the chill in his words was like a cold wind blowing from the depths of the Nine Phenomena, hocking the bones to the marrow.

It was hard to imagine that this was coming from the mouth of a monk who was full of Buddha.

Even Chen Dong found it somewhat ridiculous and absurd.

Chen Dong looked into the darkness in the distance, Fan Lu was holding a bow and arrow and was quickly coming towards this side.

The miserable state of Elder Long and Zhao Breru just now was vivid in his mind, like a burning red sharp knife, cutting fiercely on his body.

Depression and anger filled his heart.

“Perhaps …… can only be in that state.”

Chen Dong murmured softly, “If we don’t F**k over the old baldy, they …… will all have to be injured, and I won’t allow this to continue to happen.”

In a whirlwind, Chen Dong’s eyes slowly closed, his bladeless heavy sword stuck in the ground, his hands pillar on top of the hilt.

Suddenly, he opened his voice: “Sister Xiao Lu, help me drag him, I want …… Devil’s Advent!”