Winner Takes All Chapter 1301-1302

Chapter 1301

Within the dense forest of formations, a dull golden light lingers.

The sound of chanting scriptures echoes, solemn yet strange.

Master Empty Sky, with his hands folded and eyes always closed, walks straight ahead, chanting sutras under his breath, but as if he were in no man’s land.

Everything on the road ahead was divided as people arrived.

Whenever his feet landed on the golden aura on the ground, lotuses would be born under his feet and ripples would spread.

And Zhao Breru, who was lurking in the shadows, was trembling all over at the moment, his face white and panting.

As the one who set up the formation, he was connected to the Eight Formation Diagram so that he could do what he wanted, but now Master Kongkong was moving forward recklessly, and every step he took on the golden awning would cause him huge damage.

Such an injury was not even expected by Zhao Brolu himself.

Sitting paralyzed on the ground at this moment, Zhao Brokou’s entire being was terrified and uneasy.

Not far away, Master Kong Kong, who was chanting Buddhist sutras, was like a god of death crawling out of the nine hells, a mighty pressure that made Zhao Bailu desperate and helpless.

His chest was already stained with blood.

The smell of blood was thick in the air.

Zhao Bailu’s body trembled and blood kept gushing out of his mouth, but his hands were clenched in deadly fists, clenching his teeth to keep himself from making a sound of pain.

“We can’t let him in, we can’t let him in ……”

In the darkness, Zhao Breru’s eyes were nevertheless determined and firm, shining with essence.

“Everyone’s safety, is in my hands, death …… won’t let this old villain walk out of the Eight Formation Diagram!”

Zhao Breru gritted his teeth fiercely, and his blank mind was left with only one obsessive thought.

He slowly lifted his hands, but at this moment, he was struck by the backlash of the formation, making his simple action of raising his hands extremely difficult.

It was as if his hands were filled with lead, heavy as a thousand pounds, slow as a turtle’s pace, but without pausing for a single moment.

“Master, do you not spare your life?”

“How can an ant steal a life, let alone a human being?”

Not far away, Master Kongkong’s calm questioning voice came.

Zhao Brocade slowly pulled up the corner of his mouth and smiled contemptuously.

With this smile, the blood in his mouth once again spilled out.

A scene from his childhood, black and white, miserable as a dead dog, emerged in his blank mind.

He squeezed out a sentence from his teeth, “Dogs …… also have dog obsessions!”


Zhao Broshi’s hands snapped together.

“Master …… helps me!”


“Overrate the tree, the grain of rice competes with the white moon, Amitabha Buddha!”


Master Empyrean’s feet once again landed on top of a golden mane.

In a flash.

A lotus was born beneath his feet and golden light spread.

Only unlike before, this time, the golden light seemed to have a spirit, and as Master Empty’s monk’s robes pulsated, qi scattered in all directions, actually sweeping up and around Master Empty.

The moment he was enveloped by the golden light, Master Kongkong’s aura soared again, as if he was a mighty Buddha descending from the world.


In the darkness, the body of Zhao Broke-Ru, who had just put his hands together, shook violently and fell straight to the ground.


There was a huge pain that burned with needles in all of his organs and flesh.

This sharp surge of pain caused Zhao Breru to instantly fall into a trance, his chest rising and falling violently, and a sound like a bellows coming from his mouth and nose.

“Is …… really going to die tonight?”

As the trance lingered, a thought emerged in Zhao Breru’s mind.

But as soon as the thought appeared, it was forced down by what was left of his sanity.

He slowly raised his head, his face pale and bloodstained, and his determined eyes seemed to be able to look up at the starry sky through the layers of leaves.


With all his strength, Zhao Breru leaned up to the sky and let out a scream that rushed to the heavens and cracked the air.

It couldn’t be stopped!

Then warn Dong and the others to run!

As long as they were unharmed, this life …… would be worth it!

As the sound shot up into the sky, a pleased smile emerged from the corners of Zhao Breru’s bloodstained mouth.

“How much is this cheap life of mine …… worth?”

With this thought, Zhao Breru’s consciousness dissipated and he fell heavily to the ground in a pool of blood, fainting to death.


Master Kongkong, who was walking straight out, finally stopped in his tracks and his eyes slowly opened, bizarrely, the two pitch-black pupils were now faintly marked by the presence of two golden rings of light.

It was only this bizarre scene that pa*sed in the blink of an eye.

There was a second of hesitation.

Master Empty Sky finally lowered his joined hands, turned his direction and walked straight towards where Zhao Broken was.

“Amitabha Buddha, Master is a ruthless person, and his disciple is also ruthless enough, unfortunately, the poor monk, an honest person, can only suffer in the face of a ruthless person ……”

Inside the study.

Chen Dong and Elder Long had finally finished dealing with their business.

Rubbing the bridge of his swollen nose, Chen Dong looked towards Gu Qingying who was already asleep wrapped in a blanket on the chair and smiled gently.

“Young Master ……”

Elder Long spoke out.

Chen Dong hurriedly made a silent gesture and looked at Gu Qingying full of doting, whispering, “Don’t disturb my wife, Xiaoying has stewed soup, Long Lao, you should drink it, follow me after so much work, tonic your body.”

“Young Madam has prepared it for us all.” Long Lao said.

“I don’t have an appetite, go and have a cigarette.”

Chen Dong got up and stretched, walked to the study window, after pushing open the window, the cool breeze brushed his face, his fatigue was relieved.

Immediately he lay on the windowsill and poked his upper body out of the window, before taking out a cigarette and lighting it for a drag.

Gu Qingying didn’t like the smell of smoke, and this was the only way to get rid of it as much as possible.

Looking at the night lights outside, Chen Dong held his cigarette in his mouth and laughed lightly, “It’s so quiet late at night.”

The words had just fallen.


A sound that rushed through the sky and cracked the air suddenly exploded into the long silent sky.

Chen Dong’s expression changed drastically, instantly distinguishing Zhao Brezhong’s voice: “Zhao Brezhong, the back garden?”

Something was wrong!

Chen Dong instantly had a decision.

“Elder Long, protect Little Shadow!”

In a flash of lightning, Chen Dong dryly dropped a sentence and leapt out of the window.

“Young Master!”

Long Lao was pouring his soup when he suddenly heard Zhao Breaking’s scream, and almost back and forth was the sound of Chen Dong’s stern shout.

When he turned around, he saw that Chen Dong had leapt out of the room and landed below, a scene that scared Long Lao’s face.

The sleeping Gu Qingying also woke up with a jolt at this moment.


Seeing Chen Dong jump out of the window, Gu Qingying was so frightened that she directly leapt up and rushed to the window.

Luckily, this was the first floor of the villa, so when Chen Dong landed on the ground, he took off the force of his fall with a roll, and then, like a thunderbolt, he rushed straight to the back garden.

Seeing that Chen Dong was alright, Gu Qingying looked slightly relieved, and without caring about anything else, she hurriedly turned to Long Lao and shouted, “Long Lao, go and help Chen Dong, don’t mind me!”

Long Lao hesitated for a moment.

Gu Qingying stomped her foot fiercely, “Go quickly!”

At that instant, Elder Long was running out of the study.

Chen Dong ran wildly, the wind whistling in his ears exploded, and his face was as cold as frost as he rushed to the back garden.

Only when he saw the dull golden light emerge from the dense trees in the back garden, Chen Dong also froze in his tracks.

“What is this?”

As soon as the thought started, Chen Dong was solemn and no longer looked deeper as he rushed into the dense forest of the formation with one step.

At the same time.

Elder Long also followed close behind, still holding the Bladeless Heavy Sword in his hand.

“Young Master, catch the sword!”

Elder Long struggled to throw the Bladeless Heavy Sword towards Chen Dong.


Chen Dong caught the Bladeless Heavy Sword and disappeared into the dense forest of the formation.

As he walked forward, Chen Dong’s indifferent face was filled with astonishment and suspicion. Everywhere he looked, the ground, the tree trunks and even the branches of the trees were covered with complicated trails of golden aura, intertwining and crisscrossing in a bizarre manner.

This miraculous scene was completely beyond normal human perception.


Chen Dong’s pupils constricted as he ran wildly, catching sight of a silhouette advancing in the cover of the trees.

Faintly, he also saw a man lying on the ground!

Without hesitation, he was determined and decisive.


Qi blasted out from Chen Dong’s body, and the wind raged, pushing aside the surrounding bushes in a brutal and domineering manner.

“Let him go!”

With an explosive roar, the frenzied Chen Dong raised his bladeless heavy sword with both hands and struck out with a blatant slash.

Rumble ……

The sword qi was sweeping across the ground, destroying everything in its path and directly in front of Master Kongkong.

The overwhelming and domineering killing intent caused Master Kongkong’s expression to change dramatically.

In a flash of lightning, Grandmaster Khong Khong drew back as if he were a star, and at the same time let out a loud shout, his qi tossed around and he shook his hand and threw out the Buddhist beads hanging around his neck.


The Buddha beads instantly defeated the sword qi, and a wave of qi like a bomb explosion instantly swept across all directions.

By the time Master Kongkong landed on the ground.

Chen Dong was already standing in front of the unconscious Zhao Breaking, holding his sword directly in front of Master Empty.

“Amitabha Buddha, why is Master Chen so brutal, not even looking at who it is, coming up to fight the old monk with a sword?”

Master Kongkong folded his hands, his white eyebrows knitted together as he cast a sidelong glance at the crimson wound on his sword, which had been wounded by the sword qi.

Chen Dong’s qi energy was pulsating, and the wind was blowing.

Facing Master Kongkong, his face was as cold as frost and his voice was cold and stern.

“This sword is called protection, I don’t care if you are a god or a ghost?”

Chapter 1302

“Amitabha Buddha …… good one this sword is called protection!”

Master Empty Sky folded his hands, his body was imprinted with golden light around him, showing his precious appearance in all its solemnity.

Faced with the majestic killing intent that pounced on him.

He slowly stretched out his right hand and spread it out, smiling lightly, “Little Chen Dong …… invites battle!”

With his hands raised, he was light-hearted, yet he looked at everything out of the blue.

Chen Dong stood with his sword in his hand, his qi sweeping and surging, his aura like a rainbow, overpowering and domineering.

His killing intent was awe-inspiring, and it was unleashed in all directions.

But in the face of Master Kongkong’s invitation to battle, Chen Dong, whose face was as cold as frost, could not help but tighten his pupils to the extreme.

What exactly does this old guy …… want?

In a flash, Chen Dong’s heart and mind were tightened, and his mind was filled with doubts.

He slowly exhaled a foul breath and said in a deep voice, “Old thing, back in the Chen family, you forced me to give up the position of family head and demanded three drops of my blood, today you have come uninvited, what exactly is your plan?”

“Seeking a battle!”

Master Empty Sky’s face was calm, but the out-of-this-world confidence radiating from his body seemed to make his stance rise up to the sky.

“D*mn it!”

Chen Dong’s eyebrows knitted together and he fiercely exploded a foul mouth.

Feeling Master Khongkong’s aura, it gave him a feeling of being as small as smoke and dust in a trance.

This kind of aura was something he had only felt on Uncle Daojun.

In fact, from the way Uncle Daojun had treated Master Khongkong at the Chen Clan, Chen Dong had been able to gauge the latter’s strength!

The person who was able to make Uncle Daojun suppress his killing intent and “chat” repeatedly was at least an existence whose strength was comparable to Uncle Daojun’s.

Otherwise …… with Chen Dong’s understanding of Chen Daogun, Chen Daogun would have already killed him at the drop of a hat!

Chen Dong is not a floundering reckless man who only knows how to fight and kill, even if at this moment, Zhao Breaking is lying behind him, he is not yet reckless enough to directly fight with Master Empty.

Chen Dong knew the difference in strength between the two.

If they were not on the same page, it would only be a waste of life.

Just now, in his haste, he had already achieved his goal by slashing out his sword and saving Zhao Brezhong.

But if he fought Master Khongkong again now ……

As soon as he thought this, Chen Dong’s thoughts were interrupted by Master Khongkong’s austere and chilling words, thumping.

“The poor monk has come from the Hanging Temple on the Inverted Mountain, and only seeks to fight with Master Chen. If Master Chen does not fight, the poor monk vows to the Buddha that everyone in this villa, except Master Chen, will perish by the hands of the poor monk. Now …… does Master Chen still hesitate?”

Chen Dong’s expression eased down and the corners of his mouth turned up with an evil smile.

“Master ah master, I don’t know what exactly you are curious about, hurt my brother, I am also willing to let you go, but you …… shouldn’t use all my beloved as a threat.”


The majestic qi instantly leaked out from Chen Dong’s body, turning into a cyclone of qi that pushed across the four directions and straight up to the sky.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s aura was like a sheathed sword, pointing straight up to the heavens.

“If you want to fight, then let’s fight!”


Feeling the wind of qi pounding in his face, a happy smile appeared on Master Kongkong’s face as he slightly withdrew his right foot and lifted the hem of his monk’s robe with his left hand, “Let the poor monk feel your power properly!”

The words had not yet fallen.

Chen Dong, wrapped in Qi energy, was like a cannonball out of the chamber, directly dragging his bladeless heavy sword backwards and rushing towards Master Kongkong.

Simple and brutal.

A fancy-free sword.

Accompanied by Chen Dong’s explosive cry, the Bladeless Heavy Sword was like a tarzan pressing down on the top of a mountain, blatantly slashing at Master Khongkong head on.

“Well well well ……”

Master Empty Sky was full of smiles, his eyes bursting with brilliant aura, facing Chen Dong’s powerful sword, but he did not dodge, but bullied his way up, the Buddha bead in his hand was wrapped by Qi energy, and directly pumped towards the bladeless heavy sword.

Bang Teen!

There was a loud sound like a bomb explosion.

A wave of Qi energy was visible to the naked eye, spreading in all directions.

The moment the Buddha bead came into contact with the bladeless sword, a shock of horror suddenly appeared on Chen Dong’s stern face.

He clearly felt that a terrifyingly fierce force had appeared on top of the heavy blade, like a rushing river, instantly numbing his tiger’s mouth, and the heavy blade that had fallen so violently had instantly deflected and split the air!

How strong!

With just one move, Chen Dong’s heart was overwhelmed by a huge wave.

Once he danced, even the simplest slash was enough to break gold and stone, not to mention the fact that the blade itself had a weakening effect on Qi energy.

The double-boosted, however, Master Kongkong simply flung the Buddhist beads in a cloudy manner, and directly defeated his strike.

The difference …… made Chen Dong’s scalp tingle.

“Good sword, good strength, but the young man is still no match for the poor monk’s old bones na!”

The teasing laughter of Master Kongkong rang in his ears.

Without waiting for Chen Dong to react, he felt a wild wind strike in front of him and his vision suddenly darkened.

In an instant, Chen Dong’s heart rose to his throat.

In his vision, Master Khong Khong’s face, full of a teasing smile, was close at hand, and that look of sidelong contempt was like that of a god looking down.


Before he could make any defence, Chen Dong felt like a great mountain had moved across his left shoulder, and a sudden bursting and tearing pain came from his left shoulder.

In an instant, Chen Dong was like a cannonball out of the chamber, flying straight backwards, flying seven to eight metres away and hitting the trunk of a tree before falling heavily to the ground.


As soon as he landed on the ground, Chen Dong’s painful face was fiercely red as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

The large tree behind him that had been struck by the impact rustled and dropped leaves, blocking the view.

Chen Dong’s shocked eyes swept past the falling leaves and locked onto Master Kong Kong not far away.

Fear was like a tidal wave, raging with abandon.

Was this their original strength at this level?

Chen Dong’s heart tumbled, when he had fought Chen Daojun in the Black Prison, although he knew that Chen Daojun was letting him off the hook on purpose.

However, Chen Dong had only had a vague idea of Chen Daogun’s strength …… strong!

As for how strong it was, Chen Dong really had no feeling.

Only now that he had fought Master Khong Khong did he realise just how much Chen Daogun had let slip during the battle with him in the Black Prison back then!

With just a simple exchange of hands, Grandmaster Empty gave him a feeling of being as lofty as a mountain and unmatched.

“There is no need to test the waters, bring out your strongest strength and come to battle.”

With a warm, wind-like smile on his face, Grandmaster Empty Sky suddenly opened his voice, “You will test yourself to death if you test yourself like this.”

Chen Dong’s fearful and horrified expression suddenly stiffened.

He raised his hand, slowly wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth, and slowly got up.

In the exchange of blows just now, he was indeed testing.

It was just that Master Kongkong’s strength was far beyond his expectation.

Gathering all his thoughts, Chen Dong watched Master Khongkong with full concentration, and everything around him, at this moment, seemed to have become quiet and dark.

“Grandmaster …… then, fight well!”