Winner Takes All Chapter 1307-1308

Chapter 1307

“Spitting, spitting blood ……”

Fan Lu looked at Master Khongkong not far away with a horrified expression and muttered a shocked cry.

The fight with Master Khongkong had left her in a completely desperate and powerless situation, and the strength that Master Khongkong had displayed had even given her a sense of insignificance as a mole looking at the mountain, unmatched.

Bias …… a sword!

Spitting blood!

“Ho …… ho ……”

Not far away, horse stance bowing Chen Dong, body hunched, hands clutching the bladeless heavy sword, back high and low, like a beast-like panting sound, echoed in the woods.

“Ha ha …… ha ha ha ……”

Master Kong Kong, whose mouth was stained with blood, suddenly threw back his head and laughed loudly, “Amitabha Buddha, you kid is really saving up, come again!”

The laughter was reckless and hearty.

However, when it fell on Gu Qingying and Fan Lu’s ears, both of them were confused at the same time.

What was this crazy monk …… up to?

Compared to Gu Qingying, at this moment Fan Lu was completely caught up in confused contemplation.

From the time she appeared, the feeling that Master Khong Khong gave her was not only strong and invincible, but also carried an obsessive madness bordering on paranoia.

With bloodstained hands, Master Empty was doing all this, clearly trying to force Chen Dong to fight him with all his might.

Fan Lu’s gaze sank as he slowly looked towards his broken leg, even this broken leg of his own was Master Empty Sky’s way of provoking Chen Dong to fight with all his might.

Was he that desperate for Chen to fight him at full strength?

Doubts abounded, and Master Khong Khong’s actions were just as difficult to understand in Fan Lu’s mind.

“Namo Amitabha Buddha!”

Just then, Master Kongkong suddenly folded his hands, his precious face solemn, and the wailing Buddha’s hymn echoed through the woods.


The golden light that surrounded his body suddenly surged, dazzlingly bright.

At almost the same time, Master Khong Khong’s ethereal and calm voice echoed once again.

“Buddha sits in his heart, all beings look out of the corner of his eye ……”


As the words left his mouth, there was a booming sound, and the wind raged in all directions, stirring up the trees around him and causing them to shake violently, with leaves falling.

Master Empty Sky was surrounded by golden light, his white beard and white eyebrows were all dancing around, and at this moment, his entire aura was as if he was pulling up mountains from the ground, soaring once again.

“Ho ……”

Feeling the change in Master Khungkong’s aura, Chen Dong’s face full of bulging and climbing veins could not help but squirm a little, and the blood colour in his hideous blood eyes suddenly brightened and died.

In a flash.

Chen Dong slowly stood upright, raised his bladeless heavy sword, and took a step towards Master Kongkong.

Master Khongkong, however, was shrouded in golden light, like a golden Buddha descending into the world, stationed in place, motionless.

As Chen Dong walked slowly, his bloodstained lips opened and closed.

The sound of sutras suddenly echoed throughout the woods.

The sutra was wavering, straight into the ears.

Gu Qingying and Fan Lu fell into a dazed daze at the same time.

They both knew that Master Kongkong was reciting the sutras, but no matter how much they listened, they could not hear what Master Kongkong was reciting.

Audible, but not clear!

“Ow-ho ……”

As the two were dazed and confused, Chen Dong, who was walking slowly, slammed his feet into the ground with a thud, denting the ground, while a painful wailing sound came out of his mouth.

“Husband ……”

Gu Qingying’s delicate body trembled and she was about to rush up.


Fan Lu used all her strength and yanked Gu Qing Ying: “Xiao Ying, don’t go over there, the current Mr. Chen is not the Mr. Chen you know, and …… he can hear the mad monk’s chanting!”

As she spoke, Fan Lu’s five senses were trembling, both from the huge pain of her broken leg and from fear!

Compared to Gu Qingying, Fan Lu has personally experienced Chen Dong in his mad state and is more fearful of Chen Dong after the madness like a ghost or god.

At this moment, if Gu Qingying really rushed up, no one dared to bet that the mad Chen Dong would not slash his bladeless heavy sword at Gu Qingying.

“But ……”

Gu Qingying was worried beyond measure.

“No buts, listen to me!”

Fan Lu looked solemn and interrupted forcefully, “This is a duel between Mr. Chen and the mad monk, if we get involved again, we will only drag Mr. Chen down!”

Gu Qingying clenched her teeth, but she no longer stepped forward.

Following closely behind, Fan Lu looked at Chen Dong with her brows knitted tightly.

The sound of chanting echoed around her ears, dense and complicated, but it did not make people disgusted, but gave them a sense of peace and tranquility.

On the contrary, this inaudible sound of Buddhist scriptures fell into Chen Dong’s ears, but it was visible to the naked eye that he was experiencing some kind of pain that they could not feel.

The scene in front of him was bizarre.

Master Empty Sky stood majestically in place, his hands folded, constantly chanting sutras, as if he were a golden Buddha descending into the world, majestic.

But in contrast to the tranquility and peace of the Empty Master, Chen Dong’s face was filled with pain and agitation, his eyes were scarlet and bright, and his mouth was panting like a beast.

The two men were facing each other, although they did not make a move.

But when the chanting sounded, it was as if they had already entered into a fierce fight.

As time pa*sed, the chanting of the scriptures from Master Kongkong’s mouth continued to reverberate without stopping.

The state of Chen Dong, who was stationed in the same place, was intensifying at a speed visible to the naked eye under the eyes of Gu Qingying and Fan Lu.

Even from a distance.

Gu Qingying and Fan Lu could still see that Chen Dong’s body had begun to tremble.

“Big fool …… has to cheer up!”

Gu Qingying clenched her hands together, her palms were already full of sweat.

And Fan Lu also looked grave, bewilderment and doubt flashing across her eyes from time to time.

Such a battle in front of her, even with her combat experience, if she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, she wouldn’t have believed it.

A similar scene.

Back in Nanming City, she had seen Chen Daojun and Iga Shangnin fight like this in a static battle, but even that scene back then was nowhere near as good as this scene in front of her.

Was this …… really a contest between martial arts?

The question lingered in Fan Lu’s mind.

Just at this moment, a strange change occurred.


Chen Dong, who was trembling in pain, suddenly threw back his head and let out a roar.

The sound was deafening and echoed in heaven and earth.

Gu Qingying and Fan Lu’s faces changed drastically, but they saw that Chen Dong, who had not moved at all, raised his right foot …… once again with this roar!

Bang Teen!

A step was taken, as heavy as ten thousand pounds, instantly trampling on the ground.

Even Gu Qingying and Fan Lu vaguely sensed the ground tremble for a moment.

And at this moment, Master Kongkong’s eyes even fiercely revealed a look of shock as two beams of golden aura exploded out.

His eyebrows twisted, and suddenly his tongue burst into thunder: “The sea of suffering is boundless, turning back is the shore, put down the butcher’s knife and become a Buddha ……”

His voice was like a thunderbolt, wrapped in a great majesty, resounding through the heavens and the earth.


Chen Dong’s eyes burst with blood, and he raised his head abruptly, looking directly at Master Kongkong.

On his face, which was full of veins and veins, he smiled wickedly.

“I, having, become, a devil, what can Buddha do to me?”

A hoarse hoarse roar, with difficulty and effort, came out of Chen Dong’s mouth.


Master Empty Sky’s body shook violently, and the golden light all over his body even dimmed abruptly as he said with a face full of shock.

“No, it’s impossible, this is impossible!”

Chapter 1308

Master Empty Air’s startled cry resonated through the woods.

Almost simultaneously.

“This can’t be!”

Fan Lu, who was sitting on the ground, also exclaimed in shock, and compared to Master Empty Space’s shocked expression, Fan Lu’s expression was even more incomparable, his eyes were wide open as if he had seen a ghost.

Her body was even trembling uncontrollably because she was so shocked.

“Sister Xiao Lu, what’s wrong?”

Gu Qingying was startled and hurriedly asked.

Fan Lu’s face was full of horror, her lips were mouthing, and she was about to respond.


Chen Dong’s body moved, like a tiger out of a bet, raising the wind, holding up his bladeless heavy sword, and rushing towards Master Khongkong with the momentum of wild thunder.

“Not good!”

Master Kongkong’s expression changed drastically, and his shock caused the chanting of sutras to come to an abrupt halt.

This short interval allowed the mad Chen Dong to seize the opportunity!

As he panicked, Master Kongkong’s qi brightened and faded, but in his vision, Chen Dong was fast approaching.

It was too late for him to chant the sutra again!

Just as Chen Dong rushed to a position more than a metre in front of Master Kongkong, Master Kongkong’s expression suddenly snapped.


The ground beneath his feet exploded with a loud bang, sending dirt flying.

At the same time, with a whistling sound, he drew the Buddhist beads in his hand across the air towards Chen Dong.

In a flash of lightning.

Chen Dong wielded his bladeless heavy sword, his qi tossing and slashing directly at the Buddha pearl.

There was a clang!

Sparks erupted and splashed into the air.

Chen Dong’s strength had skyrocketed after he had gone mad, and with the Bladeless Heavy Sword in his hand, even a simple swing was enough to cause a force of ten thousand pounds.

The moment the Buddha beads came into contact with the Bladeless Heavy Sword, it was a direct spill, and a grain of Buddha beads shot out in all directions on impact.

Bang Bang Bang ……

All the Buddha beads hit the tree trunks, and a sound like a firecracker rang out in the woods.

The first blow was a defeat, but Chen Dong did not pause for a moment, and as Master Kongkong drew back, he immediately wielded his bladeless heavy sword, bullying his way up and into the bone.

Clang clang clang ……

In an instant, a fierce battle raged.

Chen Dong was like a fierce beast, wielding his bladeless heavy sword and attacking Grandmaster Khongkong like a storm.

While Master Khongkong flew back, he waved his hand to resist.

Bang Bang Bang ……

Every impact of qi energy made a loud sound like a bomb explosion, and the waves of qi energy visible to the naked eye washed out in all directions.

Both Chen Dong and Master Kongkong were exploding with their full strength.

The battle scene between the two was even more dangerous than earlier.

As they moved at high speed, they brought up streaks of shadow, and wherever they pa*sed, they destroyed and swept away.

Every move they made was a move that broke gold and stone, and when they touched a tree, it was instantly cut off at the waist.

Chen Dong was in a violent and sinister position, while Master Kong Kong was always covered in golden light and his Buddhist might was immense.

One good and one evil, but at this moment, the most violent clash erupted.

With her eyesight, she could no longer see Chen Dong and Master Kongkong who were fighting at high speed.

She could only tell where the two were by the occasional explosions.

The more you look, the more Gu Qing Ying looks dazed and uncertain.

Is this …… really a human battle?

Compared to Gu Qingying, Fan Lu’s situation was a little better.

Not so much that she couldn’t see the trajectory of the battle, but she was also overwhelmed, still under full concentration.

The more she watched the two fight, the faster Fan Lu’s heart beat, as if it was about to jump out of her chest.

With her martial arts strength, witnessing the battle between Chen Dong and Master Kongkong at this moment, she actually had a humble feeling of being as small as dust.

Even, she pondered in her mind, the two were fighting so ferociously, if she were to take the field instead, would she be able to take a single move?

This doubt made Fan Lu not sure, and her mind wavered.

Just as quickly, Fan Lu thought of a very crucial question!

As the thought came together, her complexion suddenly changed drastically, as pale as paper.

“This time, Mr. Chen …… is sensing the madness after Qi!”

This was the thought in her mind.

In the midst of the solemn and tense scene, it had been difficult for her to even mouthing her lips and speak out.

But having experienced Chen Dong’s madness back then, the feeling that the post-madness Chen Dong gave her was already like a ghost and unstoppable.

Now that Chen Dong has sensed Qi, after he goes mad again, his battle power will only skyrocket by geometric multiples!

On the contrary …… Master Kongkong even caught Chen Dong’s attacks one by one!

How strong was this crazy monk?

Can one really be as strong as this at the end of the martial dao?!

For the first time since stepping into the martial path, Fan Lu had begun to question the end of the martial path!

Such a feeling, even when witnessing Chen Daojun’s strikes, had never been felt before!

“Amitabha Buddha ……”

Suddenly, Master Kongkong, who was moving at high speed to fight, chanted a Buddhist hymn.

This Buddhist hymn caused Gu Qingying and Fan Lu’s bodies to tremble at the same time, suddenly waking up with a start.

Both of them hurriedly tracked their vision towards where Chen Dong and Master Kongkong were.

The remnants of the film were in a vast aura.

The violent astral wind, augmented by the two men’s qi, pushed across the sky and was invincible.

But just as the two gazed towards the two, Master Khong Khong’s voice rang out once more.

“Strength, speed, qi energy, reflexes …… all combat qualities are skyrocketing and improving, Amitabha …… Amitabha …… hahahaha ……”

Unbridled and hearty laughter echoed through the woods.

Gu Qingying and Fan Lu were completely dumbfounded.

How could this crazy monk still be laughing?

As they were shocked.

Master Empty Sky’s voice rang out again, only compared to just now, this time, it was a majestic and thick voice, as if it was a great bell, exploding violently.

“Buddha’s Wrath!”

Four simple words, each word like thunder.

Almost simultaneously, a shocking scene that Gu Qingying and Fan Lu had never seen before suddenly appeared in the woods.

With the exit of the four words.

The golden light of the fast-moving Grandmaster Empty suddenly surged, like a tidal wave, like a backwards waterfall, rushing straight into the sky, instantly illuminating the place where he was as bright as daylight.

Master Kongkong, too, stood fiercely on the spot, sinking his waist and standing on his horse, glaring angrily and clasping his hands together.

His majestic aura was like a mountain and a prison, pressing down on all sides.

In the golden light above his head, a lofty and solemn image of a seated Buddha emerged.

It was as if Grandmaster Empty Sky and the seated Buddha’s shadow had merged into one.

As Grandmaster Emptying pushed his hands into the air, the Seated Buddha’s silhouette also separated his hands and pushed them into the air.


Blood burst from Chen Dong’s eyes, his face was hideous and terrifying, enveloped in golden light, even more terrifying to the extreme.

At the same time as Grandmaster Khong Khong struck, he leapt up in the air, his bladeless heavy sword wrapped in blood-coloured Qi in his hand, as if it was wrapped in a boundless sea of blood, and slashed his sword head-on at Grandmaster Khong Khong.


The majestic and domineering blood-coloured sword qi stretched across the sky and slashed against the hands of the seated Buddha’s shadow.

The golden light and the blood instantly clashed together, and the terrifying qi rose up in a mushroom cloud of gold and red.

The ground shook as smoke and dust swept up, and the terrifying impact was like a big invisible hand lifting the ground in all directions, with Master Kong Kong as the centre.

The smoke and dust filled the air, and the Qi energy blurred the vision.

Gu Qingying and Fan Lu were blown by the sweeping Qi energy, causing their bodies to sway violently.

After stabilising themselves, Gu Qingying’s pretty face was filled with panic and her beautiful eyes contained tears as she was about to rush towards the centre of the explosion at once.


“Little Ying, stand still!”

Fan Lu reacted and yanked Gu Qing Ying with all her strength, directly dragging her to sit on the ground, and then stared at the centre of the explosion with a pale and frightened face: “Wait, wait for the smoke and dust to clear ……”