Winner Takes All Chapter 1249-1250

Chapter 1249

The word “stunning” was deafening.

Even those who did not know martial arts, such as Gu Qingying and Gu Guohua, were horrified to hear these two words.

This …… was clearly Master Jiang Liu’s fighting technique!

As for Kunlun, Bai Qi, Fan Lu and Elder Long, they were even more shocked beyond words.

They all knew that Chen Dong possessed terrifying fighting instincts and talents, and could even quickly copy and reproduce his opponent’s martial skills during the course of a fight!

This was something that Kunlun and Bai Qi had all experienced first-hand.

Whether it was the Eight Extremes Iron Mountain Lean or the Python Swallowing Dragon, Chen Dong was able to replicate them after just a few times, after observing them again and again during the battle.

When he faced the Iga Ryu’s attack, he was even able to use his body to forcibly reproduce the form of “Qi”.

The ability to reproduce such a form was a shock to all of them.

But in the past, although the replication was terrifying, there was a limit to the number of times it could be done.

This time, it was only …… once!

Instant replication!

The next second.

The next second, in full view of everyone.

Chen Dong’s hands were like maggots, climbing and imprisoning Jiang Liu’s arms while following the trend, landing lightly on top of Jiang Liu’s shoulders.

It seemed to be gentle, but the moment the two palms landed.

The shocked face of the Sixth Master Jiang was steeped in incomparable pain.

Immediately afterwards, the old man’s body shook, and as Chen Dong’s hands released his arms, he directly staggered back a dozen steps, after stabilising himself.


A mouthful of blood spurted into the long air.

Master Jiang Liu stood in place in shock, his shoulders dropping as the severe pain prevented him from lifting them up.

But at this moment, not caring about his injuries, he raised his head violently, his eyes widening in horror and horror as he stared at Chen Dong, no longer in his previous complacent aura.


There was silence on the rooftop.

Everyone was in a state of shock and dumbfoundedness.

The momentary turn of events made everyone feel as if they were in a dream.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, slowly moved his shoulders.

The power of the Eight Extremes Iron Mountain Lean had counteracted Master Jiang’s “stunning” strike, but it had put a considerable load on his shoulders after all.

Unlike Master Jiang’s hard blow, he had been attacked by Master Jiang’s “Stunning Hung”, or rather, his strength had been offset!

Both shoulders were relieved.

Chen Dong clasped his fist at Sixth Master Jiang and apologised, “Sixth Master, I’m sorry, and I thank Sixth Master for saving his hand.”

Just now, Sixth Master Jiang’s sudden attack had indeed caught him off guard and irritated him a little.

However, soon after the exchange of blows, Chen Dong sensed something different in Sixth Master Jiang’s fighting skills.

The fight seemed to be intense, but it was more like Master Jiang was in a pa*sive position, following his attacks and making subtle deflections time and again.

This was clearly the intention to test the waters!

“Terrifying talent, like a demon like a god!”

The sixth master Jiang lamented, the shock on his face had not yet subsided, but his eyes were shining brightly, revealing surprise, and then the corners of his blood-stained mouth pulled up and he laughed brightly.

The sound of laughter echoed across the rooftop.

Everyone, including Chen Dong, was a little stunned.

Following closely.

Master Jiang Liu laughed loudly, “Hahahaha …… I told you so, I told you so!”


Chen Dong frowned in confusion.

The Sixth Master Jiang, however, was surprised as he spoke to himself, “Dao Lin, Dao Jun, tough enough, tough enough na!”

After saying that.

Under the suspicious eyes of the crowd, Jiang turned around and walked towards the stairs.

After walking into the hallway, his figure disappeared from the sight of the crowd.

Master Jiang’s voice once again came from the hallway.

“Chen Dong, good boy, with such martial talent, I, Jiang Lao Liu, call you number one in the world! From now on, you are the guest of honour of my Jiang Family, if you come to my Jiang Family, Old Master Jiang sweeps the dust and congratulates you!”

The sound of cheerful laughter grew farther and farther away.

But the words left behind by the Sixth Master Jiang were like a great bell that would not end for a long time.

Everyone was frozen.

Even Chen Dong, at this moment, was so flattered that he felt a sense of trance-like unreality.

Is this …… really not a dream?

The Jiang family is a family clan, such a behemoth that even the Chen family would have to be slightly inferior.

But with just one test, he received such praise from the Sixth Master of Jiang and became a VIP of the Jiang family?

“Sixth Master Jiang …… Jiang Lao Liu ……”

Long Lao gazed vacantly at the entrance of the building and sighed in a deep voice, “It seems like a title, but in reality, it’s a world of difference, such treatment, even the old master has never had it!”

The Jiang family’s background made the Jiang family even half a cut above the Chen family.

Even if Jiang Sixth Master and Chen Daoling were on equal footing, Chen Daoling would have to respectfully call him Sixth Master, and Jiang Sixth Master never gave up this seniority.

But today …… Sixth Master has become Old Sixth!

“This sentence, if it were to get out, I’m afraid it would be a sensation to the world’s gentry, right?”

Gu Guohua’s gaze twinkled as he grinned, “Dong’er is truly my family’s dragon son-in-law, a good son-in-law, a good son-in-law!”

Hearing her father’s exclamation, Gu Qingying looked at Chen Dong with a soft gaze, warmth surging in her heart, a sweet smile appearing at the corners of her mouth.

Which woman, wouldn’t want the husband she found, to be praised by her own father?

Kunlun, Bai Qi, Fan Lu and the others also looked horrified.

Compared to Elder Long and Gu Guohua’s emotions.

Kunlun, Bai Qi, Fan Lu and Impermanence, however, were gazing at each other.

The look in Impermanence’s eyes was even more frightening.

This was the first time she had seen Chen Dong fight!

At this moment, as her emotions gradually calmed down, Impermanence sighed, “Instantaneous moment fighting technique, I have never seen such a terrifying ability even though I have exhausted half my life.”

“Mr. Chen has something even more shocking to offer.”

Fan Lu laughed strangely, “You’ll only know how terrifying his fighting instincts really are when you actually fight him to the death!”

Changeless looked at Fan Lu in astonishment.

On the other hand, Bai Qi on the side smiled bitterly, “It’s the kind where you think you’re about to kill him, but he can instantly evade it, rise from the dead, and then beat you to death!”

Impermanence: “……”

It was as if the appearance of Master Jiang Liu was just a small hiccup.

But this little episode brought an unparalleled surprise to the crowd.

The words left by the Sixth Master Jiang before he left were not only a compliment to Chen Dong, but also a way to befriend Chen Dong on behalf of the Jiang family.

This was a timely rain after Chen Dong had lost the shelter of Chen Daolin and lost the power of the Chen family!

But Chen Dong was not as surprised as the crowd, instead he quickly let the crowd go downstairs first and stayed on the rooftop alone.

Time slowly pa*sed.

Chen Dong was lying on a lounge chair with a cigarette in his mouth, which he never lit, and his brow was furrowed into a “Chuan” shape, his gaze deep.

This sitting, to the starry night full of sky in the evening.

“Young master, it’s getting cold, young lady has asked me to ask young master to go downstairs to rest.”

Long Lao’s voice came from behind him.

“Can’t sleep.”

Chen Dong rested his hands behind his head, holding a cigarette in his mouth and gazing at the stars with deep brows.

“What’s wrong? Was your body emptied last night?”

Elder Long walked over to Chen Dong and joked.

“Don’t laugh at me Elder Long.”

Chen Dong slowly sat up, “There is something I haven’t figured out.”

“If young master is willing to talk about it, old slave is all ears.”

Elder Long smiled warmly.

“The Sixth Master Jiang came too abruptly, it always feels like there is something odd about his coming and going, he gave me the feeling today as if he had discovered something.”

Chen Dong’s face was sunken, his head lowered, his voice gruff and low: “I have long felt that I have a secret in my body, after all, I have grown up too fast, in just over a year’s time, on the path of martial arts, the achievement has reached a point that many people cannot reach in their entire lives, and today, the Sixth Master Jiang’s test, his words, I always feel as if he has found some secret in me. ”

“But what exactly did he …… find out?”

Chapter 1250

The rooftop.

The night wind was bone chilling.

Elder Long was also in deep thought.

The same doubts had come up more than once.

It wasn’t just limited to Chen Dong’s own doubts either.

Even he, Kunlun and Fan Lu had been puzzled time and time again by Chen Dong’s progressive growth.

It was too fast!

In just over a year’s time, from a poor and ordinary man, he had leapt up to become a martial powerhouse.

So fast that one could not believe it!

If he had not witnessed Chen Dong’s step-by-step journey, even Elder Long would have scoffed and thought it was a fool’s dream.

Back in Nanming City, when facing Iga Feijia’s a*sa*sination.

Chen Dong was able to have an epiphany to control his muscles at a critical moment, which would have been unimaginable.

After all, a means such as controlling muscles was only effective after a martial artist reached a certain level and entered a bottleneck, only after trying it over and over again and putting in great effort.

And Chen Dong …… relied on a F**king epiphany!

It was in that battle that Chen Dong, without any training, had another epiphany at the juncture when he lost his eyesight at a crisis, and relied directly on his hearing in battle.

One battle, two epiphanies!

This unattainable chance for an ordinary martial artist was like eating and drinking water in Chen Dong’s case!

The so-called bottleneck threshold of martial arts was hardly ever seen in Chen Dong’s body, it was smooth and watery.

There is also the terrifying strength of copying opponents’ fighting techniques, from “Black Hand Aros” to Kunlun, and even the move of the trapped dragon hand, and other fighting techniques ……

The first time I watched a few fights in the past, I could only evolve them, but this time I fought against Master Jiang Liu, but it became an instant carving!

“Perhaps …… young master is really a man of heavenly prowess.”

Long Lao exhaled heavily and smiled strangely, “Don’t the male protagonists in novels also have a protagonist’s aura?”

Chen Dong smiled noncommittally.


There were many in the world, over the river.

But he had never cla*sified himself as a genius, not before, and not now.

The dark encounters of his childhood and his mother’s teachings had made him understand that only by working hard could he hold what he wanted in his hands, and his experiences after being born into society and his achievements today were all the result of working hard step by step.

If he is a genius, it is only because he has stayed up through the starry nights time and time again, worked hard and then showed up in a way that others would think is genius.

Seeing Chen Dong’s silence.

Elder Long asked curiously, “Old slave is curious, how did young master’s ability to replicate fighting techniques suddenly become so much stronger?”

Instant replication!

This was simply the same as the superpowers in movies.

In Elder Long’s view, if this ability could be maintained, in the future, Chen Dong would truly be “a mortal body, comparable to a god”!

Chen Dong did not respond hastily, but knitted his brows in contemplation.

Just now, when he had copied Master Jiang’s “Stunning Hung”, even he himself had been shocked.

Everything seemed to have come together without a hitch.

Only when he was questioned by Elder Long and investigated in detail, did Chen Dong realise that such a change should have occurred after he had learnt the “Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body”!

However, the nightmare of casting the Martial Dao Body in Zhenjiang City was still fresh in his mind, and Chen Dong did not intend to tell the truth about the “Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body”, as the inheritance of only eleven and a half Martial Dao Bodies had cost the life of Elder Zhang Wuji, so he could not easily talk about it to people around him, at least not now.

Even Chen Dong himself could not be sure whether it would be a blessing or a curse if he told.

After hesitating for a moment, Chen Dong Dong said, “Elder Long, you should speak to Kunlun, Fan Lu, Wu Chang and Zhao Breaking tomorrow, I will draw a gong method out in the next few days, so that they can practice it.”

The “Nine Heavens Frightening Dragon Technique” was a “main line martial path” that Uncle had comprehended from the first forty-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao bodies, so Chen Dong did not have much scruples about pa*sing this technique on to the others.


Elder Long nodded and said, “However, Young Master should also consider how to deal with the situation at hand.”

Chen Dong face depressed gas condensed, sighed: “All business, all stay put, quietly wait for the Chen family storm clouds change, after the dust has settled, then make a decision, in addition, the beast woke up, he has to go back with Qin Xiao Qian to take control of the Qin family, also inform the Chu Reed and Zhang Chu two, let them not mall not rashly recently, and Zhou Yanqiu and Zhou Zun Long. ”

Elder Long nodded in understanding, these were the lineage under Chen Dong’s command.

The Chen family was in turmoil, and the world would be in turmoil before it was.

This turmoil will eventually erupt, and even if the Chen family tries to cover it up, it will be difficult to resist the white paper wrapped in fire, and it will soon be burned through.

At that time, it would be the world’s giants who would be in turmoil.

“What about the King’s Landing Group?” Elder Long asked.

“I will contact them myself, and if necessary, I may make another trip to the Desert North.”

Chen Dong’s gaze was deep and thoughtful.

When he returned from the Chen Family, he had already been thinking about how to deal with the situation along the way.

He had been squeezed out by the Chen Family and was forcibly pressured by Master Khongkong not to compete for the position of acting family head, so he could only let the major factions of the Chen Family fight with each other.

There would always be a time when the dust would settle from the struggle.

The ascension of Old Lady Chen to the throne was not, in Chen Dong’s view, a good thing.

People such as Chen Daocheng, who could form a large faction in the Chen family, would never easily help Old Lady Chen to the throne.

After thinking it over, Chen Dong even felt that he had left the Chen family, but he was glad that he was sitting on a fishing platform, watching the tiger fight from the sidelines.

After the Chen family’s affairs were exposed.

Chen Dong could not deny that he, the young family head who had just taken over the crown, would indeed be affected by the ripples and even have his reputation swept away.

However, stabilising the situation under his command in advance and facing the impending great change with a calm attitude was not a blessing in disguise.

Thinking of this, Chen Dong’s expression also eased up and he smiled slightly.

Long Lao asked in dismay, “Young master is still smiling?”

Chen Dong shrugged, “The winner is the king never depends on the process, but on the outcome, let’s guard our base camp and sit back and watch the storm clouds rise.”


Chen Family.

A birthday banquet, a shocking change.

Chen Daolin’s disappearance brought all the major factions to the surface.

The dust has settled on the position of acting family head.

But there are still many, many things before the Chen family.

Inside the small courtyard.

Lively music emanates from the room.

Inside the room.

Chen Daocheng lounged leisurely on a recliner, enjoying the food, the music and the plump beauty waiting beside him.

The beautiful woman plucked a grape and slid it along her fair breasts before bullying her way up and almost pressing into Chen Daocheng’s arms, slowly placing the grape into Chen Daocheng’s mouth.

At the same time, she delicately asked, “Master, there is a lot of noise under your command right now, all of them can’t understand why you are so strongly supporting the old lady in the matter of establishing the position of acting family head, and the other factions are also quite critical of you right now.”

Chen Daocheng raised his head and inhaled a mouthful of fragrance in the beautiful woman’s arms, before smiling soothingly, “What do they know? The old undead is of high status, but after all, she is an old woman who is a foreign relative, she has come to power, what lies before her is the mess of the Chen family, she has to clean it up, we can sit down and expand recklessly, even if she stops it, she will definitely not be able to stop it too hard, this is far worse than Chen Dong!”

“Eh? That wild B*****d Chen Dong, he’s still better than the old lady?” The beautiful woman was puzzled.