Winner Takes All Chapter 1251-1252

Chapter 1251

Chen Daocheng patted his belly: “Even if he is a wild child, he is still the one who has overpowered all the successors and fought hard to come out, not to mention that wild child is also carrying the world’s merit on his shoulders and the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army behind him, even if he is a wild child, he is still Chen Daolin’s own son, and if he is rightfully seated on the family head’s throne, then whatever he does will be rightful. ”

“Chen Daolin has always been like the sea of the city, outwardly seen ten steps before taking a step, if really let Chen Dong that wild B*****d directly acting the family head of the seat, in case Chen Daolin in advance to Chen Dong selected a good behind-the-scenes military mentor, that kid definitely than the old immortal squeeze our major factions, squeeze more vicious!”

“Not to mention, that kid’s own ability, as well as the ability of a group of people around him, is already not weak, if he really wants to clean up us factions, he will just directly name and slash them in a big way and be done with it, which will still be like the old immortal one who operates in the dark.”

“Master is wise.”

The beautiful woman smiled and kissed Chen Daocheng: “But the ones from Chen Daolin’s faction are still not convinced by Master’s decision.”

“When a dog is hungry, it will eventually go back to its nest to find food!”


Chen Daocheng said meaningfully, full of concern.

It was late at night.

Inside Old Lady Chen’s Buddha Hall, the sound of chanting sutras was incessant.

The incense in the Buddha Hall was as strong as it had ever been.

Old Mrs. Chen knelt on a futon, chanting sutras and saluting the Buddha, even though she was more devout, the corners of her mouth could not stop rising.

“Mum, it’s late at night, rest, your health is important.”

Chen Daoping walked in and said respectfully.

Old Mrs. Chen slowly opened her eyes, her gaze stern, and said with a smile, “Mom is not sleepy, after chanting the sutra and rituals, mum still has to go handle the various affairs of the Chen family, nowadays, this Chen family ah, it all depends on the old body alone.”

“But your health ……”

Chen Daoping was a bit worried, after all, his mother was already old.

“Mom has been waiting for this day for a long, long time.”

Old Mrs. Chen turned back suddenly, her eyes shining with essence as she looked directly at Chen Daoping.

Chen Daoping’s expression froze and his heart contracted fiercely.

As he locked eyes with Old Lady Chen, he even felt a sense of trepidation as if he had been targeted by a shadowy viper as prey.

A sense of strangeness came over him.


The latter three days.

Chen Dong stayed at Tianmen Mountain Villa, accompanying Gu Qingying and Gu Guohua, the couple.

It had been a long time since he had accompanied his wife and parents.

This rare and simple happiness made him cherish it.

As for the various affairs, they had all been left to Elder Long and the others.

Now that all the industries under his command were in a state of conviction, he did not need to do everything himself.

Chen Dong also took the time to visit Ye Linglong at the Lijin Hospital once. Ye Linglong’s condition was stable, but she was still in a coma.

For this girl, Chen Dong’s heart was very complicated.

So complicated that even he did not dare to think deeply about it himself.

Considering Gu Qingying, Chen Dong had only visited her once.

Qin Ye and Zhang Yulan rushed to the Qin family without stopping, while the Zhang and Chu families in Kyoto also received the news early and all their industries went into hibernation.

As for the Junlin Group, Chen Dong had not been able to contact Zheng Junlin, which made him anxious all the time.

Early this morning.

Chen Dong put down his pen, looked at the thick manuscript paper piled up in front of him and smiled in relief, “Fortunately, after so many years of drawing in real estate companies, the old craft has not been lost.”

After deciding to pa*s on his gong to Kunlun and the others, the only thing Chen Dong had done in the past three days was to draw the “Nine Heavens and Surprising Dragons”.

After entering society, with a resume of Dingtai, he had climbed step by step from the gra*sroots to the position of vice president, and had spent countless days and nights on drawing.

Chen Dong carefully sorted out the draft paper to make sure it was correct, and then ruled it into a book.

At that very moment.

Outside the study, a knock sounded at the door.

“Young master, someone from the Chen family is here.”

The Chen family?

Chen Dong frowned, “Just come.”

After opening the door to his room, Chen Dong handed the Nine Heavens Frightening Dragon Technique to Elder Long, “You can practice it accordingly, it was created by Uncle Daojun.”

Elder Long took the gong method, but did not say much, instead he said, “It is those elders under the Chen family under the command of the old master.”

“They haven’t given up on me yet?”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and smiled faintly.

When he left the Chen family, he was already prepared to lose the embrace of his uncles from his father’s faction.

After all, the stakes were quite high, and by giving up the competition for acting family head outright because of the threat, he was bound to be pushing several of his uncles into the limelight.

Without his father’s patronage, he himself had left the Chen family.

The situation for several uncles would be difficult, but with mutual support, a place in the Chen family to fight for could still be achieved.

It was just that Chen Dong had not expected that several uncles would find their way over here.

“They are in the living room, old slave will give the things to Fan Lu and the others and come over to serve.”

Elder Long left with quick steps.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, went straight downstairs.

When he walked into the living room, several uncles were sitting on the sofa with a stony expression, silent.

The atmosphere had also become gloomy.

“Uncles, I’m sorry, it’s Dong’er who has let everyone down.”

Chen Dong was full of apologies as he took the lead in apologising.

In total, the six uncles looked at Chen Dong in unison.

After gazing for three seconds.

One of the elders with graying temples rose and said, “Dong’er, please sit down first, a few of us have come to explain something to you.”

Chen Dong took his seat and asked with a smile, “What explanation do the uncles have, just tell us.”

He was closely followed by.

The elder with white temples took out a pile of thick documents from his briefcase and placed them on the table, pushing them in front of Chen Dong.

Chen Dong casually swept a glance at it, and immediately froze.

This thick pile of documents was clearly a shareholding agreement!

“Uncles, what does this mean?”

Chen Dong was filled with dismay.

“You have not been in the Chen family for long, perhaps you do not even know us uncles, I am Chen Daoye.”

The elder with white temples smiled gently, then pointed to the documents on the table, “These are the interests that a few of us did our best to snatch out from the major factions of the Chen family after you left, some about the Chen family, and some that belong to your father personally.”

Chen Dao Ye paused and smiled bitterly with some embarra*sment, “This is the best the few of us could do, don’t mind if you don’t mind, the count isn’t too big, the total value is …… one trillion!”


Chen Dong was struck by lightning, his face was full of shock, and his ears were even buzzing.

Even with his current wealth, when he heard “one trillion”, he couldn’t help but feel scared and his scalp exploded.

And this was only a portion of the Chen family’s fortune!

And Chen Dong was certain that it was a very small portion!

With no leader in the herd, the power of several uncles would also become thin, and robbing them like this, they all froze and snatched a trillion from the mouth of a bunch of giants of the Chen family!

For a moment, Chen Dong’s face turned red and his breath caught, but his eyes were staring straight at the thick document on the table.

One trillion was still not too much?

Why do you have to show such an embarra*sed expression?

I really don’t F**king mind!

“You brat is too impatient, thankfully your father saved up for a rainy day.”

Chen Dao Ye smiled bitterly, “We old things are all attached to a faction under your father’s command, in times of crisis, there is only so much we can do, don’t worry about us, this mere one trillion is just a drop in the bucket for the Chen family, it won’t compromise the interests of a few of us in the Chen family.”

A trillion?

Nine oxen and a hair?

Chen Dong’s breath caught in his throat, and for the first time, he was a little confused about the concept of “gross”.

Chapter 1252

Following closely.

Chen Daoye then picked up the thick document and introduced it for Chen Dong like a treasure.

“This one, is the percentage of shares your father holds in Yike, absolute controlling, with this shareholding in place, you can command Yike like an arm, no one dares to go against it.”


Chen Dong took a breath of cold air backwards.

Yike was the leader of the real estate industry in the domain, and deservedly a giant.

At the beginning, he was able to get Dingtai to flip, thanks to Yike building momentum and borrowing the east wind!

“This one, the equity agreement of the financial bank your father is working with the Rothschild family, but this cooperation, which is led by the Rothschild family and your father is only participating, is worth three hundred billion.”


Chen Dong’s body shook as he once again sucked in a breath of cold air.

“This one, the shares of the mining group belonging to the domain and beyond, but this is offset with other shares, worth two hundred billion.”


As if it had become a habit, whenever Chen Daoye specified a shareholding agreement, Chen Dong would follow it with a backward intake of breath.

The pen and pencil were all extravagant!

To Chen Dong, who was worth ninety billion dollars, each shareholding agreement was as big as a towering mountain.

As Chen Daoye specified each one of them, Chen Dong drew in a breath of cold air.

While Chen Dong drew in a cold breath, he also gradually gained some clarity.

Each shareholding agreement, there were those in which the father had absolute control, and those in which the Rothschild family generally merely participated, and those in which other shares were exchanged.

But savor it carefully.

Everything …… seems to revolve around the one thread of real estate.

The two shareholdings seem to belong to groups that are very far apart, but when you think about it, they are related.


The last of these is the one that is the most important.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, had long been stunned.

He had never expected that after being threatened to give up his bid to be the acting family head and leave the Chen family, there would be this unexpected pleasure!

The equity stakes, all of them thick and heavy, were considered to be enormous.

A whole trillion!

To the Chen family, it was just a drop in the bucket, but to him, it was a huge fortune!

In comparison, his ninety billion dollars was insignificant and as small as dust in front of this trillion dollar a*set.

At the same time, Chen Dong was dumbfounded.

The few uncles around him, however, revealed the same embarra*sed expression as Chen Dao Ye had just had.

“Dong’er, this is really what the few of us have tried our best to grab for you, don’t mind it.”

“Dong’er, don’t be dumbfounded, the uncles were attached to your father’s command, your father suddenly disappeared, the Chen family was in turmoil, and the uncles had nothing to rely on, it was all a desperate effort.”

“Dong’er, you should say something, one trillion is indeed a bit less, but the various equity interests can be interlinked to form an industrial chain on real estate, and this is the maximum limit that the uncles have considered when they are fighting for it.”


A persuasion.

It made Chen Dong a little confused.

The uncles are old and have deaf ears, are they unable to hear the sound of me breathing backwards?

The eyes gradually regained focus.

Chen Dong swept over each of his uncles’ faces one by one, confirming the suspicions in his heart.

Finally, his gaze fell on Chen Dao Ye’s body.

Chen Daoye, who was holding the last copy of the shareholding agreement, blushed, a little like a man’s back.

Chen Daoye smiled awkwardly, “Dong’er, if you hadn’t gone to save your wife so dryly at that time, perhaps …… a stalemate, a few of us old things could have helped you fight a little more.”

Chen Dong: “……”

Taking a deep breath, Chen Dong looked determined and shook his head, “I don’t regret it, with or without this trillion, or even if I lost the status and reputation of the Chen family, I don’t regret my decision at that time, my wife is more important than anything else, besides …… uncles, I really don’t mind this trillion of huge wealth.”

At these words.

Chen Dao Ye and the others simultaneously let out a long breath.

“It’s naturally best if you don’t mind.”

Chen Dao Ye sighed.

The rest of the few people, too, nodded their heads in agreement.

The corners of Chen Dong’s mouth twitched.

These uncles had been in the Chen family for a long time, were they really all so wealthy and generous with money?

“Uncle Dao Ye, what about this agreement?”

Chen Dong pointed at the agreement held in Chen Daoye’s hand.

With a faint smile, Chen Daoye gestured for the remaining few people to leave the living room.

After only Chen Dong and Chen Daoye were left in the living room.

Only then did Chen Daoye slowly unfold the equity agreement, frowning in confusion, “Actually, I’m not sure of the importance of this agreement, as a matter of fact, a small equity worth forty to fifty billion dollars is not even in the eye of the beholder, but your father had already planned for a rainy day more than a year ago, almost when Elder Long first found you. The book was entrusted to me, saying that in case something big happened one day and he couldn’t make up his mind, he asked me to give this equity to you at the first opportunity.”

Forty to fifty billion?

A small equity stake?

Chen Dong’s heart was about to jump out of his throat, and in a trance, he suddenly somewhat understood the reason why his father had casually given him pocket money, which was a billion to start with.

In his mind, a billion was a lot!

But at that time, when his father gave it, it probably felt the same as when he casually pulled out a few hundred dollars.

Of course, this was merely the feeling of pulling out money, not a denial of the true value of a billion dollars!

Chen Dong frowned as he took the equity agreement.

This equity agreement, to be handed over to Chen Daoye by his father in such a secretive manner, was proof enough that Chen Daoye was in his father’s heart, a direct beloved existence.

And this equity agreement was decidedly different from the trillion dollar tycoon just now!

“Pangu Biotechnology?”

Chen Dong frowned and his face sank with it, “What kind of company is this? I’ve never heard of it at all.”

“I’ve never heard of it either.”

Chen Daoye smiled awkwardly, “But since it’s from your father, you should keep it well.”


Chen Dong nodded his head.

In a whirlwind.

Chen Daoye then got up and said, “The matter has all been explained to you, Dong’er’s future path can only depend on you, we uncles in the Chen family will do whatever we can to find your father’s whereabouts, you must take care, the Chen family’s turmoil will soon be exposed, and the world will also be in turmoil.”

“Thank you, Uncle Dao Ye.”

Chen Dong got up and said respectfully, “It is inevitable for the Chen family and the world, I am already making preparations.”

“Alas …… I hope your father is safe and sound, this world will be in turmoil before it is in turmoil, everything is a variable.”

Chen Dao Ye shook his head helplessly and sighed, “A few of us will go back to the Chen family first, if there is any news, we will also inform you at the first time, if you have any trouble, also tell us, we can help for sure!”

“Thanks a lot, uncles!”

Chen Dong did not persuade to stay and respectfully bowed his head and bent down.

By the time he straightened up, Chen Daoye had already walked out of the living room and headed out with a few uncles, while Elder Long, who had arrived late, had to take charge of seeing him off.

Looking at the backs of Chen Daoye and the others.

Chen Dong’s expression gradually became firm, his gaze burning, and he smiled astonishingly: “Only in chaotic times can a lord emerge!”