Winner Takes All Chapter 1247-1248

Chapter 1247

Looking at the person standing in the doorway.

Chen Dong was a little startled.

The Chen family had undergone a drastic change and turmoil was imminent, and the world’s giants had left in a hurry.

Yet, he had not expected that he had even returned to the Tianmen Mountain Villa and there were still visitors at the door.

“What? Old man can’t come?”

The Sixth Master Jiang smiled warmly, but he walked directly towards the house.


Chen Dong stepped aside and said with a smile, “I am flattered that the Sixth Master can come to my door, it is an honour for me, Chen Dong, and it also makes my humble abode shine, how can I not be willing to do so.”

With a smile on his face, Sixth Master Jiang swept his gaze over the crowd and cupped his fist, “Gentlemen, I’m sorry to have troubled you.”

Elder Long and the others were filled with shock as they looked at Sixth Master Jiang, surprisingly all falling into a daze for a moment.

The Jiang family, that was a family clan, even more transcendent than the Chen family, reclusive and low-key.

Such a family, with the kind of heritage that could shape an era, rarely socialised in the world anymore.

It is not that they have been completely abandoned, but the people they socialise with are at least in the ranks of the gentry.

But now the Sixth Master Jiang has committed himself to the Tianmen Mountain Villa.

This is not a nuisance, it is clearly a privilege that countless people cannot even hope for!

“Greetings, Sixth Master Jiang.”

Elder Long was the first to react, smiling with a red face as he saluted.

Following closely behind, Gu Qingying, Gu Guohua and the others also saluted.

On top of the Chen family’s birthday banquet, the world’s gentry had gathered, and the arrival of the Sixth Master Jiang had caused the world’s gentry to rise and greet him, a gesture that they had all witnessed before.

Elder Long and Gu Guohua, in particular, had glowing eyes at the moment.

One of them was a business tycoon and the other was Chen Daoling’s trusted slave, so they had seen and experienced a great deal.

The arrival of the Sixth Master Jiang at this moment was of extraordinary significance!

“Chen Dong, is there a secluded place? I would like to have a chat with you alone.”

The Sixth Master Jiang was full of smiles, his majesty was not displayed, and he had no stance.

Chen Dong thought for a moment and smiled awkwardly, “My study, or the rooftop, I guess.”

“Let’s go to the rooftop, it’s a wide place, and it’s good for spreading out.”

Master Jiang Liu gave Chen Dong an odd look.

In a whirl, the two of them headed towards the roof of the building.

Only after the two disappeared up the stairs did the crowd murmur.

“A good thing, a good thing, the fact that Sixth Master Jiang has appointed himself to come to us, whether it is on behalf of the Jiang family or him personally, is enough to release a signal to the outside world.”

Gu Guohua rubbed his hands in delighted excitement.

Elder Long also nodded with a smile on his face, “The Chen family is in turmoil and cannot be concealed, news of the young master’s loss of power is bound to sweep the world soon, and the arrival of the Sixth Master Jiang at this moment will indeed clear away some of the curmudgeons for the young master.”

The two men looked at each other, their smiles growing brighter and brighter.

Gu Qingying and the others also laughed as they listened to the conversation between the two.

No matter what, it was always a good thing when the Sixth Master Jiang came to the house!


Chen Dong and Sixth Master Jiang stood side by side.

There was silence for a few seconds.

Only then did the Sixth Master Jiang slowly speak, “Chen family, something has happened, right?”

The smile was no longer there, there was only a face full of gloom.

“Well, my father has disappeared.”

Chen Dong did not conceal it, the excuse at the birthday banquet that the old man was about to die was just a pretext, the real reason would soon be spread around the world.

Even if he wanted to conceal it, he could not do so.

Not to mention, it was still the Jiang family.

“Your father is missing?”

The Sixth Master Jiang’s face suddenly changed and a sharp look exploded in his eyes, “Who did this?”

Chen Dong shook his head grimly, “There are no clues, and my father disappeared right under my and Uncle’s noses, his life and death are still unknown, only blood and a severed finger were left at the scene.”

The sixth master Jiang’s expression tightened and his heart contracted fiercely.

Even with his experienced status, his expression could not hide his horror and fear at this moment.

The strength of Chen Dong at the Chen family birthday banquet was something that the Sixth Master Jiang had witnessed with his own eyes.

As for Chen Daojun’s strength, Master Jiang Liu was even clearer.

To directly make Chen Daoling disappear under the noses of the two, this kind of strength, even Master Jiang Liu’s back felt a pang of hair.

There was a long silence.

Only then did Sixth Master Jiang let out a sigh, “No wonder, no wonder the Chen family’s birthday banquet was suddenly rushed, you brat is also calm enough to have come up with a curved and meandering excuse to detach the world’s giants in such a short period of time.”

“Thanks to the Sixth Master being an example too.”

Chen Dong squeezed out a small smile and gave a fist bump to Sixth Master Jiang.

He was not stupid.

At the Chen family birthday banquet, although he had quickly calmed down and worked out with Chen Daojun to come up with an excuse to push off the world’s gentry.

But that was the situation at the time.

It was also all thanks to the fact that the Sixth Master Jiang was the first to rise and say goodbye, invariably setting an example among the world’s gentry, so that the world’s gentry no longer had any desire to pursue the matter.

Otherwise, how could the world’s gentry have left the Chen family so quickly?

Since the Sixth Master Jiang was now asking about this, it was obvious that the Sixth Master Jiang had doubts in his mind at that time, but did not pursue the matter, but directly complied with what he had said and left directly.

“Hahahahaha …… you kid is not bad, the Chen family will be taken over by you in the future, crossing over to the world’s clans and gentry, just around the corner!”

The Sixth Master Jiang did not hide his appreciation for Chen Dong, and even held a hint of regret in his heart.

The timing was not right, the timing was not right!

If we had been the first to discover this dusty pearl, and that girl, Han’er, also had an interest in this son, if we had made it possible, the Jiang Chen family would have been able to last for a thousand years?

It’s just that …… time sequential, doomed everything.

“Unfortunately, also your father hid you too well, you this bright pearl on the dust, too thick.”

The sixth master Jiang sighed and lamented.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and smiled bitterly.

The pearl was merely covered with dust.

He …… was more than dusty?

Childhood is all black and white, memories are all painful.

Step by step, he and his mother have forged ahead, the hardships of which only they know, mother and son themselves!


The aura on the sixth master Jiang’s body changed violently, harsh as a sword, domineering look askance.

Chen Dong’s expression was solemn, his pupils tightening.

He asked in horror, “Sixth Master, what does this mean?”

That oppressive feeling emanating from Sixth Master Jiang was in no way a friendly meaning!

Sixth Master Jiang slowly turned around, narrowing his eyes and smiling, “Didn’t I tell you, old man, the rooftop is big enough to make it easy to cast.”


Before the words left his mouth, the Sixth Master Jiang’s expression snapped and his Qi energy drummed, shaking his robes with an explosive sound.

In a flash of lightning.

The Sixth Master Jiang bulled his way directly towards Chen Dong, his hands surrounded by Qi energy, like a python dragon, whistling as he tackled directly towards Chen Dong.

“Sixth Master, the late generation has not offended!”

Chen Dong’s face changed greatly and his mind was shaken. In his haste, he did not meet him, but stomped his feet on the ground and drew himself back.

“If you have not offended me, I cannot strike at you? What a joke!”

The Sixth Master Jiang’s body was full of qi energy, and the wind blew out, his body was extremely fast, like thunder and lightning, and his feet moved around, but he was like a maggot in his tarsus, chasing Chen Dong relentlessly.

Faced with Jiang’s sudden attack, Chen Dong was confused.

However, the terrifying qi emanating from Jiang Liuxue’s body was such that Chen Dong did not dare to underestimate it.

The next second.

Chen Dong drew himself up and flew back to the edge of the rooftop, behind him was the land of the sky.

In an instant.

Chen Dong’s expression was hostile as his Qi exploded into his robes with a bang.

There was no way to retreat!

Then there was no need to retreat!

With a fierce clench of his teeth, Chen Dong’s face was as cold as frost, his right hand muscles were buried, and his fist was wrapped in Qi energy, forming a spiral Qi energy, and he blasted at Jiang Liuxiang!

Chapter 1248

Bang Teen!

Fists and palms clash.

Qi instantly turned into ripples visible to the naked eye, sweeping in all directions.

In the air, there was even a loud explosion.

Chen Dong’s body retreated and leaned against the balcony before he could stabilise himself.

Sixth Master Jiang, on the other hand, looked horrified, with nothing to fall back on behind him, and quickly retreated three steps, sinking his waist fiercely and standing on his horse, before he could stabilise his body.

“Master Six, I’m sorry!”

Chen Dong frowned morosely, his muscles graved up, and the muscles of his arms were even at this moment, making a subtle sound, pushing against each other.

This subtle sound fell on the ears of the Sixth Master Jiang, but his expression was solemn to the extreme.

“You kid, you know quite a lot, you actually know to rely on pushing and squeezing your muscles to explode out stronger power.”

The words had not yet fallen.

Chen Dong’s body steeply unleashed, his momentum like wild thunder as he blatantly charged towards Master Jiang Liu.

The Sixth Master Jiang looked solemn, not daring to look the least bit careless and underestimated.

His palms were as soft as ropes, but they contained a fierce strength, surrounded by qi energy, and he directly met Chen Dong.

Bang Bang Bang ……

The moment their fists and palms clashed, the battle went straight to white heat.

Surrounded by qi energy, their bodies were like swimming dragons.

While they were attacking each other, they were moving fast.

The explosive sound of each clash was deafening.

Chen Dong did not know why Jiang Liuxue had suddenly turned on himself, but if he was not going to fight, he had to do his best.

The rule of respecting the old and the young did not exist when it came to fighting and killing.

What’s more, when both of them had sensed “qi”, their fists and kicks, when they fought each other with the aid of qi, could break gold and stone.

The consequences of a slight slip of the hand would be too much for anyone to bear!

The sound of the battle soon attracted Gu Qingying and the others to the rooftop.

As soon as they saw the two people fighting fiercely.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

What the hell was going on here?

Just a moment ago, it was fine, how could the two fight in a flash?

“Chen Dong, Sixth Master Jiang ……”

Gu Qingying looked terrified and was about to step forward to stop it right away.

However, Changeless yanked Gu Qingying and said with a sullen frown, “It’s just a simple sparring match, not a life and death struggle!”

Among the several people, Impermanence was the strongest, and at the first moment, he could tell the two people’s fighting situation separately.

Not waiting for Gu Qing Ying to respond.

Pervasive then frowned and laughed lightly, “And I feel as if Jiang Sixth Master, is deliberately testing Chen Dong, his sheepish hands are like ropes, and every inch of them is holding back strength.”

One word came out.

Kunlun, Bai Qi, Fan Lu and Elder Long all gazed at Chen Dong and Sixth Master Jiang with furrowed brows.

The two of them were moving at high speed, surrounded by Qi energy.

Their hands and feet brought up streaks of shadow, and their attack was so fierce and domineering that it would set off a wind that would sweep across all directions.

But soon, a few people noticed the clues.

“It’s true, Master Jiang seems to be on par with Mr. Chen, but when he moves around, he is not as fierce as Mr. Chen, instead he gives people a feeling of being at ease.” Fan Lu said softly.

Bai Qi and Kun Lun nodded their heads.

For his part, Elder Long echoed, “Master Jiang’s fighting technique is somewhat like Taiji, but somewhat less so, I am also proficient in Taiji, but I still cannot see through such a fighting technique.”

“It evolved from Tai Chi, the further up the martial path one goes, the more a martial artist needs to walk his own path!”

A meaningful smile appeared on Changeless’ vicissitudes face, “Chen Dong also has a few shades of it, what a surprise.”

At these words.

Bai Qi, Kun Lun, Fan Lu and Elder Long all revealed a look of surprise.

They weren’t surprised by the statement that martial artists needed to walk their own path, with their realm strength, they had actually perceived this key long ago.

After all, the path of martial arts was as vast as the sea of smoke, and a martial artist who copied another’s martial arts path would only be following a step-by-step approach, and would probably eventually fall into a martial arts bottleneck caused by the potential of his predecessor, and would not be able to move forward.

They were surprised to learn that Chen Dong had taken a few shades of his own martial arts path!

To know that Chen Dong had only trained for a full year or so and had grown to where he was today, and without stagnation or bottlenecks, all the way to the top, and now was even catching on to his own martial path, such talent was simply inhuman!

“Aiyayaya …… didn’t dare to block this one hard, if it was me, I would have just slipped my crotch and taken out my P***y!”

Zhao Breru suddenly shook his head and lamented.

The crowd’s faces suddenly looked strange.

Changeless looked askance, “Do you think you’re funny?”

Zhao Baolu was afraid of Changeless, so he shook his head and laughed awkwardly.

It was also at that moment.

“Eight Extremes Iron Mountain Lean!”

On the rooftop, Chen Dong let out an explosive roar.


In the snap of his fingers, Chen Dong’s figure was like a great mountain toppling over, bringing up streaks of shadow directly towards Jiang Liuji in a destructive and domineering stance.

Qi instantly encircled his shoulders, as if it had turned into a blade train, tearing through the air.

“Master Jiang Liu is in trouble!”

Bai Qi’s expression changed greatly, he knew the “Eight Extremes Iron Mountain Leaning” better than anyone else.

When Chen Dong, who possessed Qi energy, executed this “Eight Extremes Iron Mountain Lean”, the power that would burst out would be too much for Bai Qi to imagine.


The moment Bai Qi spoke his words, his expression froze instantly.

This was because he clearly saw a smirk curl up at the corner of Sixth Master Jiang’s mouth.

In a flash of lightning.


The Sixth Master Jiang’s tongue thundered in spring and his body was like a swimming dragon, but he did not dodge or evade and directly met Chen Dong.

In fact, the Eight Extremes Iron Mountain Lean was originally as swift and fierce as thunder, giving no possibility of dodging.

However, Master Jiang’s hard-fighting method still caused Bai Qi and the others to suck in a breath of cold air at the same time.

In the eyes of the crowd, time seemed to be slowed down.

Just as Chen Dong’s body came close to Master Jiang’s, his hands, surrounded by qi, landed lightly on Chen Dong’s shoulders.

This landing.

Chen Dong’s figure came to a screeching halt.

It was as if the terrifying power accumulated by the “Eight Extremes Iron Mountain Lean” had been directly removed by Jiang Liuxiang’s palms.

“Kid Chen, you are not yet a match for me, you are too young!”

The moment Master Jiang’s hands landed on Chen Dong’s feet, he laughed in triumph.

But the words had not yet ended.

Chen Dong suddenly smiled wickedly, “Sixth Master is right, but ……”


Master Jiang Liu was horrified.

“Trapped Dragon Hands!”

Chen Dong’s hands fiercely picked up, and his arms, which were originally inching up muscles and showing a rigid posture, seemed to be soft and boneless at this moment.

In an instant, both arms were directly imprisoning Master Jiang’s arms.

“Not good!”

The Sixth Master Jiang’s expression changed drastically, and an ominous feeling of foreboding surged through his heart.

“The stance has a form, the intention is invisible, the stance moves at will, Sixth Master!”

Chen Dong gave a light laugh.

Everything, everything shifted in an instant.

Master Jiang’s scalp tingled, and he immediately tried to break free from Chen Dong’s hands’ confinement, but as soon as he exerted his strength, he felt that Chen Dong’s arms were like iron pincers welded shut, not moving at all!

Immediately afterwards.

Chen Dong’s expression was cold.

As his Qi surged.

As his lips opened, he spoke coldly and harshly, like a thunderbolt, instantly causing everyone in the room to freeze.

Even the Sixth Master Jiang’s face instantly turned white like a ghost.

“Jing Hong!”