Winner Takes All Chapter 1217-1218

Chapter 1217


The sword energy was invincible.

The nine Qi powerhouses in front of them instantly changed their faces and cried out in shock to dodge.

The shock even caused the nine men’s continuous tidal wave of attacks to stop.

The one-metre-high sword qi destroyed the ground of the Shou Terrace along the way, heading straight for where the Chen family members were.

At this moment, time seemed to be slowed down.

Chen Daolin, Old Lady Chen and the others all changed their faces.

There was a flash of lightning.

With the scream of one of the Chen family elders, the crowd scattered in a frenzy.

Chen Daoling’s pupils suddenly tightened as he felt the harsh sword energy, causing a sharp pain to tear his face.

“Mum! Run!”

Chen Daoping’s face turned pale as he tugged at Old Mrs. Chen.

Almost simultaneously.

“Sanniang, run!”

Chen Daoling also raised his hand and grabbed Old Mrs. Chen’s arm at the same time.

Both of them were shouting, both of them were trying to save, but the two of them were exerting force in completely opposite directions, and this tug was causing Old Lady Chen to pause in place.

And the sword qi was heading straight for Old Mrs. Chen!

Old Mrs. Chen’s face was full of anxiety as she looked at the sword qi that was coming at her, and her pupils tightened to the extreme.

She was not as hard as the wooden planks on the ground!

Everything had happened in the space of a breath.

“Scatter them all for the old body!”

Old Madam Chen let out an explosive shout and violently twisted her body.

Chen Daoling and Chen Daoping stumbled back towards the left and right at the same time.

“Grandma, hide!”

Chen Tiansheng, who did not know when he had awakened, now had a face full of blood as he arrived in front of Old Madam Chen, trying to save her.


The sword Qi was already close at hand!

“It’s too late to dodge, good grandson!”

With a hostile expression, Old Madam Chen brazenly grabbed Chen Tiansheng and yanked hard.

The already weak Chen Tiansheng, caught off guard, was instantly yanked in front of her by Old Madam Chen.


Looking at the sword Qi that was close at hand, Chen Tiansheng’s five senses were stretched to the limit, and his eyes opened in anger.


The sword Qi instantly tore Chen Tiansheng in half and sent him flying out sideways left and right.

Blood spurted out, flying up into the air and spilling down again like rain.

Old Lady Chen was stationed in place, her head was covered in a shower of blood that sprinkled down, quickly wetting her entire body.

Her expression, however, was calm to the core.

With her right hand quickly twirling the Buddhist beads, she calmly said, “Amitabha Buddha, my good grandson protects me.”

From the beginning to the end.

Old Lady Chen’s expression did not change in the slightest, except for her right thumb which quickly twirled the Buddha beads.

The rain of blood sprinkled down.

Daoist eyes gazed at Old Lady Chen in the rain of blood, becoming incomparably fearful and appalled.

It all happened in an instant.

It was so fast that it was difficult for everyone to react.

“What a pity!”

Chen Dong, who drew himself up and flew back, looked at the unharmed Old Lady Chen and felt a little lost in his heart.

And Chen Daolin, who had staggered back, was also a little disappointed at the moment as he looked at Old Lady Chen, so close!

“A Qi powerhouse?!”

It was also at this moment.

Beneath the longevity platform, a top powerhouse rose up in alarm.

This cry of alarm was like water poured into a boiling pot of oil, instantly causing this group of top big giants and giants, who had not changed their expressions before the Tai Shan collapse, to rise up in shock at the same time.

“At such a young age, he has already sensed Qi, this son is heavenly! Talented as a demon and nearly a god!”

“A Qi powerhouse, a Qi powerhouse has actually been born among the Chen Family’s younger generation, my god, Chen Dong is simply demonic!”

“God! Has the Rothschild ever had such a demonic descendant? Chen Dong, the world’s youngest generation, deserves to be the number one!”


A series of exclaims came out from the mouths of every great and powerful man one after another.

To them, what Chen Dong had displayed earlier had indeed reached the point of astonishment.

Whether it was the accumulation of a huge fortune in a short period of time, or the fact that he had been able to block nine great jinn powerhouses alone with the strength of one person.

But …… is nowhere near as impressive as this sword just now, the Qi vertical!

Just now it was only stunning, at this moment everyone is shocked, the heart of the monstrous waves!

Even the sixth master Jiang, at this moment, along with a group of top big giants giants let out a shocked cry, hiding his voice in the tide of sound, marveling and exclaiming.

“The Chen family has produced a dragon! If Chen Daolin can successfully hand over the crown to Chen Dong, with Chen Dong leading the Chen family, why would he not worry about being in the world’s clans and gentry? Ability, talent, and heart, all of them are the first among the young generation in the world!”

On the other side.

Old Lady Gu, Patriarch Iga and Dracula also rose in horror.

“At such a young age, he’s actually a Qi Power powerhouse, the old body really underestimated him!”

“Baka! Such martial arts talent, the leader of the world!”

“This reduces the chances of trying to kill him even lower!”

The three looked up suddenly, their killing intent stirring as they glanced at each other.

The next second.

Dracula’s full gown suddenly bulged up and hunted.

Like an arrow off the string, it exploded with qi and rushed towards where Gu Guohua and his wife and Gu Qingying were.

Old Lady Gu and Patriarch Iga, however, witnessed this scene, both of them revealed a smile at the same time, and immediately resumed their seats.

Boom, boom, boom ……

In the snap of his fingers, Dracula’s sturdy body erupted with a loud burst of air surrounded by Qi energy, wrapped in a majestic killing intent, and rushed directly towards Gu Guohua and the others.

“Chen Dong, you deserve to die!”

The sudden outburst caused everyone to be startled.

A crowd of great giants of the top powers had their jaws dropped.

They knew of the existence of the Heaven Killing Bureau, but at this moment, Dracula’s sudden rampage was completely beyond their expectations!

“Mom and Dad, be careful!”

On the longevity platform, Chen Dong’s face changed drastically and he was about to turn around and jump off the platform to rescue him.


A sword Qi swept across the stage.

Chen Dong’s expression froze, and he swung his sword across the stage.


There was an explosive sound and the sword Qi collapsed.

However, Chen Dong’s momentum also gave a halt, and he was instantly pulled into the melee by the nine great jinn who followed him, unable to pull out.

Even as the two Great Qi powerhouses caught Chen Dong’s distracted break, their swords instantly tore two bloody slashes in Chen Dong’s arms and back.

“Be careful!”

Chen Daolin also snapped awake and rushed towards the bottom of the Shou Terrace like a madman.


Whether it was Chen Dong or Chen Daolin, at this moment, it was too late to stop them!

As soon as Chen Daolin moved, Dracula, who was surrounded by Qi energy, was like a bloodthirsty demon, and had already arrived in front of Gu Guohua and his wife, Gu Qingying, the mysterious man and Ye Linglong.


A cold light shot out.

Dracula was holding a blood-coloured skeleton dagger in his hand, surrounded by qi energy, and headed directly towards Gu Guohua’s neck.

“Quickly dodge!”

In a flash of lightning.

The mysterious man took a step forward, his hands like pythons, surrounded by Qi energy, and directly met the dagger in Dracula’s hand.

With a loud bang, the mysterious personality blocked the dagger in Dracula’s hand, and instantly was backhandedly dragging Gu Guohua and his wife towards the side to dodge.


However, Dracula did not stop, his qi was like a tornado, a blow was blocked, but his waist twisted and he once again bully up.

He pushed straight towards Ye Linglong and Gu Qingying.

To be precise, it was pouncing on Gu Qingying!

Only by threatening the lives of Chen Dong’s family could he make Chen Dong, who was surrounded by nine great powers at the moment, unable to focus on fighting, and only then could he make the nine great powers kill Chen Dong faster!

In the Chen family, he was already desperate and desperate when he stormed up like this!

“Little Shadow!”

Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing, who were dragged aside by the mysterious man, instantly turned pale and turned back in fear.


Blood splashed ……

Chapter 1218

There was a muffled grunt.

Gu Guohua and his wife froze in horror.

The mystery man also sensed that the sound was wrong.

Turning back sharply, he was instantly thunderstruck.

The bloody skeleton dagger was stuck in Ye Linglong’s chest!

The blood was stained and incomparably stinging.

Ye Linglong’s face quickly turned white.

Dracula was also a bit dazed, he had just run the dagger straight at Gu Qingying, but he did not expect that at the critical moment, Ye Linglong would directly move across and block Gu Qingying’s body.

Gu Qingying was also dumbfounded, her face lost its colour and she was frozen like a wooden chicken.


The mysterious man’s qi rose up from the ground like a wild dragon and rushed directly in front of Dracula.

In a flash of lightning.

In his hand, a short blade appeared.

It was sharp and cold, tearing through the air.

Wrapped in qi energy, it buzzed and cut directly towards Dracula’s arms.

Dracula’s expression froze, and the sweat on his body instantly rose.

But his right arm lashed out, directly pulling the Scarlet Skull Dagger out of Ye Linglong’s chest.

Then he slapped his palm on Ye Linglong’s side, pushing Ye Linglong towards the mysterious man, and then he was bullying his way up.

“Let go!”

The mysterious man let out an explosive shout and tried to pursue.

However, the Ye Linglong that had jumped into his arms instantly caused his steps to lurch.

It was also this lurch.


Gu Qingying let out a scream and was directly tackled by Dracula, the blood-coloured dagger directly across her neck.

It was as fast as lightning!

Leaving no one time to react.

For a Qi powerhouse to grab Gu Qingying, who did not know the slightest bit of martial arts, was like grabbing an ant!

“Don’t move! Or you will meet God!”

Dracula held Gu Qingying in one hand and held the dagger in his right hand, while sternly scolding the mysterious man, “Don’t come over, or she’s dead!”

“Help me …… help me ……”

Gu Qingying’s face was pale, her eyes full of fear, and her body trembled violently.

The tingling sensation coming from her neck plunged her entire being into the great terror of death.

“Little Ying!”

Gu Guohua and his wife’s faces changed dramatically and they tried to rush up despite everything.

The mysterious man did not move a muscle, but his Qi spread out with a “boom”, shaking Gu Guohua and his wife, who were pa*sing by, and sent them flying backwards, landing heavily on the ground.

The mysterious man coldly scolded: “You are only sending your lives if you rush up there!”

“Seniors, seniors ……”

Ye Linglong’s face was pale and bloodless, and at this moment, she fell into the mysterious man’s arms, but she called out softly.

“Why are you so stupid, why are you blocking?”

The mysterious man’s voice was hoarse to the extreme as he stared intently at Ye Linglong.

On Ye Linglong’s pale face, she smiled sadly, “He will suffer if she dies!”

“Silly girl!”

The mysterious man’s brows were knitted together, his eyes complicated.

And at that moment.

Dracula, however, took Gu Qingying with him and stepped back some distance, pulling away from the mysterious man.

A whirlwind.

Dracula sternly shouted angrily at Chen Dong, “Chen Dong, give up your resistance, or your wife is dead!”

Everything happened in the blink of an eye.

Dracula’s violent rise caused a group of bigwigs from the top powers, all of whom were too late to react.

The short exchange of blows between the mysterious man and Dracula was, in the eyes of the great giants, a sign that the mysterious man had reacted with amazing speed and had done his best!

The eyes of the people were fixed on Dracula.

As a furious cry rang out.

On the longevity platform, Chen Dong threw a blast against the ninth great powerhouse and drew himself back.

After stabilising himself, he snapped back and looked at the situation, his expression cold to the core.

“If my wife drops a single hair, I’ll destroy your whole family!”

The threat that was cold to the extreme was like a cold wind blowing out from the depths of the Nine Mysteries.

“Oh ……”

Dracula’s expression was stern: “I want your life now!”

“Do it and kill him, Chen Dong if you dare to move, I will let your wife die without a burial place!”

Dracula’s voice was stern, and the dagger in his right hand could not help but slightly increase the force.

The pained Gu Qing Ying’s body trembled and she let out another miserable cry.

On her snow-white neck, with the force of Dracula’s dagger, crimson blood was already seeping out.

“Dracula! If my daughter-in-law is injured in the slightest today, I, Chen Daolin, swear that even if the sky is high, I will pour out all of the Chen family and destroy you, Blood Angel!”

Chen Daolin thundered and exploded with rage, standing on the birthday platform, towering over Dracula and pointing at him with a stern roar.

“Lord Chen Family, I’ve already done it, are you still worried about your threats?”

Dracula smiled brutally, “I have your daughter-in-law, now I want your son’s life, the initiative is in my hands, shut up!”

Murderous intent stirred.

Qi energy surrounded his body.

No one doubted the truthfulness of Dracula’s words.

A Qi powerhouse who wanted to kill an ordinary person was no different from squashing an ant.

Not to mention the fact that Dracula was here today for this very reason!

As the swords were drawn.

A smug smile appeared at the corner of Old Lady Chen’s mouth.

This was a scene she would have loved to see!

As long as Chen Dong died, then everything would be fine!


As Chen Dong and the Ninth Heavenly Power powerhouse stopped fighting.

Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang, who were in the midst of a fierce battle, also noticed the scene underneath Shoutai.

Instantly, both of them had scarlet eyes and raging Qi energy.

Only the enemy in front of them made it difficult for the two to move an inch.

Enraged, both Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang fought with all their might, frantically killing the enemy in front of them.

While desperately attacking, Ye Yuanqiu wailed, “Silly girl, silly girl ah ……”

The tone of his voice was pathos, with a hint of crying.

And on the other side.

Chen Dong looked down at everything under the Shou stage, his expression cold and stern.

The killing intent in his eyes even seemed to turn into substance as it gushed out.

“Make a move!”

Seeing that Chen Dong did not move, Dracula roared sternly.

Boom, boom, boom ……

In a flash, all nine great Qi powerhouses rushed towards Chen Dong.

The mountains of Qi were like thunder bursts.

The overwhelming killing intent was like a great prison suppressing down, wanting to devour Chen Dong.

The smile on the corner of Dracula’s mouth grew stronger and stronger.

In this instant, the way he looked at Chen Dong was as if he was looking at a dead man.

A person who had given up resistance was like fish meat on an anvil when facing a Ninth Heavenly Power powerhouse.

Old Madam Gu smiled gently, “Gu Qingying is his soft spot, his scales of defiance, Dracula is holding Gu Qingying hostage, the big picture has been decided.”

Patriarch Iga smiled and nodded, “Dracula is a little young.”

In his words, there was a bit of banter, apparently all three were ready to strike just now, but in the end he and Old Lady Gu stayed put, leaving Dracula alone to rush out.

What is this …… not youthfulness?


Just as the nine-minded strongman was approaching Chen Dong’s circumference.


Chen Dong suddenly let out a roar, his body was like a python dragon, the bladeless heavy sword in his hand was wrapped in sword qi, brazenly rotating with his waist back, a circle of sword qi directly swept out!

The Ninth Heavenly Power strong man was not expecting this, and his heart was shaken to the core, and while he hurriedly resisted, he also drew back and flew back.


Chen Dong did not stop, after forcing back the crowd with a circle of sword qi, he brandished his bladeless heavy sword and charged directly towards the nearest Qi Jin powerhouse.

“Give it to me, die!”


The Qigong practitioner had not yet stabilised himself, and in the face of the sword qi and the tarzan-like bladeless sword, he hastily raised his sword to meet it.

Bang Teen!

The moment the two swords collided.

The Qigong practitioner let out a miserable scream, spitting out blood, his knees went weak and he fell to the ground.

Chen Dong’s bladeless sword was wrapped in sword qi and slashed into the shoulder blade of the Qijin practitioner, instantly ending his life.

A sudden strike.

Everyone was shocked.

Dracula’s face was fierce and his veins stood out: “You, how dare you do it? Chen Dong, you brought this on yourself! Go to hell to meet your wife!”


A splash of blood splashed in the air.