Winner Takes All Chapter 1215-1216

Chapter 1215

Feeling the immense oppression descending from the sky.

The pupils of the nearest Qi Power strongman instantly tightened.

With an explosive shout, this Qigong powerhouse swung out with a slash.


The fierce and violent blade qi broke through the air and slashed at Chen Dong’s Bladeless Heavy Sword.

But just the moment the blade qi collided with the Bladeless Heavy Sword.

Bang Teen!

With a loud sound, the sword qi collapsed in the air.

The sharp-edged heavy sword that had slashed down so violently only paused in the air for a moment before continuing to crush down towards this Qi powerhouse.


The bizarre change caused this Qigong powerhouse to cuss out.

In a flash of lightning, he hurriedly raised his katana to meet the bladeless heavy sword above his head.


Sparks erupted.

The moment the sword and knife touched, he was caught off guard and felt a terrifying force, comparable to that of a tarzan pressing down on him, pa*s directly to his body along the katana.

There was a wail.

The Qigong practitioner was instantly crushed to one knee by Chen Dong and the bladeless heavy sword.

Even the wooden Shoutai floor cracked into countless cracks in an instant.

An abrupt scene.

It caused all the Qi power strongmen who had rushed to Chen Dong’s close proximity to give their bodies a lurch.

How terrifying was this …… power?

Not only were these Qi Power strongmen with killing intent stunned.

Even the Shou stage suddenly resounded with the sound of a backward intake of breath.

The metamorphosis of a martial artist was whether or not he had sensed Qi!

This was a completely different level of power!

Yet, Chen Dong’s sword had used brute force to crush a Qi powerhouse to his knees on the spot!

It is true that one force can subdue ten powers in the martial arts world.

But it would never exist for a martial artist who did not have a sense of qi, and a single power to subdue ten would slash a strong man who had a sense of qi on his knees!

“What a domineering power!”

Old Lady Gu’s expression was grave, her pupils tightening.

The Iga Patriarch and Dracula also nodded in agreement, their expressions stern and murderous.

It was also this short moment of pause.

With a loud cry, Bai Qi was the first to face the qi killer, and with a whip kick in the air, like a python, he forced back a qi fighter, and then rushed up to kill him like his bones were in the marrow.


Ye Yuanqiu, Yuan Yigang and Elder Long also arrived on the Lin Shou Terrace.

In a flash of lightning.

Ye Yuanqiu and Long Lao directly forced back a Qi Jin practitioner each.

Yuan Yigang, on the other hand, was even more majestic in his killing intent, as if he was reaping death, instantly pulling out his soft sword from his waist, and with a domineering momentum, he directly forced back three Qi Jin powerhouses, defeating three with one!

In the blink of an eye.

The Qigong powerhouses surrounding Chen Dong were forced back by several people, six of them, each forming a battle circle and killing each other.

Even so.

The remaining Qi power strongmen surrounding Chen Dong were still …… nine in number!

“Let’s go together!”

Chen Dong said with a cold expression as he strongly pressed his Bladeless Heavy Sword in his right hand, crushing the Qi Jin powerhouse kneeling on the ground in front of him to death.

The words had not yet fallen.

The eight remaining Qigong powerhouses watched as the Qi surrounding their bodies instantly shot straight up into the sky like a tornado.

Sword Qi and sword Qi stirred and streaked across the sky, blatantly coming towards Chen Dong to kill him.

Chen Dong’s expression was cold and stern as he kicked the Qigong practitioner off the ground and used his strength to pull himself back, while the Bladeless Heavy Sword in his hand was danced with a fierce wind, bringing up fragmented shadows and forming an impenetrable defence barrier, blocking all the attacks of the eight Qigong practitioners.

Even though the Bladeless Heavy Sword had a terrifying effect of weakening Qi, Chen Dong was still struggling against the eight!

These were not hoodlums, nor were they street thugs.

Instead, they were terrifyingly strong people who had broken through the martial arts realm and sensed Qi!

Only one in ten thousand could reach this level.

Whether it was their combat experience, or their physique, fighting skills, or muscle control, they were all of the highest calibre among martial artists.

The eight of them were attacking Chen Dong alone, but they were working together in an extremely tacit manner.

It was like a tsunami wave engulfing Chen Dong.

Before one wave subsided, another one rose again!

One attack after another soon caused Chen Dong’s tiger mouth to feel a sharp pain like tearing, and the corners of his mouth even dripped with fresh blood.


As the eight Qigong powerhouses attacked Chen Dong, their hearts were also raised in huge waves.

Each one of them was strong enough to start a sect!

At this moment, they were faced with a young man who was holding a heavy sword with a door slab width and did not even have any Qi, but they felt powerless to break through.

The seemingly heavy sword was danced by this young man with a lightness of weight that could not be broken!

A deadly situation in which the dome was clearly overturned, but in the blink of an eye, a stalemate was formed!

Even if the Qigong powerhouse who had been kneeled down by Chen Dong’s sword had rejoined the fight, the stalemate had not been broken instantly!

At the back of the stage.

The Chen family gathered around.

Countless guards surrounded all the Chen family members, but at the command of Old Lady Chen, they all defended themselves in place and no one came forward to help.

Even though everyone knew that if these guards rushed forward, they would only be hitting a stone with an egg.

But Old Madam Chen’s order still made Chen Daolin’s face as cold as frost and his eyes scarlet.

“Sanniang! Do you want my Dong’er, in front of the world’s gentry, to be surrounded and killed to death?”

Chen Daolin spat out a cold chill from between his teeth, “You may not help, I am his father, let me pa*s!”

“Clan Master!”

As soon as the words left their mouths, the entire Chen family instantly changed their faces.

“Unbridled! Dao Lin, you are the head of the family, how can you be a fool in such a dangerous situation?”

Old Mrs. Chen stomped her cane and shouted sternly, “Can’t you see that these people are coming for Chen Dong? If you were to die by mistake because of this B*****d, what would the Chen family do?”

Before the words left her mouth, Old Lady Chen’s expression was cold and stern.

Once again, she scolded, “Dao Ping, Dao Kiss, escort the family head, even if you die, he is not allowed to go forward into the battle!”

“As you command!”

Chen Daoping and Chen Daojin looked solemn at the same time, and their hands once again increased their strength.

Chen Daoling, on the other hand, was at this moment as cold as frost and furious as he could be, saying.

“Can you stop me?”

With a single word, Chen Daoping and Chen Daoping simultaneously looked frozen.


There was a poof!

A flash of determination flashed in Old Lady Chen’s eyes as she knelt directly in front of Chen Daoling in public.

“Daoling, you are the head of the family, Sanniang kneels down and begs you to be calm!”

The voice was hoarse and pleading, as if she was looking out for the greater good.

This scene.

Like a heavy hammer, it ruthlessly smashed into the heart of every Chen family member.

Immediately following.

One by one, the Chen family members knelt on the ground along with the old lady.

“Please, Family Head, calm down!”

Pleading voices rose and fell, and the expressions of each and every Chen family member were even more pathos to the extreme.

Chen Daolin’s expression was choked.

His face instantly paled and his eyes fell helpless to the extreme.

All his anger, in this kneeling of the crowd, seemed to have been crushed by a heavy fist, and vanished into thin air.

He stared at Old Lady Chen, quietly clenching his hands into fists and clicking them.

Raise the family to stop it, the old immortal …… your heart must be happy, right?

And at the bottom of the Shoutai.

Gu Guohua and his wife were hugging each other, full of worry, and their foreheads were oozing with beads of sweat.

Gu Qingying was also clenching her pink fist and tightly obliterating her red lips.

The mysterious man, who had always been calm and indifferent, looked at Chen Dong, who was defeating nine people on the Shou stage with one, and his gaze was profound, without sorrow or joy.

Only the hands behind his back were quietly clenched.

“This battle …… must be won over Half Son of Heaven!”

Chapter 1216

Clang, clang, clang ……

Boom, boom, boom ……

The birthday platform.

The sound of metal striking against metal sounded like thunder.

Dao qi energy, rampant in all directions.

But the strange thing is.

All the killing machines were confined only to the top of the birthday platform, and the tide of killers outside the birthday banquet square.

Outside the birthday banquet square, the battle was bloody, like a purgatory, while above the birthday platform, the battle was fierce and dangerous, and the slightest mistake could result in death.

But in the eyes of the world’s giants, it was full of strange and bizarre.

“What’s going on? Why do I feel that something is wrong with these killers?”

“The tide of killers outside the square, why do I feel like they are merely applying pressure and also cannon fodder to draw the fire of the Chen family’s defenders?”

“All those killers are running towards Chen Dong, it must be that the Bureau of Heavenly Murder has not disappeared, but now that Chen Dong is about to be set, how does this Bureau of Heavenly Murder still dare to descend again on the Chen Family’s grand birthday, directly in front of the world’s giants?”


Thousands of magnates, tens of thousands of people witnessed this scene, with a thousand doubts in their hearts.

There were those who exclaimed in amazement, those who were puzzled, and some great giants who were in high positions and knew part of the situation, who fell into contemplation.

The public opinion was incessant.

But outside the square, on the birthday platform, it was eerily like two worlds.

Under the birthday platform.

The giants of the top powers were frowning, solemn and with different expressions as they witnessed the battle.

The Zhuge Family, the Zhang and Chu families, all fell into worry.

Even Zheng Junlin, Zhou Zunlong and Zhou Yanqiu took advantage of the chaos to arrive at the front of the Shoutai, watching the fierce battle in the ring with rapt attention.

They were all worried about Chen Dong, but it was clear to all that they could only act as spectators to the battle taking place in the ring, it was simply not for them to step forward and participate!

This was a battle at another martial level!

Even for the Hong Society, which commanded three thousand six hundred sects, at this moment the Ancestral Elder and the Dragon Head were all on the field, but they were merely delaying a few enemies and helping to alleviate Chen Dong’s pressure.

Ye Linglong’s fists were clenched tightly together, her eyebrows knitted together, her face full of worry, and even silently, without even noticing it, her forehead was already sweating coldly.

She was not only worried about Chen Dong, but also about grandpa and big brother!

A few small war circles, but three men who were very important to her, were fighting in blood at the moment!

As a Double Flower Red Stick of the Hong Society, although she had not reached the martial level of Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang, she could discern just how dangerous the Shou Terrace had become!

To say that it was a life of nine deaths would not be an exaggeration!

Whether it was Ye Yuanqiu, Yuan Yigang, or Chen Dong, the battle was extremely dangerous!

Ye Yuanqiu was old and frail.

Yuan Yigang was fighting with one man against three!

And Chen Dong …… was fighting against nine!

“You …… must all be well!”

Ye Linglong wrinkled her brows and prayed, her gaze slowly moving towards the mysterious man.

Whirling around, she walked quickly in doubt to the mysterious man, “Senior, still not doing anything?”

The mysterious man’s deep eyes flickered for a moment as he gazed at Ye Linglong, silent.

“With your strength, you will definitely be able to turn the tide of battle!”

Ye Linglong clenched her hands together, her palms covered in sweat.

“I have to protect them!”

The mysterious man’s hoarse voice slowly rang out.

Obviously, it was telling Ye Linglong that he had to protect Gu Guohua and his wife and Gu Qingying.

Ye Linglong’s gaze flickered for a moment, but she had nothing to say.

On the other hand.

The Sixth Master Jiang, however, lightly stroked his beard and solemnly swept a glance at the faces of the giants of the top powers around him before he returned his gaze to the top of the longevity platform.

He said in a deep voice, “In today’s battle, the youngest child of the Chen family has metamorphosed into a dragon, if he succeeds in the battle, the dragon will definitely soar to the ninth heaven and become famous in the sky, if he loses ……”

The latter words were not spoken by him.




One after another, “Qi” fell on Chen Dong’s bladeless heavy sword in a domineering and brutal manner.

The terrifying impact made each step Chen Dong took as he quickly retreated, weighing as much as a thousand pounds, stamping deep holes into the stage surface and spreading fine cracks.

Under this mountainous and unending attack.

Chen Dong’s tiger mouth had long since torn apart, causing severe pain.

The corners of his mouth were also shaken to the point of dripping blood.

The Bladeless Heavy Sword had the effect of weakening Qi, and was able to weaken the Qi of the nine Qi Jin powerhouses to a very low level, but the continuous impact of the attacks on the Bladeless Heavy Sword still made him suffer terribly.

However, up until this moment, Chen Dong had never exercised his Qi!

He had given full play to the words “A heavy sword without a blade, a great dexterity”.

In order to pursue the fastest speed, he wielded his bladeless heavy sword without any finesse, straightforwardly, all based on the principle of pursuing speed.

Only in this way could one resist the terrifying onslaught of nine powerful men with the power of one sword in both hands!

The slightest fancy would slow down the speed of his sword!

While the nine Qi powerhouses were desperately attacking Chen Dong, their foreheads were already seeping with sweat.

This heavenly killing game, with more than a dozen Qi Jin powerhouses striking together, was already a disaster of annihilation.

The reality, however, was beyond all expectations!

The target, who had been treated like a bag of tricks, had now exploded with a strength that made even the nine Qi Jin powerhouses tremble in their hearts.

One man, one sword, blocking nine men alone!

Even as they fought each other, one of the ninjas, armed with a katana, could not help but exclaim.

“Such battle strength is the strongest of the young generation, if you have sensed Qi like we have, we are in danger!”

These words were not a compliment.

In fact, when you are on two opposing sides, in a life and death struggle, there is no need to boast and compliment.

The best evaluation comes from the enemy!

This is exactly what is happening in the scene before us!

All nine Qi Qi powerhouses with a killing intent could sense the strangeness of the Bladeless Heavy Sword, and after the initial shock, they all realised what effect the Bladeless Heavy Sword had.

But for a martial artist who did not have a sense of Qi to achieve such a formidable feat, it would definitely make martial arts history!


However, just as these words were being spoken.

Chen Dong, whose mouth was tinged with blood, suddenly smiled wickedly, “So your Excellency already knows that I’ve enlightened Qi, huh?”

The laughter was thick with banter.

A single word was spoken.

The nine Qi powerhouses’ tiger bodies trembled at the same time, their hearts chilling.

A wave of terror instantly engulfed the nine people like a tsunami.

Even the attacks of the nine men gave a lurch.

The next second.

Chen Dong’s feet slammed into the ground, and as he drew back, his aura soared, as if he was pulling up a mountain from the ground, becoming unreachable and as majestic as a prison under all eyes!

The moment he was in the air, Chen Dong clutched his bladeless heavy sword with both hands, and his stern gaze instantly locked on a direction.

That was the direction where …… father and Old Lady Chen and the others were!

“In the midst of the chaos, it should be fine to cut down the old undead, right?”

This was the thought in Chen Dong’s mind.

“Qi come!”

As Chen Dong let out an explosive roar, his voice was like loud thunder.

The bladeless heavy sword in his hand was blatantly aimed at that direction, slashing down with a single blow.

Terrifying qi instantly erupted from within his body, like a great river rushing and surging, following his arm and encircling the bladeless heavy sword, forming a majestic and vast sword qi, like a pale dragon breaking through the air, destroying and sweeping away from the sword like a plough ……