Winner Takes All Chapter 1219-1220

Chapter 1219


“Little Shadow!”

Gu Guohua and his wife completely collapsed at this moment.

Tears came to their eyes as they desperately struggled to sit up and rushed towards where Gu Qingying was.

It had all shifted so quickly.

No one had expected that Dracula would kill to such a degree that he would simply obliterate them at the drop of a hat!

“Die, go and see God!”

Dracula let go of Gu Qingying, holding the bloodstained dagger, and quickly retreated, continuing to pull away from the mysterious man.

Gu Qingying, who had lost her support, slowly slumped towards the ground with her hands covering her neck.

Blood escaped from between her fingers, and she was trembling all over, her pale face, filled with panic.

In this moment, she could feel her life draining away fast.

Her chest rose and fell violently, and she gasped for air in great gulps.

But the wound on her neck seemed like a loophole, and the air she had just sucked into her mouth escaped through it again in an instant.

Unwillingness, fear, bewilderment ……

All kinds of emotions wrapped around Gu Qingying.

Perhaps before a person dies, he or she really does recall memories of a lifetime, just like in the movies.

And at this moment, a scene of memories is like a slideshow that is rapidly surfacing in her mind.

Gu Qingying trembled and used all her strength to let out a breathless wail, “I, I …… don’t want to die ……”

As she collapsed in a pool of blood, she let out this wail, but her eyes looked askance at the upright figure on the birthday platform.

Why do you …… not care about my life?

I …… am your wife!

“Little Shadow!”

At this moment, Chen Daolin on the birthday platform directly jumped off the birthday platform in a panic, rushed to Gu Qingying’s side, and picked up Gu Qingying in a hug.

But at this moment, Gu Qingying’s eyes had gradually closed, and the breath in her mouth and nose was rapidly dissipating.

This caused Chen Daolin to freeze instantly.

Looking at the corpse of Gu Qingying in his arms, his heart contracted fiercely, his features gradually flushed with coldness, and his eyes even exploded with fierce light.

Only his brow gradually wrinkled, and while his eyes were glowing with fierce light, they were interspersed with a few moments of hesitation.

And on the other side.

The mysterious man pushed the injured and unconscious Ye Linglong to the side of Zhuge Qing and Chu Reed.

Whirling around, he fiercely turned around and grabbed the couple, Gu Guohua, who had witnessed their daughter’s death and were in a breakdown and grasping frenzy!

“Get out of the way, get out of my way!”

Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing howled and howled, struggling desperately.

The two treated their daughter like a precious treasure, and from their childhood, they had even pampered and cared for her.

Now that they had witnessed Gu Qingying’s tragic death, the two of them instantly broke down and went mad, their hearts aching as if they were being stabbed to death.

But no matter how much they struggled, the mysterious man’s hands seemed to be holding them.

But no matter how much they struggled, the mysterious man’s hands were like iron pincers, not moving at all.

“I am protecting you!”

The mysterious man chided in a hoarse and low voice.

But Gu Guohua broke down and cried, “What’s the point of living when our daughter is gone?”

The vociferous wailing.

It was moving.

However, the mysterious man’s gaze was deep as he stared at Chen Dong on the birthday platform, who was bathed in blood and wielding his sword, and his mouth could not help but let out a surprised expression.


Just as the mysterious man swept his gaze towards the ring.

“You still want to resist? Fine, fine, killing your wife is not enough, then I will kill your entire family!”

Dracula let out an explosive roar, as if he was a madman, his Qi energy drumming up, instantly like a cannonball out of the chamber, he rushed directly towards the couple, Gu Guohua.

At the same time.

The birthday platform.

As Dracula struck again, four of them broke away from Chen Dong’s fight and, like a tiger pouncing on a sheep, rushed down from the platform with a powerful killing intent, and together with Dracula, directly surrounded the mysterious man!

They, instead of rushing towards Chen Daolin!

Both Dracula and the four strongest Qi Qi fighters were aiming at Gu Guohua and his wife whom the mysterious man was holding!

Two ordinary, wealthy couples, defenceless before them!

Also threatening Chen Dong, it was easier to capture two ordinary people who were defenceless than to capture Chen Daoling, the titular head of the Chen family!

“Mom and Dad!”

With the four strongest Qi Qi practitioners disengaging from the battle, Chen Dong’s pressure was reduced.

However, when his eyes caught the four strongest Qi Jin fighters and Dracula rushing towards Gu Guohua and his wife together, Chen Dong’s expression suddenly changed drastically.

In an instant.

His features were fierce and his hostile energy was tumultuous. He wanted to pull out to rescue them, but was held back by the five strongest Qi Jin fighters.

There was a flash of lightning.

Chen Dong let out an explosive roar.

“Eldest uncle! Still not making a move?”

The sound was like rolling thunder, echoing in this side of the world.

In an instant.

The giants of the world’s great clans and the giants of the top powers all changed their expressions greatly.

In particular, some of the top giants who knew the truth, at this moment, their pupils tightened and their hearts beat wildly.

Chen Dong’s eldest uncle was Chen Daogun!

But at Chen Daoling’s birthday banquet today, that God of Ultimate Murder, Chen Daogun, was not present!

“Big brother, make a move!”

A close call.

Chen Daoling, who was holding Gu Qingying, also turned back suddenly and hissed and roared, “Destroy these B*****ds for me!”


Gu Guohua and his wife, who were struggling desperately, felt the iron-clamp-like hands on their wrists loosen.

Almost simultaneously.

A cold wind that seemed to be blowing from the depths of the Nine Underworlds swept over the couple.

The two of them were frozen in place for a moment as their sweat hairs stood on end and their scalps tingled.

And in their line of sight.

The corner of the mysterious man’s mouth gently turned upwards: “Heh …… brat, so …… you knew about it long ago, huh?”


As soon as the teasing laughter exited, a crack cracked on the mysterious man’s face, extending from the middle of his forehead all the way to his chin position.

Immediately afterwards, the cracked face skin, like a wall skin, slowly slid down!

Chen Daojun’s face was revealed.

It was untamed, domineering, and his gaze was as stern as a sheathed sword.

“Chen, Chen Daogun!”

“The God of Killers is out of prison, the God of Killers was actually on top of the birthday feast all along!”

“God, God! He’s out, no, he’s actually back!”


The giants of the top powers, witnessing Chen Daojun in this moment, all looked pale and fearful.

And on the birthday platform, Old Lady Chen’s smile, which was covered in blood, suddenly disappeared.

She gnashed her teeth and said, “D*mn it! How did this madman get out? He obviously doesn’t get along with Chen Daoling, so why does he keep protecting Chen Dong and helping Chen Daoling?”

Compared to Old Madam Chen’s anger, Chen Daoping and Chen Daoping’s faces were as pale as paper at this moment, full of horror, and even their bodies were trembling a little.


It was also just as Dracula and the four Qi powerhouses were approaching Chen Daojun’s surroundings, with only one metre left.

The vast Qi energy instantly made the ground beneath Chen Daogun’s feet lift off, sweeping upwards and rushing up to the sky like a pale dragon, encircling Chen Daogun’s circumference and going straight up to the ninth heaven.

At this moment.

Chen Daojun was like a god descending into the world, his majestic pressure sweeping across all directions.

His expression was still untamed and out of sight.

Even though Dracula and the four strongest qi masters had already approached, their murderous intent surging.

They didn’t even make his complexion ripple!

The next moment.

Chen Daogun slowly raised the dagger in his hand and slashed down towards the air in front of him.

“Ten Directions …… Break!”





A majestic qi train, like a rushing river, instantly destroyed and engulfed Dracula and the four qi powerhouses with a domineering outlook!

Chapter 1220

The sword energy was vast.

Like an anaconda dragon, it rushed towards Dracula and the four Qi powerhouses with an overwhelming and overbearing force.

The sky lost its colour.

The ground trembled and smoke and dust rolled.

Wherever the sword energy pa*sed, the ground was torn into hideous openings, and the ground was raised high.

This strike was overwhelming!

It overwhelmed the entire field!

Thousands of giants, tens of thousands of people, all silenced.

Can a human …… really wield such a terrifying attack?

Even the giants and bigwigs of the top powers could not help but feel a chill in their hearts and tighten their throats at this moment.

The God of Killers …… is on the verge of the world!

The fierce might was vast!

The sword qi engulfed Dracula and the four qi powerhouses.

The screams of misery suddenly resounded through the heavens.

There was even the sound of swords clashing with weapons.

Everything was as fast as lightning.

When the sword qi dissipated.

The scene in front of him caused everyone in the Chen family square to take a breath of cold air.

The ground was covered in wreckage!

The ground was covered with deep furrows, as if the sword qi had struck everyone’s heart together.

Each sword qi spread out nearly ten metres!

And at the very centre of the sword qi explosion.

Dracula and the four strongest Qi Qi fighters were all kneeling on the ground, their clothes torn and bloodied, their bodies covered in blood, as if they had been created by a meat grinder in an instant, in a terrible and hideous state.

Whether it was Dracula, or the four strongest Qi Qi fighters.

Both Dracula and the four qi-energy powerhouses were on their knees, their chests heaving violently, their mouths and noses panting like windchests.

The blood stained the ground beneath them blood red.

And in their mouths and noses, there was still sticky blood dripping down.


Suddenly, a Qi powerhouse spurted out a mouthful of blood and tilted his head back to stare in horror at Chen Daojun who stood like a great mountain.

With just this one stare, the life in the Qi Jin powerhouse’s eyes was rapidly dimming until it disappeared.

There was a loud poof!

The qi jin strong man collapsed into a pool of blood, no more life.

And this scene.

It made everyone’s heart beat wildly and their scalps explode.

“To defeat five with one move, to severely injure five Qi Power powerhouses in one move, and to exterminate one of them, what’s the difference between this and a god or goddess?”

“As expected of a God of Gaijin! He has been in hiding for more than twenty years, but he has reappeared, and his fierce power has reappeared, no less than before!”

“Hiss~ The strength of this God of Killers, Daojun Chen, is far superior to that of his days, even old me can only look up to him!”


A shuddering cry of fear echoed across the square.

With Chen Daogun’s strike, heaven and earth were silent.

It also made these shrieks of alarm extraordinarily clear at this moment.

There were ordinary tycoons.

But even more of the shouts came from the giants and bigwigs of the top powers!

One of them was none other than the Sixth Master Jiang!

Even the Sixth Master of the Jiang Clan, a member of a family clan, could only hope to be heard by the blow he had just struck!

There were shouts of astonishment and chatter.

Old Lady Gu and Patriarch Iga looked at each other.

This moment.

Both of them were drenched in hair, like falling into an ice cave, and both could see a great fear in the other’s eyes.

Even if Chen Daojun stood still, just a mere shadow of his back made the two of them feel like they were facing a demon from hell!

It was as if they were natural enemies of each other in the natural world, the kind of fear that comes from the depths of their bloodline and cannot be rejected!

One look at each other.

A decision was instantly made in their minds.

In the midst of the shouting, they quietly got up and quickly disappeared into the crowd.

On the other side.

Chen Dong smiled astonishingly and stood up to collect his sword, “Uncle, I’ll leave the rest to you!”

“You’re not too polite!”

Chen Daogun slowly raised his eyebrows and revealed a bloodthirsty smile.

A whirlwind.

With all eyes on him, he held his dagger and slowly walked towards Dracula.

Looking at Chen Daogun approaching.

At this moment, Dracula was terrified to the extreme, his features twisted and trembled.

The overwhelming killing intent that overwhelmed the sky and suppressed the hell out of him.

The Blood Angels’ leader was trembling like a lamb.

The threat of death, a great fear, gripped his body.

What was left of Dracula’s sanity made him want to rise up and fight back.

Only ……

“You, D*mn you!”

Three cold words, like a death sentence.


Chen Daogun waved his dagger lightly in his hand, and his sword qi sliced out horizontally.


Blood sprayed out.

Dracula’s lofty body abruptly stopped trembling, and immediately, in an unbelievable arc, it snapped …… off at the waist!


The sound of sucking in cold air backwards reverberated throughout the room and shot up to the sky.

Ten thousand magnificent clans, tens of thousands of people, all looked at Chen Daojun at this moment as if they were facing the god of death directly!

A great, invisible fear, like a haze, enveloped this part of the world.

It made heaven and earth lose colour!

After killing Dracula with a single blow, Chen Daogun did not stop on his feet.

With his left hand behind his back and his dagger in his right hand, he stepped in front of another Qigong powerhouse as if in a leisurely manner.

With a bloodthirsty smile, “You deserve to die!”


A fountain of blood gushed out and the body fell to the ground!

“You deserve to die!”


“You deserve to die!”


The cold, bloodthirsty voice, without the slightest hint of emotion, echoed above the silent square and landed clearly in everyone’s ears.

In the face of Chen Daogun, the powerful qi-energy practitioners who had just been so majestic and stirred with killing intent were now transformed into prostrate lambs waiting to be slaughtered.

Such a huge difference made everyone feel like they were dreaming!

In just a few seconds.

Dracula and the four strongest Qi Qi fighters all collapsed into a pool of blood.

Until they died, several of them did not even resist!

On the Shou stage, all the Qigong powerhouses who had come to attack and kill each other were chilled to the bone.

Chen Daojun’s strike was like a big hand pressing down on them, crushing all their arrogance and confidence as qi-energy powerhouses in one fell swoop!

Old Madam Chen’s face was shadowy to the extreme.

The drops of blood that fell on her pale face further accentuated her gloominess to the extreme.

Chen Daoping and Chen Daoping, and even all the members of the Chen family, all looked pensive and silent.

It was clear to all!

The moment Chen Daojun revealed her present form.

The main scene, it was no longer any of the Chen family!

Instead, it was …… this Gaijin God of Killing!

Clap, clap ……

The sound of footsteps slowly rang out, very softly, yet every time they appeared, it was like a big thunderbolt exploding, blasting everyone’s eardrums and heart.

With his left hand behind his back and his dagger in his right hand, Chen Daojun locked his domineering eyes on the Qi Jin powerhouses on the Shou stage.

Like a fierce tiger, he locked onto his prey.

One step, one step, onto the platform!

When standing on the birthday platform.

Chen Daojun asked coldly, “Will you cut yourselves? Or shall I send you on your way?”

A questioning question, showing all the dominance and openness!

It was as if he was a deity high in the sky, asking a question that looked down upon all beings!

The remaining Qigong powerhouses instantly fell into a state of indecision, their eyes all flickering with panic.

“Good, there’s an answer, stick your necks out and I’ll chop them one by one!”

Chen Daojun raised an eyebrow and smiled gently.

The next second.

His figure swayed violently!

How fast!

Chen Dong then felt the strong wind sweeping across his body.

His pupils instantly tightened to the extreme.

Chen Daojun, was already standing in front of a Qi powerhouse!

Under the warm winter sun.

A cold light suddenly blossomed!