Winner Takes All Chapter 1207-1208

Chapter 1207

The sound echoes and resonates through the heavens and the earth.

Almost simultaneously.

There were people from the Chen family, holding trays, quickly stepped up to the birthday platform and handed a pile of seals to the old man.

Each seal represented the personal achievement of a successor!

“Chen Yufei, a top star in the entertainment industry with two entertainment companies under his control ……”

The old man took the lead in reciting Chen Yufei’s achievements.

This caused Chen Yufei, who was standing in the front row, to blush red, her shellfish teeth clenching her red lips.

She was just a chaperone!

Ever since the old lady had ordered her to quit the entertainment industry, her status as an heir had actually drawn to a close.

Now that her achievements were being recited in public, it had caused resentment to build up in her heart.

Thousands of gentry, tens of thousands of people, smacked their lips in awe as the old man recited the results of the major heirs.

The ten people who were able to stand on the Shou Terrace were already the final ten heirs after a selection process within the Chen Family.

Each of the heirs’ achievements were dazzling.

Even some of the gentry were dumbfounded after hearing the results, shaking their heads in shame.

They, who had spent their entire lives, might only have saved enough money to become one of the most powerful families.

The ten heirs on the platform, on the other hand, took much less time than they did to achieve what they did.

This may be due to the fact that it is good to have a big tree to lean on.

But it is definitely inseparable from their individual abilities!

The front row of top powers, families and gentry, however, were calm.

It was clear to everyone.

Everything now is just a pa*sing phase.

The ones truly qualified to compete for the succession had long since been reduced to two.

Chen Dong!

Chen Tiansheng!

Everyone else was just a sidekick!

With the height of their eyes, the achievements of the successors recited by the old man at this moment were not enough to amaze them.

The birthday platform.

Old Lady Chen looked at ease, calmly taking out her Buddhist beads and gently twirling them.

Chen Daolin witnessed it and laughed lightly, “Sanniang, it’s not much use to hold onto the Buddha’s feet temporarily.”

“The old body has been fasting and chanting Buddhism all my life, how can I hold the Buddha’s feet temporarily? The personal achievements of my family’s natural child can definitely make your eyes shine.”

Old Mrs. Chen twirled her Buddhist beads as she smiled.

Chen Daolin raised his eyebrows lightly, “Sanniang is rather more confident than I am.”

“A wild cripple, how can she compare herself to my son? The old body is telling you the truth, Tiansheng’er’s personal achievements are enough to crush Chen Dong to death!”

Old Mrs. Chen’s aura suddenly snapped up and she said with confidence.


Chen Daoling said in astonishment, “But the explicit account book, the record, I have carefully calculated, or my family Dong’er’s achievement, is more superior!”

“We’ll see!”

“We’ll see!”

Chen Daolin narrowed his eyes and swept meaningfully towards the thousands of giants in the distance.

Tens of thousands of people, densely packed with a sea of people.

As the old man recited, the pencil results of one of the Chen family heirs echoed through the square.

As he listened to the pencilled results, Chen Dong was unmoved.

His gaze, however, fell on the mysterious man below, smiling.

The mysterious man, however, inclined his head, his gaze always locked on Old Madam Gu, Patriarch Iga, Dracula and the others.


“The ninth successor, Chen Dong!”

As soon as the words were spoken, even the giants of the top powers in the front row were now staring and listening sideways.

“You will cry!”

Just as Chen Dong withdrew his gaze from the mysterious man, Chen Tiansheng snorted softly.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, “You will also cry so much that your mother won’t even recognise you.”

Chen Tiansheng snorted and shook his head, looking at Chen Dong with a look that even revealed a bit of pity.

You really don’t know how powerful grandma really is!

“Chen Dong, one of its achievements, Dingtai Group, with the occasion of bankruptcy, made an acquisition, bucking the trend and now resides at the forefront of the real estate industry, with a market value of twenty billion!”


The shocked outcry suddenly exploded.

At this moment, even the group of bigwigs from the top powers in the front row could not help but reveal their astonishment.

“God! Twenty billion, if my information is correct, when Chen Dong initially took over Din Tai, he only acquired it for one hundred million, to this day, in just over a year’s time, it has surprisingly skyrocketed two hundred times?!”

The Rothschild family head was filled with astonishment and exclaimed out of the blue.

As the Rothschild family head, he knew what a two-hundred-fold increase in just over a year’s time meant!

There would definitely be reasons for this from the Chen family, and even more so from Chen Daolin’s help, but to be able to take a small real estate company and skyrocket its market value by two hundred times in over a year’s time, was inextricably linked to personal ability!

“Its second achievement, and Zhang Chu two cooperation to set up entertainment companies, now become the entertainment industry oligarch, market value of thirty billion!”


There was another shout of astonishment.

At this moment, not only were the thousands of magnates exclaiming in shock, even the top powers in the front row couldn’t help but suck up a cold breath.

The so-called oligarchs, that is, the only one without a king!

The two Zhang Chu companies, which were originally one of the top companies in the entertainment industry, were fighting against each other, and because of Chen Dong’s appearance and mutual cooperation, they had directly left behind all the companies in the entertainment industry by far!

It is not even polite to say that this oligarchic company is enough to set the rules of the entertainment industry!

As exclaims rang out one after another.

Chen Dong smiled and nodded to Chu Reed below.

After the establishment of the entertainment company, he had been left to Chu reed to control and develop at will, to become an oligarchic company with a market value of 30 billion, also completely beyond his expectations, this and Chu reed, and Zhang Chu two can not be unconnected!

The cool as an iceberg Chu reed smiled and nodded in response.

The two elders of the Zhang and Chu families to the left and right were overjoyed.

The reason why they wanted to get closer to Chen Dong was because they were hoping for the “merit of the dragon”!

Now, once Chen Dong is appointed as the next head of the Chen family, all their efforts will be rewarded in the future with an incomparably rich report for their respective families.

The merits of being a dragon will raise the chickens and dogs to heaven!

“Its third achievement, the Qin family of Xishu, half of the country, market value of 30 billion!”

“Its fourth achievement, the Zhuge Family of Western Shu, a stake in all of the Zhuge Family’s industries, now with a market value of ten billion dollars!”

As the old man recited it again and again, the whole room shouted in astonishment like thunder, like a continuous wave.

When hearing about the shareholding in the Zhuge Family, even Chen Dong could not help but reveal a confused and doubtful look.

Is this something that …… happened after I left for Zhenjiang City?

Subconsciously, Chen Dong’s gaze fell on Qin Xiao Qian, Elder Zhuge and Zhuge Qing.

If the one most likely to make this happen, it must be Qin Xiao Qian!

After all, she was sitting in Xishu, in the same place as the Zhuge Family!

Just as he looked away, Qin Xiao Qian, Elder Zhuge and Zhuge Qing looked at each other and smiled at the same time.

This even instantly made Chen Dong certain of his suspicions.

For a while, Chen Dong’s mind was somewhat complicated. In Zhenjiang City, what he was most worried about was that all the industries under his command had fallen into a stagnant stage and were inert to development.

Even if his known achievements were enough for a perfect answer, once he fell into stagnation, the variables would be too great after all.

Little did he realise that his fears were somewhat superfluous.

The people around him, without his knowledge, are expanding the frontier territory for him step by step!

Ninety billion …… is enough, right?

A thought rose up in Chen Dong’s heart.

But just at that moment.

“Are you very proud of yourself?”

Chen Tiansheng’s snicker suddenly sounded by his ears, “Ninety billion, what a great prestige yo!”

Chen Dong’s eyebrows instantly tightened as Chen Tiansheng’s snorting laughter in his ears seemed like a magic sound filling his ears, causing his heart to sink one by one ……

Chapter 1208

The strong teasing in Chen Tiansheng’s tone

It gave Chen Dong a sense of foreboding.

Wasn’t ninety billion …… enough to set the first round?

As the old man finished reciting Chen Dong’s results.

The whole room was silent and a pin drop could be heard.

Thousands of giants and tens of thousands of people were all in a state of dumbfounded astonishment.

Even the bigwigs of the top powers in the front row fell into silence.

Ninety billion!

This was an astronomical figure in the eyes of ordinary people!

Even among the magnates behind them!

And for Chen Dong, in just over a year, to have such a magnificent war record was simply heavenly.

These bigwigs of the top powers knew Chen Dong in much more detail than some of the magnates behind them, and they knew incomparably well what Chen Dong was like a year or so ago.

A man who had been plundered of all his family’s a*sets by his Fu Di Demon wife, not even sparing his mother’s life-saving money.

A man who had been squeezed by his superiors and was in a high position, but always took the blame.

In just one year, he has changed his life against the odds!

His father, Chen Daolin, is changing Chen Dong’s life with his big hands, but Chen Dong …… is going against the sky.

The Chen family’s young generation, who have been educated by elites since childhood, started out many levels higher than Chen Dong, why, now Chen Dong is standing on top of the Shou stage, while they, for the most part, have disappeared without a trace?

After a short period of silence.

The countless gazes that fell on Chen Dong quietly transformed.

Shock, awe ……

The emotions were complicated.

Even the bigwigs of the top powers in the front row looked at Chen Dong differently.

“This son is truly Dragonless!”

A voice of emotion emanated from one of the seated tables in the front row.

With this sound, a group of bigwigs, secretly nodded their heads.

To change one’s fate against the heavens was easy to say, but only those who had actually done it would know how impossible it was to accomplish.

The two elders of the Zhuge Family and Zhang Chu, with this sound of emotion, had a spring in their step and smiles on their lips.

They …… had bet on the right thing!

With this big brother’s emotion, it was enough to confirm how terrifying this answer sheet delivered by Chen Dong really was.

If a full score was one hundred percent, Chen Dong’s answer sheet of ninety billion dollars would already be one hundred percent!

Sixth Master Jiang smiled faintly and gave Chen Dong a meaningful glance.

And in the crowd, a whispered chatter resounded.

“Ninety billion, my goodness, so young and with a fortune of ninety billion, Chen Dong as the heir apparent, I’m afraid that this first round is enough to seal the deal, right?”

“This result in the first round is glittering, the results of the previous eight are insignificant compared to Chen Dong’s results.”

“Hiss …… there is still the last Chen Tiansheng, it is estimated that if you want to surpa*s Chen Dong’s result, it will be as difficult as heaven!”


After the shock and horror, in the eyes of thousands of giants, Chen Dong has already won early in this first round!

“Next, tenth place, Chen Tiansheng!”

With an announcement from the old master of ceremonies on the longevity stage.

Above the square.

Tens of thousands of people from thousands of powerful families all locked their eyes on Chen Tiansheng, who was standing beside Chen Dong.

One by one, the top bigwigs also fixed their eyes on Chen Tiansheng.

Chen Dong’s answer sheet of 90 billion dollars shone brightly.

Even though the crowd was certain that Chen Dong would win, they were still looking forward to Chen Tiansheng’s answer sheet, which was the last one.

The room was silent.

All eyes were on him, waiting with bated breath.

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and gave Chen Tiansheng a sidelong glance, but his brows were knitted together.

That ominous thought grew thicker and thicker.

In the line of sight, Chen Tiansheng looked relaxed and had a smile on the corner of his mouth.

This light-hearted, calm and relaxed look was not a good thing at this moment!

At least, it was for Chen Dong.

What kind of underhandedness did he …… have?

Quietly, Chen Dong clenched his fists.

The next second.

The old man’s voice echoed throughout the room.

“Chen Tiansheng, its one achievement, shares of Yike Group, market value of fifty billion!”


The sound was like rolling thunder, booming and exploding.

An instant.

The whole room was in an uproar.

“Yike? Chen Tiansheng actually has a share in Yike! My god, with the market value of Yike’s behemoth, a sliver of shares, I’m afraid it’s this 50 billion, right?”

“This, this can’t be even more explosive than Chen Dong’s achievement, can it? The first achievement is already fifty billion, and Chen Dong is only worth ninety billion in total!”

“One achievement has pulled the gap down to just forty billion, worthy of the Chen family, even the heir of the younger generation is definitely the one who tops the younger generation in the world!”


A tidal wave of exclaims swept across the room.

It rose up to the sky, causing the wind and snow to fall silent.

The bigwigs of the top powers in the front row, at this moment, their expressions also became shocked.

A line of odd eyes stared deadly at Chen Tiansheng.

Listening to the whole room gasp in shock.

At this moment, it was as if they were enveloped in glory.

This being marvelled at by tens of thousands of people, or tens of thousands of magnates, made him unconsciously straighten his back, his face full of smugness.


Chen Daolin’s expression sank as his right hand crushed the armrest of the tai shi chair in response.

He looked fiercely and angrily towards Old Madam Chen, angrily and in a low voice, he scolded, “Sanniang, you are too unscrupulous!”

The scolding through gritted teeth made Chen Daolin look like a raging lion at this moment.

The Yike Group was one of the Chen family’s countless industries.

It was also the leading real estate company in the region!

With its huge market capitalisation, it was able to influence the economy at all times.

In the Yike Group, the shareholdings of the people in the clan were strictly allocated.

The only thing is that all the shares are held by Chen Daolin’s generation.

No one from the younger generation holds shares!

On the contrary, Chen Tiansheng at this moment directly handed over the shareholding of Yike!

“No poison, no husband, the old body dotes on its grandson, so why not pa*s on its shares to Tiansheng?”

Old Mrs. Chen was full of a teasing smile as she looked askance at Chen Daoling, “Daoling, do you now see my son Tiansheng’s ability?”



Chen Daolin was furious to the extreme, his chest was filled with rage, and if it weren’t for the presence of all the great families in the world, he would have been thunderstruck by now!

This was not at all Chen Tiansheng’s achievement!

Rather, it was Old Lady Chen’s brutal filler that had cheated Chen Tiansheng’s report card to produce a glorious result!

This was not fair to Chen Dong at all!

Chen Dao Lin was filled with resentment and anger, his hands clenched into fists, and his whole body was on the verge of a fury.

Such a shameless padding of Chen Tiansheng’s accomplishments, he hadn’t even anticipated it before!

With the shareholdings of the various industries of the Chen family, if all of them were added to Chen Tiansheng’s body, then even if Chen Tiansheng was lying on the ground, he would still be lying to win!

“Dao Lin, you thought that you could have, but you didn’t think of it!”

Old Mrs. Chen sneered, “Unfortunately, now that the world’s giants are all watching, you can’t just change your mind and ignore your own face and that of the Chen family?”


Chen Daolin fiercely burst out a foul mouth.

The big picture had been set, and Old Lady Chen had transferred her shares and added them to Chen Tiansheng before setting the pot, enough to conceal them from the world’s giants.

Even if the big powers such as Rothschild and the Hong Society knew that Old Lady Chen had deliberately padded Chen Tiansheng’s achievements, they would not say a word at this moment!

The man had already gotten into the ring, and it was up to him to live or die!

At this moment.

At this moment, Chen Daolin was no longer as calm and collected as before, and while he was annoyed, he was looking worriedly at Chen Dong who was sitting in his wheelchair.

This first round of competition was no longer a competition, but a direct dimensional crushing of Chen Dong under the premise that Old Lady Chen would do whatever she could!

Is this …… still a competition?