Winner Takes All Chapter 1205-1206

Chapter 1205

Ten thousand miles apart.

The Chen family is in a state of flux.

The city is also in a state of flux.

Inside the Lijin Hospital.

Not long after, Qin Ye slowly woke up.

At this moment, time seemed to be slowed down.


Zhang Yulan, who had long been waiting for this, her eyes were red and her hands covered her mouth as she watched this scene that was like a dream, her whole body was in a state of uncontrollability.

She had waited for this day …… for a long time!

Until, Qin Ye smiled faintly and said weakly, “Girl, hug me, okay?”


The voice was soft, but it was like a big thunderbolt exploding in Zhang Yulan’s ears.

Zhang Yulan burst into tears like a tidal wave and howled.

All emotions, at this moment, burst out like a broken river.

The so-called happiness is just a long wait that still echoes.

She …… had finally waited for this day!

“Ooooooooooo …… awake, you’re finally awake, do you know that I’ve waited for this day for a long, long time?”

Zhang Yulan lay on Qin Ye’s chest and howled, her hands clinging to Qin Ye as if she would lose him if she let go a little.

The sound of crying echoed in the ward.

Zhang Yulan had been on the verge of collapse for I don’t know how many times during this period, holding on hard with her delicate body.

Qin Ye, who was lying unconscious on the hospital bed, had become the only faith she could rely on.

With Qin Ye’s words, all her heart’s defences burst open.

All at once.

Fan Lu and Dean Liu also had red eyes.

After learning the cause and effect from Dean Liu’s mouth, Fan Lu’s heart set off a huge wave that could not be calmed down for a long time.

But at this moment, when she witnessed Zhang Yulan bawling her eyes out, she could not help but be moved by it.

During the time when Qin Ye was sleeping, everyone had seen Zhang Yulan’s actions in their eyes and hurt in their hearts.

Now …… finally the light has dawned!

Even though Qin Ye on the hospital bed had turned red because of Zhang Yulan’s hard hug, he was now full of a gentle smile, looking tenderly at Zhang Yulan, his right hand gently rubbing Zhang Yulan’s back.

He knew …… owed this girl so much!

So much that he could only repay it with the rest of his life!

At this very moment, Fan Lu’s mobile phone received a message.

It was from Elder Long, and the content was simple.

“Immediately bring Qin Ye and Yu Lan to the airport to meet up with Young Madam and take a special flight to the Chen family for a reunion dinner!”

Fan Lu’s heart shook and his eyes exploded with a brilliant flash.


Zhao Breru rushed out of the villa like a madman, as if he was a mad dog, towards the outside of the villa area.

“D*mn old man, what kind of medicine are you selling in your F**king gourd?”

As he ran wildly, Zhao Breru cursed at the same time.

He didn’t know why he was suddenly able to leave the villa, but he knew that the girl called Gu Qingying was waiting for him!

Waiting for him to go to Dingtai’s Chen Dong, to save her!

“It’s in time, it must be in time!”

Zhao Broke-Ru’s heart surged, clenching his fist, his gaze determined as he ran desperately and frantically.

Just as he rushed out of the villa area.


A Rolls Royce stopped in front of him, forcing him to a hard stop.

“D*mn it ……”

Zhao Broshi’s eyes were red and he was about to open his mouth to curse.

The window of the Rolls Royce slowly lowered and Lin Lingdong poked his head out with a faint smile, “Get in, don’t you want to save the girl?”

Zhao Baolu was stunned for a moment, then he pulled open the door and sat in.

“Lone Wolf, drive!”

Lin Lingdong said with a smile, “Off to have a reunion dinner!”

Reunion dinner?!

Zhao Broke-Ru was full of consternation and his lips were noisy, hesitating whether to open his mouth to ask.

Tianmen Mountain Villa.

Gu Qingying walked into the villa along with Wu Chang.

The familiarity of everything in front of her eyes caused her entire body to be somewhat dazed and disoriented.

Really …… came back?

Was the time spent in detention and captivity a dream?

“Miss Gu, time is urgent, please also hurry.”

Wu Chang’s face is no longer the coldness of the past, the old face is all warm and kind smile.

“Can you tell me what is going on?”

Gu Qingying looked at Impermanence in confusion.

Her situation had turned upside down, making it difficult for her to adapt to it.

Impermanence smiled gently, “Everything, when we get to the Chen family, he will explain it to you.”

“The Chen family? Mysterious people?”

Gu Qingying’s willow brows furrowed, that evil spirit, what can he explain to me?

But what was before her eyes made her impression of the mysterious man, suddenly become uncertain.

That evil ghost, very evil.

But now this is the case again …… taking the spirit of my mother-in-law to the Chen family?

The changeless man reminded her again, and Gu Qingying finally came back to her senses and walked quickly towards the divine case dedicated to Li Lan’s spirit tablet.

“Mom, daughter-in-law is taking you back to the Chen family!”

Gu Qingying respectfully knelt on the futon and kowtowed three times before getting up and holding up Li Lan’s spirit tablet with both hands.

The airport on the outskirts of the city.

When Gu Qingying and Wu Chang arrived at the airport runway.

Both of them froze at the same time.

From afar, a plane was parked on the runway, ready to go.

Fan Lu, Qin Ye, Zhang Yulan, Lin Lingdong, Zhao Brezhong and Lone Wolf, were standing side by side, except for Qin Ye who was still sitting in a wheelchair.

Looking at Gu Qingying and Wu Chang, he revealed a smile.

“What’s going on here?”

Above Pervasive’s old face was full of astonishment, how could she not have expected that this group of Chen Dong’s inner circle of cronies were all at the airport.

The one who had informed her before was the mystery man!

The mystery man had only told her to take Gu Qingying and Li Lan’s memorial to the Chen family!

Gu Qingying froze for a moment.

The next second.

Her beautiful eyes were red and tears came out of her eyes.

At this moment, a thousand emotions, surging to her heart, made it hard for her to control herself.

“Let’s go, Elder Long commanded it!”

Fan Lu was still a little bewildered.

Even though she had already known from Zhang Yulan’s mouth that the Gu Qingying who was now in the Chen family was actually a fake, and that the Gu Qingying in front of her was the real one.

However, it was difficult to feel calm.

Shocked, appalled and even a little confused.

The same thoughts also surrounded Lin Lingdong, Qin Ye and the others at the same time.

Even Zhang Yulan, who was most aware of what was going on, had his heart surging when he saw the real Gu Qingying, and was puzzled.

Whether it was Fan Lu, or Lin Lingdong, or Wu Chang.

All had only received brief orders from Elder Long and the mysterious man respectively.

There was no clear picture of the whole incident!

“Sister Xiao Ying!”

Zhang Yulan shouted with a sobbing voice, quickly ran to Gu Qingying and hugged her.

This hug also made Gu Qingying pearly.

For some time, despair and helplessness had haunted these two women.

Now that they had kept the clouds and seen the moon, even though they did not understand the situation, it did not stop the two from venting their emotions in any way.

“Sister-in-law ……”

Qin Ye sat in his wheelchair, pushed by Fan Lu, and reached Gu Qingying.

“Qin Ye!”

Gu Qingying pearled and revealed a smile, “There, wake up, you’ve finally woken up!”

“How can I not wake up when the girl has been with me?”

Qin Ye tenderly glanced at Zhang Yulan, he was still a little weak at the moment, although he had awakened, his long time in bed had left his arms and legs still too weak to move properly.

“At first, thank you!”

Gu Qingying said with a guilt-filled voice.

“You are Brother Dong’s wife, that is my sister-in-law, my life has long been given to Brother Dong, save my sister-in-law ten thousand deaths!”

Qin Ye’s eyes were like stars and he said firmly from the bottom of his heart.


Fan Lu and Wu Chang locked eyes.

“Let’s go, set off for the Chen family!”

The two said in unison.

Chapter 1206

All voices were silent.

Chen Daolin stood majestically on top of the birthday platform, majestic and imposing.

“Today, not only is it my birthday banquet, but it is also the moment for the Chen family to decide on a successor and choose the next head of the family, witnessed by all the great families of the world and all of you here!”

His voice echoed like thunder.

Everyone in the audience looked solemn.

The future of the world’s economy was at stake, and to be able to participate in it, even if only as a witness, was a great honour for thousands of powerful families.

It was a great honour for the thousands of giants!

But in the front row, the bigwigs at the top of the pyramid were frowning and looking serious.

A murderous plot!

The invisible shadows of swords and murderous intent were like countless sharp needles stabbing the backs of every great and powerful man.

Everyone knew what was going to happen next!

But no one knew exactly at which stage it would happen!

This anxiety, this torment.

It made everyone’s mind unsettled.

Chen Dong was sitting in his wheelchair, and as Chen Daolin opened his voice aloud, he was pushed by Bai Qi and slowly made his way up to the birthday platform.


He stopped behind Chen Daolin.

This scene.

In the eyes of the Chen family, there were different looks in their eyes.

There was disdain, disgrace, resentment, but also calmness and joy in their eyes ……

The complexity of the Chen family’s factions also makes the stance of the Chen family members very different.

“Heh, it’s really shameless, this wild seed actually took the lead on stage and stood next to the family head in a dignified manner, do you really think you have the winning hand?”

Chen Dao pro rolled his eyes and sneered sourly in a low voice.

“No matter how wild he is, he is still the family head’s own son, and no one can object to him going on stage.” Chen Daoping shrugged his shoulders.

Chen Daoping’s brow twisted, “Daoping, how can you grow others’ ambition and destroy your own?”

“That’s enough!”

Old Mrs. Chen silenced the two and snorted, “Is it honourable to be on stage in a wheelchair? It’s a disgrace, he’s also a gra*shopper after autumn, he won’t be able to bounce around for much longer.”

As she spoke.

Old Lady Chen looked up at the stage, her eyes bright with the arrogance of a man who was sure of himself.

Sitting in a wheelchair, she might be able to shrug it off.

But “collaborating with the enemy and betraying the country”, even if your father is a god from heaven, he will never be able to turn the tide!

You are wearing the robes of the leading guard of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, this will not only not help you, but perhaps …… will also involve a greater misfortune!

The old lady Chen naturally sat on a high platform and did not move.

The first person in the history of the Xiongnu people, a wild child, is already full of glory, even if he puts on the robes of the Dragon Head Guard, so what?

I don’t believe that Huo Zhenxiao can wash away the words “collaborating with the enemy and betraying the country” just by wearing a military uniform! If this matter is involved, Huo Zhenxiao will be in trouble!”

This was what Old Lady Chen had in mind.

The birthday platform.

Chen Daolin was red-faced and turned slightly sideways, revealing Chen Dong behind him to the sight of thousands of magnates.

He laughed aloud, “Dao Lin is not talented, one of the successors today is none other than Dao Lin’s own son, in order to avoid suspicion, there will be a special person to preside over this competition for the next family head next!”

Tens of thousands of people watched.

Chen Dong was on cloud nine, his aura soaring to the sky.

Being on top of the Shou Terrace gave him a higher angle than all the powerful families present, forming an overlooking sightline.

For a moment, Chen Dong’s heart stirred.

This day had finally arrived!

Quietly, Chen Dong slowly clenched his hands into fists and said to himself, “Mom, Little Shadow …… I promised you all that this day would bring you glory!

“Sanniang, please come up to the stage to observe the ceremony!”

Chen Daolin turned to Old Mrs. Chen and said, after a pause, he also said aloud to the crowd of Chen family members, “Please also invite the elders of the Chen family to come up to the stage and watch the ceremony together!”

Led by Old Lady Chen, the elders of the Chen family, including Chen Daoping and Chen Daoping, all ascended to the birthday platform and took their seats on the eunuch chairs that had been placed behind the platform.

Chen Daoling, after turning and meeting Chen Dong’s gaze, walked straight to the middlemost eunuch’s chair and took his seat.

With that.

The atmosphere in the room became solemn and solemn.

The air, it seemed, was about to freeze at any moment.

An old man walked to the front of the stage and held out a seal.

After unfolding it, he announced aloud.

“After the initial screening, a total of ten successors have been selected, excluding Chen Dong who is already on the stage, the following people whose names are read out will come on stage immediately!”

“Chen Tiansheng!”

“Chen Yufei!”


One by one, the names echoed across the square and fell clearly into everyone’s ears.

With all eyes on them, the heirs whose names were read out came up to the stage.

It was only when each of the heirs walked onto the birthday platform that Chen Dong, who was sitting in a wheelchair, stood out as an extraordinarily eye-catching figure.

A crowd of looming heirs lined up.

As soon as they reached Chen Dong, they would fall short, making it difficult for people not to notice.


Even though the thousands of magnates had tried their best to restrain themselves, they could not help but whisper and murmur.

“The Magnificent Family, when did they allow a disabled person to be the head of the family?”

“The magnificent Chen family, there’s no way they would allow a disabled person to be the head of the family without any regard for their face, even for us, the smallest of the gentry, we wouldn’t allow such a thing to happen.”

“I guess it’s also because of the Chen family head’s bloodline, making an exception for the ultimate competition, I’m afraid it’s difficult.”


Whispers, after converging together, also inevitably harsh and clear up.

Hearing the whispers of tens of thousands of gentry, tens of thousands of people discussing.

The bigwigs of the various powers in the front row had different expressions.

The elder of the Zhuge Family let out a deep voice of emotion, “The district wheelchair will be a huge obstacle for Mr. Chen na.”

“That will depend on whether the Chen family cares about their face or not.” The Sixth Master Jiang’s eyebrows sank, and he was also somewhat helpless.

A luxurious family, high up in the world.

While looking down on all beings, they were also being looked up to by all beings.

Prestige and face, very important!

Even more than lives!

But when the two of them were feeling helpless, they didn’t notice that Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang looked at each other and a faint smile appeared at the corners of their mouths.

“Yigang, I’m afraid you’ll have to make the first move then!”

Ye Yuanqiu murmured in a low voice, but his gaze looked askance at the table where Old Madam Gu and the others were seated.

Yuan Yigang pushed the gold-rimmed gla*ses on the bridge of his nose, and his right hand quietly fell to his waist.

The birthday platform.

Listening to the whispers of the thousands of gentry.

Old Mrs Chen smiled softly and said, “Dao Lin, you hear that? Disability is a great taboo in the world, now let Chen Dong withdraw and still maintain the face of both your father and son.”

“Yes, yes, family head, why bother? A birthday banquet for a good reason, why do you have to risk the great taboo of the world by letting Chen Dong take the stage?”

Chen Daoxin, who was close to Chen Daoling because of his position status, echoed along with Old Lady Chen at this time, laughing and echoing.

Chen Daolin gave Chen Daoping a sidelong glance, “Did you grow up on your knees eating Sanniang’s milk? Such a dog?”

Chen Daojin blushed and was speechless.

Old Mrs. Chen’s face also sank, shadowy and resentful.


The old master of ceremonies, who was in charge of the ceremony, finished his announcement.

There was not the slightest pause.

The old man directly closed the seal: “The competition is divided into three rounds, the first round, individual industrial answer; the second round, individual force and physical level; the third round, individual contribution and value to the family!”

Chen Dong’s expression was cold, but in his heart, he was suddenly enlightened.

Each of the three rounds of competition had a deep meaning.

The personal industry answer sheet was to verify the business ability of the successor.

After all, courage and martial arts had been one of the things nobles had been seeking since ancient times, and a stronger force and physique meant that after becoming the head of the family, one would have more time and energy to devote to managing the family, otherwise the Chen family’s complicated and heavy affairs would be enough to overwhelm a person.

As for the third round of personal contribution and value to the family, it is even simpler.

The head of the family, not just for himself, but for the whole family!

Followed closely by.

“The first round, now begins!”

The old man’s voice suddenly echoed, resonating through this side of the square.