Winner Takes All Chapter 1209-1210

Chapter 1209

The shouts of alarm echoed through the square like rolling thunder.

Chen Daolin’s brow was knitted tightly, his eyes full of worry, but his fists were clenched tightly in a deadly grip, veins protruding.

A bitterly cold intent was released from his body.

Like an invisible hand, it pressed down across the birthday platform, causing all those sitting high in the pagan chairs to hold their breath and be frightened.

Chen Daoping and Chen Daoping looked at each other and smiled smugly.

And in the front row, among the top powers’ bigwigs.

Ye Yuanqiu’s face was gloomy, and he said in a deep voice with anger, “The various industries under the Chen family that can support the family can never have young third-generation shareholders, they are all divided up among the middle-aged and middle-aged generation according to factions, has Old Lady Chen reached such a shameless state?”

As an ancestor of the Hong Society, he still knew something about the secrets of the world’s powerful families.

A touch of anger surfaced on Yuan Yigang’s cold face, “Such an unfair competition is simply a disgrace to the Chen family!”

On the other side.

Elder Long sat at the table, his face pale.

The shocked clamour of thousands of magnates echoed in his ears.

Long Lao’s eyes swished covered with blood as he gritted his teeth and said, “Impossible, this is absolutely impossible, Chen Tiansheng is a young generation, there is no way he has a share in Yike, it must, must have been pa*sed on to him by the old lady in advance, this result, the victory is not worth it!”

At the end of the sentence, Long Lao’s voice was full of pathos.

A share transfer directly pushed Chen Tiansheng’s fortune up to fifty billion, how else could this be played later?

At these words.

The couple at the same table, Gu Guohua, and Gu Qingying, all revealed a look of shock.

“This, such an achievement, it shouldn’t count, right?”

Gu Guohua was upset for Chen Dong.

The words had just fallen.

The Sixth Master Jiang, however, smiled helplessly, “It’s already on the stage and fair in front of the world’s giants, how can it not count? The victory is not a victory, it is only the fault of the defence, no one will care about this matter, only that the winner is the king and the defeated is the enemy!”

A speech that exposed the bloodshed of the gentry to Gu Guohua and others.

The phrase “one man’s success is worth ten thousand bones” did not only apply to the battlefield, it also applied to the gentry!

In the struggle for power and profit, the winner is the king by any means necessary!

Gu Guohua and his wife were immediately worried.

The Gu family is a powerful family.

However, Gu Guohua was the only one who had built the Gu family’s mountain, so the family was more pure than these long-established gentry, and naturally, there was less awareness of these clan infighting.

With a little bit of advice from Jiang Liuxue, he also came to a clear understanding.

Wasn’t this the reality?

Anyone would only pay attention to who the victor was, not to how the victor won!

It’s the same as the mall, the same thing!

“Guohua, find a way to help Dong’er!”

Li Wanqing said worriedly.

Gu Qingying, who was at the side, also hurriedly pleaded, “Dad, help him, please help him, maybe, maybe we can also add the Gu family’s family fortune to Chen Dong’s body?”

It was her future life that was at stake.

If Chen Dong was the winner, then her future would be radiant.

If Chen Dong lost, it would mean that her future would be dim.

She had endured humiliation, waited painstakingly, and even willingly changed her face for a radiant future.


Gu Guohua was smiling despondently, “They did it before they came to power, and if we do it after we come to power, it will no longer help, and will even lead to a crusade by the world’s giants!”

The tone was despondent and desperate. , the

Jiang Sixth Master had nudged the obvious, how could Gu Guohua not understand?

Sometimes, time is really crucial, one second before and one second after, that’s two sets of heaven and earth!

It was also at this time.

On the birthday platform, the old master of ceremonies once again said aloud.

“Its second achievement, the establishment of Tianshu Foreign Trade, with a market value of twenty billion dollars!”


A shout of surprise exploded like thunder.

“Its third achievement, the annexation of half of the wealthiest Zhao family’s estate in the southern border, market value of thirty billion!”


Ten thousand magnates, all shouting in shock at the same time.

“A hundred, a hundred billion! Three achievements, it’s already a hundred billion!”

“My goodness, how can this still be compared? I thought Chen Dong’s ninety billion was already enough to seal the victory in the first round, but I didn’t expect that the Chen family, with its dragons and tigers, would still have a young generation with a hundred billion like Chen Tiansheng!”

“Ten billion difference, Chen Dong is bound to lose!”


Before Chen Dong’s 90 billion dollar fortune appeared, everyone thought that Chen Dong would be able to win the first round.

But to their surprise, the tide had turned so suddenly!

A sure win had instantly become a certain defeat!


However, the crowd was more excited than the audience.

The crowd seated in the front row were silent and frowning.

Disgraceful gazes fell on Chen Tiansheng’s body.

Even the bigwigs of these top powers showed their indignation.

Chen Dong’s ninety billion dollar fortune had come from his own ability to harvest the network step by step.

All the world-shattering sensations that had once been set off were presented to the desks of these bigwigs.


What about Chen Tiansheng?

“Chen Tiansheng swallowed half of the Qin family and the world was shocked! Chen Tiansheng swallowed half of the southern Zhao family’s rivalry and the wind and waves actually calm down, huh ……”

Elder Zhuge’s face was gloomy to the extreme as he smiled ruefully, “We can no longer bet on the fate of the heavens and the merits of following the dragon, but we can’t compare to the Chen family’s internal admiration!”

At these words.

The two elders of Zhang Chu also looked forlorn and despondent.

The richest man in the land, and the richest man enough to rival the Qin family in Western Shu, this was already a top magnate!

When Chen Teng swallowed the Qin family, the world was shocked and everyone knew about it.

But Chen Tiansheng was able to swallow half of the Zhao family in South China in silence, was this possible?

Who could not guess the foul play between the two?

“I’m afraid that, among the three achievements, only the Heavenly Hub Foreign Trade was created by Chen Tiansheng’s own ability, right?”

Chu Reed’s cold, frosty pretty face surfaced with anger.

The longevity stage.

Chen Daoling looked sulking, his teeth were on the verge of gnashing!

On the other hand, Old Lady Chen, Chen Daoping, Chen Daoping and the rest of the faction were smiling smugly.

As for the rest of the Chen family, their expressions varied from disgrace, to anger, to calmness in response ……

“Its fourth achievement, the establishment of Tiancheng Mining, market value of twenty billion! Chen Tiansheng totaled one hundred and twenty billion dollars!”

The old man’s voice, once again, echoed throughout the room.

Only to be quickly drowned out by countless shouts of shocked chatter.

To the thousands of giants, this was no longer important!

A hundred billion dollars was enough to seal Chen Tiansheng’s first round victory.

Any further additions to his wealth were just icing on the cake.

“One hundred and twenty billion ……”

Chen Dong settled on top of his wheelchair, and when the old man read out one hundred and twenty billion, even though he had a hunch, he still felt a darkness before his eyes.

Depression and anger filled his heart, but the corner of Chen Dong’s mouth was a despondent smile, looking askance at Chen Tiansheng: “One hundred and twenty billion, I’m afraid only forty billion is your own, right?”

The market value of Yike’s shares, half of the Zhao family in the southern border.

How would Chen Tiansheng not be able to tell the foul play?

Chen Tiansheng’s forty billion was indeed enough to laugh at the rest of the eight successors, but compared to the ninety billion he had built with his own hands, it was just clouds and mud!

But now, these two achievements had become the two mountains that were crushing him to death!

“Now, how can you still be so powerful? You wild B*****d!”

Chen Tiansheng looked down on Chen Dong, his eyes shadowy as he smiled fiercely.

“Really, just like that, you lost the first round?”

Chen Dong closed his eyes, his face as cold as frost, his hands slowly clenching into fists, “So ungrateful ……”

Beside his ears, the voice of the emcee’s old man rang out.

“The first round results are all announced, next, I announce ……”

As the old man’s voice rang out, the thousands of giants who were clamoring and shaking the sky finally quieted down.

Amidst the silence.

The old man’s voice echoed above the square.

Everyone was waiting for the final word!

This overwhelming contest was no longer in doubt for everyone.


“Wait a minute!”

A loud shout suddenly exploded from the square.

Chapter 1210

This shout was like a bolt from the blue.

In an instant, tens of thousands of people turned their attention to it.

Chen Dong’s body trembled, and he opened his eyes suddenly, and his brilliant eyes burst out, looking directly at the voice.

When his eyes pa*sed through the sea of people, he locked onto the person who made the sound.

Chen Dong’s cold face suddenly moved and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

“As if, there is still salvation!”

At the same time.

On the longevity platform, Chen Daolin’s sulking and depressed anger also slightly relaxed his frown as he looked at the person who had made the sound.


The old lady beside her, Mrs. Chen, twisted her eyebrows and looked straight at him with a harsh gaze.

Zheng Junlin’s face turned a little red, not knowing whether it was from nervousness or excitement.

Feeling tens of thousands of gazes, stabbing straight at him, he had a burning feeling like a mane on his back.

But he …… had to stand up!

This was a mission that belonged to their Zheng family!

More so, it was his …… future!

With a fierce grit of his teeth.

Zheng Junlin stepped directly on the chair, above the crowd, under the attention of all the people.

“Brother Dong, don’t be afraid, Jun Lin is here to support you!”

Zheng Jun Lin clenched his right hand into a fist and beat his heart, and said loudly with a majestic air, “Your Chen family’s statistics are not accurate enough, my brother Dong’s achievement, but also my Desert North Jun Lin Group, with a market value of fifteen billion!”


The sound was like an appalling wave, sweeping across the room.

“This, this …… this is still a F**king turnaround?”

“My God! Fifteen billion, that’s impossible, right? How come I’ve never heard of such a wealthy company in the barren land of the Northwest?”

“If fifteen billion really exists, then together with Chen Dong’s ninety billion, it’s already one hundred and fifty billion, but it’s still fifteen billion short of Chen Tiansheng’s one hundred and twenty billion!”


A sudden scene.

It shocked the whole audience.

A group of top powers’ bigwigs also revealed their astonishment.

No one had expected that the deal was about to be finalised, since there was still a turnaround!

“D*mn it, how is this possible?”

The smile on Chen Tiansheng’s face froze a little.

This sudden appearance of fifteen billion was not enough to turn around Chen Dong’s defeat, but it still made him a little unhappy.

Almost simultaneously.

Chen Daoxin, who was sitting on the tai shi chair, rose in anger.

He quickly walked to the front of the Shou stage and pointed at Zheng Junlin across the air and shouted, “Where did this yellow-mouthed brat come from, talking nonsense and daring to tear down my Chen family’s stage, simply looking for death!”

The stern voice lashed out.

It made the gazes locked on Zheng Junlin’s body suddenly feel a little more sympathetic.


Zheng Junlin, however, responded with an aggressive look, “I’m not tearing down the Chen family’s stage, I’m complaining that your Chen family’s statistics are inaccurate, the magnificent Chen family, the number one luxury family in the world, even this 15 billion belonging to my Junlin Group belongs to my brother Dong, actually don’t know about it?”

“You ……”

Chen Daoxin’s face turned blue and red, gnashing his teeth.

“Dao pro, shut up, don’t add to the laughing stock!”

Old Mrs. Chen’s face was gloomy as she smiled coldly, “So what if it’s only fifteen billion? Even if we don’t investigate this King’s Landing Group, even if the 15 billion is Chen Dong’s, then with the additional 15 billion, this wild B*****d won’t be able to beat Born!”

The words were arrogant and conceited.

Chen Daolin’s expression was cold and his brows were locked.

And Chen Dong at this moment is a complex look murmured: “Dad has already hidden this secret move for me, fifteen billion is more than enough, but unexpectedly, the old lady is even more ruthless, pressed down eighty billion ……”

“What to do? What to do? I’m not sure what I should do, Mom and Dad.”

Gu Qingying was agitated and panic-stricken.

Fifteen billion, let her see the hope.

But fifteen billion dollars was still far from enough!

Gu Guohua and his wife were also looking gloomy.

The mysterious man’s face was calm, not changing in the slightest from beginning to end, as if he was thinking about something.

Elder Long glanced back at Zheng Junlin, his gaze complicated and powerful.

Fifteen billion, not enough!

“Let’s announce the winner of the first round!”

Old Madam Chen smiled arrogantly as her gaze fell on the emcee old man.

The sudden arrival of fifteen billion was enough to shock the entire audience.

But it was far from enough to turn the tide!


The words had not yet ended.

Farther away, almost at the end of the table, another voice exploded.

“Zhou Zun Long, his fortune of five billion dollars goes to Mr. Chen Dong!”


The cry of shock exploded.

All of the thousands of magnates were horrified.

Again, another Chen Dong’s fortune forgotten to be counted?

Has the magnificent Chen Family been this vague in the matter of setting the family head?

The voices rang out at the same time.

Old Mrs. Chen, Chen Tiansheng, Chen Daoping, Chen Daoping and the rest of them suddenly looked as gloomy as pig’s liver.

Chen Dong, however, raised his eyes to look at the figure in the crowd almost at the very back.

Zhou Zun Long was currently standing in place with a face full of determination, bearing the gaze of tens of thousands of gazes, with a fearless look!

“Eleven billion now!”

Chen Dong smiled faintly and raised his hand to rub his face, “So close, huh?”

The words had just fallen.

“Zhou Yanqiu, with a fortune of seven billion, goes to Mr. Chen Dong!”

In the crowd at the back, another figure rose to stand.

In a flash, tens of thousands of eyes, instantly locked.

Zhou Yanqiu was in a slightly more forward position than Zhou Zunlong.

At this moment, the two of them stood up, and compared to those who were seated around them, they were like cranes standing in the crowd.

Compared to Zhou Zunlong’s determination, Zhou Yanqiu’s expression was more complicated.

Both were gambling!

Zhou Zunlong and he were both gambling!

The only difference was that Zhou Zunlong had already come under Chen Dong’s command.

Whereas he …… was riding the wall and wavering between Chen Dong, Chen Tiansheng and Chen Tianyao initially, before finally choosing Chen Dong!

In other words, he had more of a choice than Zhou Zunlong to not rise to the occasion and to choose to be silent.

The merit of being a follower of the dragon, everyone wants to have it!

If one succeeds in following the dragon, one’s chickens and dogs will rise to heaven.

Fail to follow the dragon, and all hell will break loose!

For Zhou Yanqiu, to rise now, the risk is a little greater, but the reward is worth the risk!

Otherwise …… the original choice will all be in vain!

“Eleventy seven billion now, my God, and Chen Tiansheng is only three billion short!”

“Is there still a chance? Is this competition going to be reversed?”

“Should, it shouldn’t be possible, right? The difference isn’t far, but it’s still a full three billion difference!”


The crowd boiled and the clamour rushed to the sky.

At this moment, even the heads of thousands of magnificent families could hardly care about their status, and while they were all smacking their lips in awe, they were also filled with anticipation.

“Insulting my Chen family, D*mn it, D*mn it! My Chen family statistics, how could I have made such a serious slip-up?”

Chen Daojin could no longer restrain himself, his face as pigs’ liver as he stood on the birthday platform and roared loudly.

And this time.

Old Mrs. Chen, however, stopped stopping, her face ironically blue, her lips trembling lightly.

The three people who rose one after the other directly narrowed the gap between Chen Dong and Chen Tiansheng to three billion!

Three billion was very, very small!

With all the magnates under the heavens present, any one or two more of Chen Dong and Chen Daoling’s magnate pawns hidden among them would have been enough to flip the game!

“Sanniang, those who gain the way are more helpful, but those who lose the way are less helpful!”

Chen Daolin said with a strange smile.

Old Mrs. Chen’s veins bulged at the corners of her eyes and jumped wildly.

Her creased face suddenly pulled up into a smile as she stared sternly at Chen Daoling.

“Family head, you are also confused, just with these empty words of theirs, they can be directly counted as Chen Dong’s achievements?”

The next second.

Old Lady Chen’s expression was solemn as she said in a stern voice, “Since there are three statistics that have been missed, then …… clear them immediately!”

Chen Daolin’s expression sank.

The matter of the Junlin Group was buried by him long ago, and this could withstand investigation!

But Zhou Zunlong and Zhou Yanqiu, he was not sure!

Chen Dong was sitting in his wheelchair, and at this moment, he was also looking grave and frowning.

He was clear about the King’s Landing Group, and he was also clear about Zhou Zunlong.

But this seven billion dollar achievement of Zhou Yanqiu could not withstand investigation!

“Wild B*****d!”

Chen Tiansheng’s features twisted a little, his shade like a viper staring at Chen Dong: “You’re D*mn good at people, so many people are desperate to make up for your results, but if the Chen family fails to investigate the results, they will have to die in front of your eyes if these results of yours are invalidated!”

Chen Dong’s expression went cold as he raised his head and stared at Chen Tiansheng, “You touch them, I will kill you!”

“Heh, a cripple in a wheelchair, are you trying to kneel on the ground and beg me to die?”

Chen Tiansheng’s eyes were raised and he sneered.


Under the Shou stage.

“Those who gain the way are more helpful, those who lose the way are less helpful.”

Ye Yuanqiu smashed his mouth as he recalled what Chen Daoling had said on the longevity stage, and then looked at Yuan Yigang, “Yigang, the Hong Society doesn’t have a tradition of watching its own ancestors being bullied.”

“That’s right, the ancestor is the ancestor of the Hong Society, the ancestor of the Hong Society naturally has everything the Hong Society has.”

Yuan Yigang spread a smile and was about to get up.


A voice that sounded like a yellow warbler exploded from the sea of people behind him.

“Chen Dong! You two-bit fool, don’t you know to pull out the Hong Society Ancestor Token? Ancestor of the Hong Society, my Hong Society’s three thousand six hundred sects of body, on behalf of Chen Dong!”


At the same time as the voice rang out, Yuan Yi stumbled and fell on his butt in his chair.

“Li Zu Li Zong Ye, why is my little aunt following me here?”

Ye Yuanqiu’s face turned pale and he slapped his face with a slap, shaking his head and lamenting.