Winner Takes All Chapter 1083-1084

Chapter 1083

Because the Hun King had ordered it.

This led to a strange “dumbing down” of the defending army on the city walls, after a round of attacks, when the Chen Dong guards entered the cave.

In front of the city gates.

Chen Dong and Wang Yu did not know what had happened in the meantime.

At this moment, as they gazed at the deep, dark streets, they could not help but feel a sense of trepidation as their sweat hairs stood on end.

The strange changes were so elusive.

But as Chen Dong’s voice rang out, the dao’s gaze all focused on Chen Dong.

“I need a weapon!”

Chen Dong slowly spoke, while unbuckling his belt and slowly lowering Barbara back to the ground, holding Barbara in one hand, but his gaze was fixed on Wang Yu.

Wang Yu, Zhang Chao and the others gazed at Chen Dong.

Following closely, Wang Yu glanced down at the long knife in his hand and did not wait to make a move.

Chen Dong then shook his head, “Not this unusual battle sword, I need a heavier weapon, it can be a sword, it can be a gun, but the only thing I want, is that it is heavy enough!”

“Young master, what are your plans?”

Wang Yu looked at Chen Dong in dismay and confusion.

Chen Dong turned around and gazed soberly at the lofty and heavy city gate in front of him, “Perhaps, I can blast open this gate!”

As he said these words, Chen Dong’s deep gaze fluttered and flickered for a few moments.

Even he himself, at this moment, did not know why he had such a firm thought.

But he was not used to waiting for death, nor was he willing to fight like a trapped beast!

With his strength, it was worth a try!

Even if he couldn’t blast open the gates with his normal strength, what about …… the state of being alone without a king?

Without the augmentation of hot weapons, all that could be desired was a heavier cold weapon!

As soon as Chen Dong’s words were spoken.

Wang Yu and a host of other dark guards have revealed a look of surprise.


The young master wanted to blow open the city gate by himself?

What he was asking for was just a heavier cold weapon?

In a flash, dao’s shocked and horrified eyes swept back and forth over Chen Dong and the city gate.

The marks from their slashes were still on the gate, and even the honeycomb marks from the pistol fire were still there.

Only, the combined strength of all of them could not shake the city gate a bit.

The young master alone …… could really blast it open?

“Uncle, can you really open this city gate?”

Rao Barbara, at this moment, also raised her head and looked at Chen Dong with astonishment and uncertainty.

Although she had been lying in Chen Dong’s arms just now, she had also seen the desperate image of a group of people attacking the city gate without success yet.

Uncle was only one person, could he really do it?

“Uncle is not sure.”

Chen Dong shook his head, but his eyes were bursting with essence, with a vague flame churning, “But uncle knows the saying, my fate is mine, not heaven’s!”


The sound was like a thunderstorm, booming on the bodies of every dark guard.

In an instant.

The eyes of the dark guards became firm.

The dark guards, who had originally looked different, now became firm and stern.


They were all a group of people who had died once in the mercenary battlefield, so why should their hearts surge and wail in despair when faced with such circumstances?

My life is mine, not mine!

It was once so in the mercenary battlefield, so why should it change now?


Wang Yu’s tongue thundered: “Don’t worry, young master, this heavy weapon, Wang Yu will personally present it to the young master!”

A group of secret guards didn’t have one, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t one in the Xiongnu army!

The Hun army had strangely failed to attack, but that did not mean the situation would remain strangely stagnant.

The situation had come to a head, and the only way to fight was to die!

And it was at this point.

Rumble ……|

A roar finally rang out from the deep, quiet streets in the distance.

The mountain roared, shattering the silence around them in an instant.

As the roar appeared, the ground trembled violently.

Chen Dong and Wang Yu, among others, raised their eyes to look.

At this moment.

Whether it was Chen Dong, or Wang Yu and the rest of the secret guards, their expressions were all stern and cold.

There was no more of the previously panicked situation where each person’s face looked different.

Wang Yu slowly wiped his battle sword on his robe, “Young master, the weapons deliverer is here!”


Chen Dong calmly responded.

At the same time.

A distant booming sound rolled like explosive thunder, becoming clearer and clearer.

The sound moved heaven and earth.

But when the Hun army was exposed to the light, it became completely clear.

The stern and indifferent dark guards froze at the same time!

There were no troops with hot weapons as expected, no chariots and tanks.

Not even a single hot-weapon lance could be seen at a glance!

As far as the eye could see, there was only a huge crowd of people and a mighty war horse!

The strong lights illuminated the area like daylight.

The cold weapons were reflected in the light with an ominous chill.

“Strange, are the Huns fools? Trying to fight us in close quarters?”

Zhang Chao gave an offhanded, startled eek.

This one sentence could represent the hearts of almost all the dark guards.

Now that they were trapped in the cave of this southern city gate, the Xiongnu could wipe out their entire army as fast as they wished.

The easiest way would have been a tank with a cannonball or a few bombs thrown into the cavern, and after the boom, everyone would be dead.

Instead, the Huns chose the “primitive” and most inefficient way!

“They gave us a chance, don’t we treasure it?”

Wang Yu dropped his words coldly, but with his battle sword in hand, he quickly swept out of the crowd: “Young master, wait, the weapons will be delivered later!”

As Wang Yu walked towards the outside of the city cave.

The group of dark guards, with their majestic killing intent, followed closely behind.

A war sword, in the hands of the dark guards, reflected the cold light of death.

If it was a hot weapon ma*sacre, they could only sit and wait for death!

But, close combat, this was a strength for every Dark Guard!

If they had the chance to die, why not fight to the death?

As each of the guards stepped forward, their footsteps were determined and their figures stretched out in the light.

Chen Dong slowly crouched down and faced Barbara: “Barbara, Uncle may have to rush out too, so stay where you are.”

“I’m with uncle.”

Barbara shook her head, a little stubborn.

Having personally experienced the destruction of his village and the tragic death of his parents, Barbara knew exactly what was going to happen next.

“Do as you are told!”

Chen Dong’s expression sank as he said, “Remember uncle’s words, once uncle and these uncles, are dead, when you face Auntie Xixing, you must remember to say that you were coerced into leaving by uncle, you cannot say that you willingly went with uncle!”

In a situation of absolute death, he had to consider all the possibilities.

Even if he and his guards all died on the spot, he would not allow little Barbara to go with them.

Facing Chen Dong, Barbara’s eyes misted up and tears flowed quickly, not responding to Chen Dong.

And at that moment.


Wang Yu had just reached the entrance of the city gate with a group of dark guards.

In the distance, the vast, endless Xiongnu army, with a shout of killing, rushed directly towards this side like an avalanche on a great snow plain, with a mountainous cry.

The scene was silent.

As the troops charged, it went straight to white heat in an instant!

Chapter 1084

Secret guards, charge!”

With a shout from Wang Yu.

A crowd of dark guards, led by Wang Yu, charged bravely and without fear of death into the vast, endless Xiongnu army.

The disparity in this scene was so huge that it could be discerned at a glance.

It was a scene that could not be described as less than tragic!

But all the guards did not hesitate, wielding their swords and riding their horses, fearlessly charging forward!

It was like a torrent swallowing a stream.

In a flash, the two sides came together!

It was a fierce battle!

The disparity in numbers, with no terrain advantage, meant that every member of the Dark Guards had to face all the enemies on all sides at every instant!

But the elite strength of the Secret Guards was also on full display at this moment.

Whether it was Wang Yu, Zhang Chao, or any of the other Dark Guards, wielding their battle swords, they were bursting out with an incomparably terrifying fighting ability in the Xiongnu army.

They were charging left and right, and their swords were reaping the rewards.

The bloodshed was incomparable.

Chen Dong, with Barbarian in tow, stood at the entrance of the cave and watched the scene.

Barbara had already been scared to death and did not dare to look any further, burying her head in Chen Dong’s lap.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, was constantly watching the Dark Guard members in every corner of the battlefield.

The difference in numbers was huge.

However, each and every Dark Guard was exploding with terrifying combat power at this moment.

Not only did they simply charge and kill, reaping the heads of the Xiongnu soldiers.

It was even that with their few numbers, it was as if they had formed a net that could be pulled, dragging all the Xiongnu soldiers into place, like they were stuck in a quagmire, unable to have anyone charge towards him and Barbara.

This was the most terrifying part!

Even Chen Dong was secretly smacking his lips as he watched.

Even Chen Dong could not help but smirk as he watched, for this did not only require the extreme fighting ability of each of the guards, but also the terrifying coordination and tacit understanding that they had trained over the years to achieve!

The sound of shouting and killing was so loud that it split the sky.

On the battlefield, the Hun army, like a torrent, engulfed the guards.

Each of the guards was systematically divided up to form a small, separate encirclement.

Such a tactic was enough to drag each of the hidden guards to death even if they were dragging!

Chen Dong saw with his own eyes that a hidden guard had cut off the head of a Hun soldier with a single slash, and the head flew high into the air with a gush of blood.

Chen Dong also saw that there were dark guards who continued to fight in blood after being slashed in the back by a Xiongnu soldier.

This scene could not be described as tragic.

It could not be described as not tragic.

Even Chen Dong’s heart cut like a knife as he watched.

In a trance, he even wondered if he had been wrong in refusing Wang Yu’s request three days ago.

Only when he felt the trembling of that small hand in his hand, Chen Dong recovered from his trance and once again turned his gaze to the middle of the battlefield.

Because both sides were intertwined with each other, so much so that even the bows and arrows and gunfire above the city walls were rendered useless.

This was a naked sea of people killing each other!

It was only a matter of time before the Dark Guards were wiped out!

If they could not break open the city gates behind them as soon as possible, no one would survive.

Chen Dong’s gaze tightened as he locked onto Wang Yu in the middle of the battlefield.

As the leader of the Dark Guards, Wang Yu was not only smart, but his strength was also definitely the best among the Dark Guards.

At this moment, Chen Dong clearly saw that Wang Yu was the deepest in the Xiong Nu army among all the hidden guards!

He was riding on his war horse, his sword swinging bravely in his hand, fending off attacks from all sides while reaping the lives of Xiong Nu people as if he was the god of death.

It was clear to Chen Dong that Wang Yu’s move was to help him find a weapon!

Only at this moment, Wang Yu was stuck in place by countless Xiong Nu soldiers, dead in their tracks.

“Where the hell are the weapons ……?”

Chen Dong murmured softly, his eyes flickering sharply as he quickly searched through the chaotic battlefield.

He needed a heavy weapon, only a weapon heavy enough to rely on the destructive force created by gravity would have a chance to break through the lofty and thick city gate.

But as far as the naked eye could see, there were only ordinary blades.

Swords, spears and halberds, just ordinary!


Suddenly, Chen Dong let out a startled cry, his eyes suddenly shining brightly, but locked onto the rear of the battlefield, that is, the rear of the Xiongnu army, stood a …… crossbow cannon!

In the cold weapon era, it was the king of the battlefield, the most terrifying reaper of human lives!

The enormous size and huge crossbow arrows gave this fierce weapon an unparalleled and terrifying killing power!

At this moment, however, Chen Dong’s gaze was locked on the thick arrows on top of the crossbow, which were thicker than his wrist!

The long and thick crossbow arrows could be used as a lance.

But it was definitely heavier than an ordinary lance!

“If we can rush through, even if we can’t get the crossbow arrows, we can still easily break through the certain death gate behind us by unleashing the crossbow cannon to blast the city gates!”

With a decision in his mind, Chen Dong quickly pulled Barbara and walked to the corner of the cave wall, “Barbara, stay here and wait for uncle to return!”

After saying that, Chen Dong turned around decisively and directly stepped onto the war horse.

“Uncle ……”

Ah Man’s eyes were filled with tears, and he looked at Chen Dong with fear and reluctance.

Chen Dong turned his head and smiled, “Uncle will definitely come back!”

The moment the words left his mouth.

Chen Dong’s smile suddenly disappeared and was replaced by indescribable determination and resolve.

As his legs clamped down on the horse’s belly, the warhorse stood up with a fierce cry.

The moment the front hooves hit the ground, the warhorse charged straight towards the chaotic and tragic battlefield.

“Coming out, he’s coming out, kill him for me!”

At the rear of the army, a Xiongnu general, his spirits now lifted, hissed and roared.

“Young master!”

Noticing the movement of the Xiongnu soldiers, one of the dark guards also noticed Cheng Dong, who was charging towards the battlefield alone on horseback.

This moment.

Both the secret guards and the Xiongnu soldiers were focused on Chen Dong.

One man and one horse, tearing through the wind and snow, came in a determined and fearless manner.

As he approached the battlefield, Chen Dong leaned down and swept across, holding a battle sword stuck in the body of a corpse in his hand.

The next second.

With a neigh from the warhorse.

It charged straight into the Xiongnu soldiers.


A Xiongnu soldier’s head flew straight up into the high air, blood like a fountain.

But Chen Dong, however, did not pause for a moment, galloping wildly, wielding his war sword all the way, not at all attached to the battle, driving straight through the Xiongnu soldiers, destroying them.

Only those who stood in his way were worthy of being reaped with his sword.

The rest of the Xiongnu soldiers were not in Chen Dong’s sight.

The scene was as swift as thunder.

In just a few seconds, by the time the Xiongnu soldiers regained their senses, Chen Dong had already rushed more than twenty metres into the battlefield.

“Surround him, surround him!”

“Heavenly Wolf is on top, madman, simply madman!”

“D*mn, worthy of being the general of the triple crown glory, so fierce, so brave!”


The scene of Chen Dong rushing into the battlefield just now caused all the Hun soldiers who had regained their senses at this moment to be frightened and scared.

However, as the crowd reacted, the tide of Xiong Nu soldiers surged towards Chen Dong at the same time.

This caused the speed of Chen Dong’s charge to drop dramatically!

At the same time.

In the Xiongnu King’s Palace.

Kui Gang’s face was sullen, no longer smiling in triumph as before.

Although he was not the number one warrior of the Xiongnu anymore, it was easy for him to inquire about the situation over at the South Gate.

It was only the situation over at the South Gate at this moment that made Kui Gang unable to smile.

“D*mn it, can’t they run faster? Couldn’t we have broken out earlier? Why do we have to wait until we are surrounded and killed, do we all want to die?”

While cursing angrily in his heart, Kui Gang turned around and quickly walked towards the beast fighting cage.