Winner Takes All Chapter 1081-1082

Chapter 1081


The sound of shouting and killing rose to the sky.

In an instant, in Chen Dong’s sight, a cold light stirred the long sky, and a war sword was sheathed.

The majestic killing intent swept across the sky, even silencing the wind and snow overhead.

With Wang Yu’s command, the guards did not hesitate.

Without hesitation, the surrounding guards all drew their swords and charged straight at the closed city gate.

Rumble ……

The ground trembled and the horses neighing.

All of them wielded their swords with the determination to die and charged at the closed gates.

Chen Dong’s gaze was deep, and at this moment, his chest was clogged up.

The scene before him was undoubtedly that of a trapped beast fighting for its life!

But he knew that there was no way out but to fight like a trapped beast!

This was the Huns’ home turf, and with the time difference not being successful, this worst-case scenario before him was destined to happen.

As the guards drove their horses towards the city gates.

Chen Dong’s crotched horse went along with them.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh ……

A dense, piercing whistling sound suddenly rang out from the sky above.

Chen Dong leaned his head up, and saw a rain of arrows pouring down from the sky.

“Young Master, catch the sword!”

Wang Yu’s stern shout suddenly exploded in his ears.

Chen Dong jerked awake, his right hand lifted straight up and grasped the battle sword that Wang Yu had thrown across the air.

At the same time.

After Wang Yu threw the sword to Chen Dong, he directly pulled off his black robe and used it as a blade, raising it above his head and waving it around, blocking the rain of arrows above his head with a brutal gesture.

Clang clang clang ……

The surrounding secret guards also wielded their swords, blocking the rain of arrows that poured down on them.

They are all former mercenary battlefield leaders, and their overall abilities far exceed those of ordinary people.

The rain of arrows that poured down from the sky seemed to be so powerful, but in reality, it did not have the slightest effect on them.

While Chen Dong waved his battle sword and blocked all the arrows above his head, his left hand directly wrapped around Barbara, who was trembling in his arms.

Even though he had tied Barbara tightly to his body with his belt, he was still a bit uneasy.

While blocking the rain of arrows, Chen Dong and his secret guards rushed towards the city gate.



On the towering and lofty city walls, a gunshot echoed through heaven and earth.

Chen Dong’s expression suddenly changed drastically and his sweat trembled.

Almost simultaneously.

He then felt the whistling sound of a bullet sweeping through the air, brushing against his side and disappearing directly behind him.


A sound of a bullet piercing through came out of nowhere.

Chen Dong almost instinctively looked back, but saw a dark guard behind him sitting pensively on top of his horse, but at this moment, the dark guard’s face was rapidly pale, and his eyes full of killing intent were rapidly darkening.

And on the dark guard’s forehead, a walnut-sized hole was incomparably oozing, and fresh blood with yellow-white brain pulp was flowing out from his brain, quickly staining the dark guard’s pale face red.

This scene.

Looking at it, Chen Dong’s eyes fluttered and his scalp exploded.

He knew clearly that this bullet, just now, was aimed at him!

It was only because of the driving horse charge that allowed him to run past the bullet, and also allowed this dark guard behind him to catch it!

Bang Bang Bang ……

Almost simultaneously, the towering and lofty walls of the city were filled with the sound of intense gunfire.

There was even machine gun fire, which poured down like a fierce wind and rain.


Wang Yu bellowed, “Charge under the city gates to stay alive!”

To rush towards the closed gates of the city in order to survive might seem absurd and ridiculous.

But at this moment, the only way to escape the cannon fire from the city walls was to be in front of the gates and underneath the holes in the gates.

The sky was full of bullets, pouring down.

At this moment, everyone, including Chen Dong, pressed their bodies as close as possible to the backs of their horses to reduce their area as much as possible, so as to reduce the risk of being hit by bullets.

When faced with the rain of arrows, the dark guards, as usual, all wielded their swords to block.

But when faced with the rain of bullets pouring down, none of them ever thought of taking a domineering stance and blocking the bullets.

Such a sleight of hand is not something everyone can possess!

The difference between a cold weapon and a hot weapon, there it is!

The first thought, surely, is to dodge as much as possible, rather than meet it with bravery.

As the warhorse galloped on, Chen Dong’s expression was cold and stern, his eyes narrowed to slits and a cold aura shot out.

The rain of bullets whistled past him, and some of them even grazed his skin and hit the ground.

He knew it well.

He knew clearly that the firing of the bow and arrows earlier was in fact a cover for the hail of bullets at this moment.

After the guards had blocked a round of arrows, their defences were lowered, and then they were quickly reaped with hot weapons at no interval.

This was not a bad idea.

But it did have a huge effect at the moment.

A miserable scream echoed in the ears in an endless stream.

From time to time, Chen Dong glanced out of the corner of his eye and saw some of the hidden guards being shot and falling straight off their war horses, their lives uncertain.

Such a scene was a complete one-sided ma*sacre.

It was just like the autumn wind sweeping away the wheat saplings, without the slightest ability to resist.

Even Wang Yu and Zhang Chao, who were at this moment, ran wildly on their horses, frantically rushing towards the city gates.

Chen Dong was on his horse, lying as low as possible, but also holding Barbara in his arms tightly, he could be shot, but not Barbara!

In sight.

The city gates were getting closer and closer.

But the gunfire that whistled overhead, answering the night sky, also grew more and more intense.

The sweeping fire of the machine guns was at the moment a machine for reaping heads.

Dense fire, horrific killing power.

It was like a big hand that was brutally and quickly pushing the situation to the point of death!

“Charge, hurry up, hurry up!”

Wang Yu’s eyes were twitching with blue veins at the corners of his eyes.

This was the situation he had initially feared.

Losing the advantage of time difference and not being able to escape from the Hun kingdom at breakneck speed, what he was facing was a world of difference in combat power!

Not to mention the fact that we are still only in the King’s Castle!

Outside, there was still a chain of twelve star cities forming a blockade!

The time spent here would be enough for the twelve Star Cities to organise their most elite and powerful armies and wait for them!


Suddenly, Wang Yu’s ears twitched as an extremely clear and ear-piercing whistling sound was coming towards him at great speed.

The moment the sound rang out.

Wang Yu’s expression suddenly froze and his face quickly turned white.

Even his eyes froze for a moment.

It was over!

In a flash of lightning, Wang Yu was desperate to the extreme.

Facing the bullet, even he was only qualified to fall into the Yellow Springs!

And yet.


In the nick of time, a cold light suddenly appeared from a diagonal.

With a terrifying whistling sound, it was like lightning and swept directly towards Wang Yu’s face.

In an instant, the cold light bursting out from the face of the combat knife pierced Wang Yu’s eyes.


Just as the combat knife straddled in front of Wang Yu, the bullet struck the surface of the combat knife.

Sparks erupted.

But the bullet was directly blocked by the rigid force of the combat knife and flew away.

Wang Yu’s eyes widened, and a slight bulge could be seen on the face of the blade that was stretched across his vision.

But at this moment, a frightening chill ran from the bottom of his feet to the sky.

He had just prepared himself for death, but the sword in front of him was like a stroke of God, dragging him back from the Yellow Springs to earth in an instant.

As the warhorse galloped wildly, Wang Yu’s gaze slanted askance when Chen Dong’s cold face appeared in Wang Yu’s line of sight.

Wang Yu’s heart contracted fiercely.

“Young master ……”

Chen Dong retracted his battle sword, facing Wang Yu’s frightened and awe-inspiring gaze, but his expression was cold and unchanged as he coldly said, “If you take me home, I will also take you home, charge!”

Chapter 1082

Chen Dong’s cold words, however, burst into a prairie fire in Wang Yu’s body at this moment.

Wang Yu was in a trance for a moment.

It even felt like his blood was gradually boiling up.

Go home!

Take the young master home!

Young Lord take us home too!


At this moment, Wang Yu’s eyes swooshed red and his features were fierce as he brazenly took the long sword from Chen Dong’s hand, waved it, and charged into the city gate hole with fearlessness.

A round of strafing.

The dark guards broke quite a few.

But for a short distance, with fast horses, the dark guards also rushed quickly into the city gate hole.

The angle and line of sight were lost.

The lofty walls, thick with long guns, were also rendered useless.

“Give me smash, smash!”

As soon as Wang Yu entered the city gate hole, he directly dismounted from his horse, waving his battle sword in his hand and ruthlessly slashing at the city gate in front of him, “Go home, everyone …… go home!”

Knock knock knock ……

The war knife landed on the lofty and thick city gate, merely causing an extremely shallow trace, and even a cluster of sparks would shoot up the moment the war knife landed on the city gate.


Zhang Chao and a group of other secret guards also jumped off their war horses and clustered towards the city gates.

Together with Wang Yu, they wielded their swords and slashed at the gates with great effort.

Only, the result was the same as Wang Yu’s!

The sturdy and heavy city gates were now like the towering walls of the city in front of the swords.

The a*sa*sins were unable to shake the gate even though they were slashing hard!

This scene made the hope in everyone’s heart quickly extinguished.

A group of elite dark guards were in a state of complete despair at this moment.

They were clearly a group of elites, but at this moment, when they faced the lofty city gate, they were as small as ants.

Knock knock ……

The guards didn’t stop slashing, because everyone knew that if they didn’t break through the deadly gate in front of them, everyone would stay here and be wiped out!

But as they hacked, the looks on the faces of the guards changed rapidly.

There was panic, there was resignation, and there was also anger and hideousness ……

Chen Dong looked at all this in front of him in silence, holding his horse with one hand and cradling Barbara in his arms with the other, his gaze profound.

The faces of the dark guards fell into his eyes one after another, and the different expressions on each face were clearly captured by him.

Life and death, in this moment, it was as if a red-hot dagger was aimed at his heart, as each face entered his sight, then slowly, little by little, stabbed into his heart, piercing it whole.

“Back off, all of you!”


Wang Yu let out an explosive shout.

The dark guards who were struggling to slash at the city gates backed up as Wang Yu bellowed.

In full view of everyone.

Wang Yu pulled out his waist pistol and pointed it at one of the city gates, quickly pulling the trigger.

Bang Bang Bang ……

The bullets shot out of the chamber one after another, hitting the city gate and quickly embedding a deep hole.

Compared to a sword slash, such a level of destruction was simply horrifying!

In the blink of an eye, Wang Yu finished all the pistol bullets.

Looking at the holes shot by the bullets in front of him, Wang Yu’s face was drenched in sweat, and the veins in the corners of his eyes were beating wildly.

“D*mn it!”

Wang Yu angrily threw his pistol on the ground.

“Chief, let’s all come together!”

Zhang Chao let out a shout, then he and the secret guards all pulled out their pistols and fired a burst of shots at the city gate.

However, even if all of them were shooting in unison, they were not shooting randomly and indiscriminately, but rather following the point where Wang Yu had shot before, and concentrating their fire in a large area.

It would be a fool’s errand to try to break through this mountainous gate with a pistol!

The secret guards were all former leaders in the mercenary battlefield, and they knew this better than anyone else.

If they couldn’t blast open the gates, then they could only use all their strength to blast an escape route above these gates!

“Uncle ……”

Faced with this scene, Barbara in her arms poked her head out and looked at Chen Dong blankly, “Can we …… really go to that starry sky that belongs to uncle?”

Chen Dong, who was lost and dazed, suddenly had a brilliant aura burst out of his eyes.

Just now, facing the scene of the dark guards being as small as ants, he had inexplicably fallen into a loss of concentration.

Now, with Barbara’s words, he woke up with a start.

He looked back at the street behind him, lit up like daylight by lamps, and it was empty.

Even the city walls above his head were silent.

This scene was so strange and weird.

But Chen Dong no longer cared why the Xiongnu army had stopped attacking, he quickly pushed his way into the crowd.

And at that moment.

The dense gunfire had stopped.

In front of the city gate cavern, facing the lofty and thick city gate, all the dark guards were plunged into silence.

There was an intense firestorm.

The city gate was only a patchy area, but there was no way to break through the gate!

The faces of the secret guards all looked desperate.

They were indeed not afraid of death and were willing to die to save Chen Dong.

However, the scene before them was one of powerlessness and despair.

“Are there no explosives?”

Chen Dong asked calmly.

Even though the look on the faces of the dark guards had now pushed the situation to the point of precariousness and panic.

But on Chen Dong’s cold face, there was still no hint of panic.

For he knew clearly that only with absolute calmness could he survive!


Wang Yu shook his head in dismay, “In order to enter the city disguised as a caravan, we had removed our heavy armour and explosives in advance, and the only things we could bring into the Hun city were our war swords and pistols.”

Troops have the look of troops.

A caravan has the look of a caravan.

A caravan, walking through the snowy plains in crisis, does need protection, but a combat knife and a pistol, is enough.

Had they infiltrated the Huns’ city in the first place, it would have been impossible to get through the security checks at the gates without unloading their heavy armour and explosives.

But for the troops, removing the heavy armour and explosives was undoubtedly pulling the claws and teeth off the tiger!

Faced with the looming but heavy city gates in front of them, even the most elite troops would have to look up to the sky and fall into despair.

“Or else, let’s protrude from the city walls?”

Zhang Chao suddenly suggested.

“Reckless man!”

Wang Yu gave Zhang Chao a sidelong glance.

The words had just fallen.

A suspicious voice suddenly rang out from the crowd, “Strange, why hasn’t the Xiongnu army moved for a while?”

At those words, the crowd was stunned.

They, too, had noticed the difference that Chen Dong had detected just now.

After the bodies of their companions lying on the ground, the dark and quiet streets of the Xiongnu were behind their eyes.

The time they had just spent blasting the gates had been enough time for the troops on the walls or inside the city to come around and kill them.

Instead, until now, as far as the eye could see, there was still no one there!

The crowd was in awe.

The Huns’ palace, in the king’s hall.

“No hot weapons! D*mn it, is the noise not loud enough to attract attention?”

The King of the Huns was like a lion in his twilight years, his energy was not intact, but at the moment he was extremely angry: “Tell them not to use hot weapons as a last resort, use cold weapons, use the army, cut all those B*****ds to pieces, don’t make a big fuss, let the people of the thirteen cities all watch!”


The Hun King viciously slammed the phone on the table, his chest heaving violently.

The intense gunfire that had just come from the south city gate was so intense that he could hear it clearly even when he was situated in the royal palace.

So he immediately ordered that hot weapons be banned!

It was true that hot weapons were deadly, but at a time when the life and death of the Huns and his clan was at stake, one had to think in terms of noise!

Too much noise would inevitably attract more attention.

The troops sent out for curfew would be pointless!

As long as he could achieve his goal, he would not hesitate to use cold weapons, even if it would cost more lives!

As for Xixing, at this moment still lost in thought, sitting paralyzed on the ground, the top line of her stunning face, bloodless, forlorn and forlorn, tears quietly flowing ……